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It is easier to find me on Wikipedia, where I spend most of my time. As much of my work on Wikipedia consists of writing and editing biographies, I decided to create some parallel pages here with quotations from some of the people I have written about. There are a small number of quotes from persons whose biographies do not (yet) exist on Wikipedia. These will follow in due course.

I made my first edit on Wikiquote on 20 April 2004. After a year of virtually no activity, I returned in April 2005. I made my 100th edit on 19 May, my 200th on 11 June, my 300th on 30 July, my 400th on 1 October, and my 500th on 18 December. As of 24 February 2021, there are a total of 39,074 compilations of quotes in English, of which I have created 55 and contributed to 5 others. Altogether, I have made a total of 529 edits to 74 unique pages. 423 of these edits are to actual quotes.

Persons whose quotes I compiled or added to[edit]

Most of the quotes that I have compiled are from Fijian people, as their biographies comprise the largest component of my work on Wikipedia. There are a few others. The quotes I've compiled are mostly, though not exclusively, from people I admire greatly. In a few cases, my admiration is for the words rather than the person: I am not a supporter of John Kerry, for example, but his concession speech after the 2000 election was one of the finest speeches I have ever heard. I'm sure that defeated candidates of the future will quote from it, or at least allude to it.

Quotes I have compiled[edit]

Quotes I have added to existing compilations[edit]

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