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The Magic School Bus is a Canadian-American animated children's television series, based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen. The series has received critical acclaim for its use of celebrity voice talent and combining entertainment with an educational series. Broadcasting & Cable said the show was "among the highest-rated PBS shows for school-age children."

Season 1[edit]

Gets Lost in Space [1.1][edit]

Ms. Frizzle: As I always say class, you're out of this world.

Carlos: Oh no, you don't! You just want to grab more stuff!
Janet: Hey I'm just trying to help!

Arnold: No one is better than Ms. Frizzle.
Janet: Oh yeah, prove it.
Arnold: Stop The Bus!

Janet: Arnold told me all about your field trips, Dorothy Ann.
Dorothy Ann: W-what did he say?!
Janet: That they were, and I quote, highly unusual.

For Lunch [1.2][edit]

Phoebe: How was I supposed to know that she'd have digestive scuba gear?

Carlos: We have to find Wanda before she gets dried up into a raisin.
Ralphie: A raisin? Cool.
Students: Ralphie!

Arnold: Who said that?
Wanda: This is your conscience, Arnold.

Arnold: You mean I was the field trip?!

Inside Ralphie [1.3][edit]

Phoebe: At my old school we were only afraid of lunch meat!

Ralphie: I'm seeing myself from the inside out.

Carlos: It's a short cut. Get it? Short cut?
Students: Carlos! Yuck!

Ralphie: What's going on?
Ms. Frizzle: We're here to get the inside story.

Carlos: Ralphie's a pony. Get it? He's a little hoarse!
Wanda: Carlos, your jokes are making us sick!

Gets Eaten [1.4][edit]

Ralphie: Food chain? A chain of food? I can get into that.
Keesha: Me too. Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Fish, and People too. We're all in a food chain, scum, this fish, and you.

Hops Home [1.5][edit]

Bella: Bella!
Herman: Herman!

Meets the Rot Squad [1.6][edit]

[After the bus transforms into a bessy bug]
Arnold: Wow! A bessy bus; now I've seen everything!

All Dried Up [1.7][edit]

Arnold: Field trip tip number 107: To avoid being eaten, become inedible. What does that mean?!
Ms Frizzle: Class, Do I hear a suggestion to avoid digestion?

Phoebe: I might have made a mistake about that lizard. And I might have made a mistake about that jackrabbit. And I might have even made a mistake about that tortoise, but there's one thing I know I'm not wrong about.
Arnold: How much you wish you'd stayed home today?

In the Haunted House [1.8][edit]

Arnold: Aah! Yikes! Ah! All I've got to say is, If I meet anybody I can see through, I'm outta here.
Ms. Frizzle: Oh, Whoa. No need to be hasty, Arnold.

Gets Ready, Set, Dough [1.9][edit]

Phoebe: At my old school we never got baked. except for the time the air conditioning went.
Arnold: We're toast!
Dorothy Ann: Well, Technically, No, But you've got the right idea.

Plays Ball [1.10][edit]

Dorothy Ann: Listen, A force is just a push or a pull.
Carlos: [to Dorothy Ann, who's talking about physics] If you're going to force us to listen to this...
Tim: You're being kind of pushy, don't you think?
[Carlos and Tim high five.]:
Dorothy Ann: No no, I'm talking about real forces. Picture this. There's this big red sled sitting in the snow. Not going anywhere, But if somebody comes along and gives it a push....

Goes to Seed [1.11][edit]

[Phoebe doesn't want to get off the bus of fear of Mr. Seedplot seeing them]
Arnold: Maybe you should have stayed home today, Phoebe.

Ms. Frizzle: Nice propulsion, Arnold!
Arnold: Thank you, Ms. Frizzle!

Gets Ants in Its Pants [1.12][edit]

Keesha: Keep shooting, Liz!

Kicks Up a Storm [1.13][edit]

Ralphie: I'm Weatherman! Of course I know what I'm doing. [whispers to himself] Now what am I doing?

Season 2[edit]

The Busasaurus [2.4][edit]

[Arnold goes over to the mud puddle and tries to get out the Maiasaura egg that was for Dr. Skeledon out of it. Luckily, he finds it not broken]
Arnold: And I can give Dr. Skeledon back her (fossilized) egg. [notices his giant size to after he fought the T.Rex] Except, I am too big to fit into the bus.

Phoebe: It's a good thing you didn't stay home today, Arnold.
Arnold: [about Dr. Skeledon's fossilized Maiasaura egg which has been unfossilized back into a real egg and to Phoebe about when it is back to a fossilized egg again] Well, I am sure going to be happy when this is a rock again. It's a lot safer.

Out of This World [2.11][edit]

Carlos: Yeah, you were supposed to be Pluto! Arf, arf! Ha ha!
Class: Carlos!

Ups and Downs [2.13][edit]

Phoebe: Oh, no; a banana floats!
Carlos: That's okay; I like banana splits better!
Class: Carlos!


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