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Van Helsing is a 2004 action / horror film about demon hunter Van Helsing who must team up with the last Gypsy princess, Anna Valerioius, to kill Dracula and his brides.

Written and directed by Stephen Sommers.
The One Name They All Fear Taglines

Gabriel Van Helsing[edit]

  • Vampires, gargoyles, warlocks, they're all the same — best when cooked well.
  • To have memories of those you have loved and lost is perhaps harder than to have no memories at all.
  • [About Frankenstein's monster] My life, my job is to vanquish evil. I can... I can sense evil. This thing, man, whatever it is - evil may have created it, may have left its mark on it, but evil does not rule it. So I cannot kill it.
  • I'll find you. I'll get you back, I'll set you free! I swear to God!
  • [the first time he sees Dracula in the film] Now that I have your attention.
  • [after cutting off Mr Hyde's arm] I'll bet that's upsetting.
  • Why can't I have one of those? [reaction to the firing demonstration of the gatling gun]
  • [After Dracula offers to restore his memories] Some things are better left forgotten! [transforms into werewolf]

Count Vladislaus Dracula[edit]

  • I was beginning to lose faith, Victor. A pity your moment of triumph is being spoilt over a little thing like grave robbery.
  • You can't kill me, Victor. [forces swords through his own abdomen] I'm already dead.
  • Why can't they just leave us alone? We never kill more than our fill. And less than our share. Can they say the same?
  • I have no heart! I feel no love... nor fear... nor joy... nor sorrow! I am... hollow. And I will live... forever.
  • I'm at war with the world and every living soul in it!... But soon the final battle will begin. I must find out who our new visitor is.
  • Werewolves are such a nuisance during their first full moon. So hard to control.
  • I can tell the character of a man by the sound of his heartbeat. [starts clapping his hand like a heartbeat] Usually, when I approach [clapping speeds up] I can almost dance to the beat! [clapping slows] Strange that yours... is so steady.
  • Is this your silver stake?
  • You are the great Van Helsing! Trained by monks and mullahs from Tibet to Istanbul! Protected by Rome herself! But, like me, hunted by all others.
  • So, would you like me to refresh your memory a little, hmm? A few details from your sordid past? [Van Helsing holds up a silver crucifix; Dracula grabs it, roaring as it burns and melts in his hand] Perhaps that is a conversation for another time. Allow me to reintroduce myself. I am Count Vladislaus Dragulia. [bows] Born 1422. Murdered 1462.
  • [talking to Anna Valerious] This is not all... I could do with your skin...
  • Gabriel... Oh, Gabriel... Oh, Gabriel... Welcome to my summer palace.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you... VAN HELSING!
  • We are both part of the same great game, Gabriel, but we need not find ourselves on opposite sides of the board!
  • You are being used, Gabriel! As was I. But I escaped. So can you.
  • [fighting Gabriel] Don't you understand?! We could be friends! Partners! Brothers-in-arms!
  • Did I mention that it was you who murdered me? It must be such a burden... such a curse... to be the Left Hand of God. All I want is life, Gabriel. The continuation of my kind. And perhaps [shows his hand, bending finger to make it look cut off] the return of my ring.

Anna Valerious[edit]

  • I hope you have a heart, Aleera, because someday I'm going to drive a stake through it.
  • He's the first one to kill a vampire in over a hundred years. I'd say that's earned him a drink.
  • (To Gabriel Van Helsing) Some say you are a murderer Mr. Van Helsing, others say you are a holy man, which is it?
  • (To Aleera, who has been constantly saying she'll kill Anna and has just been stabbed by Anna) I think if you're going to kill somebody, kill them. Don't stand there talking about it.
  • (Dancing with Count Dracula) I won't let you trade me, Count.


  • [To Van Helsing] Ah, there you are. So did you bring Mr. Hyde back, or did you kill him? Hmm... you killed him didn't you? That's why they get so annoyed! When they ask you to bring somebody back, they don't mean as a corpse!
  • A vampire is nothing like a warlock. My granny could kill a warlock.
  • The air around here is thick with envy...
  • But I'm not a field man. Van Helsing! I don't want to go to Transylvania!
  • Actually, I'm still just a friar, so I can curse all I want... dammit!
  • Why does it smell like wet dog in here?
  • [Reads passage on a wall] Even a man who is pure in heart... and says his prayers by night... may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms... and the autumn moon is bright. Or crave another's blood when the sun goes down... and his body takes to flight.
  • Do we have a plan? I mean, it doesn't have to be Wellington's at Waterloo, but some kind of plan would be nice.
  • [To Frankenstein's monster] Where are you going to go? I don't know if you've looked in the mirror lately, but you kind of stick out in a crowd.
  • How many commandments can we break in one day?
  • If there's one thing I've learned, it's never to be the first one to stick your hand in a viscous material.
  • [Aleera has just been horribly burned by the acid holding the werewolf cure] Viscous material! What did I tell you?


  • Cardinal Jinette: Without us, the world would be in darkness. Governments and empires come and go but we, we have kept mankind safe since time immemorial; we are the last defense against evil. An evil that the rest of mankind has no idea even exists.

  • Undertaker: [after Van Helsing kills Marishka] Vampires only kill what they need to survive - one or two people a month. Now they will kill for revenge.
  • Undertaker: Never too late to dig graves. You never know when you need a fresh one.

  • Frankenstein's monster: If you value your lives and the lives of your kind, you will kill me! If Dracula finds me... I am the key, to my father's machine. The key to life. Life, for Dracula's children.
  • Frankenstein's monster: [in a carriage] By exposing me, you have condemned me! ME AND ALL OF HUMANITY! [Anna shuts the door on him]
  • Frankenstein's monster: [after Van Helsing is bitten by a werewolf] Now you will become that which you have hunted so passionately. [Van Helsing apologises and prepares to knock him out with a dart] May others be as passionate in their hunting of you.

  • Verona: Stop your teasing, Marishka, and finish him!
  • Verona: I can feel fresh blood rushing through her veins!

  • Aleera: [to Anna] Don't play coy with me, Princess. I know what lurks in your lusting heart...
  • Aleera: [drinking a freshly-killed man's blood from a glass] Thirty years old... perfectly aged.
  • Aleera: Tsk, tsk, tsk. So much trouble to my Master. So much trouble.
  • Aleera: You can go when I say you can go. And I say you can go when you're dead!
  • Aleera: Anna, my love... it is your blood that shall keep me beautiful! What do you think of that?

  • Marishka: Too bad, so sad.

  • Mr. Hyde: You're a big one. You'll be hard to digest.
  • Mr. Hyde: We all have our little problems. [eats his cigar]
  • Mr. Hyde: Ah, Paris! [grabs Van Helsing] I think you'll find the view over here rather spectacular! [dangles Van Helsing from church roof, laughing maniacally] It's been a pleasure knowing you. Au revoir! [drops him]
  • Mr. Hyde: [Van Helsing shoots him in the chest with a grappling hook] My turn! [Pulls hard on the rope, forcing Van Helsing into the air]

  • Muslim Scientist: [after Carl accidentally causes an explosion] WHAT IN THE NAME OF ALLAH IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?

  • French Police Officer: [After Mr. Hyde is "killed" by Van Helsing] Van Helsing!! You MURDERER!!!


Dr. Frankenstein: [after bringing his monster to life] It's's alive! IT'S ALIVE! [Hearing shouting outside, Frankenstein runs to a window to see an angry mob trying to break into his castle. Backing away from the window, he turns around and comes face to face with Dracula, jumping in shock]
Dracula: Success!
Dr. Frankenstein: [catching himself] Oh Count, it's just you.
Dracula: I was beginning to lose faith, Victor. [regards the mob outside] A pity your moment of triumph is being spoiled over a little thing like grave-robbery.
Dr. Frankenstein: Yes, I must, I must escape this place!
Dracula: Where are you going to run, Victor? Your...peculiar experiments have made you unwelcome in most of the civilised world!
Dr. Frankenstein: [packing items in a chest] I'll take him away, far away, where no one will ever find him!
Dracula: [pacing atop the fireplace] No, no, Victor; the time has come for me to take command of him.
Dr. Frankenstein: [confused] What are you saying? [Dracula suddenly teleports from his position to stand in front of Frankenstein, slamming down the lid of the chest. Frankenstein is caught off-guard by the count's impossible speed]
Dr. Frankenstein: [quailing from and hurt by the Count's anger] You said you believed in my work!
Dracula: [calming down, adopting a conciliatory smile] And I do. But now that it is, as you yourself have said, "A triumph of science over GOD...!" [The lab machinery sparks and explodes violently at Dracula's angry roar] It must now serve my purpose!
Dr. Frankenstein: [wary] What purpose?
Dr. Frankenstein: [after hearing Dracula's plan] Good God! I would kill myself before helping in such a task.
Dracula: Feel free. I don't actually need you anymore, Victor. [looking at the Monster] I just need him... he is the key.
Dr. Frankenstein: I could never allow him to be used for such evil!
Dracula: I could. In fact, my brides are insisting upon it. [begins to approach Frankenstein, cornering him]
Dr. Frankenstein: Igor! Help me!
Igor: You have been so kind to me, Doctor. Caring. Thoughtful. [points at Dracula, smiling] But he pays me.
Dr. Frankenstein: [pulls a sword from the wall, aiming it at Dracula] Stay back!
Dracula: You can't kill me, Victor. [impales himself on the sword, to Frankenstein's horror] I'm already dead.

Mr. Hyde: You're a big one. You'll be hard to digest.
Van Helsing: I'd hate to be such a nuisance. I missed you in London.
Mr. Hyde: [chuckles] No, you bloody did not! [shows a hole in his arm] You got me good.
Van Helsing: Dr Jekyll, you are wanted by the Knights of the Holy Order...
Mr. Hyde: It's Mr Hyde now!
Van Helsing: ...for the murder of twelve men, six women--
Mr. Hyde: [bored] ... four children, three goats, and a rather nasty massacre of poultry. So, you're the great Van Helsing.
Van Helsing: And you're a deranged psychopath.
Mr. Hyde: We all have our little problems. [eats his cigar]
Van Helsing: My superiors would like for me to take you alive, so that they may extricate your better half.
Mr. Hyde: I bet they bloody would.
Van Helsing: Personally, I'd rather just kill you and call it a day. But let's make it your decision, shall we?
Mr. Hyde: Mmm, do let's! [knocks Van Helsing across the room]

Van Helsing: Bless me, father, for I have...
Cardinal Jinette: ...sinned, yes, I know. You are very good at that. [Van Helsing winces] You shattered the Rose Window.
Van Helsing: Well, not to split hairs, sir, but it was Mr Hyde who did the shattering.
Cardinal Jinette: 13th century! Over 600 years old! I wish you a week in hell for that.
Van Helsing: It would be a nice reprieve.
Cardinal Jinette: Don't get me wrong, your results are unquestionable, but your methods attract far too much attention. Wanted posters! We are not pleased!
Van Helsing: Do you think I like being the most wanted man in Europe? Why don't you and the order do something about it?
Cardinal Jinette: Because we do not exist.
Van Helsing: Well then nether do I. [stands to leave]
[Cardinal presses a switch and a portcullis lowers, trapping Van Helsing in the confessional]
Cardinal Jinette: When we found you crawling up the steps of this church, half dead, it was clear to all of us that you had been sent to do God's work.
Van Helsing: Why can't He do it Himself?
Cardinal Jinette: Don't blaspheme! You already lost your memory as a punishment for past sins. If you wish to recover it, I suggest you continue to heed the call. Without us, the world would be in darkness. Governments and empires come and go, but we have kept mankind safe since time immemorial. We are the last defense against evil, an evil that the rest of mankind has no idea even exists.
Van Helsing: To you, these monsters are just evil beings to be vanquished. I'm the one standing there when they die and become the men they once were!
Cardinal Jinette: For you, my good son, this is all a test of faith. And now, we need you to go to the East. To the far side of Romania, a accursed land terrorized by all sorts of nightmarish creatures, lorded over by a certain Count Dracula. [shows a picture of Dracula]
Van Helsing: Dracula?
Cardinal Jinette: Yes. You've never faced one like this before. [shows an image of a man in knight's armour] Our story begins 450 years ago, when a Transylvanian knight named Valerious the Elder promised God that his family would never rest nor enter Heaven... until they vanquished Dracula from their land. They have not succeeded, and they are running out of family. [shows another image] His descendant, Boris Valerious, King of the Gypsies. He disappeared almost 12 months ago. [shows another two images of a young man and woman] His only son, Prince Velkan, and his daughter, Princess Anna... If the two of them are killed before Dracula is vanquished, nine generations of their family will never enter the gates of St. Peter. For more than four centuries, this family has defended our left flank. They gave their lives. We cannot let them slip into Purgatory.
Van Helsing: So you're sending me into Hell.
Cardinal Jinette: In a manner. [a monk gives him a script] Valerious the Elder left this here 400 years ago, we don't know its purpose. But he would not have left it lightly. The Latin inscripton translates as: "In the name of God, open this door". There's a insignia.
[Van Helsing looks at his ring, which has the same symbol as the script]
Cardinal Jinette: Yes, it matches your ring. I think that in Transylvania you may find the answer you seek.

Carl: Well, did you bring Mr. Hyde back or did you kill him? [sees that Van Helsing is alone] You killed him, didn't you? That's why they get so annoyed! When they ask you to bring someone back, they don't mean as a corpse.

[Van Helsing keeps walking]

Carl: Well, you're in a mood! Not to worry, got just the thing to put the bit back in your teeth. [Van Helsing stops to look at a rack of swords] Oh, any idiot can make a sword!
Blacksmith Monk: Hey! [holding glowing sword tip at Carl's face]
Carl: S-S-Sorry, Father...
Van Helsing: [shaking his head] Come along, Carl.

Carl: You've never gone after vampires before, have you?
Van Helsing: Vampires, gargoyles, warlocks, they're all the same! Best when cooked well.
Carl: No, no, no, they're not all the same. A vampire is nothing like a warlock. My granny could kill a warlock.
Van Helsing: [chuckles] Carl, you've never even been out of the abbey; how do you know about vampires?
Carl: I read. [Van Helsing shrugs] Now, here's something new. Glyerin-48. [flicks a drop of nitroglycerin, blowing up some crates and startling the other monks] Sorry! Sorry!
Carl: [to Van Helsing, quietly] The air around here is thick with envy.
[Carl shows Van Helsing his new invention, a gas-powered crossbow]
Carl: Ah, now here's my latest invention; gas-propelled, capable of catapulting arrows in rapid succession at tremendous velocity. Just pull the trigger and hold on. I've heard the stories coming out of Transylvania; trust me, you'll need this. A work of certifiable genius.
Van Helsing: If you don't say so yourself.
Carl But I do say so myself. I'm a veritable cornucopia of talent!
Van Helsing: [picking up a flask on Carl's workbench] What's this?
Carl: Careful with that! [Van Helsing teasingly keeps it out of reach] I've been working on that for seven years! It's compressed magma from Mt. Vesuvius mixed with alkali from the Gobi Desert. [wrests the flask from Van Helsing] One of a kind.
Van Helsing: What's it for?
Carl: I don't know, but I'm sure it'll come in handy.
Van Helsing: Seven years and you don't know what it does?
Carl: I didn't say that. I said I don't know what it's for, what it does is produce a light source equal to the intensity of the sun.
Van Helsing: And this'll come in useful how?
Carl: I don't know, you could blind your enemies, charbroil a herd of charging wildebeast... use your imagination!
Van Helsing: No, I'm going to use yours. That's why you're coming with me.
Carl: The hell be damned, I am.
Van Helsing: Carl, you cursed. Not very well, mind you, but you're a monk. You shouldn't curse at all.
Carl: Actually, I'm still just a friar, so I can curse all I want. Dammit!
Van Helsing: The Cardinal has ordered you to keep me alive. [He tosses Carl a bag of weapons.] For as long as possible.
Carl: But I'm not a field man! [Whining] Van Helsing, I don't want to go to Transylvania!!

Carl: So what do you remember?
Van Helsing: Not now, Carl. [keeping his eyes on the villagers who are looking increasingly hostile]
Carl: Surely you remember something.
Van Helsing: I remember fighting the Romans at Masada.
Carl: That was in 73 AD!
Van Helsing: You asked.

Carl: What are we doing here? Why is it so important to kill this Dracula anyway?
Van Helsing: Because he's the son of the Devil.
Carl: I mean besides that.
Van Helsing: Because if we kill him, anything bitten or created by him will also die.
Carl: I mean besides that.
Undertaker: Welcome to Transylvania!
[Van Helsing sighs and drops his bag to face the villagers, who watch him suspiciously]
Carl: Is it always like this?
Van Helsing: Pretty much.

Dracula: Igor, why must you torment that thing so?
Igor: It's what I do.
Dracula: Remember, Igor, do unto others...
Igor: ... before they do unto me!

Anna Valerious: Some say you're a murderer, Mr. Van Helsing. Others say you're a holy man. Which is it?
Van Helsing: It's a bit of both, I think.

Anna Valerious: We Transylvanians always look on the brighter side of death.
Van Helsing: There's a brighter side of death?
Anna Valerious: Yes. It's just harder to see.

Carl: Why does it smell like wet dog in here?
Van Helsing: Werewolf!
Carl: Oh! You'll be needing silver bullets, then.
[he produces a box of bullets and throws them to Van Helsing, rather deftly]
Van Helsing: Well done!

[Van Helsing, hunting the werewolf, coming across the Gravedigger in a coffin]

Gravedigger: Nice night, [Van Helsing points his gun at him] this is a bit tight for me, but for you, [he circles Helsing to the coffin] it's a perfect fit. What a conicidence. I see the wolf-man hasn't killed you yet. (starts to dig out a grave]
Van Heling: [cautiously looking around] Don't worry, he's getting to it. You don't seem to bothered by him.
Gravedigger: Oh, I'm no threat to him. I'm just the one who cleans up after him, if you get my meaning.
Van Helsing: A little late to be digging graves?
Gravedigger: Never too late to dig graves. You never know when you need a fresh one!
[Gravedigger swings his shovel at Van Helsing, Van Helsing grabs it and points his pistol at the Gravediggers face]
Gravedigger: Oh, Sorry! it's just m-my nature.
[The werewolf appears and lunges at Van Helsing, but he dodges and the werewolf runs into the Gravedigger, killing him]

[After Velkan escapes]

Van Helsing: [chokes Anna] Why?!
Anna Valerious: You're choking me!
Van Helsing: Give me a reason not to.
Anna Valerious: I can't. If people knew...
Van Helsing: [lets go of Anna's neck] He's not your brother anymore, Anna!
Anna Valerious: You knew?
Van Helsing: Yes.
Anna Valerious: Before or after I stopped you from shooting him?
Van Helsing: Before.
Anna Valerious: And still you tried to kill him!
Van Helsing: He's a werewolf! He's going to kill people!
Anna Valerious: He can't help it! It's not his fault!
Van Helsing: I know, but he'll do it anyway!
Anna Valerious: Do you understand forgiveness?
Van Helsing: Yes. I ask for it often.
Anna Valerious: They say Dracula has a cure. If there's a chance I can save my brother, I'm going after it!
Van Helsing: No! I need to find Dracula!
Anna Valerious: And I need to find my brother! He gave his life for me, he's the only family I have left. I despise Dracula more than you can ever imagine. He has taken everything from me, leaving me alone in this world.
Van Helsing: To have memories of those you loved and lost... is perhaps harder than to have no memories at all. All right. We'll look for your brother.

Velkan: I would rather die than help you!
Dracula: Oh, don't be boring. Everyone who says that dies.

Village Woman: [Carl has just saved her from one of Dracula's children] How can I ever repay you?
Carl: [whispers something in her ear]
Village Woman: But you can't do that! You are a monk!
Carl: Well, actually, I'm still just a friar. [Village woman smiles]

Anna Valerious: A silver stake?! A crucifix?! What, did you think we haven't tried everything before?! We've shot him, stabbed him, clubbed him, sprayed him with holy water, staked him through the heart, and still he lives! Do you understand?! No one knows how to kill Dracula.
Van Helsing: ... Well, I could have used that information a little earlier.

Van Helsing: There's something down here. And it's carnivorous. Whatever it is, it appears to be... human. I'd say he's a size 17, about 360 pounds, 8-and-a-half to 9 feet tall. He has a bad gimp in his right leg, and... 3 copper teeth.
Anna Valerious: How do you know he has copper teeth?
Van Helsing: [quickly] Because he's standing right behind you. Move!

Van Helsing: Now Carl, what ever you do, don't stare at him. [Carriage door opens to show the Monster struggle under chains]
Carl: I'm staring at him! Is that a man?!
Van Helsing: [Grabbing Carl and pushing him into the carriage] Several men, actually. Parts of them, anyway.

Van Helsing: All right Carl, what have you learned.
Carl: That Count Dracula was actually the son of Valerious the Elder. The son of your ancestor.
Anna Valerious: Everybody knows that, what else?
Carl: All right. well according to this rubbing, it all started when Dracula was murdered.
Van Helsing: Do you know who murdered him?
Carl: No, it's just some vague reference to the Left Hand of God. And in 1462 when Dracula died, he made a covenant with the Devil.

(shows the picture of Dracula and the Devil touching each other finger)

Van Helsing: And he's given a new life.
Anna Valerious: But the only way he could sustain that life is by drinking the blood of others.
Carl: Uh, excuse me. Are you going to let me tell the story?
Both: Sorry.
Carl: And your ancestor, having sired this evil creature, went to Rome to seek forgiveness. That's when the bargain was made, he was to kill Dracula in return for eternal salvation of his entire family right down the line all the way to you.
Anna Valerious: But he couldn't do it. As evil as Dracula was, my ancestor couldn't kill his own son.
Carl: So he banished him to an icy fortress, sending him to a door for which there is no return.
Anna Valerious: And then the Devil gave him wings.
Carl: Yes.
Van Helsing: All right. So where is this door?
Carl: I don't know. But when your ancestor couldn't kill his son. He left clues, so that future generations might do it for him.
Anna Valerious: That must be what my father was looking for in here. Clues to the door's location.
Van Helsing: The door, of course. You said your father spent hours staring at this painting trying to find Dracula's lair. I think you were right, quite literally. I think this is the door, he just didn't know how to open it.

[They arrive at the map painting]

Carl: [pointing at the Latin inscription] Look, the Latin inscription. Maybe it was like that painting in the tower.
Anna Valerious: If this were a door, my father would've open it long ago.
[Carl finds out the piece of the inscription is missing]
Carl: I can't finish the inscription, there's a piece missing.

(Van Helsing has the script that the cardinal gave him]

Van Helsing: Your father didn't have this.
Anna Valerious: Where did you get that?
Van Helsing: Carl, finish it.
[Carl puts the final piece and translates the inscription]
Van Helsing: In the name of God, open this door.

About Van Helsing[edit]

  • I was so surprised I'm doing any of this. I'm not interested in vampires at all. (Laughs) When I first got sent the script for Underworld I didn't read it, but then I thought, hmm, vampires and werewolves... not really my kind of thing. And then when I got the script for this, again, I thought, "Oh, it all has to do with vampires and werewolves". But I thought my character was so different. First of all, I'm not a vampire in this. (Laughs) She's a gypsy and she's much more passionate. It just seemed like a very good role.
  • I would have been in huge trouble if I hadn't done Underworld because we had this great stunt coordinator who really would say, "Hey, now you're going to jump off that eighty-foot building, is that fine?" And you think "scary", but you go ahead and do it anyway. And I thought, "I've done that". That was really helpful.
  • Kate Beckinsale [1]
  • My reluctance was more... well, I knew from the moment I read it that the movies were very different, as you can tell after seeing it. And the characters are very different. My reluctance was more, I thought after shooting, and when I met Steve I was on my way to shoot X-Men 2 my reluctance was that I thought I was going to do a smaller independent movie after that; doing something different. I was a bit reluctant about being in another big, sort of, franchise kind of movie; a summer, popcorn movie in a way; because I thought I might just end up going down that road. And because they take so long to make, it's like a year of your life. And then I knew I was coming to Broadway for a year. So I figured, do I really want to be doing that? And of course, if it's successful, then X-Men 3 and then Van Helsing 2, then that would kind of be my film life, you know?
    • Hugh Jackman [2]


  • The One Name They All Fear.
  • Adventure lives forever.


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