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True Blood (2008–2014) is a dramatic vampire television show, aired on HBO, created by Alan Ball. It is about the inhabitants of a small Louisiana town and their opinions about vampires, who live in public.

Who Are You, Really? [6.1][edit]

Bill: I brought you here tonight so you could see for yourselves, I am no monster. I do not wish any of you harm but if you force me to defend myself again you will be sorry.

Pam: (seething, to Nora) I don't know about the world but I'm about to end your face!

Eric: (to Sookie about Jason and Nora) Apparently our siblings don't get along. The only reason yours is still alive is out of courtesy to you.

Nora: (to Jason) I can't tell you where Warlow is because I have never laid eyes on him. He's in the Book of Lilith, the vampire bible. He was Lilith's progeny, one of the first of our kind.

Sookie: Bill was my first, everything. Loving him is just in my blood now.

Jason: (to Sookie) You love these vamps more than you do your own blood. As far as I'm concerned you're as dead to me as they are.

Tara: You know love doesn't have to be a competition between you and everybody else.

Jessica: When you summoned me, Bill, you almost tore me apart. I want you to hear me because when we left you at the authority that was not Bill Compton that we were leaving, you were a fucking monster. And when your pull lead me here, I had no idea what I was going to find, I had no idea what I was walking into and I still don't.

The Sun [6.2][edit]

Bill: I don't know what I'm supposed to be.

Lilith: No, god made me as vampire and Adam and Eve as human. I am worshipped as a god, as some may come to worship you as a god, but there is no god but God.

Eric: If the humans want war, we'll give them war. Scour the vampire bible, find out what kind of monster Bill is.

Nora: (to Pam) Eric loves you, you know? The only reason he never told you he had a sister inside the authority is because that knowledge could have gotten you killed but I knew of you. He spoke of you often and fondly. You're what he's most proud of.

Sam: Listen, Nicole, you seem like a nice person but you don't know fuck all about my life. This is Louisiana, you know what that means?

Niall: Warlow is thousands of years old, he's probably the oldest vampire still walking, and he's fast and he's clever. If you want in this fight you better straighten up because I have serious doubts about you being ready for whats going to come next.

Niall: (to Sookie) There is a power within the Fae of our bloodline, it is a secret that has been passed down through generations. We can channel our light into a single ball of energy that when released will go super nova, killing any vampire it touches. For you, this will be a last resort because you are only part fae you can only use it once and after that you will be Fae no longer.

Sookie: (to Ben) That's real nice of you but I'm not in what you call the best place to start something romantic, like now....I mean if that's what you were asking.

Jessica: The vampire you told me about earlier, the vampire being dragged by a truck, its happening now what you saw before. You can see the future?

Arlene: Sookie Stackhouse, I don't know who you think you are but last time I checked you were still a waitress at a little diner called Merlotte's and it says here that you have a shift and in case you've forgotten that means you serve people food and they give you money.

You're No Good [6.3][edit]

Sookie: I do know that Grandpa Niall, but you gotta realise I can barely remember the last time I wasn't in danger. Danger is a fact of life for me, so if I get worked up every time I'm in trouble it's like I'm crying wolf to myself. So I try to keep an even keel, I take regular danger in stride and that way I still have a real healthy fear inside me for when the shit really hits the fan.

Sookie: You know it's funny, I've been around more than my share of faeries and halflings over the past few years, why can I feel you listening when I can't feel the others.

Ben: My name is Ben, I heard there was this faerie haven close by. Is this Tippidow field right? I've been searching for this place since yesterday and I can't find it.

Bill: You were there too, Jess, burning in the sun, you were one of them. I don't know why, or how or when, but I saw it. You, Eric, Pam, Tara. So help me I will not lose you Jess, I will stop this.

Bill: I need your blood, Sookie. This is different, I promise. I'm not going to hurt you. There is a scientist who can synthesize your blood. I would prefer it if you came with me willingly but understand this you will be coming with me. This is what my progeny needs, this is what is demanded of me!

Eric: I'm a vampire; I'm meant to be dead during the day.

Willa: Killing me will not stop him, but I know things, I can tell you about the experiments.

Lafayette: Now, Sammie, before you turn into a snake or bear or some shit that I can't have a conversation with, what insane plan do you got cooking in that pretty little head of yours?

Niall: The vampire who did this, I hunted him across the centuries, across millenia. You see, he drained my entire village and reduced my parents to a pile of dust.

Steve Newlin: (to Sarah) Yeah but then you wrote a book about it. Which I read by the way. Didn't paint me in the best light, but considering those sales numbers you're doing okay now.

Sarah Newlin: What I've realized is you can't effect the kind of change, I mean the real kind of change that you and I were looking to effect from the pulpit. The truth is if you really want to do god's work you have to be in politics.

At Last [6.4][edit]

Sookie: When my mom was alive, she used to say that she took more pleasure in watching someone eating her food than eating it herself. I never knew what she meant 'til tonight.

Macklyn Warlow/Ben Flynn: (to Niall) My family and I lived beside yours for years while I was still fae. Just before you were born I was turned. The darkness in me, it battles with the light every second of my being. But even on the darkest day, thousands of years ago, as I stood over the dust of my own mother and father I couldn't bear to kill a child.

Bill: This blood, unlike normal human blood, has properties that very are special, magical even. Properties that can save vampire kind from extinction. And I need you to map the genetic code of this blood, to replicate it and synthesize it just like you did with human blood. Now let's not go down that road. Failure is not an option.

Jessica: I trust Bill, but I also know there is a fight going on inside you between Bill and Lilith and I just want to make sure she doesn't win tonight. Those girls are also the same age I was when you turned me. If anything were to happen to them I'd never forgive myself.

Alcide: Emma got took, Sam Merlotte's behind it, and there's the one that got away. She's in on it too. Their scent is in the SUV. You pick it up fast, we gotta catch up.

F*@% the Pain Away [6.5][edit]

Warlow: I will make your daughter immortal. She will never have to fear death. You can die in peace knowing she will never have to do the same. I will protect her forever. When she is of age I will come back for her.

Sookie: (to Warlow) You were going to kill me. All this time, I thought you loved me but you were going to take my life. What kind of love is that?

Bill: You're high! You drank four faeries, faerie blood makes vampires high.

Jessica: Jason has my blood in him. He couldn't stop wanting me even if he tried.

Pam: You humans love your pain don't you? You just love being in it. You even consider it a virtue. Cry the most at a funeral, you must be the best person. You promise to never forget each other, you promise to feel the sting of loss forever because for y'all forever is just the blink of an eye. Your lives are pathetically brief. When we say forever we have to mean it. So we move past our pain, we heal, we move on because pain is a worthless emotion. For a time, my maker was everything to me. He released me. It...hurt. But now I'm over it, he's nobody to me.

Jason: (in a voicemail) Hey Sook, listen, I messed up real bad with Jessica and I gotta go fix it. I just got so bent out of shape the last couple of days, hatin' on vampires but that ain't who I am and that ain't who I want to be so I'm going to make it right. Anyway you're in safe hands with Niall. I will see you soon.

Jackson Herveaux: (to Alcide) I wish I coulda been a better father for you when you was a little pup. I wish I coulda been someone you could be proud of because I've got some wisdom in my years and if you weren't so hell bent on being angry at me you might benefit from it.

Don't You Feel Me [6.6][edit]

Jessica: Who are you?
James: My name's James.
Jessica: Do you know what we're doing here, James?
James: They want us to fuck.
Jessica: Who wants us to fuck? [James motions to the one way mirror] But I- I don't know you.
James: They don't care.
Jessica: I guess that shouldn't surprise me.
James: Don't worry, okay? [to the people behind the mirror] I'm not doing anything.
Doctor: Spotlight.
Woman: Yes, sir. [James is burned with sunlight]
James: [to the mirror] I'm a vampire, not a rapist.
Jason: [under his breath] Jesus Christ, thank you.
Sarah: Zap him again.
Woman: Yes, ma'am. [James is burned with sunlight]
Jessica: Oh, God. James?
James: [looking at the mirror] Yeah?
Jessica: Let's just do it. [to the mirror] We'll do it, all right? [unbuttoning her shirt] We'll put on a show for y'all.
James: Don't.
Jessica: We'll just get it over with so, you know... It's going to feel like I'm a virgin, but I'm not.
James: [stopping her from taking off her pants] No fucking way, okay? You're a beautiful person, and you don't deserve this.
Jessica: I'm not a person. Yeah, I do.
James: [yelling at the mirror] Fuck you and your lights!

Warlow: (to Sookie) I killed Lilith because I despise what she turned me into. I despise the pain, the aching hunger inside me. I despise what this hunger has made me do, but if you agreed to be mine it would all be over. We'd be a closed circle, you and me. We could live wherever we want, go where ever we want. Day, night. We would be everything to each other because we would need only one another's blood to survive. I would never have to hurt anybody else. There would never be anybody else just you and me.

Bill: You think about it, Lilith. You chose the wrong faerie and you died the true death because of your mistake. Everything going on here is all on you.

Nora: (about to die) I'm not afraid. I will be with Godric again. Able to look into his beautiful blue eyes.

Willia: Are you going to cure them all, Daddy? Or just me? No more preferential treatment I want you to treat me just like you are treating the rest of my kind.

Sam: Emma, come here. Listen, I want you and your grandma to take care of each other, okay?

Sarah Newlin: Jason, I sent for you because I know how tough first days on the job can be. I know if I were you I would have thoughts like what am I doing? I don't belong here, and what if this was all a big mistake. That's why I've decided to do a little something to make you feel like your apart of the team. Welcome to the copulation study.

Lafayette: Let me get this hetero straight. You're a vampire who can come out in the daylight?
Warlow: Yeah, in a nutshell.
Lafayette: Ah, now there go the damn neighborhood.

Alcide: Sam, you're dead, you understand? You show your face in Shreveport, Bon Temps, any where my pack can sniff you out, I ain't going to be there to protect you from them when they do.

In the Evening [6.7][edit]

Sookie: You ready for this?
Lafayette: Bout as ready as Big Pharma can make a man.

Sookie: When is leaving your family behind the best thing?

Sookie: Are you saying that if I refuse you that I am killing my friends?

Warlow: (to Sookie) I just assumed the way you gave yourself over so freely that you were amenable to my proposal.

Bill: You know who Warlow is? He is both faerie and vampire. It is his blood that is allowing me to walk in the sun, not Lilith's. But if I am to stop that vision from becoming manifest we have to get him and take him with us.

Nora: Eric listen. If everything the book of Lilith has said is true then Warlow's blood will help me walk in the sun but it cannot heal me.

Willa: They are going to start giving us Tru Blood but you cannot drink it. There is Hep V in it. I don't know but its not good, Nora has it.

James: Damn, I feel like a fool. I never really bought the whole immortality thing, I always knew I would go at some point but now that its so soon, there is just so much I wish I coulda done.

Alcide: It's done, Sam Merlotte and the girl are dead. I gave Emma to Martha, it was the right thing to do and they will stay away and we will lose this heat on us which should make you happy.

Jackson: I know you think your old man is a sad case 'cause he lives out here by himself but I'm happier this way. No, that's for both of us. This pack life ain't for us, one day you're going to realize it.

Dead Meat [6.8][edit]

Sookie: Warlow wants to turn me Bill. Says he's been waiting on me going on six thousand years. So now guess what? His patience is starting ware pretty thin too and he's given me an ultimatum. The only way he will agree to help you is if I agree to become his faerie-vampire bride.

Warlow: It's a proposal. I love you, Sookie Stackhouse. I've loved you for nearly six thousand years. Now that I've been with you, now that I'm so close its unbearable. I don't want to wait to start my eternity with you. I can't.

Bill: The visions, they come to me as they come, I have no way of controlling what I see.

Jessica: Don't drink the blood!!!

Sam: I was wondering why death still surprises me.

Jason: 8th grade was hard as hell on all of us.

Violet: There are vampires who don't know how to separate feeding with sex. I am not one of them.

Arlene: I ain't taken that money,if I took it I would be apart of the same lie they are apart of and I won't do it.

Alcide: Death is always coming. We just don't know when it's coming.

Rikki: You betrayed us all, Alcide. You lied to everything single member of this pack. And not only that, you chose a shifter and them over us. You're not fit to lead anymore so I am going to remove you.

Life Matters [6.9][edit]

Warlow: (to Sookie) When you came here last night with Bill, you were prepared to be mine were you not? Are you still?

Bill: (to the Blood Sirens) I'm not going anywhere. Leave me alone, I did what you wanted me to do. Stay away from me!

Eric: (to a vamp prisoner) You drink the Tru Blood? Sorry. Your maker is going to die a horrible death, its up to you whether you want to watch it but like I said, you are free to go.

Sam: I'm going to be honest here. When Andy asked me to give Terry a chance in the kitchen I wasn't so sure but he turned out to not only be one of the best employees I have ever had. I don't think he even missed a day but Terry he was one of the best and most loyal friends that I ever had.

Sarah Newlin: Jason! Please this is gods work I am doing and if you kill me he will punish you!

Arlene: Didn't love the gun fire, but how come it didn't feel like the lie I thought it would? Not nearly as empty or meaningless as I feared. I actually think Terry would've been okay with this.

Andy: (during his speech) Hey everyone, you all know me as sheriff but today I'm just Andy. Terry and I, we were cousins but we grew up as brothers. Our grandmother instilled in both of us a sense of civic duty. She taught us we had a responsibility to the community we grew up in.

Radioactive [6.10][edit]

Bill: You need a vampire in your life Sookie, more so than anyone else here. You need protection.
Alcide: She has me.
Bill: You're not good enough.

Warlow: (to Sookie) You really are a danger whore, aren't you? You know you risk everything on the hope that you are special. On the sense by some unique love that the vampires have for you but you should've just trusted your first instinct. You knew me better than I knew myself. Because it turns out that I do just want to fuck you and own you and use you for your blood.

Bill: Adylin I need you to listen to me. Your light, its source is nature to which you are closer than any other life form. You need to try to harness that inside yourself. Think about your blood, it nourishes you like dew on the grass.

Jessica: (to Bill) You said you were Bill again.
Bill: I am.
Jessica: Yeah, well, the Bill Compton I knew would've walked through fire to save her life.
Bill: There's no time now.
Jessica: Bullshit! Yeah maybe you were an asshole but right now you have the opportunity to make this right. At the beginning of all of this you said I had to protect your humanity. Please do not make a failure outta me.

Lettie Mae: To apologize for the way I handled things. I'm talking about everything Tara. I'm talking about your whole life. I am so terribly sorry.

Sam: Every single human needs a vampire and every vampire needs a human.

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