The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue

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The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue is the direct-to-video sequel to The Brave Little Toaster. Though it was released after The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars, it is actually the second film in chronological order. A production of Hyperion/Kusher-Locke, it was originally released in 1999 in North America by Walt Disney Home Video. It was also released the same year in 1999 in the United Kingdom but there was no DVD release.


  • [as Kirby dashes into the closet and throws up the kitty litter he was forced to suck up] Poor Kirby. He has upset tummy.


Lampy: Right! The antenna, please. [Radio gives him his antenna and then lowers him with it] Be careful.
Radio: I haven't dropped you yet, have I?
Lampy: No, but...

[his plug slips off and he falls]

Radio: Whoops.
Lampy: There's always a first time.

[Toaster, Blanky, Kirby, and Radio are starting to worry about what Ratso said about only Lampy helping Rob at his dorm and the others are in his lab]
Radio: You don't think the Master's tired of us, do you?
Blanky: Or ashamed of us?
Kirby: It does seem a little strange, him keeping us out here, out of sight.
Toaster: [trying to keep hopes up] No, it doesn't. This is where he does his best work and he wants us here because we're his oldest and dearest friends. Right? [Radio chuckles nervously] Right?
Blanky, Radio, and Kirby: Right.
Toaster: [sarcastically] Your enthusiasm is overwhelming. [Blanky begins to cry] Now, there, there, Blanky. What's the matter?
Blanky: I wanna be like Lampy, and be of some use.

[Everyone gets ready for bed]
Radio Man: And now for the peaceful tunes of Spike Jones and his City Slickers, to send ya off to Snooze Land. [Radio plays Spike Jones and the City Slickers singing "Cocktails for Two"]
Spike Jones: [slowly] In some secluded rendezvous...
City Slicker: WHOOPEE!!!!! [all the animals and appliances are startled as the song grows more wild]
Spike Jones: That overlooks the avenue! With someone... [Radio stops as everyone look at him, getting annoyed]
Radio: Just a little late-night humor. Ha ha ha...! [the animals throw their belongings at Radio] Ow... Nighty-night.
Sebastian: Nighty-night. [Blanky snuggles around Sebastian as he goes to sleep with him]

[Chris drops a bag of kitty litter on the floor]
Chris: Oh great, there must be an easier way to do this. [notices Kirby] Of course!
Kirby: [whispering to Toaster] Well, why is she looking at ME?
Toaster: I think it has something to do with cleaning the cages.
Kirby: But I don't do kitty litter.

Lampy: Thanks a lot! Without that tube, Wittgenstein can't help the animals!
Blanky: That was a very bad thing to do, Radio!
Radio: But Blanky, I...


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