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Thomas and the Magic Railroad (originally under a working title Thomas and the Rainbow Railway) is a 2000 British-American feature film based on the TV series - Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, The Railway Series by the Wilbert & Christopher Awdry, and the United States TV series - Shining Time Station. This movie takes place between Season 5 and 6 of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends, and after Shining Time Station ended.

Take the magic journey.(taglines)


Narrator: Hello, I'm Mr. Conductor.

Gordon the Big Engine: [waits at the station] 5, 6, 7, 8…
Thomas: [pulls up besides Gordon] Who do we appreciate? Practicing your numbers, Gordon? That's a good engine.
Gordon: I'm counting how many seconds late you are. What does that sign say?
Thomas: Hmm… [reads the sign] "Sodor Railway, really reliable and right on time. (Sorry for delays during repairs…)" [Gordon scoffs] "(...We're making this a better railway.) Signed, head of the railway - Sir Topham Hatt."
Gordon: But you weren't on time, little Thomas.
Thomas: And you're being bossy, Gordon. [Gordon scoffs again] Now, please excuse me. I'm meeting Mr. Conductor. He's looking after us while Sir Topham Hatt takes a much needed holiday.
Gordon: Oh, I think we can take care of ourselves.
Diesel (10): [suddenly roars through the station, surprising Gordon and scaring him] GET OUT OF MY WAY! I have unfinished business here, and I want to finish it FAST!! (And I'll make this a better railway, not you! It'll be better for me!)
Gordon: (What was–? Oh, no…) [shivering in fear] Diesel 10's back! Argh!
Thomas: Yes, 10 out of 10 for devious deeds and brutal strength! The blast from the past who hates steam engines! (And he's our problem, and I can't believe Sir Topham Hatt sent him to us. He's really scary.)
Gordon: Maybe we do need Mr. Conductor here after all... on time.

Mr. C [narrating]: And by the way, I think that you're going to help me and Thomas somewhere in this story.
Thomas: Ooh. If Diesel (10) has unfinished business, there's sure to be trouble right around the corner.
James the Red Engine: [a fly buzzes in front of him] Sandal, fly! Boot, fly! Shoo, fly! That's it! [Thomas shows up] Better still? Buzz off!
Thomas: [hits the buffers too hard] Botheration!
James: You weren't concentrating, Thomas. Lucky for you that the buffers were there.
Thomas: That's what buffers are for - to stop engines from crashing. What are you doing in the sheds, James?
James: I'm feeling a little blue, which isn't so hot when you're red. I was naughty, and Sir Topham Hatt told me to think about all the ways I can be really useful, then I could come out again.
Thomas: He's just trying to make this a better railways for steam engines.
James: [notices Diesel 10] Uh...
Thomas: Sir Topham Hatt says...
James: Thomas...?
Thomas: ...The harder we work, the less he'll need Diesels to help.
Diesel 10: Help you? [chortles]
Thomas: Oh!
Diesel 10: You always need help. Because steam engines are cowardly, cranky, worn out hunks of metals who couldn't hurt a fly!
James: [scoffs] No, we're not!
Diesel 10: Yes, you are!
James: Aren't!
Diesel 10: Are! Now, I've come back to find the lost steam engine.
James: What?
Diesel 10: I'm gonna destroy her and dominate you, and then you'll be nothing but useless scrap! [to his claw] Right, Pinchy?
James: Big bully! [Diesel 10 laughs and leaves] STINKER!
Thomas: We're really useful engines. You won't dominate us, and you won't destroy her. We won't let you, neither will Mr. Conductor. I'm off to fetch him now!
James: What lost engine?

Billy Twofeathers: Important day, Mr. C?
Mr. C: It is a very important day!

Mr. C [narrating]: This is where Burnett's granddaughter, Lily, comes into our story. She lives with her mom and dad in the big city, a few hours train ride from Shining Time. She sees magic no one else has time to; Like lovely reflections of light on a rainy day. Soon, she was off to stay with her grandpa on Muffle Mountain.
Lily Stone: Grandpa's been so sad since Grandma Tasha died, and he never comes here to see us.
Mrs. Stone: Well, maybe your visit will cheer him up. Did you get his present?
Lily: Here. I'm making him a friendship bracelet.
Mrs. Stone: Honey, that's beautiful.
Lily: But I'd rather just stay here with you.
Mrs. Stone: I know. Come here. [she and Lily hug]
Lily: I'm gonna go up this way.
Mrs. Stone: Okay. Be careful.
Lily: You always say that.
Mrs. Stone: See you in a minute.
Lily: You're coming with me to Grandpa's, Bluebird. I know how much you like to travel.

Mr. C(/Older Lily) [narrating]: Far away on Sodor, the steam engines were confident, cheerful and determined not to be bullied by Diesel( 10). Only James, who now felt really useful too, was complaining.
James: Wobbly wheels!
Thomas: Puffy pistons!
James: Thomas, I should have collected Mr. Conductor.
Gordon: James is right, little Thomas. [chuckles] Collecting Mr. Conductor is an important job. Hmm? Important is big. James is a big engine, hmm?
James: Hmm!
Gordon: You, Thomas, are small. Small-small-small, teeny-weeny-weeny. And I, I'm a big blue engine, who knows everything. [chuckles]
Thomas: Bossy Sprockets! All that steam has gone through your funnel.
Splatter Hey, there they are.
Dodge: We'll fix their wagons.
Splatter: I'm not good at backing up.
Dodge: Me, neither.
Toby the Tram Engine: What's important is to stand up on our own wheels to Diesel( 10).
Henry the Green Engine: Toby's right. Diesel (10) knows that the lost engine in the legend really exists.
James: What engine?
Percy the Small Engine: What legend?
Henry: Of an engine whose magic makes her more powerful than Diesel will ever be. That's why he wants to find her.
Percy: Then we'd better find her first.
James: [comes out of the shed] Leave it to the big engines, Percy!
Thomas: Little Engines can do big things, especially when they have nice blue paint like me.
Splatter: Hey, hey! Just watch what happens with that blue puffball...
Dodge: ...When Harold the Flopper Chopper flies past here.
Splatter: [laughs] Right!
Harold the Helicopter: [flies by] Routine, flyby chaps, hello!
Splatter: The boss dumped sneezing powder everywhere.
Dodge: Let's start laughing now!
Splatter: [laughing] Yeah!
Harold: [flies past the sheds, causing dust to fly everywhere] Ooh, sorry, troops. A bit of a dust up. Love to stay and clean up. Got to go, bye now! [flies away]
[Thomas, Splatter and Dodge are covered in sneezing powder.]
Splatter: [covered in sneezing powder] Uh, did you mean to look like that?!
Dodge: [covered in sneezing powder] Uh, no!
Splatter: Uh, neither did I.
Thomas: [covered in sneezing powder] This must be Diesel( 10)'s doing! Ah-choo-choo!
Mr. C: [reading letter, as Sir Topham Hatt] "Dear Mr. Conductor. Where were you? My wife said she couldn't miss our little holiday. We'll telephone to make sure you have arrived. Signed, Sir Topham Hatt." [quietly] Sir Topham Hatt. [removes his hat and puts on Sir Topham Hatt's hat, and looks in mirror; imitating Sir Topham Hatt] Where were you? [laughs and looks at picture of Sir Topham Hatt, who looks angry; Mr. C takes off hat, and then he Looks at picture of Sir Topham Hatt, who has an open mouth, and as places it rack, the picture of Sir Topham Hatt returns to smiling again, then the phone rings and Mr. C dives for phone, almost drops photo of Lady, but grabs it, and answers phone.] Oh, good afternoon, sir! A real honor, sir, like my family before me… and how is Lady Hatt? [puts photo of Lady hat back on desk] Yes. Watch out for Diesel definitely. But keep an eye on Henry's health certainly. Uh, yes, sir, the 3 R's - reading, writing and arithmetic. Uh, I mean... I will be responsible, reliable, and really useful. Yes, sir. We will all get a good night's sleep. Looking forward to a hard day tomorrow. Goodbye, sir. [hangs up phone and sighs]

[In the sheds, the steam engines are snoring. Mr. C writes in his book, yawns and swaps his nightcap from "thinking" to "sleeping". He winds up his alarm clock, and picks up baseball bat.]
Mr. C: [chuckles] So, who dropped the ball then? [catches a beach ball] Oh, there you are. I'd like a nice cup of hot cocoa. Would you fellas care to join me? No? What would you rather do instead? [to the beach ball] Go outside and play? Well, I can understand that. [to the bat] What do you think? [makes the bat hit the ball; mock disappointment] Why do you keep hitting him like that? You gonna have to have a time out. [throws bat on his bed and makes his hot cocoa]
[Diesel 10 appears and laughs evilly]
Mr. C: [sips cocoa] Just a little sweeter, I think. [adds sugar to cocoa]
Diesel 10: All right, Pinchy, my little bucket of badness, time to feast yourself.
Mr. C: [sips cocoa again, and is satisfied] Ahh. Now that's better. [Diesel 10 tears off part of the sheds] Whoa! [removes his night cap and puts on conducting hat, as the steam engines wake up in alarm, and Diesel 10 tears off more of the sheds and laughs evilly] Ahh! Whoa!
Thomas: [alarmed] Cinders and ashes, it's Diesel( 10)!
Gordon: Diesel( 10)!? Oh, no! Huh?! Hmm?! [Diesel laughs evilly] Ooh!
James: Ohh!
Diesel 10: Hello, Twinkle Toes! I got a plan and you're not in it!
Mr. C: You can't catch me, Diesel( 10)! [blows on his magic whistle twice, but only a little gold comes out of it] (Huh? Why isn't it working?)
Diesel 10: [laughs coldly] Losing your sparkle, huh? What perfect timing. Now where is that lost engine?
Mr. C: You won't find her here.
Diesel 10: You're not clever enough to stop me.
Mr. C: Oh, yes I am!
Diesel 10: No, you're not! Ah-- [sees Mr. Conductor hold up a bag of sugar] What–?! Is that…?!
Mr. C: That's right, it's sugar, Diesel( 10), and if I throw this in your tank, it'll seize you up for good!
Diesel 10: [grunts and chuffs away] Make the most of tonight, Twinkle Toes, because you won't like tomorrow… neither will that... that line of tin kettles! [Pinchy snaps] Shut up, Pinchy.
Thomas: [after Diesel 10 leaves] Mr. Conductor, but what happened to your sparkle?
Mr. C: I don't know, Thomas, I'll just have to sleep on that.
Thomas: [confused] On your sparkle?
Mr. C: No, Thomas. On the problem of what happened to it.
Percy: Oh, but Mr. Conductor, without your sparkle or the Lost Engine, you can't travel here to help us anymore.
Mr. C: I'll solve the problem. You just go to sleep now.
Percy: Easy for you to say.

Bertie the Bus: Smile, you steamers. It's a sunny day. Vroom-vroom!
James: It's not sunny, 'cause Mr. C's not at the windmill, I looked!
Thomas: I think his sparkle's all gone.
Henry: My smoke box doesn't feel sunny. It feels stuffed up.
Gordon: Nasty fumes from dingy Diesel( 10)! [chuckles]
Henry: And Diesel (10) is (still) after the lost engine.
Toby: And if he finds her, I fear that will destroy us all.
Gordon: What, even an engine as big as me?!
Toby: Yes, Gordon, even you.
Thomas: Ah... CHOO!
James: Say it, don't spray it, Thomas.
Thomas: I've still got sneezing powder up my funnel. [sniffles] Now I'm going to look for Mr. Conductor.
Toby: Let us get back to work. That's what he would want.
Bertie: How 'bout a race, Thomas? Vroom-vroom-vroom!
Thomas: Sorry, Bertie. I can't today, I have to be a really useful engine and solve some mysteries instead.
Bertie: I guess that means I win, perhaps another day. Vroom-vroom-vroom!

[C. Junior's shell phone rings]
C. Junior: [wakes up] That's my shell phone. [pulls off his headphones, and answers his shell phone] Hello?
Mr. C: Junior? Junior, is that you?!
C. Jr.: Oh, hi, Cous! Uh, are you in a tunnel? This isn't a very good line.
Mr. C: Junior, where are you?!
Junior: Um, I'm in paradise. I just got in Cloud 9 and here I am.
Mr. C: Junior, listen to me. You've got to come to the Island of Sodor right now!
Junior: Now? But I'm waiting on a perfect wave!
Mr. C: Oh, no. You're not, you're coming here! [Junior sighs in annoyance] You have to help me find the source of all our family's gold dust.
Junior: What is the source?
Mr. C: That's the trouble, Junior. I haven't a clue!
Junior: And I've used up most of my gold dust, too.
Mr. C: [shocked] What?! [Junior sighs] Then go to Shining Time Station first. [Junior listens] And in my signal-house in the box under the staircase, you'll find my emergency whistle with the last of my supply. Please take care of this, Junior, and... don't talk to anyone about the buffers!
Junior: [loses signal] What buffers?
Mr. C: Shh!
Junior: This is a really bad line! Hello! My shell phone's not working properly!
Mr. C: Junior, you got to come here right away! I'm counting on you!
Junior: Hello?! [his shell phone goes dead; dial tone] I want my money back.

[At the end of the song "Really Useful Engine", Thomas is shown backing up as he passes by Henry]
Thomas: Morning, Henry. What's the matter?
Henry: I've got... [sniffs] Boiler ache.
Thomas: And I'm collecting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 trucks... of special Island of Sodor coal for you.
Henry: Oh, thank you, Thomas. Special coal will make me feel... [stifled cough] ...Much better!
Thomas: [backing into the trucks] I wish I could make Mr. Conductor feel better too by finding him.
[At the last truck, as soon as it got bumped, it goes zooming into a pair of buffers with a nearby tumbleweed and disappears into them. Thomas pulls the remaining 5 trucks. Bertie was first to notice this]
Bertie: Hello, Thomas and your 5 coal trucks! Vroom-vroom!
Thomas: 5? But I'm supposed to have 6.

Diesel 10: [out of nowhere] Hello, Twinkle Toes! Remember me? Fat Hatt won't have much use for you looking like that! [laughs evilly] Oh, I see you forgot to bring the sugar. How careless of you. Say hello to Pinchy! [laughs evilly] Okay, Twinkle Toes, I know about the buffers…
Mr. C: [thinking] (That's what I saw in my dream! It's coming true! My universe is starting to crumble!)
Diesel: ...And I know about the magic railway, and when I find that engine, you and all those puffballs will be history. Now tell me where the buffers are… NOW!
[Mr. C pulls out a pair of scissors and laughs gleefully]
Diesel 10: [crossly] You got 10 seconds.
Mr. C: WHOA!
Diesel 10: 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… [Mr. C uses middle finger to grab the scissors] 5… 4… 3… [Mr. C cuts one of Pinchy's hoses] 2…
Mr. C: Too late, Diesel( 10)! [Diesel 10 screams crossly and Pinchy launches him toward the windmill, onto bags of flour] Did you put all this here for me? Well, you must've known that I was coming. How kind of you. Oh. I'm at the windmill. Now, that's what I call a perfect landing. This must be the clue to unlock the source of the gold dust. [the clue for the magic gold dust source writing appears] "Stoke up the magic in the mountain and the lady will smile… then watch the swirls that spin so well." [the clue writing disappears] Well, where's the writing gone?
Splatter: Uh… so, boss?
Dodge: Uh, how come you let Twinkle Toes escape?
Splatter: Yeah. (You know, Mr. C?)
Dodge: Yeah. (Him…)
Diesel 10: [in a slightly ashamed but still "tough-guy" tone] Oh. That. Uh... Well, I-I did it on purpose. You know, I was...
Splatter and Dodge: [in a "busted" tone of voice] Ohh.
Diesel: ...Testing him to see if he could escape.
Splatter: [in a sarcastic skeptical tone] Liar, liar.
Dodge: Pants on fire.
Splatter: Does he wear pants?
Dodge: Well, training pants.
Splatter: Oh, right.
Diesel: All right! Playtime's over, Splodge!
Splatter and Dodge: Uh, oh!
Diesel 10: Now, it's time for the next lesson, huh? I call it... "How to Stop Being Stupid". [Pinchy hits the coal chute, pouring coal all over him. James, Henry and Gordon saw the whole thing and laugh at him.] Now that's gonna ruin my facial. [Splatter and Dodge groan]

[Percy puffs into the night by Diesel 10's Mountain]
Percy: I am brave. I am brave. Thomas says I'm brave, so I'm brave. Oh, it's not easy being brave. [sees Splatter and Dodge at the buffers] Shiver my pistons. There's Splatter and Dodge. Oh, they found the buffers! Oh, now what's going to happen? [a flock of birds fly by a tree] Ohh!
Tumbleweed: [rolls along] Hey, partner. Excuse me, coming through, pardon me.
Percy: Oh, that's just nothing. [a shed door opens slowly, then closes quickly] That nothing was something!
Splatter: These must be the buffers Diesel's looking for.
Dodge: Are we supposed to go through them?
Splatter: Not we, you.
Dodge: Not me, you.
Splatter: This is a job for the boss. [an owl hoots, scaring them] We'll tell him tomorrow.
Dodge: Yeah, tomorrow's good.
Percy: [backs away] Oh, I'd better hurry back and warn Thomas.

[while approaching the old magic buffers]
Thomas: I promise I'll get you home to your grandfather, Lily.
Tumbleweed: [starts leading Thomas to the buffers] Follow me, partner!
Thomas: Whoa!
Tumbleweed: Right this way to Bufferville, just a walk in the park!
Thomas: We're going though, Lily.
Tumbleweed: You're on your own here on in, little blue buckaroo! Yee-hoo! [bounces off the track]
Thomas: Little engines can do big things! [passes through the magic buffers]

Lady: [gets her face in the Magic Railroad] So, Burnett, you didn't forget about magic. It's safe inside you. [later; Thomas toots]
Lily: Thomas!
Thomas: You found her, and she's beautiful!

[after Thomas comes out of the Magic Buffers, Diesel 10, Splatter, and Dodge can see him with Lady]
Diesel 10: Ah-ha! There's the blue puffball, and look who he's with! Splodge, come and destroy!
Splatter: N-No, y-you do it yourself.
Dodge: We don't like you.
Splatter: Yeah, we mean that.
Dodge: Emphatically.
Splatter: Yeah. What does that mean?
Dodge: I have no idea.
Splatter: It's a good word.
Thomas: Run, Lady! Quickly, and I'm going to help you!
Burnett: So am I, my Lady. I'll not let you down again.
Diesel 10: Ahh, who needs you, Splodge?

[the conductors finally get their supply of magic gold dust]
Thomas: Lady, you're a helpful engine.
Lady: And helping each other, brings to life the magic in all of us.

[last words]
Mr. C(/Older Lily) [narrating]: And so we've come to the happy end of our story, and it's time for all of us to go home… just like Thomas. [Thomas whistles as he puffs away]


  • Pulling into theaters everywhere July 2000.
  • Take the magic journey.
  • Little Engines Can Do Big Things...




  • Eddie Glen - Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Neil Crone - A tumbleweed (uncredited), Diesel 10, Splatter and Gordon the Big Express Engine
  • Kevin Frank - Dodge, Henry the Green Engine, Bertie the Bus and Harold the Helicopter
  • Britt Allcroft - Lady the Magical Engine
  • Linda Ballantyne - Percy the Small Engine
  • Susan Roman - James the Red Splendid Engine
  • Colm Feore - Toby the Tram Engine
  • Shelley-Elizabeth Skinner — Annie and Clarabel

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