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True Blood (2008–2014) is a dramatic vampire television show, aired on HBO, created by Alan Ball. It is about the inhabitants of a small Louisiana town and their opinions about vampires, who live in public.

Jesus Gonna Be Here [7.01][edit]

Bill: Every human needs a vampire.

Pam: Everyone I love leaves, everything I touch dies, so forgive me if I don't share your faith in my lord.

I Found You [7.02][edit]

Sookie: Last thing I need is anybody else dying because of me.

Eric: For more than a thousand years the world has been my oyster... I've lost my taste for oysters Pam.

Fire In The Hole [7.03][edit]

Death Is Not The End [7.04][edit]

Lost Cause [7.05][edit]

Karma [7.06][edit]

One Last Time [7.07][edit]

Getting Closer... To the Ground [7.08][edit]

Love Is To Die [7.09][edit]

Thank You [7.10][edit]

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