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Touched by an Angel (19942003) is an American television series, airing on CBS, about angels who take human form on Earth and bring messages to people from God.

Holy of Holies [8.1][edit]

Monica: Gloria, you will find as you go along that God will give you what you need to know when you need it. The talent to sing, the skill of a surgeon, the eye of a photographer. Why, he's already given you the, the mind of a...
Gloria: Computer? I have an unlimited capacity to process and store data and retrieve memory. I mean, I can tell you all the components of that rose over there, but...
Monica: But?
Gloria: I can't tell you why it's beautiful. Although, I did read this morning that a thing of beauty is a joy forever.
Monica: Gloria, you've only been an angel for six days. You need to learn patience.
Gloria: I need to learn everything.
Tess: Yes, you do, and Monica and I have decided that an angel in training should have a solid background of the classics.
Monica: You have a wonderful 21st century sort of mind, but, well, it's hard to be a techno-angel without some context in history.
Gloria: History. Of course. I need to learn the history of the cell phone before I start actually using one.
Tess: We were thinking of something a little more historical.
Monica: We were thinking Genesis, Exodus, the Ten Commandments.
Gloria: Ten? Is that all?

The Perfect Game [8.2][edit]

The Birthday Present [8.3][edit]

Manhunt [8.4][edit]

Chutzpah [8.5][edit]

Famous Last Words [8.6][edit]

Most Likely to Succeed [8.7][edit]

Gloria: [after revealing herself as an angel] Now, granted, I'm not as experienced as some. Well, most. Well, all the angels, actually. But God chose me to talk to you. So there's got to be a reason.
Dennis Loggins: Maybe he doesn't think I'm worth wasting an experienced angel on.
Gloria: Oh, no, I don't think it's that at all. I think it's because you and I think a lot alike.
Dennis Loggins: What, I ... I think like an angel?
Gloria: No. No, I think like a computer. Or sort of like a computer; I analyze things. And so do you. You think A plus B always has to equal C. You think if you make a lot of money and you're successful, then you'll be happy. And you think if someone's hurt you, then you have to get revenge. But people aren't computers. And relationships aren't equations. And if someone hurts you, revenge isn't the solution. You fell in love with someone who wasn't meant to be yours.
Dennis Loggins: That's not true.
Gloria: Oh, Dennis, it is true. If Melissa was meant to be yours, she would've been in love with you, too. And I know it hurts to hear that, but think of everything that's happened because you wouldn't believe it. You took the wonderful, positive dreams that you had and used them to create a cruel fantasy of revenge, to force a happy ending on a story that was never meant to be. Well, you have the power to make it happen now. Is it making you happy? Ricky dreamed of being a football star once. And now all he can dream of is to just have his wife for one more year. They've lost their world. All their dreams have changed. And yet, in it all, Ricky has found his soul. While you've come so close to losing yours. In ten years, who has truly become a successful man?
Dennis Loggins: [buries his face in his hand and sobs] Oh, my God. I wasted so much time.
Gloria: Oh, but God can redeem time, Dennis. God created time. Just as He created you. He loves you. And He's given you all the time that you need right now to do the right thing. Will you do it?
Dennis Loggins: I think God knows what He's doing. Because He sure sent me the right angel.

Heaven's Portal [8.8][edit]

When Sunny Gets Blue [8.9][edit]

Angels Anonymous [8.10][edit]

A Winter Carol [8.11][edit]

The Last Chapter [8.12][edit]

Ship-in-a-Bottle [8.13][edit]

The Blue Angel [8.14][edit]

Secrets and Lies [8.15][edit]

The Princeless Bride [8.16][edit]

Hello, I Love You [8.17][edit]

Minute by Minute [8.18][edit]

The Bells of St. Peters [8.19][edit]

The Impossible Dream [8.20][edit]

For All the Tea in China [8.21][edit]

Edmund: Would you care for a fresh pot of tea, Your Ladyship?
Lady Penelope Berrington: Thank you, Edmund, but you ... You don't have to call me that anymore.
Edmund: I beg to differ, my lady.

Forever Young [8.22][edit]