Touched by an Angel (season 5)

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Touched by an Angel (19942003) is an American television series, airing on CBS, about angels who take human form on Earth and bring messages to people from God.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep [5.1][edit]

Saving Grace: Part 1 [5.2][edit]

What Are Friends For? [5.3][edit]

Only Connect [5.4][edit]

The Lady of the Lake [5.5][edit]

Beautiful Dreamer [5.6][edit]

I Do [5.7][edit]

The Wind Beneath My Wings [5.8][edit]

Psalm 151 [5.9][edit]

The Peacemaker [5.10][edit]

An Angel on the Roof [5.11][edit]

Fool for Love [5.12][edit]

The Medium and the Message [5.13][edit]

My Brother's Keeper [5.14][edit]

Tess: Strapping sticks to your feet and sliding down a mountain is not fun. It's cold, it's wet, and if God had intended for us to ski, He would have created us at a 45-degree angle.

Monica: Hello, uh, Jett. My name is Monica. Do you mind if you answer a few questions?
Jett Rudin: Yeah, here's my quote: "Love to ski, hate to talk."
Monica: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
Jett Rudin: But I'm a sucker for older women, so, uh ... What's your angle? Best shot at Olympic gold? Daredevil on skis?
Monica: I thought I'd do a human interest story. Like how it was to grow up with and then compete against your best friend?
Jett Rudin: Will's more than a friend; he's like my brother. And we don't compete, we ski together. So, you hit the slopes much?
Monica: No. No, I have a hard enough time wearing shoes, let along ski boots.

On Edge [5.15][edit]

The Man Upstairs [5.16][edit]

Family Business [5.17][edit]

Anatomy Lesson [5.18][edit]

Jagged Edges [5.19][edit]

Into the Fire [5.20][edit]

Made in the U.S.A. [5.21][edit]

Full Circle [5.22][edit]

Black Like Monica [5.23][edit]

Fighting the Good Fight [5.24][edit]

Hearts [5.25][edit]

Godspeed [5.26][edit]