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Thomas and the Magic Railroad (originally under a working title Thomas and the Rainbow Railway) is a 2000 British-American-Canadian feature film based on the TV series - Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, The Railway Series by the Wilbert & Christopher Awdry, and the United States TV series - Shining Time Station. This movie takes place between Season 5 and 6 of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, and after Shining Time Station ended.

Take the magic journey.(taglines)


Gordon: [waits at the station] 5, 6, 7, 8...
Thomas: [pulls up beside Gordon] Who do we appreciate? Practicing your numbers, Gordon. That's a good engine.
Gordon: I'm counting how many seconds late you are. What does that sign say?
Thomas: Hmm… [reads the sign] "Sodor Railway, really reliable and right on time. [Gordon scoffs] Signed, head of the railway, Sir Topham Hatt."
Gordon: But you weren't on time, little Thomas.
Thomas: And you're being bossy, Gordon. [Gordon scoffs again] Now, please excuse me. I'm meeting Mr. Conductor. He's looking after us while Sir Topham Hatt takes a much needed holiday.
Gordon: Oh, I think we can take care of ourselves.
Diesel 10: [rushes through the station] Get outta my way! I have unfinished business here, and I wanna finish it FAST!
Gordon: [shivers] Diesel 10's back!
Thomas: Yes, 10 out of 10 for devious deeds and brutal strength! The blast from the past who hates steam engines!
Gordon: Maybe we do need Mr. Conductor here after all. On time!

James: [A fly buzzing in his face] Sandal, fly! Boo, fly! Shoo, fly! That's it!

Thomas: [Mr. C appears at the junction] Oh, Mr. Conductor. Are you alright?

Lily: Grandpa's been so sad since Grandma Tasha died, and he never comes here to see us.
Mrs. Stone: Well, maybe your visit will cheer him up. Did you get his present?
Lily: Here. I'm making him a friendship bracelet.
Mrs. Stone: Honey, that's beautiful.
Lily: But I'd rather just stay here with you.
Mrs. Stone: I know. Come here. [she and Lily hug]
Lily: I'm gonna go up this way.
Mrs. Stone: Okay. Be careful.
Lily: You always say that.
Mrs. Stone: See you in a minute.
Lily: You're coming with me to Grandpa's, Bluebird. I know how much you like to travel.

James: Wobbly wheels!
Thomas: Puffy pistons!
James: Thomas, I should have collected Mr. Conductor.
Gordon: James is right, little Thomas. [chuckles] Collecting Mr. Conductor is an important job. Hmm? Important is big. James is a big engine. You, Thomas, are small. Small-small-small, teeny-weeny-weeny. And I, I'm a big blue engine, who knows everything. [chuckles]
Thomas: Bossy sprockets! All that steam has gone through your funnel.

[Mr. Conductor picks up a baseball bat]
Mr. Conductor: [chuckles] So, who dropped the ball then? [catches a beach ball] Oh, there you are. I'd like a nice cup of hot cocoa. Would you fellas care to join me? No? What would you rather do instead? [to the beach ball] Go outside and play? Well, I can understand that. [to the bat] What do you think? [makes the bat hit the ball; mock disappointment] Why do you keep hitting him like that? You're gonna have to have a time out. [throws bat on his bed and makes his hot cocoa]
[Diesel 10 appears and laughs evilly]
Mr. Conductor: [sips cocoa] Just a little sweeter, I think. [adds sugar to cocoa]
Diesel 10: Alright, Pinchy, my little bucket of badness, time to feast yourself.
Mr. Conductor: [sips cocoa again, and is satisfied] Ahh. Now that's better. [Diesel 10 tears off part of the sheds] Whoa! [removes his night cap and puts on his conductor hat, as the steam engines wake up in alarm, and Diesel 10 tears off more of the sheds and laughs evilly] Ahh! Whoa!
Thomas: [alarmed] Cinders and ashes! It's Diesel!
Gordon: Diesel?! Oh, no!
[Diesel 10 laughs evilly]
Diesel 10: Hello, Twinkle Toes! I got a plan and you're not in it!
Mr. Conductor: You can't catch me, Diesel! [blows on his whistle twice, but only a little gold comes out of it]
Diesel 10: [laughs coldly] Losing your sparkle, huh? What perfect timing. Now where is that lost engine?
Mr. Conductor: You won't find her here.
Diesel 10: You're not clever enough to stop me.
Mr. Conductor: Oh, yes, I am!
Diesel 10: No, you're not! Ah-- [sees Mr. Conductor hold up a bag of sugar] What–?! Is that...?!
Mr. Conductor: That's right, it's sugar, Diesel! And if I throw this in your tank, it'll seize you up for good!
Diesel 10: [grunts and chuffs away] Make the most of tonight, Twinkle Toes, because you won't like tomorrow! Neither will that... that line of tin kettles! [to his claw] Shut up, Pinchy!
Thomas: [after the diesel leaves] Mr. Conductor, but what happened to your sparkle?
Mr. Conductor: I don't know, Thomas, I'll just have to sleep on that.
Thomas: [confused] On your sparkle?
Mr. Conductor: No, Thomas. On the problem of what happened to it.
Percy: Oh, but Mr. Conductor, without your sparkle or the Lost Engine, you can't travel here to help us anymore.
Mr. Conductor: I'll solve the problem. You just go to sleep now.
Percy: Easy for you to say.

Bertie: Smile, you steamers. It's a sunny day. Vroom-vroom!
James: It's not sunny, 'cause Mr. C's not at the windmill, I looked!
Thomas: I think his sparkle's all gone.
Henry: My smoke box doesn't feel sunny. It feels stuffed up.
Gordon: Nasty fumes from dingy Diesel! [chuckles]
Henry: And Diesel is after the lost engine.
Toby: And if he finds her, I fear that will destroy us all.
Gordon: What, even an engine as big as me?!
Toby: Yes, Gordon, even you.
[Thomas sneezes]
James: Say it, don't spray it, Thomas!
Thomas: I've still got sneezing powder up my funnel. Now, I’m going to look for Mr. Conductor. [puffs off]
Toby: Let us get back to work, that’s what he would want.

[Junior's shell phone rings]
Junior: [wakes up] That's my shell phone. [pulls off his headphones, and answers his shell phone] Hello?
Mr. Conductor: Junior? Junior, is that you?!
Junior: Oh, hi, Cous! Uh, are you in a tunnel? This isn't a very good line.
Mr. Conductor: Junior, where are you?!
Junior: Um, I'm in paradise. I just got in Cloud 9 and here I am.
Mr. Conductor: Junior, listen to me. You've got to come to the Island of Sodor right now!
Junior: Now? But I'm waiting on a perfect wave!
Mr. Conductor: Oh, no. You're not, you're coming here! [Junior sighs in annoyance] You have to help me find the source of all our family's gold dust.
Junior: What is the source?
Mr. Conductor: That's the trouble, Junior. I haven't a clue!
Junior: And I've used up most of my gold dust, too.
Mr. Conductor: [shocked] What?! [Junior sighs] Then go to Shining Time Station first. And in my signal-house in the box under the staircase, you'll find my emergency whistle with the last of my supply. Please take care of this, Junior, and... [quietly] Don't talk to anyone about the buffers.
Junior: [loses the signal] What buffers?
Mr. Conductor: Shh!
Junior: This is a really bad line! Hello! My shell phone's not working properly!
Mr. Conductor: Junior, you got to come here right away! I'm counting on you!
Junior: Hello?! [throws out his phone] I want my money back.

Thomas: Morning, Henry. What's the matter?
Henry: I've got... [sniffs] Boiler-ache.
Thomas: And I'm collecting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 trucks of special Island of Sodor coal for you.
Henry: Oh, thank you, Thomas. Special coal will make me feel... [sneezes] ...Much better!
Thomas: [backs into the trucks] I wish I could make Mr. Conductor feel better, too, by finding him.
[as Thomas pushes them in line, the rearmost truck goes zooming into a pair of buffers with a nearby tumbleweed and disappears into them; Thomas pulls the remaining trucks as Bertie passes by]
Bertie: Hello, Thomas and your 5 coal trucks! Vroom-vroom!
Thomas: 5? But I'm supposed to have 6.

[Percy puffs into the night by Diesel 10's Mountain]
Percy: I am brave. I am brave. Thomas says I'm brave, so I'm brave. Oh, it's not easy being brave. [sees Splatter and Dodge at the buffers] Shiver my pistons. There's Splatter and Dodge. Oh, they found the buffers! Oh, now what's going to happen? [a flock of birds fly by a tree] Ohh!
Tumbleweed: [rolls along] Hey, partner. Excuse me, coming through, pardon me.
Percy: Oh, that's just nothing. [a shed door opens slowly, then closes quickly] That nothing was something!
Splatter: These must be the buffers Diesel's looking for.
Dodge: Are we supposed to go through them?
Splatter: Not we, you.
Dodge: Not me, you.
Splatter: This is a job for the boss. [an owl hoots, scaring them] We'll tell him tomorrow.
Dodge: Yeah, tomorrow's good.
Percy: [backs away] Oh, I'd better hurry back and warn Thomas.

Thomas: But how could Lily go without gold dust?
Mr. Conductor: Only in the lost engine. [gets an idea] Unless...
Thomas: [nervously] Unless...?
Mr. Conductor: Thomas, will you, please, take Lily?
Thomas: Through the buffers? But what if I go on the railway, and my wheels don't work?
Mr. Conductor: But what if they do?
’’’Thomas’’’: But what if, if…?
’’’Mr. Conductor’’’: Yes…?
’’’Thomas’’’: What if it’s dark?
’’’Mr. Conductor’’’: It will be for a while.
’’’Thomas’’’: And cold?
’’’Mr. Conductor’’’: Maybe.
’’’Thomas’’’: And how will I get back again?
’’’Mr. Conductor’’’: Because you’re a really useful engine that will find a way.
’’’Thomas’’’: [pauses, bravely agrees] Then, I’ll try.
[while approaching the old magic buffers]
Thomas: I promise I'll get you home to your grandfather, Lily.
Tumbleweed: [starts leading Thomas to the buffers] Follow me, partner!
Thomas: Whoa!
Tumbleweed: Right this way to Bufferville, just a walk in the park!
Thomas: We're going though, Lily.
Tumbleweed: You're on your own here on in, little blue buckaroo! Yee-hoo! [bounces off the track]
Thomas: Little engines can do big things! [passes through the magic buffers]

Lily: Where's Grandpa? Can you take me to him?
Patch: Jump up.

Junior: I'm sorry, Lily! I'm sorry, cous! I haven't been whatever is! Responsible, realible, really useful but I will be! I WILL BE!!! [Diesel 10 races into the smelting shed, where James is, who screams in terror, as Diesel 10 screeches to a halt. Junior flings from through the air and land on top of James's cab] James! [recovers, gets out Mr. C's emergency whistles, and blows it, but it doesn't work]
Diesel 10: [raises his claw] Ah!
James: A-oh!
Diesel 10: So, you've lost you sparkle, too, huh? [laugh coldly, as Junior shakes the whistle and tries to blow it again but fails] Bye-bye, Twinkle Toes!
Junior: Oh, no! [pants] It's empty!
Diesel 10: [threatening to push James and Junior into the smelting pit] Here we go!
James: [reverses] Junior, what're we gonna do!?
Junior: We'll think of something! [James gets closer to the buffers]
Diesel 10: That's it! [laughs; James's tender starts pushing the buffers apart]
Junior: [gets out his own whistle, preying] I'll find you more, Lily. I promise. If I'm gonna be any help at all, it's now or never. I've gotta use up the rest of this stuff. [the buffers break and fall into the pit]
Diesel 10: Are you ready?
James: No, we're not!
Junior: James the Brains, get us outta here! [blows his whistle with the last of his used gold dust]
James: Now, we are! [disappears with Junior]
Diesel 10: [shocked] What the...?
[Cut to the Sodor wishing well where Mr. Conductor is, James and Junior teleport here]
Junior: Ya-ho!
James: Ho-ya! [Junior clambers down] Ha!
Junior: Bye, James.
James: Bye, Junior. [puffs away]

[Burnett shovels the coal into Lady's firebox and lots her fire. She soon makes plenty of steam boiling nicely]
Lady: [gets her face in the Magic Railroad] So, Burnett, you didn't forget about magic. It's safe inside you. [later; Thomas toots]
Lily: Thomas!
Thomas: You found her, and she's beautiful!

[after Thomas comes out of the Magic Buffers, Diesel 10, Splatter, and Dodge can see him with Lady]
Diesel 10: Ah-ha! There's the blue puffball, and look who he's with! Splodge, come and destroy!
Splatter: N-No, y-you do it yourself.
Dodge: We don't like you.
Splatter: Yeah, we mean that.
Dodge: Emphatically.
Splatter: Yeah. What does that mean?
Dodge: I have no idea.
Splatter: It's a good word.
Thomas: Run, Lady! Quickly, and I'm going to help you!
Burnett: [scrambles into Lady's cab] So am I, my Lady. I'll not let you down again.
Diesel 10: Ahh, who needs you, Splodge?
Mr. Conductor: Watch out for the viaduct, it's dangerous! [Lady and Thomas race on as Diesel 10 chases them from behind, laughing evilly. Mr. Conductor realizes something and screams]
Junior: What's the matter?
Mr. Conductor: Lady! That engine's name is Lady. She's part of the clue to the source of the gold dust!
Junior:…Gold dust!?
[Both pause and scream. Cut to Diesel 10 chasing Lady and Thomas]
Diesel 10: Now, I'll get you, Burnett Stone!
Burnett: No, you won't! Because the magic you refuse to believe in, will get the better of you.
Diesel 10: You can run, but you can't hide! Right, Pinchy? [laughs, snaps his claw] Pinchy's hungry!
Thomas: Ooh, get back!
Burnett: C'mon, Lady.
Diesel 10: Coming, Puffball! [laughs, chasing Lady and Thomas along the line, by the watermill] Look out! [the 3 engines race through a tunnel] Here I come! Duck, Pinchy! [lowers his claw and laughs; Lady and Thomas race under a bridge] I like my lunch steamed! [laughs and growls; the 3 race over a cargo train] Pretty fast, for a puffball!
[Cut to the Big Dipper viaduct continuing to crumble, as Lady and Thomas approach]
Burnett: Well, Lady, this is your Shining Time, too.
Lady: I hope so!
Thomas: C'mon, Lady! Little engines CAN do big things!
[Lady and Thomas start to cross the bridge, as it breaks apart a bit and the keystones fall off. Lady makes it safely across the mid when a gap appears. Thomas bravely and carefully slows down and jumps the gap. The rest of the viaduct's mid collapses as Thomas safely makes it]
Burnett: Well done, Thomas! Well done! [blows Lady's whistle, and Thomas toots back]
Diesel 10: [notices the broken bridge] Huh-oh! [tries to brake] Ooh, what's going on!? [rolls down the broken end, the rails snap, and he tumbles down screaming, when his claw grabs onto a sleeper] Puffball! Teapot! [the sleeper breaks] TIN KETTTTTLLLLEEEEEESSSS!!!!! [lands into a barge filled of sludge] Oh, well. Nice time of the year for a cruise. [chuckles weakly and gets towed away]

[the conductors finally get their supply of magic gold dust]
Thomas: Lady, you're a helpful engine.
Lady: And helping each other brings to life the magic in all of us.

Mr. Conductor: Hello? Oh, yes, Sir Topham Hatt, sir.

[last line, as Thomas puffs happily home to tell everyone about his magical adventure]
Mr. Conductor: [narrating]: And so we've come to the happy end of our story, and it's time for all of us to go home, just like Thomas.


  • Pulling into theaters everywhere July 2000.
  • Take the magic journey.
  • Little Engines Can Do Big Things...




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