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Film articles[edit]

I would like to thank the person who has been using this IP address for recent contributions to film quote articles. I would like to request, though, that they please review the information provided in the Notes section of List of films (mentioned in bold at the top of the article) and the format template provided at Wikiquote:Templates#Films to see how we name and format articles here on Wikiquote. (There is, as well, a general overview of Wikiquote practices at Help:Contents and basic wiki editing at Wikiquote:How to edit a page.) This will help them understand how quotes are presented in film articles, and prevent other editors from having to reformat and rename articles that they create.

I know it can be tedious to read all the material, so please allow me to point out some specific problems with their recent edits, so that any future ones will not require basic revision:

  • Film article titles, with few exceptions, should be given in the form they are presented at IMDb, a well-known database of film information. For instance, Unforgiven, not The Unforgiven, is the correct title.
  • After confirming the official title, please check the page to see if an article has already been created. Unforgiven already has an existing article.
  • In List of films, we use alphabetical order, with articles at the ends of titles, and ignoring punctuation characters. Thus Jeremiah Johnson comes before Jerk, The.
  • Since the article titles should be exactly as listed in IMDb (e.g., The Razor's Edge), but listed in List of films with the articles last (e.g., Razor's Edge, The), we use a wiki trick to provide both:
    * [[The Razor's Edge|Razor's Edge, The]]
    When editing List of films, one may observe that any film title with articles will follow this format.
  • Whenever possible, when adding quotes, try to include the character (not the actor) who said the quote. If the editor doesn't know this information, IMDb again may provide this in its quote entry for the film (accessible from the "memorable quotes" link under "Plots & Quotes", or by clicking on any character name in the cast that has a link).

There are many other useful elements to film articles that we would like to see, but we don't expect relatively new editors to add all these details until they get more comfortable and/or involved with Wikiquote. The template shows the markup format for this additional information (e.g., title with Wikipedia link, brief introduction, cast, external links including IMDb entry, category), and there are many examples of robust articles (like Unforgiven).

Finally, it is easier, more reliable, and more privacy-ensuring to work on Wikiquote as a registered user. One need not provide any personal information (email is the only requested item besides a user-created name and password, and it is completely optional). I highly recommend registering to help facilitate communication and to give proper credit for any edits. Feel free to post any questions to me on my talk page, and thanks again for the contributions! ~ Jeff Q (talk) 04:53, 27 July 2005 (UTC)