Touched by an Angel (season 4)

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Touched by an Angel (19942003) is an American television series, airing on CBS, about angels who take human form on Earth and bring messages to people from God.

The Road Home, Part 1 [4.1][edit]

Great Expectations [4.2][edit]

Nothing But Net [4.3][edit]

Children of the Night [4.4][edit]

Jones vs. God [4.5][edit]

The Pact [4.6][edit]

Sandcastles [4.7][edit]

My Dinner with Andrew [4.8][edit]

Charades [4.9][edit]

The Comeback [4.10][edit]

Venice [4.11][edit]

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear [4.12][edit]

Deconstructing Harry [4.13][edit]

The Trigger [4.14][edit]

Doodlebugs [4.15][edit]

Redeeming Love [4.16][edit]

Flights of Angels [4.17][edit]

Breaking Bread [4.18][edit]

God and Country [4.19][edit]

How Do You Spell Faith? [4.20][edit]

Seek and Ye Shall Find [4.21][edit]

Cry, and You Cry Alone [4.22][edit]

Perfect Little Angel [4.23][edit]

Elijah [4.24][edit]

Last Dance [4.25][edit]

The Spirit of Liberty Moon, Part 1 [4.26][edit]

The Spirit of Liberty Moon, Part 2 [4.27][edit]