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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is a 2010 American romantic fantasy film in which, as a string of mysterious killings grips Seattle, Bella, whose high school graduation is fast approaching, is forced to choose between her love for vampire Edward and her friendship with werewolf Jacob.

Directed by David Slade. Written by Melissa Rosenberg, based on the book of the same name by Stephenie Meyer.
It all begins ... With a choice

Edward Cullen

  • I know the consequences of the choice you're making.
  • [About Jacob] Doesn't he own a shirt?
  • Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment of forever.
  • You'll always be my Bella. [Beat] My Bella, just less fragile.
  • Can you at least attempt to control your thoughts?
  • If I asked you to stay in the car, would you? [Bella follows him out of car] Of course not.

Jacob Black

  • [To Edward] [Bella] may need her toes someday. And let's face it, I am hotter than you.
  • [To Edward] You have to consider that I might be better for her than you are.
  • You wouldn't have to change for me, Bella. Or say goodbye to anyone. I can give you more than [Edward].
  • You feel something for me. You just won't admit it. So I'm not giving up. I'm gonna fight for you until your heart stops beating.
  • Wow, you're freezing, Bella! Relax. You'll warm up soon. Faster if you take your clothes off.
  • [To Bella] You're marrying him?!

Jasper Hale

  • I thought what I had with Maria was love.
  • Never go for the obvious kill. They'll be expecting that. And you will lose.
  • Never lose focus.
  • [Edward tackles Carlisle to the ground and looks at Jasper.] One more thing. [Carlisle suddenly tackles Edward] Never turn your back on your enemy.


  • Rosalie Hale: [To Bella] I don't hate you. [pause] I don't particularly like you, but...
  • Bella Swan: You don't know what you're getting yourselves into.
  • Jessica Stanley: When we were five, they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Our answers were things like astronaut, president, or in my case… princess. When we were ten, they asked again and we answered – rock star, cowboy, or in my case, gold medalist. But now that we’ve grown up, they want a serious answer. Well, how about this? [beat] Who the hell knows?! This isn’t the time to make hard and fast decisions, it's the time to make mistakes. Take the wrong train and get stuck somewhere. Fall in love – a lot. Major in philosophy ’cause there’s no way to make a career out of that. Change your mind. Then change it again, because nothing is permanent. So make as many mistakes as you can. That way, someday, when they ask again what we want to be… we won’t have to guess. We’ll know.”


Embry Call: I'm glad you're here Bella. Maybe we can get a break from Jake's obsessive inner monologue.
Paul: I wish Bella would call!
Jared: I wish Bella wouldn't call!
Embry Call: Maybe I should call Bella!
Quil Ateara: Maybe I should call Bella and hang up!
[They laugh hysterically]
Jacob Black: Alright, you can all shut up now.
[Leah comes out]
Jacob Black: Bella, this is Leah Clearwater... Harry's daughter.
Bella Swan: Hey... I'm really sorry about your father.
Leah Clearwater: If you're here to torture Jacob some more, feel free to leave. [Walks off]
Jacob Black: Fun, isn't she?

Charlie Swan: What's going on?
Jacob Black: [pause] I kissed Bella.
Jacob Black: And she broke her hand.
Jacob Black: Punching my face.
Jacob Black: It was a complete misunderstanding.

Emmett Cullen: Trying to walk and chew gum at the same time again, Bella?
Bella Swan: I punched a werewolf in the face.
Emmett Cullen: Bad ass!

Charlie Swan: There's... things you need to think about if you're going to be physically intimate-
Bella Swan: Ok! Don't-don't have the talk, please.
Charlie Swan: Well, it's just... It's just as embarrassing for me as it is for you.
Bella Swan: I doubt that. And don't bother 'cause Mom already beat you to it like, ten years ago.
Charlie Swan: Well, you didn't have a boyfriend ten years ago.
Bella Swan: I'm sure things work... the same way.


Charlie Swan: Alright. So, you guys are taking precautions and-
Bella Swan: OK, Dad? Please just don't worry about that. Edward is... old-school.
Charlie Swan: Old-school. Great. What's that, like code for something?
Bella Swan: Oh my God, Dad? I'm a virgin.
Charlie Swan: Ah, duh, duh, duh, duh... Glad we covered that...
Bella Swan: [Walking up stairs] Me too!
Charlie Swan: [To himself] A virgin... Like Edward a little bit more now.

Edward Cullen: You love him.
Bella Swan: I love you more.
Edward Cullen: I know.

Jacob Black: Look... I know she's in love with you.
Edward Cullen: Oh, good.
Jacob Black: But she's in love with me too. She just won't admit it to herself.
Edward Cullen: I can't tell you if you're right.
Jacob Black: Then let me ask you something. If she chooses me...
Edward Cullen: She won't.
Jacob Black: If she did... Would you try to kill me?
Edward Cullen: That's an intriguing idea. [pause] But,no. I couldn't hurt her like that.
Jacob Black: See, you'd just turn her into a bloodsucking demon like you.
Edward Cullen: I don't want that. I never wanted that.
Jacob Black: So stop her.
Edward Cullen: I tried. I left.
Jacob Black: But you gave up too quickly. If you'd stayed away another six months, I could've made her happy. Trust me. You have to consider... That I might be better for her than you are.
Edward Cullen: I have considered that. I know you can protect her. But you can give her a life... a human life. It's all I want for her. But I'm not... I'm not going to force her into anything, ever again. The last time I tried it almost killed us both.
Jacob Black: Yeah. That I remember. [pause] When you thought she was gone... that you'd lost her... How did you... cope?
Edward Cullen: There's no words. But I wouldn't wish it on anyone, Jacob. [pause] This might sound odd but I'm glad you're here.
Jacob Black: Pretty neat. As much as I'd love to kill you I'm glad she's warm.
Edward Cullen: If we weren't natural enemies... And you weren't trying to steal my reason for existing... I might actually like you.
Jacob Black: Well... If you weren't planning on sucking the life out of the girl I love... I might... No... no, not even then. [pause] But she could still change her mind, you know.
Edward Cullen: Then I'd let her go.

Jane: Impressive, I've never seen a coven of this magnitude intact.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We were lucky.
Jane: I doubt that.
Alec: It appears we've missed an entertaining fight.
Jane: Yes, it's not often we're rendered unnecessary.
Edward Cullen: If you'd arrived a half hour ago you would've fulfilled your purpose.
Jane: Pity.
[Jane sees Bree.]
Jane: You missed one.
[Jasper walks closer to Bree.]
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: We offered her asylum in exchange for her surrender.
Jane: It wasn't yours to offer.
[Jane turns to Bree.]
Jane: [to Bree] Why did you come?
[Jane starts inflicting pain to Bree.]
Jane: Who created you?
[Jane inflicted more pain to Bree.]
Esme Cullen: You don't need to do that, she'll tell you anything you wanna know.
Jane: I know.
Bree: I don't know. Riley wouldn't tell us. He said our thoughts weren't safe.---
Edward Cullen: Her name was Victoria, perhaps you knew her.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Edward, if the Volturi had knowledge of Victoria, they would have stopped her. [turns to Jane] Isn't that right, Jane?
Jane: Of course. [to Felix] Felix.
[Felix stumbles further.]
Esme Cullen: She didn't know what she was doing.
[Jane stops Felix.]
Esme Cullen: We'll take responsibility for her.
Dr. Carlisle Cullen: Give her a chance.
Jane: The Volturi don't give second chances. Keep that in mind, Caius will be interested to know that she's still human.
Bella Swan: The date is set.
Jane: Take care of that, Felix. I'd like to go home.



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