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The Magic School Bus is a Canadian–American educational animated w:children's television series, based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen.

Season 1[edit]

Gets Lost in Space [1.1][edit]

Ms. Frizzle: As I always say class, you're out of this world.

For Lunch [1.2][edit]

Phoebe: How was I supposed to know that she'd have digestive scuba gear?

Arnold: You mean I was the field trip?!

Inside Ralphie [1.3][edit]

Phoebe: At my old school we were only afraid of lunch meat!

Gets Eaten [1.4][edit]


Hops Home [1.5][edit]

Bella: Bella!
Herman: Herman!

Meets the Rot Squad [1.6][edit]

(After the bus transforms into a bessy bug)
Arnold: Wow! A bessy bus; now I've seen everything!

All Dried Up [1.7][edit]

Arnold: Field trip tip number one-hundred-seven: To avoid being eaten, become inedible. What does that mean?!?

Phoebe: I might have made a mistake about that lizard. And I might have made a mistake about that jackrabbit. And I might have even made a mistake about that tortoise, but there's one thing I know I'm not wrong about.
Arnold: How much you wish you'd stayed home today?

In the Haunted House [1.8][edit]

Arnold: If I meet anybody I can see through, I'm outta here.

Gets Ready, Set, Dough [1.9][edit]

Phoebe: We never got baked at my old school...except for the time the air conditioning broke down.

Plays Ball [1.10][edit]

Carlos: (to Dorthy Ann, who's talking about physics) If you're going to force us to listen to this...
Tim: Then you're being kind of pushy, aren't you?

Goes to Seed [1.11][edit]

(Phoebe doesn't want to get off the bus of fear of Mr. Seedplot seeing them)
Arnold: Maybe you should have stayed home today, Phoebe.

Ms. Frizzle: Nice propulsion, Arnold!
Arnold: Thank you, Ms. Frizzle!

Gets Ants in Its Pants [1.12][edit]

Keesha: Keep shooting, Liz!

Kicks Up a Storm [1.13][edit]

Ralphie: I'm Weatherman! Of course I know what I'm doing. (Whispers to himself) Now what am I doing?

Season 2[edit]

The Busasaurus [2.4][edit]

Phoebe: It's a good thing you didn't stay home today, Arnold!

Out of This World [2.11][edit]

Carlos: Yeah, you were supposed to be Pluto! Arf, arf! Ha ha!
Class: Carlos!

Ups and Downs [2.13][edit]

Phoebe: Oh, no; a banana floats!
Carlos: That's okay; I like banana splits better!
Class: Carlos!


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