The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars

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The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars is the name of both a children's book by Thomas Disch, as well as the film made from the same. Both are sequels to the book and film versions of The Brave Little Toaster. The movie was distributed by Walt Disney Home Video and released in 1998. It was intended to be the third film in the series, but completed and released before The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue.


Military Toaster Leader: We're ready to pop! The Supreme Commander will be very pleased.

Chris: When did I last tell you I loved you?
Rob: About 30 seconds ago in the driveway.
Chris: Then you're overdue. I love you.
Rob: And I love you back.
Chris: [sees Robbie waking up; comfortingly] There, there, Robbie. You hungry?
[Robbie starts wailing]
Kirby: [chuckles] Quite on a set of pipes on that one.
Toaster: Yeah. He sounds just like...
Blanky: The Master! He sounds just like The Master did when he was little.

Lampy: What are you all doing up here?
Woodstock Balloon: We're just hanging. Hanging and floating. It's a gas, man.
Radio: Yeah. Specifically, helium.

Blanky: Changes? I don't like changes.
Toaster: Nothing we can't handle, Blanky.
Radio: Yeah. We're musketeers, remember? All for one and...
Microwave: One for all.
Toaster, Kirby, Lampy, Blanky, Radio and Rasto: We don't mean you!

[the appliances crash-land on Mars due to Blanky accidentally turning off Microwave]
Blanky: Did I make a boo-boo?

Blanky: Who is it?
Toaster: Viking 1.
Kirby: The satellite?
Viking 1: [sarcastically] No, Viking 1 the bagel! [seriously] Of course, the satellite!
Lampy: You've sent back some cool pictures from Mars! [realizes he's in Mars] I mean, from here.
Viking 1: I was a pioneer. The most powerful satellite ever built!
Kirby: Well, that you were, but then you, uh... Well, you sort of, uh... Sort of, uh...
Viking 1: Say it! Say it! I ran outta juice! My guidance batteries died! Kaput! Come to find out it was planned that way! They spent billions of dollars on me. Gave me a big sendoff. All three networks covered it simultaneously, I'll have you know. And after those pranksters at NASA bleed me dry, they cut me loose. I discovered there were no plans for a welcome home party, because a "brilliant" idea was for me to crash-land and remain here for all eternity with... [Tinselina appears] with her.
Tinselina: Welcome to Mars.
Blanky: You're pretty.
Tinselina: I know. I was built to be pretty and grace the top of a Christmas tree. I was a limited-edition ornament, y'know.
Toaster: What are you doing here?
Viking 1: I'll tell you what she's doing here. Some genius smart-alecky kid in NASA thought it would be a ton of yucks to put her inside of me.
Tinselina: You should be glad for the company and the conversation.
Viking 1: But all you ever talk is Christmas. Christmas this, Christmas that. And you've never even seen the top of a Christmas tree.
Tinselina: [sobs] I know. It's awful to be built for an expressed purpose, and then be confined to spend all eternity with a broken-down satellite with no prospects!

Tinselina: Toaster, you were wonderful. [kisses Toaster]
Toaster: I was?
Tinselina: You was. Now, before we cast our votes, we have time for one more question for each of our candidates.

Radio: By my dials, it's an ice tray!

Ratso: Here he goes with the Blue Danube and the Wiener Schnitzel again. Time for a yawn.


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