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Tré Cool 2009

Tré Cool (born Frank Edwin Wright III on December 9, 1972, in Frankfurt, Germany) is the drummer of Green Day.


  • I can count to four and repeat. I'm a drummer.
  • Roll, roll, roll a joint, twist it at the ends [pause] Light it up and take a puff and pass it to your friends.
  • Tré Cool plays the drums in Green Day, and he snorts [he sniffs] donut sprinkles, and [wipes his nose] . . . oh, that's a sweet drain.
  • No man can eat 50 eggs!
  • I don't want you to get the wrong idea. Not all liberals smoke lettuce!
  • I can suck my own!
    • 2007 Fuse TV Special "Green Day 100%".
  • Condoms are for sailors
    • 2007 Fuse TV Special "Green Day 100%".
  • Get it in ya! Chocolate milk, bitch!
    • Idiot Club video.
  • You know, I'm just gonna take your microphone, and stick in the microwave, and turn it on.*
    • Idiot Club video
  • I'm the finger fucker.
    • 2009 Studio Brussel interview

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