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Vanessa Beeley (born June 17, 1964) is independent Investigative journalist, researcher, writer and photographer, best known for her articles based on eyewitness views of the Syrian conflict.


  • The majority of my articles are published at 21st Century Wire. I am a special contributor at Mint Press in US and at the UK Column daily news channel. My work is re-published at the Ron Paul Institute, Global Research, Dissident Voice, Sott., Greanville Post, The London Journal among others. I have appeared on RT Cross Talk, RT News, Press TV, Ron Paul Liberty Report, Sunday Wire, Sputnik Radio
  • The White Helmets have achieved an almost cult-like status thanks to a diverse, well-oiled and multilaterally-funded support system. Their pictures adorn the front pages of most corporate media sites whenever Syria is mentioned. Their unprecedented success can be attributed to a top-drawer PR campaign — one that has been maintained to the highest standards ever since the White Helmets became the public face of “first responders” in Syria following their establishment in March 2013.
    Such a publicity coup would not have been possible without some heavyweight organizations working behind the scenes to create a brand that would eclipse all others in Western public perception.
  • At the entrance to Shrehi, one of the villages attacked by ISIS in July, we stopped the car to visit the poster that had been erected with the names of the martyrs killed during the attack. Young men, women, children, murdered by a terrorist group with a history of collusion with the US Coalition against Syria and the Syrian Arab Army.
Airstrikes from Saudi Arabia, UAE and the USA against oil refineries in eastern Syria
World Peace Gong in Gödöllő.JPG
  • In September 2018, a family from Idlib informed me that the White Helmets had played a role in the abduction of their 11-year-old son, Ahmed, to be used in the staging of a “chemical attack.” An “attack” that would permit further unlawful aggression from the UK, US, French alliance in defense of their proxy forces now gathered in Idlib.
  • The list of accusations against the White Helmets from all areas they occupied alongside the US Coalition extremist factions is a comprehensive one. So, the question must be raised – why do NATO-aligned media, think tanks and “humanitarian” agencies refuse to address these alarming incidents of inhumanity?...they have erected a media and political firewall around the White Helmets, providing them with immunity from accountability for the unspeakable acts they are accused of committing, by the Syrian people they claim to serve.
  • Earlier this week, Canadian international human-rights lawyer Irwin Cotler nominated the White Helmets for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. The group has been nominated for the NPP before, but failed on previous attempts. Cotler claims that the White Helmets are “the embodiment of what heroism and hope and the search for peace and our common humanity is all about.”
    A young boy in the Bab Al Nairab district of East Aleppo (after liberation) told me that the White Helmets worked with Nusra Front in a shared building and collaborated in the imprisonment and torture of members of his family. If this is Cotler’s vision of “common humanity” then we are facing a very bleak future...the White Helmet construct was potentially a global franchise that would appear, perhaps rebranded, in other areas of the world targeted for intervention by the imperialist war machine.
  • Sweida, Syria - On July 25, 2018, ISIS terrorists attacked Sweida City and villages in the surrounding countryside. The ensuing massacre, one of the bloodiest of the eight-year Syrian conflict, went virtually unreported in the West. The U.S. coalition, illegally occupying Syrian territory, turned a blind eye as the ISIS terrorists that they claim to be waging war on entered the seven villages to the east of Sweida City that were targeted for wanton bloodshed.
    At 4 a.m. the terrorist group approached under cover of darkness. They encircled each village, posting snipers around the villages and along the straight road that connects them all, to prevent civilians from leaving or coming to the aid of others. ISIS fighters entered homes and murdered civilians — even children as they slept, unaware of the horror that was approaching. In Shbeki a disabled child was beheaded as he slept. In Shrehi “the roads ran with blood,” according to resident of the village, H. Saab (his full name is not given for security reasons), who lost 35 members of his extended family in the attack.
    In September, a pall of grief still hung over the villages, and an understandable anger at the bloodbath they had endured. The anger was largely directed at the U.S. and its allies, particularly Britain. The overriding sense was one of a massacre that could have happened only with the U.S. collusion and collaboration with the ISIS terrorist entity Washington claims to be combatting. The implications of this belief are huge — the raison d’etre of the U.S. coalition in Syria is the “elimination” of ISIS, yet here we have civilians telling us that, in their informed view, ISIS has been protected and its power multiplied by the U.S. in Al-Tanf.
  • The Syrian government has been fighting off a terrorist invasion of their country for eight years — an invasion financed, equipped and armed by the U.S. coalition and its allies in Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel. The “placing of armed groups in the proximity of civilians” is entirely the responsibility of the U.S. and its allies and with its statement, the UN demonstrated the extent to which it acts as an outpost for U.S. Empire, supporting U.S. hegemony and globalism in the region.

Quotes about Vanessa Beeley[edit]

  • Vanessa Beeley is a serious journalist. She has been exposing the US war machine and Israeli ethnic cleansers in Syria for years, and she doesn’t seem to be frightened by the ethnic cleansers in the region.

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