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The Smurfs 2 is a 2013 American 3D family comedy film and a sequel to the 2011 film The Smurfs. It is based on The Smurfs comic-book series created by the Belgian comics artist Peyo. It is the second installment of a projected trilogy, produced by Sony Pictures Animation and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The film is directed by Raja Gosnell, who helmed the first. The film was released on July 31, 2013.

Nice Gets Naughty(taglines)


[Smurfette wakes up from her nightmare and she starts to cry. Papa rushes in.]
Papa Smurf: Smurfette, are you okay?
Smurfette: Oh, Papa.
Papa: [hugs Smurfette] There, there. Everything's going to be fine. Having that nightmare again?
Smurfette: Papa, every year on my birthday, I have these horrible dreams about where I come from and it... it makes me wonder who I really am.
Papa: And every year, I remind you - it doesn't matter where you came from, what matters is who you choose to be.
Smurfette: Really?
Papa: Oh... [laughs] Don't take this old Smurf's word for it. Go out there and see for yourself. This is where you belong.

Vexy: Father? It's feeding time.
Hackus: [wearily] Hackus dizzy.
Gargamel: Oh, yes, I almost forgot. Apparently, I have to keep you alive. I hope you both appreciate what a tremendous burden this is upon me. [feeds Vexy and Hackus drops of Smurf essence] All right, mind your manners.
Vexy: Thank you.
Gargamel: If you were real Smurfs, I'd be taking essence from you. [pause] I didn't hear a "thank you".
[Hackus burps]
Gargamel: Close enough.

Papa Smurf: All right, Smurfs, listen up. I saved enough grotto water from the last Blue Moon for just such an occasion. I was able to Smurf it into Smurfportation crystals.
Brainy Smurf: So you don't need a portal. Very clever, Papa.
Papa: Smurfxactly. These will take us directly to Master Winslow's mushroom.
Clumsy Smurf: Yeah, Patrick and Grace helped us the last time we Smurfed through the portal.
Brainy: Precisely! They'll know what to do.
Handy Smurf: Sign me up!
Farmer Smurf: Sign me up!
Baker Smurf: Did someone say "Baker should go"?
Vanity Smurf: I would rather not.
Clumsy: Pick me! Pick me!
Papa: Now, now, Smurfs. I only had water enough for 9 crystals. [Brainy is seen taking notes] That's me and 3 others 'round trip, plus Smurfette on the way home.
Grouchy Smurf: Assuming you can find her, which you won't.
Clumsy: Aw, that's not a very Smurfy attitude, Grouchy. [accidentally knocks over glass bottles]
Grouchy: Actually, for me, that was pretty good.
Papa: [Clumsy tries to pick up the bottles] I'll need courage, intelligence, and strength. So, Gutsy...
Gutsy Smurf: Aye!
Papa: Brainy...
Brainy: Of course.
Papa: Hefty...
Hefty Smurf: You got it!
Papa:'ll Smurf with me.
Passive-Aggressive Smurf: Yeah, um, can I?
Papa: Yes, Passive-Aggressive Smurf?
Passive-Aggressive: [sarcastically] I think Brainy is...a really excellent choice. Good luck with that.
Brainy: [the other Smurfs laugh] Ya see what he does? That's not a compliment!
Hefty: Go figure.
Papa: Okay, Hefty, take one.
Hefty: Let's do this.
Clumsy: [accidentally shoulder-bumps Papa] Go get 'em, guys!
[Hefty chokes on 3 crystals]
Brainy: Clumsy!
Smurf voice #1: Somebody do something!
Gutsy: Stand back! I know the Smurflich maneuver! [squeezes Hefty tightly]
Clumsy: Ohh...!
Farmer: He doesn't look good.
Vanity: Oh dear, he's turning bluer.
Grouchy: Not good.
[Hefty coughs up the crystals]
Grouchy: Nice going, Clumsy. [chokes on a crystal]
Clumsy: I got it!
Vanity: Ho-ho-ho! Cheerio! [he and Clumsy choke on each crystal]
Grouchy: This was supposed to be Hefty!
Clumsy: Sorry, my bad.
Vanity: Ugh, I get so puffy when I travel.
Papa: Well, sometimes you gotta Smurf with the changes. [eats his crystal]
Gutsy: [offscreen] Travel safe, Papa.

[The Smurfs climb up a rope during Gargamel's magic show.]
Vanity: Oh, I bet my glutes look great climbing up this rope. Grouchy, take a look.
Grouchy: I hate my life.

[Victor, Patrick and Blue walk out of the theater; Victor has been turned into a duck by Gargamel.]
Victor: What are you so cross about? I'm the duck!
Patrick: You always barge in and ruin everything. You're like a walking disaster!
Victor: Hey, look me in the eyes and say that!
Patrick: I can't.
Victor: That's right, because it's not true!
Patrick: No I can't, because your eyes are on the sides of your head!
Victor: Ack! All the better for me to see your disrespect! [notices two people staring at him] What are you looking at?
Patrick: [to Victor] Hurry up.
Victor: [to the two people] It's global warming. Buy a Prius!

[Vexy walks to Smurfette.]
Vexy: Hey blondie! Where're you going?
Smurfette: Leave me alone!
Vexy: You mean like you so called "Papa" has?
Smurfette: NO HE HASN'T! He will come for me.
Vexy: [laughs] He won't. Because he knows where you really belong. I didn't kidnap you, Smurfette. I brought you home.

Vexy: It's so nice having another girl around.
Smurfette: Yeah! [hugs Vexy] Oh!
Vexy: [pushing Smurfette away in disgust] Yecch! What are you doing?!
Smurfette: I'm just hugging you. [gasps] Haven't you ever been hugged?
[Vexy is silent and visibly sad.]
Smurfette: Vexy... [hugs Vexy again, and Vexy starts to enjoy it]

[Gargamel, Hackus, Vexy and Smurfette are riding through Paris on a Ferris Wheel magicked loose by Smurfette.]
Smurfette: Isn't this fun?
Gargamel: [frightened] Decidedly not!
Hackus: Best ride ever! [To Gargamel] Smurfette's fun, huh?! [Gargamel gives a thumbs-up, while screaming in fright]

Papa: [referring to Smurfette] I must've failed her.
Patrick: [walks in] Oh...Sorry, I was looking for a place to think.
Papa: No, no, no, no. It's okay. I was doing a little thinking myself. Master Winslow, it's hard for me but...well, can I ask you some advice? I mean, papa-to-papa? It's about Smurfette. [Patrick sits down and listens] I don't know what to do. I turned her blue. I taught her love and kindness. But the truth is, Gargamel made her. She's only a Smurf as long as she chooses to be. But what if she doesn't? What if she choose him? We could lose her. We may have already. I haven't done enough.
Patrick: Are you kidding? Gargamel just made her, but made her what she is. You stepped in and loved her as your very own. No-one asked you to, you just did. Because you knew she needed that. And that's a...that's a pretty special kind of love. She's way too smart not to see that.
Papa: [enlightened by what Patrick said] You're right. We didn't believe in her because she changed. She changed because we believed in her. Thank you, Master Winslow. That was exactly what I needed to hear. [leaves]
Patrick: [to himself] Me too.

[Victor approaches Patrick, who is struggling to lift a sewer cover to Gargamel's lair]
Patrick: Victor, what are you doing here?
Victor: Grace called me. She said you might need a hand.
[Patrick ignores him and continues trying to lift the sewer cover. Victor begins to walk away]
Patrick: No, no. Victor, wait! [Victor stops] As usual, Grace is right. I could use some help.
Victor: [pointing in a different direction] Well, for starters, you might try lifting the sewer cover. [points at the cover Patrick is trying to lift] Unless you're planning on fixing the phone lines?
[Patrick realizes the sewer cover he is trying to lift is a telephone cover and sighs in frustration.]

Victor: I'm gonna miss you, Smurfs.
Patrick: [to Victor] Maybe you can name a corn dog after them.
Victor: Oh! Now you're talking. [to Blue] We could use blue corn!
Blue: Smurf dogs! Yum!
Victor: [laughs] Yes!

[In the mid-credits scene]
Gargamel: [falling from the sky] No no no no no! Stop, stop! Help me, Wanda! Help, Help me, Wanda!
Azrael: [meowing] So long, sucker! [as he walks on the fountain Gargamel grabs him]
Gargamel: [grabs Azrael] And where do you think you're going?! You're coming with me! [he falls in the portal and the last mid-credits show them falling back to Gargamel’s tower starting the rest of the credits]

[In the post-credits scene]
[last lines]
Azrael: [after a cellphone falls on his head; meowing furiously] You moron!
Gargamel: [gasps] How dare you call me that?! I have bungled nothing! [as Azrael gets off him] Well, Paris is over my friend, we're back here in the Dark Ages, I suggest you get used to it.
Azrael: [meowing whining] I want room service!
Gargamel: [sarcastically] Aw, you want room service? Then why don't you yell out the window?!
Azrael: [meowing angrily and hissing] You asked for it! [shows claws as Gargamel gives him a warning]
Gargamel: [gasps] Don't you show your claws at me unless you are prepared to use them, Mr. Pussy foot! Pussy foot! Pussy foot! Pussy foot!! [as Azrael gets angry at Gargamel for calling him pussy foot, he attacks him and Gargamel screams] Stop it! Not the face! Not the face! [He falls to the ground, cutting to the Columbia Pictures Releasing logo ending the movie with the MPAA rating]

About The Smurfs 2[edit]

  • Raja Gosnell: Fans know that Gargamel created Smurfette. So using that as a jumping-off place we reasoned that if Gargamel was able to create Smurfette then he'd be able to create new, Smurf-like characters. He could never make them true-blue Smurfs, and that's his quest throughout the movie - " How am I going to make these creatures true-blue Smurfs so I can extract their essence and continue my magical reign?" We were using mythology directly created by Peyo. We felt he'd be OK with the idea and his family, which still runs the Smurf business, was on board.


  • Nice Gets Naughty.
  • Get Ready to Get Naughty!


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The Winslow Family[edit]

  • Patrick
  • Grace (wife)
  • Blue (son)
  • Victor Doyle (Patrick's stepfather)

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