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The shit i love[edit]

  • Star Wars
  • According to Jim
  • George Lopez
  • Spiderman

Favorite Quotes[edit]

George Lopez[edit]

  • [after catching his daughter dating a teenage boy]

George: From now on, we're home schooling you. Whatever we don't know, you don't know. When did the Korean War start? I don't know, and neither do you!

  • George: "SHE'S A SEX OFFENDER!"

Max: "Is she hot?"
George: "Lets just say, I don't her last victim suffered."

  • Benny: "I did too celebrate your birthday. Remember that one birthday we had cake, fireworks, and everything?"
  • George: "That was the Fourth of July."
  • Benny:"What kind of Puta was your mother?"
    [Referring to George's half-brother]
  • [After George discovers Ernie's wearing a thong].

George: "I'm being nice to you, and you're wearing a thong? Put it in reverse and back the hell out!"

Star Wars[edit]

  • "In all my years, I've only Dark Jedi, never ones from the light side. Somehow, I expected more." - Yun, after meeting Kyle Katarn
  • [Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker after being defeated on Mustafar]

Vader: "I HATE YOU!!!!"
Obi-Wan Kenobi: "You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you!"


  • Leonidas: "THIS IS SPARTA!"
  • Leonidas: "Spartans! Tonight, we dine in hell!
  • Dilios: "We Spartans have descended from Hercules, himself. Taught never to retreat. Never to surrender. For the death in the battlefield is the greatest glory he could achieve in his life. Spartans. The finest soldiers the world has ever known.

My Own[edit]

  • "Your father was seduced by the dark side of the force. He ceased to be Cole Herrington and became Darth Kieduss. When that happened, the good man who was your father was destroyed."