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The following is list of quotes from the eighth and final season The Vampire Diaries.

Hello Brother [8.01][edit]

Enzo: Wanna watch some TV?
Damon: Nah, I was just going to read for a little while.
Enzo: Alright. Night then.

Stefan: Please don't give up.
Bonnie: Of course. But please don't ask me to have hope. Hope hurts, and I don't want to hurt anymore.

Damon: My life is over, Stefan. My life has been over for a century and a half. Ever since you took it from me.

Today Will Be Different [8.02][edit]

Damon: So I'm thinking of a person. He's reasonably good looking, charming accent, and he would be the most amazing wingman if he just got rid of his martyr complex.
Enzo: That's not how you play 20 questions. Regardless, your answer is either Jesus Christ, or me.

You Decided That I Was Worth Saving [8.03][edit]

An Eternity of Misery [8.04][edit]

Coming Home Was a Mistake [8.05][edit]

Detoured On Some Random Backwoods Path to Hell [8.06][edit]

The Next Time I Hurt Somebody, It Could Be You [8.07][edit]

We Have History Together [8.08][edit]

The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch [8.09][edit]

Nostalgia's a Bitch [8.10][edit]

You Made a Choice to Be Good [8.11][edit]

What Are You? [8.12][edit]

The Lies Will Catch Up with You [8.13][edit]

It's Been a Hell of a Ride [8.14][edit]

Damon: Yes, you came. [To Bonnie] I've put some champagne on ice. [Bonnie looks distraught ] Bon, What's wrong?
Bonnie: I just spoke to Kai, You didn't destroy Hell.
[Flashback] Kai: In fact, thanks to you killing Cade, Hell's never been in better hands.
Damon: What are you talking about? If Cade's not running Hell, who is?
[Flashback] Kai: Think of the only person worse than Cade.
Bonnie: Think of the only person worse.
[Flashback] Kai: The person who knows where all your weak spots are.
Bonnie: Who wants to hit you there over and over again.
[Flashback] Kai: Who will stop at nothing to make sure that you and everyone you love suffer.
Bonnie: The one who wants revenge for what we her.
Damon: [Shatters bottle in grip] Don't you dare say it, Bonnie. Listen to me, we won. You hear me, don't you dare say that name!
[Kai in flashback] Kai: The myth! The legend! The baddest bitch of all. [Laughs]
Damon: .....Katherine.
Bonnie: [In agreement] Katherine.
[Kai in flashback, suddenly alone as Bonnie has disappeared.] Kai: Bon? [Spin Doctors playing again] Bonnie. No, Bonnie! Bonnie! Bonnie! [Screams]
Damon: [Resignedly] We're Toast.

We're Planning a June Wedding [8.15][edit]

Caroline: How do we get Katherine to show herself?
Damon: We throw the one party Katherine will never miss. Who doesn't love a wedding?

Damon: (Mimicking) Hi, I'm Katherine, the bitch who will destroy your world for all eternity. He he he.

Damon: Alright, bulletin. Human Stefan is a lightweight. [Walks in front door with a very drunk Stefan]
Caroline: [Exasperated] Damon.
Stefan: (Groans) Oh god.
Damon: This is not my fault, Caroline. Impromptu weddings call for impromptu bachelor parties. [Drops groaning Stefan on couch]
Stefan: Oh, please don’t be mad at me, Caroline.
Caroline: I’m not mad at you. [Glares at Damon before covering Stefan with blanket and speaking to him.] Thank you for my present, by the way.
Damon: Looks like I’m going to need a new drinking buddy.
Caroline: Pass.
Damon: Oh come on. It’s your last night as a single gal. Let’s blow this popsicle stand. [Stefan groans with nausea] No. That is a $10,000 rug. [Whispers] Psst. [Gestures at Caroline to come with him]

Damon: To a Mystic Falls mom who started out by hating me and became one of my closest friends. She was strong. She was loving. And not only did she protect this town, but she raised an incredible daughter...that I now get to call family. To Liz Forbes. Gone...but never forgotten.

Damon: [To Kelly] What Did Katherine promise you?
Kelly: Nothing!
Matt: Then why help her?
Kelly: You don't get it, she promised me nothing- oblivion, emptiness. Anything is better than endless torture in hell. And all I had to do is to keep you idiots distracted until the fire started.
Damon: What is Katherine planning?!
Kelly: You don't have to bully me, she wanted me to let you know. She's gonna burn down Mystic Falls. With hellfire. Tonight. (Chuckles)
Matt: She's talking about the bell.

[Shows a woman entering the bell tower]

I Was Feeling Epic [8.16][edit]

Bonnie: I saw her. I saw Elena.

Matt: Yeah, it's Sheriff Donovan. Activate the evacuation protocol. Gas leak. Yeah, again.

Damon:[Looking at who he thought was Elena] No. No, no, no, no.
Katherine: Rude.
Stefan: You got to be kidding me. Katherine.
Katherine: (Smirking) Hello, brothers.

Katherine: That's for me to know, and for you to dot, dot, dot.

Damon: [Looking at Katherine on the floor after Stefan stabs her with the bone dagger] Well, that shut her up.

Katherine: Need something?
Damon: You're like a bad penny.
Katherine: Funny thing about that bone dagger, it sends me to hell, but it can't keep me there. I'm sorry.

Bonnie: [Speaking to Josie and Lizzie] I need to thank you for what you did earlier in the fire.
Josie: We saved you.
Bonnie: Yeah. You did. And not just that. You made me realize that I had all the magic I ever needed right inside me.

Damon: I got to say, I look forward to dying by your side, KP.
Katherine: You're bluffing.
Stefan: No, he's not...and neither am I.

Damon: Are you seriously going to sit here and argue with me about who needs this redemption more?! You're not responsible for Enzo, Stefan!
Stefan: You keep saying that, but you're wrong. We're all responsible for our own actions. Every drop of blood that I've spilled, I am accountable for.
Damon: Then I'm accountable too, and I've spilled even more!
Stefan: Damon, I'm human. In 60 years, I'm gonna be old, I'm gonna be dead. You have quite literally an eternity with Elena ahead of you.
Damon: Which means a lot less without you.

Damon: I love you, little brother.
Stefan: I love you, too.
[Damon grips Stefan by the shoulders]
Damon: And you're right. You are human...which is why I can do this. [Damon begins compelling Stefan] Go.
Stefan: [Struggles] No, Damon, don't...
Damon: [Continues compelling Stefan] You're gonna walk out of these tunnels, and you are not gonna stop until my death breaks the compulsion. Because I am the big brother. I'm sorry I wasn't better at it until now. I said go. GO!

Caroline: Stop the car. I said stop! [Caroline exits car and calls Stefan. It goes to his voicemail] Stefan, please call me. Please. I need you to know that I understand. I love you. I will love you...forever. I understand.

[Katherine revives with a gasp. Damon is watching her. He gestures with the bone dagger as hellfire shoots past them in the tunnel]
Damon: Poof.

Bonnie: (Softly) I did it. [Collapses to floor]

[School bell rings. Voices from the past overlap and echo through the halls of the high school. Elena's smiling reflection is seen in the display case as she looks in for a moment before she wanders the hall. She turns a corner and runs into Stefan]

Stefan: Hi
Elena: Hi. [Pause] What happened? Why am I here right now?
Stefan: I don't know about Bonnie, but Damon...Damon wanted to sacrifice everything to save you, to save this town. He was ready. I'm human now. He compelled me to leave. But he should have known better. I would never walk a day on this Earth as a human without taking vervain.[Flashback shows Stefan removing blood from his arm with a syringe]
Elena: I don't understand.
[Flashback of Damon and Katherine standing in the tunnel, Damon holding the bone dagger to her chest]
Damon: Not long now, demon spawn. I can hear that fire coming back this way.
Katherine: [Struggling against Damon] You love this, don't you?
Damon: You have no idea.
[Stefan stabs Damon in neck with syringe. Damon grunts in surprise and stares at Stefan]
Stefan: I gave him my blood. The cure.
Elena: You what?
Stefan: [Flashback showing Stefan shoving Damon safely into the room off the tunnel] Without the cure, I'd start to age. I'd be dead soon enough.
Elena: So Damon's okay?
Stefan: He's okay.
Elena: [Gives a sob of relief, then realizes...], you're...
Stefan: I did what I had to do.
[Flashback shows Stefan grabbing Katherine and the bone dagger. The roar of the hellfire can be heard returning]
Katherine: No! No...Stefan, please...
Stefan: Burn in hell. [Stabs Katherine with bone dagger. He looks over at Damon] Good-bye, brother.
Elena: No, Stefan.
Stefan: Tonight I saw a side of Damon that I hadn't seen in a while. The older brother I looked up to. The son who enlisted in the Civil War to please his father. The Damon I knew when I was a boy. I wanted that Damon to live. And I wanted you to have an opportunity to get to know him. He's the better man. He's the right man. It's good to see you, Elena. One last time.

Lexi: Well, that was beautiful.
Stefan: I was feeling epic.

Bonnie: There she is.
Elena: Am I...
Bonnie: I did it. (Laughs) I broke the spell.
Elena: How?
Bonnie: It took some time, but I think I've finally figured this witch thing out.

Elena: [Voiceover] This life will be good and beautiful. But not without heartbreak. In death comes peace. But pain is the cost of living. Like love, it's how we know we're alive.

Elena: [Voiceover] After Med School, I came home to Mystic Falls, It felt right. It's where I wanted to grow old and.. I did. And that's my life. Weird. Messy. Complicated. Sad. Wonderful. Amazing. And above all, epic. And I owe it all to Stefan. When I met him, I had lost my parents and I was dead inside. But he brought me back to life. And I'm going to live as best as I can. For as long as I can.

[Sees a crow fly over to land on the roof of the Salvatore Crypt and then sees Damon standing nearby waiting on her]

Elena: [Voiceover] Even after our long and happy life together, Damon is still worried that he will never see Stefan again. That he'll never find peace. But I know he's wrong. Because Peace exists. It lives in everything we hold dear.
Elena: [Glances over and sees Damon has disappeared. Looks back to see her old house with people gathered on the front porch. Jenna motions for her to come join them.] Mom? [Runs over and hugs family]
Elena: [Voiceover] That is the promise of peace. That one day, after a long life. We find each other again.

[Stefan drinks while standing in front of the fire at the Salvatore Boarding House. He glances towards the front door. He opens it.]
Stefan: Damon.
Damon: Hello, Brother.

[Damon and Stefan embrace each other joyfully.]

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