The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue

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The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue is the direct-to-video sequel to The Brave Little Toaster. Though it was released after The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars, it is actually the second film in chronological order. A production of Hyperion/Kusher-Locke, it was originally released in 1999 in North America by Walt Disney Home Video. It was also released the same year in 1999 in the United Kingdom but there was no DVD release.


  • [as Kirby dashes into the closet and throws up the kitty litter he was forced to suck up] Poor Kirby. He has upset tummy.


Toaster: [to Lampy] Hadn't you better get a move on?
Lampy: Right! Antenna, please. [Radio gives him his antenna and then lowers him with it] Be careful.
Radio: I haven't dropped you yet, have I?
Lampy: No, but... [his plug slips off and he falls]
Radio: Whoops.
Lampy: There's always a first time.

[Blanky, Kirby, and Radio are starting to worry about what Ratso said about only Lampy helping Rob at his dorm and the others are in his lab. Toaster, on the other hand, doesn't]
Radio: You don't think the Master's tired of us, do you?
Blanky: Or ashamed of us?
Kirby: It does seem a little strange, him keeping us out here, out of sight.
Toaster: [smiling] No, it doesn't. This is where he does his best work and he wants us here because we're his oldest and dearest friends. Right?
Radio: Uh-- [chuckles nervously]
Toaster: [encouragingly] Right?
Blanky, Radio, and Kirby: [halfheartedly] Right.
Toaster: [sarcastically] Your "enthusiasm" is "overwhelming." [Blanky crawls to Toaster, and begins to cry] [calmly] Now, there, there, Blanky. What's the matter?
Blanky: I wanna be like Lampy. [sniffles] And be of some use.

Sebastian: It was a very frightening place. I was there when I was just a baby. The things I saw.
Blanky: Are there people there?
Sebastian: That's how I got like this. [shows his bandaged hand]
Blanky: [worried] Are-are there people like that?
Sebastian: It was strange. They didn't look like they were mean, but they were.
Kirby: [suspiciously] Are you sure your not exaggerating?
Sebastian: You don't know the half of it.
Kirby: I just can't believe any person could ever be so cruel. You had a roof over your head, didn't ya? I think maybe you're just a whiner.
Sebastian: Do you want proof?
Kirby: Hey, if you go around accusin' people of all these bad things...then a little proof might be nice.
Sebastian: Well, here's your proof.
[Sebastian takes off his bandage, and shows his skinned hand to the appliances, and they are shocked. Ratso covers Blanky's eyes.]
Kirby: Ohh... [whispers regretfully and tears up] I'm very sorry, Sebastian.
Blanky: Did it hurt?
Sebastian: Uh-huh.
Toaster: But the Master has taken care of you.
Sebastian: Well, he treats me like, like I'm not any different from him.
Radio: Where was this place where everybody was so mean? Why, I'll--I'll broadcast an all-points warning!
Sebastian: Oh, it's a long way from here. It's a place called Tartarus Laboratories.
Maisie: [to Alberto, alarmed] I’m scared.
Alberto: Me, too.
Sebastian: Don't worry. You'll never see the inside of that place.
Toaster: Yeah. The Master would never let anything bad happen to you.
Ratso: You are obviously more trusting than I, my reflective friend. I wouldn't trust the Master as far as I could throw him, and that ain't very far.
Radio: Look. We know our Master, and he’s a highly reliable fellow.
Kirby: Yeah, an upright kind of guy.
Ratso: We'll see.
Sebastian: [groans] Time to get these tired bones in bed.
Blanky: Grab hold, Sebastian. [Sebastian grabs Blanky and wraps him around his face.] Comfy?
Sebastian: Very. How 'bout you?
Blanky: Oh, yes. Very comfy.
Toaster: Pleasant dreams, Sebastian. [yawns and goes to sleep.]
[the animals and appliances get ready to go to sleep.]
Radio: And now for the peaceful tunes of Spike Jones and his City Slickers, to send ya off to Snooze Land. [Radio plays "Cocktails for Two"]
Spike Jones: [slowly] ♪ In some secluded rendezvous... ♪
City Slicker: Whoopee!!!!! [all the animals and appliances are startled as the song grows more wild]
Spike Jones: ♪ That overlooks the avenue, would someone... ♪ [Record needle scratches as everyone angrily stare at Radio.]
Radio: [kidding around] Just a little late-night humor. Ha-ha-ha! [the animals throw their belongings at Radio] Ow. [Radio's antenna comes out] Nighty-night.
Sebastian: [chuckles] Nighty-night. [Blanky snuggles around Sebastian as he goes to sleep with him]
[the next day.]
Rob: I feel like that time my beagle ate my Algebra homework. At least then, I could tape some of it back together.
Chris: I read somewhere that nothing is ever really lost in a computer. Look at it this way: Your thesis is just... hiding.
Rob: And it's doing an A-rate job of not being found.
Chris: Where's that loser Mack? Shouldn't he be doing this? I mean, he's your assistant.
Rob: He had a meeting with the student loan committee.
Chris: I'm not surprised. [opens Sebastian's unit cage] He set a record for repeating his sophomore year. [grunts and tries picking up a bag of kitty litter, but rips it, and it falls on the floor] Oh, great. There must be an easier way to do this. [notices Kirby] Of course.
Kirby: [whispering to Toaster] Well, why is she looking at me?
Toaster: [whispering to Kirby] I think it has something to do the cages.
Kirby: [whispering to Toaster] But I don't do kitty litter.
[Chris uses Kirby to vacuum to kitty litter.]
Radio: Ugh.
Toaster: Eww. [covers his eyes] I can't look.
Rob: [alarmed] Chris! What are you doing?!
Chris: Helping.
Rob: [angrily] I told you before: He doesn't do kitty litter!
Chris: Don't yell.
Rob: I just don't want you to ruin my vacuum.
Chris: [angrily] Oh, I see. It's perfectly fine for me to clean up kitty litter, but not your stupid vacuum.
Rob: Come on, Chris. I've had this vacuum since I was a kid. It means a lot to me.
Chris: [angrily] Well, I home you and your beloved vacuum have a great time celebrating tonight.
[Kirby coughs]
Rob: "Celebrating"? Celebrating what?
Chris: [angrily] Here's a clue: Happy Anniversary! [storms out and slams door]
Rob: Oh, no. How could I forget? Chris! Oh, great. I've lost my thesis and my girlfriend. [doesn't see Ratso] And my rat! Where'd he go? As if you guys could tell me.
[Rob leaves. Kirby then rushes to closet and vomits.]
Blanky: Poor Kirby. He has upset tummy.
Radio: Eegggh.

[after Radio and Ratso argue about putting a brand-new WFC 11-12-55 cathode ray tube inside Wittgenstein, it slips from their grip, and shatters in front of Wittgenstein, and Ratso is shocked.]
Ratso: [to Radio, angrily] Now look what you've done, you moron! You've ruined everything!
[Radio stutters, trying to apologize.]
Lampy: [throws shattered WFC 11-12-55] Thanks a lot! Without that tube, Wittgenstein can't help the animals!
Blanky: That was a very bad thing to do, Radio.
Radio: But Blanky, I-- I didn't--
Wittgenstein: Something-- [alarmed] Something's happening.
[Scene switches to Mack who prints out a shipping order for Tartarous Laboratory]
Mack: [evilly] Next stop: Tartarous Laboratory.
Wittgenstein: [worried and alarmed] A shipping order had just been printed! They're about to be shipped out!
Wittgenstein: I'll give it my best shot! [tries to alert Rob, but sneezes.] RUN FOR COVER! [Wittgenstein lets out a roaring sneeze, and blows his last WFC 11-12-55 cathode ray tube. Rob's appliances look at a lifeless Wittgenstein.]
Ratso: [about Wittgenstein] I'm afraid...he's a goner.
Toaster: [sadly] And if he's a goner... [his eyes close; upset voice] ...then our friends are goners, too.
Ratso: [to Radio, angrily] And it's all your fault.
[The appliances angrily look at Radio as he walks away, dejected]
Lampy: That's it. The animals are doomed.
Toaster: [after shedding a tear] There's no way to warn the Master.
[Radio goes behind a box.]
Ratso: [sarcastically] So, Radio, any "bright" ideas?
[Radio's WFC 11-12-55 cathode ray tube, rolls near Toaster, Lampy, Blanky, and Ratso. They see Radio pulled out the ray tube, leaving him lifeless, much to the appliances' dismay.]
Blanky: [to Toaster, sadly] Is Radio-- Is he gone?
Toaster: [to Blanky, about to cry] I'm... [sheds tears and hugs Blanky in comfort] ...afraid so, Blanky. [sheds more tears]

Toaster: [putting Radio's WFC 11-12-55 cathode ray tube inside Wittgenstein] Cross you fingers.
[Ratso crosses his fingers. Blanky doesn't since he's an electric blanket.]
Blanky: I don't have any fingers.
Toaster: Just one more turn, and then--

[last lines, in song]
Toaster: ♪ When you're in the deepest holes ♪
Lampy: ♪ When you're in the darkest pits ♪
Kirby: ♪ And you're on the verge of the urge to call it quits ♪
Blanky: ♪ Remember there might be some fun for you ♪
Ratso: ♪ A home for you, someone for you. ♪ [points at camera, breaking the fourth wall.]
Radio: ♪ And it's just about to begin. ♪
All: ♪ So hang in there, kid. Hang in. ♪
Maisie: ♪ When you're feeling left behind, hen you're feeling not so hot ♪
Alberto: ♪ Feeling insecure cause you're sure you've been forgot. ♪
Sebastian: ♪ There could be a big change today for you. A big hip, hip hooray for you. ♪
Murgatroid: ♪ And a-hey my friend, how ya been? ♪
All: ♪ So hang in there, kid. Hang in. ♪
Toaster, Lampy, Blanky, Kirby, and Ratso: ♪ Ahh... ♪
Radio: ♪ I thought I was a goner. ♪
Toaster, Lampy, Blanky, Kirby, and Ratso: ♪ Ahh... ♪
Radio: ♪ I was like an empty shell! ♪ Rigor Mortis had set in!
Toaster: ♪ Well, on my word of honor... ♪
Toaster, Lampy, Blanky, Kirby, and Ratso: ♪ You've never sounded so well. ♪
Chorus: ♪ When you're in the grip of fear, when you're in the hands of fate, you may feel inclined to resign, but just you wait. ♪
Radio: ♪ There's someone who will spin your dials for you. ♪
Kirby: ♪ Who flips your switch. ♪
Lampy: ♪ And smiles for you. ♪
Chorus: [variously] ♪ Who will cheer you on 'til you win. So hang in there, kid. Hang in there, kid. Hang in there, kid. Hang in. Hang in. Hang in. Hang in. Hang in. Hang in. Hang in. Hang in. Hang in. ♪♪


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