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The Smurfs (or The Smurfs Movie) is a 2011 live-action/CGI film about the Smurfs getting chased out of their village by the evil wizard Gargamel and into New York through a magic portal. It is based on the comic series/TV show of the same name.

Our World is About to Get Smurf'd (taglines)

Papa Smurf[edit]

  • Not this time, Gargamel.
  • I'm 546 years old.
  • Is a smurf's butt blue?
  • Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap! Gnap!


  • That's gonna leave a big blue bruise.
  • [as he is falling] GOODBYE, BLUE WORLD!


  • Keep your smurfs to yourself!
  • Just because your name is Grouchy doesn't mean that you always have to be grouchy.


  • I can have more than one dress?
  • [after caging Azrael] You smurf'd with the wrong girl.


  • [referring to Clumsy] Why are we even listening to him? He's the one who just got us sucked into a giant hole.
  • Hey! I'm walkin' here!
  • Just remember this one moment, and I wasn't grouchy! I wasn't!
  • I still hate truffles! And I hate violence, too!


  • [After Patrick swears in Smurf language] There's no call for that kind of language, laddie!
  • I'll never forget this. Especially not with these! [Turns around and he is wearing "I love New York" underwear]


  • [repeated line] Azrael? Are you dead?
  • [Getting his net caught in a tree] Let go! Cursed nature!
  • Come to papa, Papa!
  • [recites an incantation in one of his spell books, which will turn Puppy into a cat in the instincts] Claw scratched and bitten! Chew, get down, scat! Puppy become kitten! Dog become cat!


[Gargamel looks for a laboratory in New York City and spots a port-a-potty]
Gargamel: [impressed] Oh. Yes. It's a bit small, but it should do nicely! [climbs into the port-a-potty with Azrael] Oh, it's even got its own cauldron!
[A gurgling sound can be heard]
Gargamel: What died in here? [the port-a-potty shakes and thumping sounds can be heard] OPEN, OPEN, OPEN, OPEN, OPEN, OPPEEENNNN!
[Gargamel and Azrael finally fall out, dizzy and confused]
Gargamel: [choking] Somebody's been working a dark and terrible magic in there! [coughs in disgust]

[After Gargamel runs headlong into the back of a stopped cab, the Smurfs laughed at him as the cab starts moving again and pulled away]
Grouchy: Knock yourself out, Gargamel!
Gutsy: You've had that coming for about 30 years!
Gargamel: Smurfs! [as a Anjelou card flew by from the bumper and he grabs it]

Gargamel: [he and Azrael walk around New York, searching for the Smurfs] We must find this Smurf thief. [Azrael meows] Ah, stop your complaining. If I were a Smurf, where would I go? [spots a businessman talking on the phone and approaches him] You there, you there! Fancy pants! Have you seen any little blue men?
Businessman: [on the phone] Absolutely, what price are we talking about?
Gargamel: You're selling them?
[A woman talking on the phone walks by, Gargamel follows her.]
Woman: [on the phone] Have you looked in the drawer, sweetie?
Gargamel: [to the woman] Wait, what drawer?
Woman: [on the phone] In the kitchen, Lily.
Gargamel: Who is this Lily?
[A man also talking on the phone walks by.]
Man: [on the phone] Are you kidding? She's like the hottest girl in my apartment.
Gargamel: [stops the man] Please, please. Please, young woodsman. What does the temperature of this Lily have to do with the finding of Smurfs?
Man: [to Gargamel] Take your meds, man. [walks away]
Gargamel: [confused] What? I, I... [shouts] IS EVERYONE IN THIS REALM COMPLETELY INSANE?! [spots a peddlar] Oh, thank the gods. A local wizard. Excellent. [to the peddlar] Eh pardon me, wise sir? By any chance, have you seen any little blue men?
Peddlar: They're everywhere! [laughs maniacally and walks away]
Gargamel: I knew it. I knew it! I told you we were close, Azrael!
Azrael: [unenthusiascally] I know.

Patrick: Oh by the way, I wouldn't go anywhere if I were you.
Smurfette: Well, why not?
Patrick: Our world doesn't really do well with people from other places. I mean, look what happened to E.T.! [The Smurfs look at Patrick, confused] It's a movie. A moving picture? Book? Just stay. Okay? [Walks out the door]

Patrick: Grace, we're being attacked! Do not be fooled by their cuteness!
Grace: It's okay, it's okay. [Cuts to the Smurfs gathered around her bare feet; so close that they can smell her toes]
Grace: They're friendly!

Grace: How can you be the girl in the village?
Smurfette: Well see, I wasn't brought by a stork like the others. I was created by Gargamel to trap the other Smurfs.
Grace: Wow! And then what happened?
Smurfette: Papa saved me. He cast a special spell, and then helped become the Smurf I was meant to be.


  • Our World is About to Get Smurf'd
  • Adventure Doesn't Get Any Bigger
  • Where the Smurf Are We?
  • Smurf Happens


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