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Hi, welcome to English Wikiquote.

Enjoy! ~ Ningauble 16:36, 30 December 2010 (UTC)

Please help me with this unruly sock editor[edit]

Hello, A known and extremely troublesome person who operates the account "Panrussia" is being vandalising the articles related to the Civil Services of India namely, Civil Services of India and Central Civil Services. He is vandalising the articles himself and calling others vandals. He's extremely rude to EVERYONE, yes to everyone! Not only that he's sock of "Vrghs Jacob", one of the most infamous socks on Wiki. Currently he's operating Motbag12, "Wikicab" and "Uncletomwood" and several other accounts which I'm not aware of in addition to the above mentioned account (Panrussia). I feel that a checkuser should be performed in this regard. Also, here's the reference and the updated list (as of 3rd April 2017) of the Central Civil Services of India (Group A) for your ready reference. It is an official circular of the Govt. of India and the file is hosted on Govt. of India's servers (National Informatics Center (NIC)) of India. The is the most recent list of services and the subject is to Update the list of services which has undergone several changes over the past few years. Thanks!