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''Social Intelligence is the perfect marriage between social networks and business intelligence; it represents the information and metrics that are generated by the foot print left by customers' personal chatter, known as the voice of the customer, in online social networking communities. The instantiation of social intelligence data occurs collectively under Social Media, and can also include clickstream data and SEO metrics ( Search Engine Optimization )," Laura Edell, noted business intelligence enthusiast and thought leader, in several leading journals and books including:

  1. Microsoft Case Study
  2. Drive Business Performance: Enabling a Culture of Intelligent Execution by Bruno Aziza and Joey Fitts
  3. Business Intelligence Journal Third Quarter 2008 BI Experts' Perspective: BI as a Profit Center by Laura [Edell] Gibbons, Marty Gibby, Corinna Gilbert, and William McKnight
  4. Scorecard Street, dedicated to educating others on the power of 'bleeding edge' Business Intelligence
  5. CIO Central Feature Article, citing the achievement of Laura Edell at building departmental dashboards and measuring Voice of the Customer


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