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The X-Files (1993–2002, 2016–18) is an American science fiction drama television series, which is a part of The X-Files franchise, created by Chris Carter. Starring Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as FBI agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, investigators of X-Files; unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena.

Nothing Important Happened Today [9.1][edit]

Scully: What? What's the matter?
Doggett: What's the matter? I've been trying to call you.
Scully: Yeah, the phone's off the hook, because of the baby.
Doggett: I got panicked that you're not going to be here, that you left, too.
Scully: Come in.
Doggett: I've been looking for Mulder. I went to his apartment.
Scully: I know.
Doggett: Where did he go? Dana... where'd he go?
Scully: He's gone. He's just gone.

Reyes: [answering phone] Monica Reyes.
Scully: Yeah. It's Scully.
Reyes: Dana, what's wrong? Are you all right?
Scully: Is Agent Doggett there?
Reyes: Yeah, he's right here with me. [She hands the phone to Doggett]
Doggett: Dana. Something wrong?
Scully: Yeah. Yeah, something. [The mobile over William Scully's cot was spinning by inself] I think I might have been wrong, telling you to drop your investigation.
Doggett: Well, I didn't drop it. As a matter of fact, we found something, I'm not sure how it fits, but we're working on it.
Scully: What is it?
Doggett: A body.

[There is a knock on the door of Dogett's house. He looks through the peephole to see Frohike.]
Frohike: (sarcastically) Collecting for the needy and unemployed. Open the door.
Doggett: (opening the door) Thanks for doing this, guys.
Byers: Yeah, like we got anything better to be doing these days. [referring to the cancellation of their own series]

Nothing Important Happened Today II [9.2][edit]

Skinner: Hi. Sorry about the hour.
Scully: I've just put him down.
Skinner: (troubled) I couldn't talk on the phone.
Scully: What is it?
Skinner: I was told to leave this alone. You and Mulder asked me to leave it be. To let Mulder disappear. We were concerned for the safety of the baby and for Mulder. Why am I risking that now? Why are you? Why are you getting mixed up with Doggett's investigation?
Scully: (looking away) Something happened, with my baby.
Skinner: What?
Scully: I can't explain it. It's er, it's unexplainable, it's, um, not normal.
Skinner: Whatever it is, I think you've made a terrible mistake. Letting Doggett pull you into this. He's hell-bent. And Agent Reyes is following right in his tracks.
Scully: I need answers. I need to know. I can't just sit around wondering-
Skinner: If you can't tell me, tell Mulder. Tell him what happened.
Scully: Mulder can't know. He can't be brought back into this. He can't be brought back into the FBI. It's just too dangerous for him right now.
Skinner: (pauses) ..It's too dangerous for everyone.

Knowle Rohrer: I'm your new second-in-command.

Deputy Director Alvin Kersh: (reading Doggett's report) "Super Soldiers, a Navy ship, a woman at the Department of Justice who drowned two men - All disappeared now, but which constitute a conspiracy like a cancer in the U.S. government." (flicks through the rest of the report) ..Not a mention of my name, John.
Special Agent John Doggett: No, sir. I found nothing on you. Nothing damning that I could honestly include in my report, let me say. ..And 'cause I got nothing to lose, let me say that I know your hands are dirty on this, sir - filthy.
Kersh: (smirking) That's why you're here - Take a last wild punch before the bell.
Doggett: (begins removing his weapon and holster) There's one thing I can't figure, and then I'll be on my way (unclips his ID) - Is why you slipped that obituary under my door?
Kersh: You think I did that?
Doggett: Over and over in my mind, it had to be you. You're the only one who had a reason.
Kersh: What's my reason?
Doggett: You tell me - You looking to just get me fired, or get me killed?
[Doggett sets his ID and weapon on Kersh's desk, turns and begins to walk out]
Kersh: ..You ever hear of King George III?
Doggett: (turns around, angry) You answer my question!
Kersh: He was king of England when America declared independence in 1776. King George III kept a diary. On July 4th, 1776, he made an entry in it... 'Nothing Important Happened Today.'
Doggett: What the hell does that got to do with me?
Kersh: Revolution started. Things that changed the world forever - And even kings can miss them if they're not paying attention.

Dæmonicus [9.3][edit]

Doggett: You planned this whole thing. I want to know why.
Kobold: I've been thinking a lot about you, Agent Doggett.
Doggett: You're not answering my question, Professor.
Kobold: About why someone so ill-suited would draw this duty. Clearly, you have feelings for her.
Doggett: You ordered Dr. Richmond to kill these people, didn't you?
Kobold: But you can't compete with the long-lost Agent Mulder. With his easy good looks, his Oxford education.
Doggett: (getting more and more angry) This is about you, Professor.
Kobold: Mulder has what you can't have. What you stumble for. The flat-footed cop, thinking he could put handcuffs on a demon.
Doggett: (very mad now) Answer the question!
Kobold: You want her, but she feels sorry for you. They both do.

4-D [9.4][edit]

Doggett: (entering Reyes' new residence) So, this is how the uptown crowd lives, huh?
Reyes: This is it! Moving on up.
Doggett: So is there anything really heavy that I can move for you, a dresser, a fridge?
Reyes: (smiling) No, but thank you, John - you just missed the movers.
Doggett: You don't say? (Reyes chuckles) I brought you a housewarming gift. (Doggett opens the bag he's carrying)
Reyes: (Reyes looks) Hot dogs?
Doggett: Polish sausage! It's the best in the city. There's a little stand a couple of blocks over on M Street. You'll be able to walk to it.
Reyes: Wow.
Doggett: Try one.
Reyes: Mmm. Like I'm back in Gdansk. Let me get some plates.
Doggett: Plates? For crying out loud.. who eats Polish sausage with plates?

Assistant Director Follmer: [enters the FBI Ballistics Lab] Ah, you found the bullet.
Assistant Director Skinner: Nine-millimeter slug - Found it in the alley lodged in a wall. Most likely from a SIG-Sauer P226 or 228.
Follmer: Possibly FBI-issue..
Skinner: I know what you're thinking, but this didn't come from Doggett's weapon - Ballistics don't match and his gun was never fired.
Follmer: Assistant Director? (motions Skinner aside) ..I'd appreciate case updates in a timely fashion. For instance, this bullet - How long have you had it? An hour? Two?
Skinner: ..Thereabouts.
Follmer: It's just that we need to keep the lines of communication open. That's all I'm asking, okay? ..I want this slug run through our database of FBI-issue pistols.
Skinner: Like I told you, the round didn't come from Doggett's weapon. (Follmer gives Skinner a look) ..You're not saying another agent could have done this?
Follmer: Just run it, please.

[Reyes enteres a hospital room where a paralyzed Doggett has just concluded an examination to test if he has any feeling]
Doggett: (typing computer text in a device with his usable finger) 1st time I ever hoped for a little prick
Reyes: (Reyes smirks slightly) ..You kiss you mother with that mouth?
Doggett: (typing) Hows case?
Reyes: It's coming along.. It's nowhere, basically. There's so much that's impossible to reconcile. You say I was on a stakeout with you - I say you were at my apartment bringing me... John.. do you know a little stand on M Street, supposed to be really good hot dogs?
Doggett: (typing) Polish Sausage Best in city
Reyes: ..John, what if we were both right? What if you were at my apartment - And I was on a stakeout with you at the exact same time? What would it take for that to be true?
Doggett: (typing) We both had twins Which we dont
Reyes: Except maybe we do - Maybe all of us do. (leans in closer to Doggett) ..You've heard of the idea of a parallel universe - One that's identical, or nearly identical to our own. One in which we all have a double. It's theoretical physics, but.. what if it's real?
Doggett: (typing) Too much Star Trek
Reyes: You said yourself, Erwin Lukesh was known for his impossible escapes. You said that in the alley, you looked away only for an instant, and he was gone. And then somehow he was behind you, and he shot you. With my gun - my gun that never left my possession that entire afternoon. What if Lukesh can pass freely from one parallel world to the other? Like.. like he's opening a door. And what if somehow you followed him through that door, without even knowing it? Maybe when you followed Lukesh into this world, my.. my Doggett got forced out.
Doggett: (typing) Wow
Reyes: My Doggett would have called that crazy, too - But give me another theory that fits.

Lord of the Flies [9.5][edit]

Dr. Bronzino: So many flowers... so little time.
Scully: Excuse me?
Dr. Bronzino: Pheromones, Dr. Scully. Heavy in the air. Nature's natural attractants. Driving the insect world to go forth and pollinate.
Scully: I'm aware of how pheromones work. But according to this device there isn't a single pheromone to be found out here.
Dr. Bronzino: Well, that can't be right. The bio-sensor we use is an actual fly antennae over which the pheromones pass. But I modified the EAG to measure in picograms which makes it sensitive to traces a mile in any direction.
Scully: But I'm still not sure why you think that pheromones might cause an otherwise harmless fly to attack a human so violently, Doctor..
Dr. Bronzino: Rocky.
Scully: Rocky.
Dr. Bronzino: Bugs are small-minded creatures, and therefore very predictable. They don't have moods, per se. They react to circumstance and stimuli, as they have been doing it for millennia.
Scully: So what do you suppose they're reacting to out here?
Dr. Bronzino: It may be the bugs are being somehow driven crazy with desire. You know, they say we humans respond to pheromones, too.
Scully: Yeah, I tend to agree with that, yeah.
Dr. Bronzino: 'Women's dormitory syndrome' - It's believed that pheromones are the reason that women who live together share the same menstrual cycle.
Scully: Fascinating.
Dr. Bronzino: You know, when a male and female calliphorid fly mate they stay joined for up to one and a half hours. One and a half, doctor.
Scully: You know, Rocky... I'm a mother.
Dr. Bronzino: ..Mothers are women, too.

Doggett: I've said it before and I'll say it again - The whole reason this case is attracting flies is because somebody's full of crap.
Reyes: I think what we just saw was a show. Dylan Lokensgard caused those bugs to attack him to make him look like a victim instead of the perpetrator
Doggett: Okay, but how? This guy's the horse whisperer, only with bugs?

Trust No 1 [9.6][edit]

[Opening narration]
Scully: One day, you'll ask me to speak of a truth - of the miracle of your birth. To explain what is unexplained. And if I falter or fail on this day, know there is an answer, my child - a sacred imperishable truth, but one you may never hope to find alone.. Chance meeting your perfect other, your perfect opposite - your protector and endangeror.. Chance embarking with this other on the greatest of journeys - a search for truths fugitive and imponderable. If one day this chance may befall you, my son, do not fail or falter to seize it. The truths are out there. And if one day you should behold a miracle, as I have in you, you will learn the truth is not found in science, or on some unseen plane, but by looking into your own heart. And in that moment you will be blessed - and stricken. For the truest truths are what hold us together, or keep us painfully, desperately.. apart.

Scully: (voiceover, reading an email from "," obviously Mulder) I've resisted contacting you for reasons I know you continue to appreciate. But, to be honest, some unexpected dimensions of my new life are eating away at any resolve I have left. I'm lonely, Dana, uncertain of my ability to live like this. I want to come home. To you, and to William.
[She begins writing an email response.]
Scully: (voiceover) I am physically shaking right now seeing your words. Wishing it were you speaking them to me. I want so badly to see you too, but you are still not safe here.

Doggett: What the hell are you doing?
Scully: I'm trying to teach a class.
Doggett: You understand what we're being offered here? If we know who these super-soldiers are we can go after them. This is somebody giving us a way that can make it safe for Mulder to come home.
Scully: That's the operative word here - somebody. Somebody that we don't know.
Doggett: And you don't want to check it out.
Scully: (insistent) What I don't want is Agent Mulder's life to be endangered any more than it already is.
Doggett: How long are you going to do this?
Scully: Do what, Agent Doggett?
Doggett: Refuse to trust me.. or anybody. How else you going to get him home?

Scully: It's okay. I understand. I mean... it's hard enough caring for a child.
Patti: You don't have anyone, do you?
Scully: No. (looks down) But I wish I did.
Patti: (smiling) Maybe he'll come back.

Scully: These clothes that I'm wearing.. they're my size - How the hell do you know my size?
Shadow Man: Your size? I know your blood type, your resting heart rate, your childhood fear of clowns. I know the name of your College boyfriend, your true hair color, your ATM pin number, favorite charities, pet peeves. I know you spend too much time alone. And I know.. that on one lonely night.. you invited Mulder to your bed.
Scully: (her eyes well up with tears; speechless) Oh, my God.
Shadow Man: I was as surprised as you are.
Scully: (crying) Who authorizes you? I mean, what gives you the right? Who are you?!
Shadow Man: I'm the future, Agent Scully. And I risked my life being here.
Scully: Well, then why do it? I mean, why meet me?
Shadow Man: Because you can reach Mulder - Mulder needs to know what I know or he may have no future. Perhaps no one will. ..Another car is parked on the main road, half a mile out. If I see that you haven't contacted Mulder in the next twenty-four hours, I disappear and you never see me again. Do you understand, lady?

Doggett: Well, you can call the whole thing off?
Scully: I can't. I've already sent for him. Mulder's on a train. He'll be here at midnight.
Doggett: Maybe you can reach him.
Scully: You can't do that to me.
Doggett: I'm sorry.
Scully: (passionately) I want to see him so bad.
Doggett: I know. And I want to make sure that you get to, Dana. That's the whole reason I'm here.
Scully: Well, it's too late. And I have to go.

Scully: (voiceover of an email she's writing to Mulder) I hold no hope you can respond to this. Or that it reaches you. I only hope that you are alive. I cannot help believing that you jumped off that train because you knew what I now know - that these "super-soldiers," if that's what they are, can in fact be destroyed. That the key to their destruction lies in the iron compound at that quarry ... I am scared for you, Mulder. And for William.. The forces against us are unrelenting. But so is my determination - To see you again. To regain the comfort and safety we shared for so brief a time.. Until then, I remain forever yours... Dana.

John Doe [9.7][edit]

Caballero: Why would you want to remember? You can't tell me you're happier now because you recall your life. I saw it all. So much pain... Why would you want to struggle so long and hard to get that pain back?
Doggett: Because it's mine.

Doggett: (talking about his recovered memories) I'll take the bad, so long as I remember the good.

Hellbound [9.8][edit]

Detective Van Allen: (looking at Doggett) You Reyes?
Doggett: I'm Doggett. She's Reyes.
Reyes: Detective Van Allen?
Detective Van Allen: That's right.
Reyes: I appreciate your help on this.
Detective Van Allen: What help is that?
Reyes: On this investigation.
Detective Van Allen: There isn't a lot to investigate. I mean, Victor Potts wasn't exactly one of the FBI's ten most wanted.
Doggett: I think she means your insight into the way he died, Detective.
Detective Van Allen: Don't have any. But I'm sure you'd rather talk to somebody who actually gives a damn, right? (walks off)
Doggett: (to Reyes) ..Hate to say it but, he probably sums up most peoples feelings.

Provenance (1) [9.9][edit]

Kersh: Agent Comer - our undercover man - was sent to infiltrate the cult... based on a series of... threats.
Scully: What threats? Threats to who? To me, to my child...
Follmer: Threats... on Agent Mulder's life.
Scully: (looking at Follmer) That's what this is about? Then why pull me in here and show me those rubbings? I don't understand.
Follmer: (everyone else is silent) Before losing all contact with our undercover agent he sent us a communication. A communication we've been trying to confirm that, uh... (swallows nervously; gently) that Mulder was already dead.
[Scully meets his eyes, and he holds her gaze. She is visibly upset. Kersh looks sad and can't meet her eyes. Skinner can’t even look at her. Doggett seems to believe it's the truth.]

Providence (2) [9.10][edit]

[Reciting from his memory of a Desert Storm engagement, where he lays dazed seeing a 'Super Soldier' team trot away after effortlessly wiping out the enemy squad.]
Zeke Josepho: Behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, and a brightness was about it.. And out of the midst came the likeness of four living creatures, and they had the likeness of a man... I knew why my life had been spared - That I was to deliver the message of these angels, of these sons of God.. To deliver the message of the god who came before all other gods.
[Concludes showing him in the present, standing on top of a dug-up alien spacecraft.]

Scully: I'm on my way. That was Agent Doggett again. They're waiting. Mom, I've got to go.
Margaret Scully: It's the middle of the night, Dana. I just don't understand what can't wait 'til tomorrow.
Scully: Mom, it's important. I wouldn't go if it weren't.
Margaret Scully: Yes, I know, Dana. You say it's about getting answers.
Scully: Answers about William, Mom.
Margaret Scully: I know you're worried about him... that there are things about him that you just can't explain - but even if you were to get those answers what would it change?
Scully: Mom, he's my child.
Margaret Scully: And you have to love him and raise him in spite of everything. Dana, god has given you a miracle. A child that wasn't supposed to be. Maybe it's not to question... just to be taken as a matter of faith.
Scully: Mom, I can't take this on faith. I need to know. I need to know if it's really God I have to thank.

Audrey Pauley [9.11][edit]

Reyes: So, big plans for the weekend?
Doggett: Oh, huge. Microwave pizza, satellite TV.
Reyes: Wow. Thanks for making my life sound exciting. Maybe we both need pets. They say people with pets live longer.
Doggett: (confesses) I was thinking about getting a cat.
Reyes: There's dog people, and there's cat people. You are a dog person, John.
Doggett: How do you figure?
Reyes: (chuckles) You're faithful, you're dependable, you're without guile, you're very comfortable to be around. ..So why a cat?
Doggett: Low maintenance. They don't expect much from you, so you can't disappoint 'em.
Reyes: I don't see you ever disappointing anyone, John.

Doggett: Hell of a thing to wake up to, huh? We stopped after work. She had a beer.
Scully: Well, the man who hit her had fifteen. Don't do this to yourself, John.

Scully: It's true, John. She's gone.
Doggett: I don't accept that - Look at her breathing. Her heart's still beating. There's got to be hope.
Scully: There's no measurable electrical activity in her brain. Brain death is... indeed death, John. I'm sorry.

Doggett: You work here?
Audrey Pauley: Uh, I-I'm a patient aide. I deliver the flowers mostly. Are you her husband?
[Doggett shakes his head no.]
Audrey Pauley: You love her, though. She's not gone - Not her soul.
Doggett: I wish I could talk to her. I wish I could tell her... Guess I wish a lot of things.

Reyes: Audrey, I'm Monica. Stephen and I just want to get out of here. Will you show us the way out?
Audrey Pauley: I can't. I can't help you.
Stephen Murdoch: Why not?
Audrey Pauley: I came to tell you your friend... loves you very much.
Reyes: My friend? Did you talk to John? Does he know where I am?
Audrey Pauley: They all think you're dead. (starts to leave)
Reyes: Wait! Give my friend a message. Tell him he's a dog person.

Audrey Pauley: Your name is John, right? She has a message for you. She says you're a dog person.
Doggett: Wait - Where did you get that? Who said that to you?
Audrey Pauley: I told you. She's not gone.

Underneath [9.12][edit]

Doggett: A cop I know, a man I respect deeply, he told me one time you don't clock out at the end of your shift unless you know you did everything you could. That's what this is about - me not clocking out.

Reyes: Somehow this person materialized inside a maximum security prison, killed an inmate, and then vanished into thin air.
Doggett: Materialized how, like Casper the Friendly Ghost?

[End of the episode, where Reyes talks to a rattled Doggett, who is unable to believe that the one killer had two different appearances, one being the one that was shot, and the other now the one taken away, dead]
Reyes: ..So all that tonight was just you imagining things?
Doggett: I can't accept this.. If you can, God love you - But that's not the way my mind works.

Improbable [9.13][edit]

Burt: 2,598,960 possible five-card hands. 1,277 flushes in any given suit. 1,098,240 ways to make two-pairs and yet.. the game can't beat a man - Man only beats himself.

Burt: You really are a card.. But I love you.

Scully: What are you doing here?
Burt: I'm waiting for a friend.
Scully: At midnight? In a parking garage?
Burt: (looks to his arm where a watch would be, except there's no watch) He should be here any minute.

Burt: What's this about numbers?
Scully: (exasperated) Will you just..!
Burt: I'm very good with numbers.
Reyes: The killer is driven by an impulse we believe is numerological.
Burt: Of course, he's a serial killer.

Scary Monsters [9.14][edit]

Agent Leyla Harrison: Agent Doggett.. Both of you got in this car believing a little boy may be in danger. What's changed since then? Even if this isn't an X-file - which it is - what will it hurt to keep going? If Mulder were here, he'd keep going.

Harrison: Agent Mulder wasted no time closing that case. I just try to think like him. What would Agents Mulder and Scully do if they were in this situation?
Doggett: Agents Mulder and Scully aren't in this situation - Agents Doggett and Reyes are. I don't know about Agent Reyes, but Agent Doggett's going to sit his tired ass down.

Gabe Rotter: (standing in Scully's kitchen as she performs an ad hoc necropsy) You gotta be freakin' kidding me. I can't believe you're cutting up a dead cat on your kitchen table.
Scully: Will you keep your voice down, please? You're going to wake my baby.

Jump the Shark [9.15][edit]

Doggett: Morris Fletcher?
Morris Fletcher: (perks up a little) Finally. What took you so long? You must be Reyes. Enchanté.
Reyes: (rolls eyes) Yeah.

Morris: (referencing making a deal) The one that saves my furry pink ass. People are tryin' to kill me. Did you hear about my boat?
Reyes: Yeah - Your female companion told us what she witnessed.
Morris: My fem... Oh, you mean they didn't kill.. (tries to think of her name)
Reyes: Brittany? Brittney?
Morris: Brittany. Oh.. Oh, thank God she's still alive.

Morris: Agents, I'm tellin' ya, you don't want these three involved. I mean, they don't even have their ridiculous tinker toy gizmos. This place is like "How The Grinch Stole Radio Shack."

Morris: "Area 51 Exposé!" Ooo! (sarcastic) Where's your new issue? This one's a year old.
Frohike: Back off, Skeezick.

Morris: (looking at Langly's t-shirt) So, who's Joey?
Langly: What? (Morris motions again at Langly's shirt) Joey Ramone? Leader of the greatest punk rock band in human history - Now shut up! (notices Morris looking at him closely) ..What?!
Morris: (sigh) What are you, 34, 35? Why don't you cut your hair and grow up, huh?
Langly: I need to remind you, Fletcher, that Doggett and Reyes aren't here to save you.
Morris: Get yourself a real hero, anyway - Not some dead teeny bopper.
Langly: (slams keyboard down and stands up, angry) You want to know why Joey Ramone's my hero? 'Cause people like you never managed to grind him down. They never stole his spirit. He never gave in, never gave up, and never sold out. Right till his last breath.. And he's not dead - Guys like that? They live forever.

Morris: (patting Jimmy Bond; sarcastically) Cheer up, Gomer - You're bringin' the whole room down.

Morris: (sighs) So, you're too broke to publish, huh? Pencil neck told me.. It's a shame. This little rag always was such a hoot. I'm gonna miss it. But, hey, the world spins on, right? Maybe saving it is a younger man's game. Or a woman's. (motioning to Yves)
Frohike: (considers) Maybe it is.. (turns to Byers) You gotta admit, Byers. It hasn't exactly been our year. And to top it all off, we screwed the pooch pretty good today. Maybe we should pack it in.
Byers: And do what instead? We never gave up. We never will. In the end, if that's the best they can say about us... it'll do.

Byers: Lone Gunman Newspaper Group. Byers speaking.

Professor Gillnitz: (grinning triumphantly, checking his watch) Now you have a minute forty.
[The three Gunmen stand still for a second, thinking. Frohike notices a fire alarm, turns to the others, and signals his intention.]
Frohike: Guys?
[Langly and Byers look at the fire alarm, then at each other. They both agree.]
Byers: Whatever it takes.

William [9.16][edit]

Release [9.17][edit]

Doggett: Cadet Hayes? Rudolph Hayes? I'm Agent Doggett. This is Agent Reyes. (Hayes is smelling a dead arm; Doggett is confused) Is that part of the training here, Cadet - smelling body parts?
Hayes: This man's flesh smells of creosote... but his skin is soft. Untanned. He worked indoors. A hardware store, probably. The tear marks at his elbow go from left to right. He was broadsided in a car accident. His hands gripped the wheel so hard.. his thumb bone snapped on impact.
Doggett: You determined all that just by looking at that arm?
Hayes: (stands, looks at them) I see things.
Reyes: We came to thank you. Because of your analysis, we were able to work up a profile to catch the man who murdered those women.
Hayes: What's the profile?
Doggett: White male, twenty-five to thirty-five, ex-military. Employed near the bars where he met.. (Hayes shakes his head) ..why are you shaking your head?
Hayes: The profile's wrong. Your killer is in his forties. A felon recently arrived from out of state. His parole officer thinks he's looking for a job. He already has one - working for organized crime. He's killed many people. He's going to keep on killing. (walks away)
Reyes: (smiles) Kind of annoying, isn't he?

Sunshine Days [9.18][edit]

Reyes: What are you lookin' at?
Doggett: I want to check somethin' out. (finds identical pieces of roof tile in the garbage can) Ah-ha. Hold this, please? (she takes the bag, he climbs up on the roof to see it's been re-tiled)Ah-ha.
Reyes: Twice with the "ah-ha's."
Doggett: (sigh) The roof's been patched. When I was inside, I knew I smelled fresh plaster.
Reyes: So, are you gonna fill me in?
Doggett: A - Eyewitness places the deceased inside this house just prior to the time of his demise. B - We found a fragment of roofing shingle at the scene of the impact. It would seem it matches the discarded piece you now hold in your hand. C - There's a hole in the roof, recently patched, this big around. Connect A to B to C.
Reyes: Much in the fashion of, say, Daffy Duck or Wiley Coyote, the deceased shot straight up through the roof, flew high into the air and landed on his buddy's car? (skeptically) You're serious?
Doggett: A to B to C. I gotta tell ya, I think I'm finally gettin' the hang of this job.

Reyes: Well, why name himself after cousin Oliver? None of the other Brady's particularly liked Oliver. He was a self-described pest.
Scully: A jinx. Cousin Oliver, the Jinx. (Scully srhugs) ..Oh, so maybe I watched an episode or two.

Doggett: Okay, so be it. Just tell me how this helps me bust him, and uh, I'm happy.
Scully: Well, I'm starting to hope that it doesn't come to that.
Reyes: What do you mean?
Scully: Well, the power that this man seemingly possesses is extraordinary. It needs to be studied.
Dr. Reits: It could expand the scope of human knowledge. It could change everything.
Scully: It very well could. I mean, I've.. I've been working this unit for nine years now. I-I've investigated nearly 200 paranormal cases. We are due for some incontrovertible proof. I want vindication, for - for Mulder and.. for all of us.

Doggett: One big question. Why "The Brady Bunch"? Seriously, you two are fans. Why are people still watchin' a 30 year old TV show?
Reyes: Because.. they're the family everyone wishes they had. Loving parents, lots of brothers and sisters, everybody getting along.
Scully: They're the, uh, perfect family. And since Oliver didn't have one as a child, he... created one.
Doggett: Sure, I'd buy all that. But in this case, why "The Brady Bunch"? Why not "The Partridge Family"? Why not "Eight Is Enough"? (to Dr. Reits) Where was Oliver when you first saw "The Brady Bunch"? He was with you, right?
Dr. Reits: He'd always insisted we watch it together every week I was there.
Doggett: And the longer you two were together, the more his psychokinetic power faded, until finally it went away completely. Now, what do you think that was?
Dr. Reits: (slowly realizes) Because for the first time in his life, he was happy.
Doggett: Because he was with you.
Scully: Well, what are you suggesting is the course of action, John?
Doggett: A - Oliver's gonna die if he continues to use his power. B - his power goes away when he's happy. And C - you're the father he never had, and he loves you. A to B to C.

Doggett: So close, Dana. I'm sorry you don't get your proof.
Scully: Me too. Well, maybe I've had it these past nine years. If not proof of the paranormal, then... of more important things. (looks at Oliver for a moment, then leaves)
Doggett: Well, here's hopin' the TV stays off and he learns how to love the real world.
Reyes: (smiles and takes his hand) I think you are getting the hang of this job.

The Truth (1) [9.19][edit]

Mulder: (After escaping Knowle Rohrer with help from Krycek's ghost) No! You're dead!
Krycek: Go. There's others. (An alarm rings & Krycek vanishes)

Guard: What are you thinking?
Mulder: Where am I?
Guard: Wrong answer! (hits the wall next to Mulder with a club) What are you thinking?
Mulder: ..I'm thinking about getting the hell out of here.
Guard: Wrong.. answer! (He hits Mulder and walks to the door of the cell) No sleeping!

Guard: What are you thinking?
Mulder: About my son.. about his mother.
Guard: Wrong answer! (He swings at Mulder and misses) What are you thinking?
Mulder: What do you want from me?!
Guard: Wrong.. answer! (He swings at Mulder again, they grapple before the guard throttles Mulder with his baton) I want answers, you hear me? I want answers! (he leaves)

Doggett: You saw him? Mulder?
Reyes: They've accused him of murder?
Scully: And they have him believing that he did it.
Doggett: Of murdering who?
Scully: Knowle Rohrer.
Doggett: Knowle Rohrer? It can't be. I watched Knowle Rohrer die.
Reyes: He can't die. Knowle Rohrer's a super soldier.
Skinner: (Skinner hangs up phone) Mulder side-stepped security at a facility known as Mount Weather - a place where they say our so-called shadow government is installed.
Reyes: What about this murder charge?
Skinner: Thirty government workers are ready to testify they witnessed Mulder push a military officer to his death.
Doggett: Killing a man who can't be killed? (Scully begins to leave, Doggett turns to her) Where are you going?
Scully: ..To beg mercy with the man upstairs.

Scully: Mulder.. Mulder!
Mulder: (makes a smirking face) ..I smelled you coming, Clarice.
Scully: Oh.. Damn it, Mulder. It's not funny to see you putting on that act.
Mulder: No, that is funny. What's not funny is what they do to you in here if you don't put on that act.
[They embrace, Skinner averts his eyes allowing them a little privacy]
Mulder: (moves to hug Skinner) Come here, you big, bald, beautiful man.
Skinner: The only thing you're going to be kissing, Mulder, is your sweet ass good-bye, with the trouble you're in.
Mulder: Uh-huh, I kind of gathered that, right around the 50th brainwashing session. (he kisses Scully on the hand)
Scully: Mulder, why are they doing this to you?
Mulder: They think they're preparing me for my trial - For my testimony.

Scully: Mulder, it's me.
Mulder: Oh. Is it time to go?
Scully: No. That's why I'm here. Mulder, I need you to talk to me. Confide in me.. or we'll lose.
Mulder: We can't win, Scully. We can only hope to go down fighting.
Scully: You're scaring me. Mulder, I'm so scared that I've just got you back and now I'm going to lose you again.
Mulder: I know what I'm doing.
Scully: Well.. whatever you're doing... you have no idea how much has already been lost... What I've had to do...
Mulder: I do know. Skinner told me.
Scully: Our son, Mulder... I gave him up. (cries and hugs Mulder) ..Our son. I'm so afraid you could never forgive me.
Mulder: I know you had no choice. I just missed both of you so much.
Scully: God, where have you been? Where have you been hiding?
Mulder: In New Mexico.
Scully: Doing what?
Mulder: Looking for The Truth.
Scully: You found something, didn't you? Huh? What did you find?
Mulder: I can't tell you.
Scully: You found something in that facility? That's what you were doing, right? Mulder, what did you find out there?
Mulder: Scully, I can't tell you.
Scully: That doesn't make sense.
Mulder: You've got to trust me, Scully. I know things. It's better you don't.

Mulder: I know why you're here and what you want. I can't give it to you.
Scully: Make them a deal, Mulder. Guilty on a lesser charge. Maybe they'll go for it and they'll let you walk out of here.
Mulder: I'd rather die, Scully.
Scully: How can you say that? How can you say that, Mulder, to me?
Mulder: Because this is greater than you or me. This is about everything we've worked for for nine years. The truth that we both sacrificed so much to uncover and to expose.
Scully: Well, then, expose it, Mulder! Take the stand. Whatever it is that you're withholding, take the stand and hit them full force.
Mulder: I can't.
Scully: Why?
Mulder: I just can't.
Scully: You say this is greater than us, and maybe it is, but this is us fighting this fight, Mulder, not you. It's you and me - That's what I'm fighting for, Mulder. You and me.
[Scully leaves]
X: Get up.
Mulder: Who's that? Who's there?! (X steps forward) ..What are you doing here?
X: That's what I'm here to ask you.
Mulder: ..I'm putting the truth on trial.
X: What truth? Who's truth? You think these men will even hear it?
Mulder: They're afraid to hear it.
X: They're not afraid. They have too much power to be afraid. You're going to learn that just like I did. You'll die learning it.
Mulder: I'm not afraid of that.
X: There's a truth even you're afraid to speak now, because you know it's futile.
Mulder: No. Because I refuse to accept it.
X: Then you're going to need help.
Mulder: How can you possibly help me?
[X hands him a piece of paper with Marita Covarrubias' name & address on it]

The Truth (2) [9.20][edit]

Reyes: What is the point of all of this? To destroy a man who seeks the truth, or to destroy the truth so no man can seek it? Either way, you lose.

Mulder: (to Kersh and the panel) Yes.. I'd like to congratulate you - On succeeding where so many before you have failed. A bullet between the eyes would have been preferable to this charade. But I've learned to pretend over the past nine years - to pretend that my victories mattered only to realize that no one was keeping score. To realize that liars do not fear the truth if there are enough liars.. That the devil is just one man with a plan, but evil, true evil, is a collaboration of men, which is what we have here today. If I am a guilty man, my crime is in daring to believe; that the truth will out and that no one lie can live forever.. I believe it still. Much as you try to bury it, the truth is out there. Greater than your lies, the truth wants to be known. You will know it. It'll come to you, as it's come to me, faster than the speed of light. (Notices the ghosts of Krycek & X standing behind the panel of judges) ..You may believe yourselves rid of your headache now, and maybe you are... but you've only done it by cutting off your own heads.

Doggett: (answering phone) Yeah... I'll tell her. (He hangs up)
Scully: Who was it?
Doggett: Skinner.
Scully: ..Agent Doggett?
Doggett: Death by lethal injection.

Frohike: (Mulder is urinating at the roadside) Hey hotshot. Might have the common courtesy of doing your little business downwind.
Mulder: Oh boy.
Langly: Why don't you finish draining the little lizard then we'll talk?
Byers: We're very worried about you.
Frohike: It's craziness, man. Turn around.
Langly: Just hang a big U-ie and never look back.
Mulder: I can't.
Byers: Why risk perfect happiness, Mulder? Why risk your lives?
Mulder: Because I need to know the truth.
Byers: You already know the truth.
Mulder: I need to know if I can change it.
Langly: Change it?
Frohike: For crying out loud. All you're going to do is get yourself killed.
Scully: Mulder! What are you doing?
Mulder: (The Lone Gunmen have vanished) I'll be right with you, Scully.

Cigarette Smoking Man: ..What's the matter, Agent Mulder? You come to see the wise man but you look as if you've seen a ghost.
Mulder: You're not a wise man, you're a dead man. Just like Krycek and X.
Cigarette Smoking Man: You see a dead man, Agent Scully?
Scully: I hoped and prayed you were dead, you chain-smoking, son of a bitch.
Cigarette Smoking Man: You waste your time. Ask Mulder - He knows the futility of hope and prayers. He knows the truth now.. You have told her the truth, haven't you, Fox? I helped you find it.
Mulder: You didn't help me - You sent me to that government facility knowing exactly what I'd find.
Cigarette Smoking Man: And now you've refused to speak it. Not to Scully, not to anyone, even though it would have saved your life. You damn me for my secrets, but you're afraid to speak the truth.
Mulder: You call me afraid? Look at you sitting alone in the dark like a fossil.
Cigarette Smoking Man: It's the final refuge. The last place to hide from those who are insidiously taking power now.
Scully: Who?
Cigarette Smoking Man: The aliens.. They fear this place, its geology. Magnetite, like that which brought down the original UFO in Roswell. Indian wisemen realized this over 2,000 years ago. They hid here, and watched their own culture die. The original shadow government.

Cigarette Smoking Man: Leaves me to tell you what Mulder's afraid to, Agent Scully.
Mulder: Come on, let's go.
Cigarette Smoking Man: It's a scary story. Want to come sit on my lap?
Scully: ..You don't scare me.
Cigarette Smoking Man: My story's scared every president since Truman in '47.
Mulder: (To Scully) You don't have to hear this.
Scully: No, I wanna hear it, Mulder.
Cigarette Smoking Man: Ten centuries ago the Mayans were so afraid that their calendar stopped on the exact date that my story begins. December 22, the year 2012. The date of the final alien invasion. Mulder can confirm the date - He saw it at Mount Weather.. where our own 'Secret Government' will be hiding when it all comes down.
Mulder: Yeah, you smile... feeling drunk with power. The power to do nothing.
Cigarette Smoking Man: My power comes from telling you. Seeing your powerlessness hearing it.. They wanted to kill you, Fox. I protected you all these years.. waiting for this moment... to see you broken. Afraid. Now you can die.

Scully: What are you thinking? Mulder?
Mulder: I'm thinking... I'm a guilty man. I've failed in every respect. I deserve the harshest punishment for my crimes.
Scully: You don't believe that.
Mulder: I believe.. that I sat in a motel room like this with you when we first met.. and I tried to convince you of the truth. And in that respect, I succeeded, but... in every other way... I've failed.
Scully: You don't believe that either.
Mulder: Mm. I've been chasing after monsters with a butterfly net. You heard the man — the date's set. I can't change that.
Scully: You wouldn't tell me. Not because you were afraid or broken.. but because you didn't want to accept defeat.
Mulder: Well, I was afraid of what knowing would do to you. I was afraid that it would crush.. your spirit.
Scully: Why would I accept defeat? Why would I accept it, if you won't? ..Mulder, you say that you've failed, but you only fail if you give up. And I know you — you can't give up. It's what I saw in you when we first met. It's what made me follow you... why I'd do it all over again.
Mulder: And look what it's gotten you.
Scully: And what has it gotten you? Not your sister. Nothing that you've set out for. But you won't give up, even now. You've always said that you want to believe. But believe in what Mulder? If this is the truth that you've been looking for, then what is left to believe in?
Mulder: I want to believe that... the dead are not lost to us. That they speak to us... as part of something greater than us - greater than any alien force. And if you and I are powerless now, I want to believe that.. if we listen, to what's speaking.. it can give us the power to save ourselves.
Scully: Then we believe the same thing.
[Mulder embraces Scully]
Mulder: ...Maybe there's hope.