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The Fountain is a 2006 film directed and written by Darren Aronofsky that explores the themes of life, love, death, rebirth and the ageless quest for immortality. The film encompasses three time periods within a millennium: a 16th-century conquistador hunting for a Mayan eternity legend, a modern scientist battling cancer with amazonian compounds, and an ancient shaman in deep space, all of which synchronize in a series of parallels, fittingly chronicled in the scientist's dying wife's novel.

What if you could live forever? (taglines)

Tom Creo

  • All these years, all these memories, there was you. You pulled me through time.
  • There's no hope for us here. There is only death.
  • I am sorry, Father. For you there is only death. But our destiny is with life!
  • Death is a disease. Its like any other. And there's a cure, a cure — and I will find it.
  • I'm here for her.

Izzi Creo

  • It's all done except the last chapter. I want you to help me. Finish it.
  • You do. You will.


  • Together we will live forever.
  • For every shadow, no matter how deep, is threatened by morning light.


  • Lord of Xibalba: Death is the road to awe.
  • Grand Inquisitor Silecio: Our bodies are prisons for our souls. Our skin and blood, the iron bars of confinement. But, fear not. All flesh decays. Death turns all to ash. And thus, death frees every soul.


Tom: I don't know! I'm trying! I don't know how!.
Izzi: You do, you will.
Tom: [smiling] I'm going to die.

Izzi: This is an actual Mayan book. It explains the Creation myth. You see that's first father. He's the very first human.
Tom Creo: Hum. Is he dead?
Izzi: He sacrificed himself to make the world.
Izzi: That's the tree of life bursting out of his stomach.
Tom Creo: Hey come.
Izzi: Listen. His body became the trees' roots. They spread and formed the earth. His soul became the branches rising up forming the sky. All the remained is first father's head. His children hung in in the heavens creating Xibalba.
Tom Creo: Xibalba. The star, eh,
[corrects himself]
Tom Creo: nebula
Izzi: So what do you think?
Tom Creo: About?
Izzi: That idea. Death as an act of creation.
Tom Creo: [looks away, withdrawing] I'll pull out the car and meet you out front.

Tom Creo: There's been progress at work...
Izzi: [laughs] My conquistador! Always conquering.

Tom: I finished it.
Izzi: Is everything alright?
Tom: Yes.
[kisses her]
Tom: Everything's alright.

Grand Inquisitor Silecio: Yet another slice of her nation is mine. Soon she will be powerless against me. Queen of nothing but her sins.
Servant: What will you do with her?
Grand Inquisitor Silecio: She, too, will confess. And, then, she too will die.

Soldier: Perhaps it is a trap.
Tomas: It is.
Soldier: Then what do we do?
Tomas: We break through.

Isabel: Kneel, Conquistador.
[Tomas kneels before her]
Isabel: Let in the morning light.
[the doors are opened; light floods into the hall]
Isabel: The beast runs amok in my kingdom. He has isolated me, and now he is sharpening his talons for one more fateful push. But salvation lies in the jungles of New Spain. Will you deliver Spain from bondage?

Isabel: Will you deliver Spain from bondage?
Tomas Verde: Upon my honor and my life.
Isabel: Then you shall take this ring to remind you of your promise.
[hands him the ring]
Isabel: You shall wear it when you find Eden, and when you return, I shall be your Eve.
[he looks at her]
Isabel: Together we will live forever.


  • Death as an act of creation.
  • Death frees every soul.
  • What if you could live forever?
  • Death is the road to awe.


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