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The Magic School Bus is a Canadian-American animated children's television series based on the book series of the same name, which follows a class that goes on fantastical school trips in a magic school bus to learn about science.

Season 1


Gets Lost in Space [1.1]

Ms. Frizzle: As I always say class, you're out of this world.

Carlos: Oh no, you don't! You just want to grab more stuff!
Janet: Hey I'm just trying to help!

Arnold: No one is better than Ms. Frizzle.
Janet: Oh yeah, prove it.
Arnold: Stop The Bus!

Janet: Arnold told me all about your field trips, Dorothy Ann.
Dorothy Ann: W-what did he say?!
Janet: That they were, and I quote, highly unusual.

For Lunch [1.2]

Phoebe: How was I supposed to know that she'd have digestive scuba gear?

Carlos: We have to find Wanda before she gets dried up into a raisin.
Ralphie: A raisin? Cool.
Students: Ralphie!

Arnold: Who said that?
Wanda: This is your conscience, Arnold.

Arnold: You mean I was the field trip?!

Inside Ralphie [1.3]

Phoebe: At my old school we were only afraid of lunch meat!

Ralphie: I'm seeing myself from the inside out.

Carlos: It's a short cut. Get it? Short cut?
Students: Carlos! Yuck!

Ralphie: What's going on?
Ms. Frizzle: We're here to get the inside story.

Gets Eaten [1.4]

Ralphie: Food chain? A chain of food? I can get into that.
Keesha: Me too. Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Fish, and People too. We're all in a food chain, scum, this fish, and you.

Hops Home [1.5]

Bella: Bella!
Herman: Herman!

Meets the Rot Squad [1.6]

[After the bus transforms into a bessy bug]
Arnold: Wow! A bessy bus; now I've seen everything!

All Dried Up [1.7]

Arnold: Field trip tip number 107: To avoid being eaten, become inedible. What does that mean?!
Ms Frizzle: Class, Do I hear a suggestion to avoid digestion?

Phoebe: I might have made a mistake about that lizard. And I might have made a mistake about that jackrabbit. And I might have even made a mistake about that tortoise, but there's one thing I know I'm not wrong about.
Arnold: How much you wish you'd stayed home today?

In the Haunted House [1.8]

Arnold: Aah! Yikes! Ah! All I've got to say is, If I meet anybody I can see through, I'm outta here.
Ms. Frizzle: Oh, Whoa. No need to be hasty, Arnold.

Gets Ready, Set, Dough [1.9]

Phoebe: At my old school we never got baked. except for the time the air conditioning went.
Arnold: We're toast!
Dorothy Ann: Well, Technically, No, But you've got the right idea.

Plays Ball [1.10]

Dorothy Ann: Listen, A force is just a push or a pull.
Carlos: [to Dorothy Ann, who's talking about physics] If you're going to force us to listen to this...
Tim: You're being kind of pushy, don't you think?
[Carlos and Tim high five.]:
Dorothy Ann: No no, I'm talking about real forces. Picture this. There's this big red sled sitting in the snow. Not going anywhere, But if somebody comes along and gives it a push....

Goes to Seed [1.11]

[Phoebe doesn't want to get off the bus of fear of Mr. Seedplot seeing them]
Arnold: Maybe you should have stayed home today, Phoebe.

Ms. Frizzle: Nice propulsion, Arnold!
Arnold: Thank you, Ms. Frizzle!

Gets Ants in Its Pants [1.12]

Keesha: Keep shooting, Liz!

Kicks Up a Storm [1.13]

Ralphie: I'm Weatherman! Of course I know what I'm doing. [whispers to himself] Now what am I doing?

Season 2


Blows its Top [2.1]


Flexes its Muscles [2.2]


The Busasaurus [2.3]

[Arnold goes over to the mud puddle and tries to get out the Maiasaura egg that was for Dr. Skeledon out of it. Luckily, he finds it not broken]
Arnold: And I can give Dr. Skeledon back her egg. [notices his giant size to after he fought the T.Rex] Except, I am too big to fit into the bus.

Phoebe: It's a good thing you didn't stay home today, Arnold.
Arnold: [about Dr. Skeledon's fossilized Maiasaura egg which has been unfossilized back into a real egg and to Phoebe about when it is back to a fossilized egg again] Well, I am sure going to be happy when this is a rock again. It's a lot safer.

Going Batty [2.4]


Butterfly and the Bog Beast [2.5]

Janet: We know the real reason why you make a complete wimp like a butterfly as a mascot.
Phoebe: You do?
Ralphie: We do?
Janet: Isn't today's soccer game against... your old school?

Ms. Frizzle: When the road ends, adventure begins!

Wet All Over [2.6]

Arnold: Let's just say our field trip made a real splash.

In a Pickle [2.7]


Revving Up [2.8]


Taking Flight [2.9]

Phoebe: [about to shrink the class] Well uh, here goes. Say "fly."
Class: Fly!

Ms. Frizzle: Sometimes, you have to do the wrong stuff to find out what the right stuff really is.

Getting Energized [2.10]

[The class is using Arnold's belt and a pinwheel to model their windmill machine]
Arnold: Can I have my belt back now?

[Ralphie tries to take the rock out of the catapult, but accidentally launches himself]
Ralphie: Whoa!
Wanda: Ralphie, come back!

Out of This World [2.11]

Carlos: Yeah, you were supposed to be Pluto! Arf, arf! Ha ha!
Class: Carlos!

Cold Feet [2.12]


Ups and Downs [2.13]

Phoebe: Oh, no; a banana floats!
Carlos: That's okay; I like banana splits better!
Class: Carlos!

Season 3


In a Beehive [3.1]


In the Arctic [3.2]


Spins a Web [3.3]

General Araneus: This is your general speaking. I'm inside some sort of magical school bus, headed for our top secret location.

Phoebe: We have to get that crap before the praying mantis does!
Arnold: Don't feel bad, Phoebe. Only a giant spider could trap that general.
Phoebe: Yes! Arnold, you're a genius! Isn't he, Ms. Frizzle?
Ms. Frizzle: His idea certainly has legs.
Arnold: But, uh...I was just joking.
Ms. Frizzle: C'mon, bus. Do your stuff!
Arnold: I was just joking!

Under Construction [3.4]

Ralphie: Gumdrops?
Ms. Frizzle: What a sweet idea.

Phoebe: This hairpin won't break. It's strong.
Ralphie: And hairpins are easy to carry.

Mrs. Li: When do they learn to pick up after themselves?

Gets a Bright Idea [3.5]


Shows and Tells [3.6]


Makes a Rainbow [3.7]

Dorothy Ann: It's not purple, it's violet!

Arnold: Ding, ding, ding!

Goes Upstream [3.8]


Works Out [3.9]


Gets Planted [3.10]

[Phoebe has been transformed into a bean plant]
Phoebe: You mean I'm a bean plant?
Dorothy Ann: Not a very big one though.
Arnold: And you don't have very many leaves.
Phoebe: Hey, give me a break. I've only been a plant for a few seconds.

Ms. Frizzle: Fee-fi-fo-fum, only plants chow down on air, water, and sun.

In the Rainforest [3.11]

Ms. Frizzle: The plot and the mud thickens.

Ms. Frizzle: It can happen, Inspector. But in this case, nothing has been ruined.
Inspector 47: It hasn't?
Phoebe: No. We can repair the link between peccaries and cocoa beans by returning things to the way they were. Can't we?

Rocks and Rolls [3.12]


Holiday Special [3.13]


Season 4


Meets Molly Cule [4.1]


Cracks a Yolk [4.2]


Goes to Mussel Beach [4.3]


Goes on Air [4.4]


Gets Swamped [4.5]


Goes Cellular [4.6]


Sees Stars [4.7]


Gains Weight [4.8]


Makes a Stink [4.9]


Gets Charged [4.10]


Gets Programmed [4.11]


Takes a Dive [4.12]


In the City [4.13]