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There's a war on for your mind!
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We're coming for ya globalist!
I don't like 'em putting chemicals in the water that turn the freakin' frogs gay!

Alex Jones (born February 11, 1974) is an American radio host, author, conspiracy theorist and documentary filmmaker.


  • There's a war on for your mind!


  • I want you to let them know that if there is any terrorism, we know who to blame ... if any terrorist had come from this government and there isn't an outside threat like Bin Laden who is a known CIA asset in the 80's, he is "the boogeyman" they need...
    • Inforwars, 25 July 2001
  • They're rolling out their new currency stock market priority crashing globally. The EU was up against the dollar. You know, everything is about currency speculation. A lot of the evidence I'm getting from my sources say this could be an EU move and look how they attacked our very financial center to destroy the dollar.
    • Knowledge Fight - #704: 9/11, Part 2. 1:21:00 [1]


  • Do you understand that the courts in the past ruled that black people weren't slaves, that Native Americans couldn't have their land, now in retrospect we know that was wrong.
    • [2](Knowledge Fight #878: March 29, 2004.)


  • A lot of the wars, a lot of the stuff happening in the Middle East, is because of the Israeli lobby, one of the most powerful in the United States, and they they brag about this.
    It's called a conspiracy theory here in the US, but they've bought off a lot of the preachers to go spout this stuff, that's public.
    They have bragged, Erol Sharone bragged that they own our congress. They have bragged and then Haaretz and Jerusalem Post will jump up and down and say that the US has got to do more to attack Iran and go into these other countries.
    Y'know folks always think that "well, they blew up the World Trade Centers to get the seven billion in insurance money" or "they did it to get the oil" or "they did it to be able to invade the middle east" or "did they it for weapons sales" or "they did it for opium" or "they did it for Israel".
    It's ALL those reasons.
    The New World Order doesn't do something unless the cost-benefit analysis, it helps ALL of their major operations, and this is what it really comes down to in the final equation.
    The people destroying America are the ones who got us into this foreign war.
    It has nothing to do with patriotism, you're destroying yourself, and Israel's very corrupt, does a lot of horrible things, they're very oppressive to their own people.
  • In the near future earth is dominated by a powerful world government. Once free nations are slaves to the will of a tiny elite. The dawn of a new dark age is upon mankind. Countries are a thing of the past. Every form of independence is under attack with the family and even the individual itself nearing extinction. Close to 80% of the earth's population has been eliminated. ... A program of total dehumanization where the science of tyranny is law. A world-wide control grid designed to ensure the overlord's monopoly of power forever. Our species will be condemned to this nightmare future unless the masses are awakened to the New World Order Master Plan and mobilized to defeat it.
    • Alex Jones, Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement (2007)


  • I grew up in Dallas, Texas, drinking sodium fluoridated water. All the scientific studies show my IQ has been reduced by at least 20 points. The shadow of who I would have been calls out from the grave.


  • Just men in black uniforms grabbing a fifty five-year-old uh you know woman just choking ah you're gonna learn who we are you're gonna learn to submit the foreign bankers have given us unlimited power and we're gonna rule you this is our country your here and WE'RE GONNA FEED ON YOUR ASS!, AND THE COPS JUST DRINK FLUORIDE WATER, AHHH THEY TAKE THEIR KIDS AND JUST SHOOT 'EM UP WITH MERCURY and the kids become autistic the cops don't care they're I'm GOING TO THE TIT BAR I don't care if my kids brain-damaged they drink whiskey and wreck and kill everybody in Austin and then when they wreck and kill themselves the cops then go and SWAT team the bar owners that sold them too much whiskey it's your fault you sold too much whiskey to a god. YOU DON'T SELL TOO MUCH WHISKEY TO A GOD! We're God! You understand we roll America; we'll shoot you in the face, we'll bloody your face, and we'll laugh about it because we're weak gang members.
  • And now they love it, they can abuse and beat up everybody and nobody can stop 'em. Nobody can stop 'em! They're having their way with America! They want our guns! And if you're not with 'em cops and military, then you will declare that you are with the Republic now. And don't tell me that I'm a weirdo 'cause I'm upset about this, and I should only go get upset about my favorite football team winning or losing. Listen, I know what tyranny means, I know the bankers are putting poison in our food and water. I know the bankers have stolen 8.5 trillion. I know we're under the War Powers Act. I know they're hurting us, I know they're carrying out New Word Order, I know they staged those terror attacks. You know what it's like to gut up to this and go out every day and go past the peer pressure and come out day one and say 9/11 was an inside job and lose most of the radio stations I was on? You know what it's like to go to sleep every night knowing you work for a bunch of psychotic killers, and you bastards are probably gonna end up killing me one day?! You know what it's like knowing you've ruined my life?! You know what it's like, you sons of bitches?! I'm tired of your crap! You commit evil, you're part of an evil system, and we're standing up against you! And the Republic is going to defeat you in the end! Some of us won't make it personally through this, but a lot of us are. And in the end you are gonna be brought to justice for all the kids you kidnapped for CPS, all you CPS workers, all you corrupt bureaucrats, all of you that've had your way with innocent children over and over again, who think your evil is invincible, you're not invincible and God is gonna deal with you, and you are cursed to hell!
  • I'm like a chimpanzee, in a tree, jumping up and down, warning other chimpanzees when I see a big cat coming through the woods... I'm the weirdo? Because I'm sitting in a tree going "OOH OOH AAH AAH AAH OOH AAH AAH OOH OOH OOH AAH AAH AAH AAH AAH!"?
  • We all see through different perceptions, but, certainly, the perception of David Icke has proven to be much more clear than the average man and woman out there.


  • The reason there are so many gay people now is because it's a chemical warfare operation. I have the government documents where they said they're going to encourage homosexuality with chemicals so people don't have children.


  • Look, when you realize how fake it all is; the football, the basketball, the Lady Gaga, the Justin Bieber—you know, who gives you these carbon tax messages. They tell your kids they gotta love Justin Biebler [sic], and then Biebler [sic] says "hand in your guns", "pass the Cyber Security Act", and "the police state is good", and then your children are turned into a mindless vassals—who now, they look up to some twit, instead of looking up to Thomas Jefferson, or looking up to Nikola Tesla, or looking up to Magellan; I mean, kids, Magellan is a lot cooler than Justin Bieber! He circumnavigated with one ship the entire planet! He was killed by wild natives before they got back to Portugal! And when they got back there was only like eleven people alive of the two hundred and something crew and the entire ship was rotting down to the waterline! That's destiny! That's will! That's striving! That's being a trailblazer and explore! Going into space! Mathematics! Quantum mechanics! The secrets of the universe! It's all there! Life is fiery with its beauty! Its incredible detail! Tuning into it! They wanna shutter your mind, talking about Justin Bieber! It's pure evil! They're taking your intellect, your soul, and giving you Michael Jordan and Bieber. Unlock your human potential! Defeat the globalists who wanna shutter your mind!—Your doorways to perception!—I wanna see you truly live! I wanna see you truly be who you are! AAAHHH! I don't want my progeny who's coming, my unborn grandchildren and great-grandchildren to live in this nightmare system these control freaks have created where these wicked globalists are so threatened by human potential they poison the water, the vaccines, the food to turn us into a bunch of slugs, a bunch of lobotomized sloths so they can control us. It is a crime, it is the most jealous, envious, greedy, hateful, sickening thing the New World Order does and that's why I am so pleased to be committed in the fight against them. That's why I don't care about my own life except I wanna continue to live to fight them. That's why I don't have fear. I only have fear of myself and my flesh and not being up to the challenge! And I ask you to look in the mirror, and ask yourselves what are you doing in this time of great challenge? What are you doing to unlock minds? Once you unlock a mind, once you unlock somebody, then they can unlock their soul. We can't unlock a soul, only God can do that. But we can unlock minds. And once the mind is unlocked, once the intellect is turned on, then comes the discernment, then comes the awakening of the soul, then comes true enlightenment and empowerment. So the globalists seek to make you a bunch of jealous, stunted, weak, backstabbing, gibbering demons. All of us have the lower elements and the higher. We must strive for the higher. Stay with us!
  • Stop feeling like you don't have power. Stop feeling pathetic and weak. Break out of your television-induced trance. It starts with a war growl. It starts with getting fired up, staring at yourself in the mirror, and showing some teeth, and saying "I'm a human being. I have dignity. I'm gonna resist. I'm gonna start recognizing the propaganda. I'm gonna break free from it. I'm not gonna fight with my family. I'm gonna organize with my family, and realize we're under attack by the social engineers. And I'm not gonna fight with my neighbors. We're gonna organize. Humanity's gonna come together." Aaahhh! Yaaahhh! We know we're under attack! We know it! We're breaking the conditioning! Yaaahhh! Raaahh! We're coming for ya globalist. Coming for ya! Coming for ya! We know what you're doing! I'm sorry. I just get fired up when I think about what they're doing to us and how I wanna resist them, and how easy they are to defeat. Excuse me. I think my testosterone's going up. This happens every time I start working out a lot again. And I, uh, swam two miles this morning pretty hard, and uh, ate a big fat steak steak last night full of hormones, testosterone, on its own right. So I'm going a little bit wild today, excuse me.
  • Scum, Nazi, filth, trash, garbage, maggots. We're all ruled by little chicken-neck nellies, going "Kill everybody! I get off when I talk about cutting people's power off! I'm a nelly!" Raargh! Just simpering control freaks, in big nerd packs, taking everything over, ruling everything. Becoming police officers with weapons, tasering us for fun. I've had it with control freaks and scum! You people are cancer! Ugh! Alright, I'm not in a good mood now. I start thinking about Bill Gates, that little chicken-neck, hopping around, little murdering eugenicist. You know how he walks, like a demonic elf. "I'm Bill Gates! I'm gonna shoot you up with something that's gonna kill you deader than a hammer. How's a 30 year death from gut disease sound, African children? Roll up the sleeves! I'm a little chicken-neck bastard, and nobody's got the will to see what I am!"
  • I believe from history and my own gut, instinct, that if I go ahead and lay it all out here, what we're really facing, you've got courage and you've got will, and you're gonna get angry and stop caring. It begins with not caring about what your slack-jawed knuckle-dragging cowardly pseudo tough-guy football-watching neighbor thinks. Okay? That's where it begins. It begins with not caring what happens to your individual person. And when you have that attitude, when you have that attitude, then the enemy doesn't have anything over you anymore. Stop being gelded domesticated garbage. Stop being weak! And when you see a threat coming down on you, deal with it! Become a human again! Stop being weak! We have a bunch of criminals coming down on us. God, ugh! Murdering scum. I wanna get humanity awake. I wanna get our forces up. And I wanna bring these people to justice. And you know what I mean. You know what I mean! I wanna unleash humanity, not have a bunch of con artist pot-bellied chicken-neck pieces of garbage running our world! More importantly they act like effeminate cowardly chicken necks cuz they want to train you to act like that they want to train you to be weak they want to train you. That's a nasty taste coming up in my mouth. Tastin' those globalists. I can taste their fear and their weakness. I taste metal, I taste blood.
  • I tell you we're gonna get people awake to you you bastards and we're coming for ya we're coming straight for ya and you know it that's why you're so scared that's why you're moving so fast now, and you just better keep doing that dance, cuz you can feel that flame of rebellion starting to lap up and lick right up there oh yeah oh boy.
  • I just get flippant and angry but it's because deep down folks, I can see what they're doing and I have we have a responsibility to stop these globalists. Where are the men in this country? Where are the men in this world? What the hell have we become? We just offer our children up to the system with the fluoride in the water and the GMO hurting em. And we let fat perverts grab them at the airport to train them for the pedophile government. And we've just got such a sick society.


  • All the average feds care about is dressing up in black uniforms and having mustaches and staring at people... I know your mustache is cool! You got little gold-framed glasses! You scare me so bad! Ugh... you scum! Scum! ... What's driving me crazy is that photo right there, zoom in on that, it's one of those cops with a black uniform with a mustache. You know that guy is a coward! You know he's a piece of garbage! You know he's weak! Oh! ... Oh, you got a mustache, I'll just worship you. Oh, you got a mustache, it's okay! Ugh, your demonic little mustaches!
  • Chicken-neck weakness is like a god now. And being totally passive, and being a huge jellyfish slacker who looks like a fried egg in a chair. That is the culture of this, okay? The worship of being destroyed. Literally, I've now discovered the secrets of it. ... And everyone's wearing like pink and little green non-threatening, you know, colors, and this is what we face. This is what men look like now, on average. In fact, I used to bash men who were all into being big and muscular with tattoos and black on and going "raagh", now I get it! You don't wanna be like these people! Okay? I used to get mad at guys trying to act tough—no, no! That's good! Do that! In fact, I think I'm gonna just go all out with cut-off sleeves and drive a big fast car and be like "graagh", 'cause I mean I'm starting to get it! Men are running to that, because they see the armies... literally men in pastels... Now there's men everywhere wearing dresses, I'm telling you! It's like, they're just like "New World Order, slaughter me, please!" And the New World Order is like "Act like a jellyfish coward and giggle at all reality", and they're like "Yes, yes!"


1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
I want to get people off pills that the insert says will make you commit suicide and kill people! I want to blame the real culprit—suicide pills! Mass murder pills!
  • Hitler took the guns, Stalin took the guns, Mao took the guns, Fidel Castro took the guns, Hugo Chávez took the guns. And I am here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms! It doesn't matter how many lemmings you get out there on the street begging for them to have their guns taken; we will not relinquish them, do you understand? That's why you're going to fail, and the establishment knows, no matter how much propaganda, the Republic will rise again when you attempt to take our guns!
  • How about Prozac? ... The U.S. number one cause of [unnatural] death is suicide now because they give people suicide mass murder pills. ... I want to get people off pills that the insert says will make you commit suicide and kill people! I want to blame the real culprit—suicide pills! Mass murder pills!
    • Alex Jones on Piers Morgan Tonight, CNN, 7 January 2013.
  • I'm telling you folks, nerds are one of the most dangerous groups in this country, because they end up running things. But they still hate everybody, because they weren't the jocks in high school. So they play little dirty games on everybody. They use their brains to hurt people. And I'm aware of them. OK? I see you, you little rats!
  • [in a British accent] Oh, they're so royal! We're lucky to have them coming here. But the rabble undoubtedly will be violent. Scum protesters– Oh, these insane people imagining the helicopters landing and the troops– these insane schizophrenics have come to town. The rabble– I'm so glad– thank God we're elite enough to have them though. I'm so honored. [switches to Cockney accent] Get back there mate! I'll have to have you arrested and have you deported! We're protecting criminals inside, busy stealing our pension funds and overrunning the country with third world populations. Now get back, you Yankee scum! HA HA! To show you the power of the Royal Guard Brigade! And this is the scotch we've been coughing down! Look at that pumpkin-headed Yank! That's the one, Alex Jones! I want you to know, young man, we will be watching you continually while we protect the Transhumanists putting cancer viruses in our children's shots!
  • Hey listen, I'm here to warn people, you keep telling me to shut up! This isn't a game! Okay? Our government, the US, is building FEMA camps. We have an NDAA where they disappear people now. You have this "arrest for public safety", life in prison. It's basically off with their heads, disappear 'em, take 'em away. Infowars dot com. Liberty is rising. Liberty is rising! Freedom will not stop! You will not stop freedom! You will not stop the Republic! Humanity is awakening! Infowars dot com! No, you guys are crazy, thinking that the public's too stupid! You're crazy, thinking the public doesn't know! You're crazy, thinking the public isn't waking up!
  • If I'm in, you know, especially in a poor area, and I see guys walking like they're thugs down the street, I don't care what color they are, I go "That guy looks like they're a thug, and looks like they're tough, okay... If they try to shake me down I'm gonna ignore them and keep walking, and if they come up to me and try to put a hand on me, I'm gonna punch 'em right in the throat. 'Cause I don't wanna jump on top on of 'em and hurt my knees and stuff, when I slam their head in the ground. Plus, I don't wanna kill 'em. 'Cause then I'd have to go to jail and stuff, and they'd have to find that it was done in self defense. Been down that road." So, I'm sitting there and I'm thinking, "Alright. I'm gonna punch this guy in the throat." I'm thinking how hard am I gonna punch him. And I'm not thinking he's a black guy. I'm thinking the guy's walking like a thug, thinks they're tough, and I'm thinking about how I'm going to defend myself. Just like when I've been at the Coast, a few years ago, and walk out of a restaurant in South Padre and they're having a biker rally—and it wasn't like a nice biker rally, most rallies are nice people—it was like thug wannabes, rode up with a motorcycle...and were looking at me, and I was thinking "Okay. Alright. That guy is taking his helmet off. I'm gonna punch him in the throat the minute he tries to get up and do something, and then I'm gonna assault those next three guys. Then they'll probably pull a weapon. I need to take that." I mean, that's what I'm thinking whenever something like that is going on. I can't help it. I'm thinking, "Alright, I'm ready to kill." That's just how I am. And I'm thinking, "Alright. Okay. Instantly assess these guys. These are probably ex-con, real criminals. I've got my three kids here. That gives me, you know, just turbo dinosaur power. And I'm thinking, "Control yourself. Don't have a fight, unless you absolutely got to." You know, the man in me is ready to take all on! and... you know what I'm talking about, don't you? ARGH, you scum! I hate gang members and filth! And it has nothing to do with black people. But I will stump your head in if you start a fight with me, you thug scum! Anyways, excuse me ladies and gentlemen.


  • Is that maggot meant to dominate us!? Are we meant to be her slave!?
  • Parasites will be crushed I can taste your weakness crushing crushing crushing.
It took me about a year with Sandy Hook to come to grips with the fact that the whole thing was fake. I mean, I couldn't believe it. I knew they jumped on it, used the crisis, hyped it up. But then I did deep research—and my gosh, it just pretty much didn't happen.
  • It took me about a year with Sandy Hook to come to grips with the fact that the whole thing was fake. I mean, I couldn't believe it. I knew they jumped on it, used the crisis, hyped it up. But then I did deep research and my gosh, it just pretty much didn't happen.


  • What do you think tap water is? It's a gay bomb, baby. And I'm not saying people didn't naturally have homosexual feelings. I'm not even getting into it, quite frankly. I mean, give me a break. Do you think I'm like, oh, shocked by it, so I'm up here bashing it because I don't like gay people? I don't like 'em putting chemicals in the water that turn the freakin' frogs gay! Do you understand that? I'm sick of being social engineered, it's not funny!
  • Even a baby will fight for its life in the womb, won't you fight for your life?! Won't you recognize who these scum are?!
  • I'm angry. I've had enough of these people. They're a bunch of Christian murdering scum that run giant death factories, keeping babies alive, and selling their body parts. What more do you need to know about these people, I go out and face these these scum, they literally crawl out from under rocks, they have green looking skin or they're black or white doesn't matter and they run around screaming we love Satan ... we want to eat babies. I have them on video at the Texas State House just women randomly going hail Satan and praising Satan.
  • You baby harvesting demon maggots! I'll never back down I'll never bow to you, I'll be free till the day I stop sucking air into my lungs.
  • We’re going to return the republic. We’ll never be perfect but my God we’re not going to keep babies alive and harvest their organs. We’re not going to sell their parts for women’s cosmetics. We’re not gonna have Pepsi with baby flavoring in it. I mean what the Hell have we become. Excuse me but I'm tired of it.


  • Bernie wants us to live under the heavenly socialist–communist system like China. We never hear the left criticize that Mao Tse-Tung killed over 80 million people—the Chinese government admits—biggest mass murder in history. That's why there's so many liberal trendy places in Austin, in Denver, in New York, in LA, and San Francisco named after Mao. And people go and love play on their iPhones and the free market and their Chinese slave goods, and they drink beer and expensive wine and giggle about how fun it is to wear red stars. You couldn't put more bad luck on you, you couldn't trash your mojo better. Wearing swastika armbands, you stupid snot-nosed crud! That live off the backs of everybody that fought Nazism and Communism. You need to have your jaws broken! Don't you worry, reality is gonna crash in on you, trash! Who lowered our defenses and brought the Republic down; oh, we're already gone! And you celebrate it like you've joined the globalists mounting America's head on the wall, your great victory! A mass rape of women across Europe. The national draft coming in for women! The families falling apart! Women degraded into nothing but sexual objects! ALL in the name of Gloria Steinem and the Central Intelligence Agency program! And a Bernie Sanders with his fake Einstein hair, and his 'I'm a man of the people!' We go out and talk to Bernie Sanders' supporters, they can hardly talk—they're like him—'Free! Free! I want free stuff!' As if the New World Order is gonna give you anything free! Oh, it's free like a piece of cheese. And a little mouse comes out and it smells it and goes to bite it and, wa bam! Breaks your neck. But you're stupider than the little mouse. You can see all the countries and all the people caught in the mouse traps, caught in the big bear traps. You know what you do? You go into a trendy shop. On some capitalist strip. And you go in and you snuggle in with that credit card that daddy put money in for the trust fund. And you put on that little fur-rimmed coat and you're all sexy with your hammer and sickle on, and your Che Guevara and, you know, shirt from Rage Against the Machine, and the whole capitalist record company system selling it to you, and you go out on the street and you walk into McDonald's and you have yourself a double latte, oh yeah. Pathetic! Scum! Oh, how you'll burn in the camps, later. Wishing you had done something; I mean, you are the ultimate chumps, the ultimate buffoons, the ultimate schmucks! ... But the public had so much freedom! They were so wealthy, even our poorest, they had no idea that what they were replacing it with was abject slavery.
  • Imagine you live in a world that's totally plastic. Who are your enemies, if you're evil? The Patriots. We are the future. We are the leaders. We are 1776! We are those that were given the mantle and the birthright by George freakin Washington and Thomas Jefferson. They've taught you to not know who they are, or hate them. No, they were renowned around the world. George Washington for weeks had dysentery and lost about a third of his weight and climbed around in freezing ice with his men where they would go on marches at night and they'd lose 10-15 people just in one battalion freezing to death to at dawn battle the Germans three to one in places like Trenton, in 30 below temperatures and 20+ mile marches, in the dark, with men dying all around them, and George Washington, with diarrhea running out of his pants, on top of that horse, marching to kick ass! marching not to give up! Taking action! That's who we come from! And we let all these hunchback scum rule us - I will never submit to you! And the human spirit is rising! You will not turn us into animals! You will not poison us anymore! - You will not kill us! Our spirit transcends all you've done to us!
  • It’s the Devil. The churches aren’t going to tell you. It is an alien force, not of this world, attacking humanity like the Bible and every ancient text says, and you can read the Bible, it’s hiding in plain view. It’s not of this world. And I don’t know exactly what it is or what it’s doing, but this is not human intelligence, OK? It'S not human intelligence w're facing! I refuse to fight with everybody. All the stupid racist white people, all the stupid racist black people, all the stupid racist Mexicans. All of you. I can't stand you, you're idiots. We're under attack. Everybody's under attack. The elite hate Trump. Let me tell you, if he is a psy-op, he is the most sophisticated one I ever saw. And even if he is, he is a revelation of the awakening and they have to pull this trick to try to divert us. It doesn’t matter, it’s part of the awakening. Humanity has got to get off-world. We need access to the life-extension technologies. Talk about discrimination, forget skin color. I want the advanced life-extension! I want to go to space! I want to see interdimensional travel! I want what God promised us and I won’t sit here and watch Satan steal it! That’s the fight! That’s the key! That’s everything!
  • The total arrogance with a shit-eating grin of a pseudo-intellectual constitutional rapist. This man is literally mounting America, raping it in the ass, and telling us how great he is. George Will you area discredited fop. Put down your thesaurus look in the mirror, realize you're a traitor, and do the right thing, and put a .357 Magnum to your head, and blow what's little left of your brains all over yourself, OK? You traitor, you Benedict Arnold, you piece of filth.
  • What do I do lord? [in a demonic voice] *"Destroy the child, corrupt them all."* This is their plan people. These are demons. Just like the Bible says. Basically an intergalactic invasion into this space through people. I...I...I'm telling you it's what the ancients said. It's what they warned of. It's what we're dealing with. They're demons. They're freaking inter dimensional invaders. Okay, i'll just say it. Make fun of me all you want on CNN or whatever but everyone already innately knows this. These people are not freaking humans, okay. Hillary Clinton is a god damn demon.
  • All I know is, whether they're interdimensional demons, whatever they are-... Let's just say that's an allegory, all I know is it's the same thing. Psychopaths operate, they're not human, I don't like them. Okay?! And my very humanity just is like *Raaaaaaa take em on, you wanna fight? You're gonna get one-* .. You.. You inhuman soulless pieces of trash. I see you real good. And I know our species is stronger than you and better than you, we're gonna beat your ass. Get that through your head.
  • I never expected Trump charging into a goblin’s nest to not get some goblin vomit and schlop and blood on him. I just don’t want to catch him in bed with a goblin. But if he’s in there rolling around hacking ‘em up and he’s got a goblin guide, y’know, taking him into the cave, I’m not expecting him to not get dirty, especially up to his ankles. I don't want to see him kissing goblins, having political succubus with goblins, I don't want to see him ingratiating goblins..."
  • I'm a pioneer, I'm an explorer, I'm a human, and I'm coming. I'm animated, I'm alive, my heart's big, it's got hot blood going through it fast. I like to fight, too! I like to eat! I like to have children! I'm here! I've got a life force: This is a human, this is what we look like, this is what we act like, this what everybody was like before us, this is what I am, I'm a throwback. I'm here! I've got the fire of human liberty! I'm setting fires everywhere, and humans are turning on everywhere.
  • It is surreal to talk about issues, here on air, and then word-for-word hear Trump say it two days later.
  • Sometimes the vulgoth, the vulgar, the barbarian way is the way to say it... I want to say something, I'm a lover. And that's why I'm a fighter. And I love my family and I love justice so much I'm willing to do whatever it takes to stop you. And I hate your stinking guts, I can smell you from a thousand miles away, and you smell like failure, you smell like hell, and I want to thank the God of the Universe that I'm not with these people I, oh, I get tears in my eyes to GOD that I'm thankful everyday that I don't come from filth like you that want to trample on humanity, thank God I'm not a degenerate filthy vampire like you. And I guess in the final equation, as upset as I get watching you hurt the innocent; that's what matters is that you'll never, defeat the human spirit! You'll never defeat God! You'll never win! Never! Never Ever! Never! And the spirit of humanity is rising and it is gonna defeat you. You think you're strong? You think you're scary? You try to mimic what you can only imagine in your mind is God's Wrath and God's Wrath coming for you and you deserve everything that happens to you trash... ...the reason the enemy's so mad is he knows he's a loser... ...But God gave us free will and this animating contest! And this is where we get tested, so rejoice to God almighty for this animating contest of liberty! Aaaaaaggnngghhhuuugghhh.
  • The West is only a destabilization program right now. We aren’t to that point yet, but in Sweden and Germany and France they’re putting ads on saying, “You are demoralized. You are dead. You are over. Give up to the hijab. Give up to Muhammad and Allah! Allah Akbar! We’re gonna stab your daughter at the mall! We’re gonna to stab your wife, your son, we’re gonna stab you with a butcher knife!” And then the police chief is going to get up and say, “We love our Somalis. We love our Muslims. Oh they’re so good. Oh they’re so sweet.”
  • Millions are pouring in people, of the very worst type that kill each other. Do you understand it’s an attack? It’s red level! It doesn’t matter now. You’ve got to choose sides at this point. The globalists have overrun us,”
  • I will go to hell before I sit here and watch this country and the world turned over to these savages! I'm done, I'm pissed, and I'm not putting up with it anymore! Let me tell you something, you filthy traitors in the government, you pieces of crap. You are the most degenerate, twisted, mentally ill people I've ever seen, wanting to gang-rape this Republic and this country and the West that has been the literal cornerstone, the absolute jewel in the crown of free Western Renaissance societies and the very best literature, music, technology, science, medicine, culture the world's ever seen! You Satanists wanna to sacrifice the West! You wanna to kill the beautiful goddess that is the West! You people are enemies, and we're going to get your asses, and we know what you're up to, and we're coming for you!
  • Let me tell all the scum and all the leftists: you’re going to lose all of your jobs soon. The whole mainstream media is dying. We’re going to be in a huge Depression. You’re going to be living in your mothers’ basements. And I hope your little fake liberal culture you’ve got that’s totally fascist and Satanic — I hope it keeps you warm at night because that’s all you’re going to have, and it’s all you’re ever going to have. Okay? I just hope you understand that.
  • We have scored a direct stab in those sons of bitches' hearts! We gotta 'er keep runnin' the knife in though folks, gotta keep runnin' it in there, not worrying if they're doing dodges just raarrrgghh!. You want the fight!? You're getting it! You wanted to overrun us, and poison us, and take our families, and kill us!? You will die, not us! You anti-human crap!
  • I'm never a lesser of two evils person, but with Hillary, there's not even the same universe. She is an abject, psychopathic, demon from Hell that as soon as she gets into power is going to try to destroy the planet. I'm sure of that, and people around her say she's so dark now, and so evil, and so possessed that they are having nightmares, they're freaking out. Folks let me just tell you something, and if media wants to go with this, that's fine. There are dozens of videos and photos of Obama having flies land on him, indoors, at all times of year, and he'll be next to a hundred people and no one has flies on them. Hillary, reportedly, I mean, I was told by people around her that they think she's demon-possessed, okay? I'm just going to go ahead and say it, okay? They said that they're scared. That's why when I see her when kids are by her, I actually get scared myself, with a child -- with that big rubber face and that -- I mean this woman is dangerous, ladies and gentleman. I'm telling you, she is a demon. This is Biblical. She's going to launch a nuclear war. The Russians are scared of her.
  • "She sleeps in the same room with that creepy weirdo woman, Huma Abedin who's mother wears a hood over her head and writes top articles in the world, promoting cutting women's genitals off what the hell? That woman, number ones ugly, and evil, but but imagine if your like "Oh what does your mom do?" "Oh shes a top genital mutilation pusher, I'd be like ewwww, get the hell away from me, yeah but Hillarys into like creepy weird sick stuff man, just disgusting with flies all over her big fat stinking. Imagine how bad she smells, man? I'm told her and Obama, just stink, stink, stink, stink. You can't wash that evil off, man. Told there's a rotten smell around Hillary. I'm not kidding, people say, they say -- folks, I've been told this by high up folks. They say listen, Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur. I never said this because the media will go crazy with it, but I've talked to people that are in protective details, they're scared of her. And they say listen, she's a frickin' demon and she stinks and so does Obama. I go, like what? Sulfur. They smell like Hell.
  • The animated contest of liberty is waiting for you, but you’ve got to take it in your hands. You’ve got to have a will to accept the truth and buck the system and the group collective. Do that and you’ll earn your way to the next level. This is the info war.
  • Aaaeeh aaah murder the Christians reeeeuhhhh destroy everything just rughhh... I mean you know this drunk is bleeeugh but still stumbling forwards, more blood loeooaoohh as she falls down, they go our God must be lifted back up guuagh aeeeeeghehhah more blood of the innocent hahahaha sell the baby parts, arrest the reporters that expose we're keeping babies alive, heat the hospitals with their bodies, have the Pepsi taste testing systems be based on fetal tissue all demonic systems, genetically engineer all the crops, overthrow creation, more blood, oaohhgahgh loeooogh. That's Hillary.
  • A coup de grâce. a götterdämmerung battle. oh its a twilight of the gods alright, these would-be gods of the new world order. they're no gods at all. ragnarök.
  • I came knocking on your door a million times, and you laughed at me. You've been in love with something else your whole life, and this is a love-affair. And so, I'm not gonna get in bed with you. Because you don't love the spirit of justice. You loved your father, the Devil. You loved death. More than life. So you go with your father forever. And that's hell - separation from god. You go.
  • When I think about all the children Hillary Clinton has personally murdered and chopped up and raped, I have zero fear standing up against her. Yeah, you heard me right. Hillary Clinton has personally murdered children. I just can't hold back the truth anymore. Hillary Clinton is one of the most vicious serial killers the planet's ever seen.
  • In fact, let me say this right now. Let me tell -- I’m not against gay people. OK. I love them, they’re great folks. But Schiff looks like the archetypal cocksucker with those little deer-in-the-headlight eyes and all his stuff. And there’s something about this fairy, hopping around, bossing everybody around, trying to intimidate people like me and you, I want to tell Congressman Schiff and all the rest of them, “Hey listen asshole, quit saying Roger and I” -- and I’ve never used cussing in 22 years but the gloves are off -- “listen you son of a bitch, what the fuck’s your problem? You want to sit here and say that I’m a goddamn, fucking Russian. You get in my face with that I’ll beat your goddamn ass, you son of a bitch. You piece of shit. You fucking goddamn fucker. Listen fuckhead, you have fucking crossed a line. Get that through your goddamn fucking head. Stop pushing your shit. You’re the people that have fucked this country over and gangraped the shit out of it and lost an election. So stop shooting your mouth off claiming I’m the enemy. You got that you goddamn son of a bitch? Fill your hand.” I’m sorry, but I’m done. You start calling me a foreign agent, those are fucking fighting words. Excuse me.
  • Whatever they do to me, I'm a man. I'm not sittin' up here like I'm the biggest badass around, but you punch me and I'ma punch back (subdued snarling). And I can sit back and tell you my family name is secured, and I've done the job I'm supposed to do. It's not some power trip, it's just who I am. I look at Stephanopoulos and all these sacks of shit, sittin' there telling us they're gonna leave the country. Listen you son of a bitch. You're scared this country's gon' throw your carpetbaggin' ass out. I see you, you little bloodthirsty maggot. Whatever happens to me I just pray to God you get brought real low. Real low. For what you've done you little son of a bitch. So you understand one thing. There's a real world out there. There's a real God there's a real Devil. For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. And I want all the little men to know somethin'. You were brought up as pieces of shit. And you thought you could dominate everybody 'cause you were so insecure. And you thought people that were better than you were bad because they were better than you, and they were building a stairway to heaven for you. And so now you've started fights with people, that are gonna break every bone in your body. So when you have metaphysically have had you sternum broken and your ribs broken, and your little neck... Strung up. You remember. You ran into real men. And we kicked your ass.
  • God! These people are so evil! Why can’t America wake up and beat ‘em! Donald Trump’s not perfect but he doesn’t wanna hurt you and your family. “Hillary and Obama want to make you poor and pathetic! We have all their white papers! “They hate you! They hate prosperity! They hate God! They hate children! And god damn them to hell! We’re going to find the lever to beat these people, and they’re gonna be beat! Look at her shark face! Having to look at her with her demon face! [shouts] That’s a freakin’ demon! [shouting] “We’re gonna have President Linda Blair people! [screams] And I’m not gonna go along with it!”


  • We're turning into a bunch of self-centered walking dead trash… and we're such zombies! We're such self-centered crap that we don't even notice Hell itself rising up against us.
  • It's the same story, over and over again! The same dependency, the same slugism, that we see mirrored all around us. Hated by the people, we build! Hated by the people we empower! Hated by the people we've given life to! How do you think God feels!?...they they think they're all in competition with me and all this crap. I'm not in competition with any of you people! I'm in competition with the Devil! I'm in a death battle! And now you see the enemy say they'rein a death battle, they know they're in a death battle, only the spirit, of knowing you're in a death battle will have you win! I don't know how all this is gonna end, but like I've told 'em a thousand times, you wanna fight, better believe you got one. You want to enslave my spirit, no! And I'll call on God to protect me, and use me however God sees fit. And if I'm destroyed my whole family with it, I don't blame God. I blame the stinkin' trash. Who will pay. Now. And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night forever and ever. Tormented by their own spirit.
  • Well I've got news for them. You don't run the show. And you don't run the heavens and you don't even run humanity. And everything they build against us, is going to be used against you, and it's going to be, directly responsible for your downfall, and that's why you hate me, because you know, that I speak the truth. And you that this flesh isn't pure. But my spirit is, and means everything I say. I see you. Every. Horrible. Part of you. Every facet. Every surface, every little deep thought
  • As giant third world hordes just pour in, raping everyone just reaghhhhhh, reaghhhh! Just sexualizing our children, ruling everything, debasing the currency, drugging the food and water giving everyone cancer and just dancing to their god of death, selling body parts, chopping up babies that battle the scalpel. I mean it's just... it's just on Hell on Earth, the gates are opening. And out will flood the armies...
  • Clarence Thomas was called in -- and everybody knows, because he was the only other conservative guy and they killed the other one -- he was told, “It’s all over. Shut up. It’s over.” They threatened him. And Thomas wanted to leave the country. They threatened his life. And I didn’t get that from Drudge, so I’m not going to have a source. I got it from two other people. They told Clarence Thomas, “We’ll kill your ass, OK? Shut your fucking mouth and stop ruling like this or you’re going to be dead.” And then they killed the other guy, Scalia, because he wouldn’t go along with it. That’s the fucking shit we’re dealing with, people!
  • All across the world, humanity knows you’re the enemy. We’re gonna get you assholes, just know that. It doesn’t mean we’re perfect but we’re not out to screw women and children and hurt people. You understand that, assholes? You hate humanity because you project your own hatred of yourself on us, assholes. You want to kill us, how about you die?! Kill your fucking selves you fucking globalists!… Fuck yeah, fuck them! I’m sick of their shit, I don’t fucking care anymore!
  • Alec Baldwin thinks he is a tough guy, I challenge him a million dollars to the charity he wants to get in the ring with me, bare knuckle. I will, I'll do it right now. I'll get in the ring with you and I will break your jaw, I will knock your teeth out, I will break your nose, and I will break your neck. You coward, you think you're tough guy, messing with little cameramen people. You want to sit there and defame me and the president? Get in the ring with me, I will break your jaw in seconds. I will smash your nose into a bloody pulp, and I will whack your teeth out. My fists are going to bleeding with your teeth marks all over em. You frickin' bully, you coward. I hate you, my listeners hate you and remember that, scumbag, forever. Heh heh heh heh. We're going to defeat this anti-human scum, we're going to wreck their world.
  • You're supposed to get on your knees at midnight or in the early morning and tell God you repent on things you've done. You don't tell in a football stadium, “Mainstream media: you're my God, I am bad, tell me what to do.” That is sick.They're kneeling to political correctness and hating white people. They're kneeling to white genocide --- and then I don't want anybody to be genocided (sic). But everywhere it's: “Kill the whites, kill the whites.” The universities: “No whites can come on campus.” It's a bunch of weird white people going, “We need to kill all the white people.” Just everywhere. Hillary: “We lost because of white people.” It's the most racist, weird, anti-Martin Luther King crap I've ever heard. Martin Luther King would say, “You people are crazy.”
  • ​​Most of the so-called liberal lesbians and all these groups, they just want to have the guy with the duck's ass haircut and the James Dean outfit. The truth is, James Dean wasn't slapping girls around, but they want to be the ones slapping the girls around. And statistically, it shows it. I'm not blaming all lesbians, but it shows that most of these butch lesbians, they want to be the guy smacking the hot chick around. They think that's manly. And a lot of the chicks, they like it. See, because no man will do that to them. And I'm not saying it's good if a man does that, but some women like it. And if they can't find a man to smack them around, well they found them a girl going to do it real good. Knock them upside their head, and have 50 Shades of Gray about the sexy rich guy that's going to chain you up. Of course, you're going to get chained up one time. They're going to put that devil mask or that piggy mask on. They're going to say, "Now I'm going to torture you for about six weeks, so start begging for your mommy and your daddy." That's the liberals. They want to get you in a dungeon. They want to strap you down and take a buzzsaw and cut the top of your head off like a pumpkin and pull it off and get a little spoon and go -- when you're looking in the mirror, this is one thing I know they like to do -- and they go, I'm going to eat your brain now. Let's start -- let's start at the side areas here, because we don't want to take away your sight at the back or your thinking in the front. I'm going to eat your cerebral cortex last, because I've got power. I love Satan, and I'm going to suck you dry, and I'm going to torture you to death.


  • But just look at [Brian] Stelter again. Put him on screen. I think that's all the broadcast should be, is just a photo of Stelter smiling. Ugh. Ugh. Oh my gosh. Oh, hell on earth. He wants to run your life. He wants to control every aspect of your life because he knows he is a cowardly degenerate sack of anti-human trash. I pledge before my heavenly father that I will resist them every way I can. These people are the literal demon spawn of the pit of hell. Look at him. And you know what, he is better than you if you keep letting him run your life. He runs your kids, he runs the schools, he runs the banks. This guy, this spirit, this smiling, leering devil that thinks you can’t see what he is. He is your enemy. Period. All the narcissistic devil-worshiping filth. I see you enemy. I see you enemy. Enemy. Enemy. You are my enemy. And I swear total resistance to you with everything I’ve got. Disingenuous, fake, false, brokeback, twisted, a defiler, a betrayer, a back stabber, a devil. You will pay. Yeah, you don’t think I see your face, scum? You don’t think I don’t see you, Stelter? I see you, you understand me? I know what you think of me and my family. I see you right back. You understand that? You understand that, Stelter? [Grunting noises] Stelter. You will fall. You will not bring humanity down. God is going to destroy you. Get him off the screen. [Crying] Oh, God, they’re so evil. Just please God, free us from them. They’re drunk on our children's blood for God's sake.
  • Hitler took the guns. Stalin took the guns. Mao took the guns. You know, 'political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.' And then if another crazy person everybody knew was going to attack goes and kills some people and then I'm to blame and all gun owners are to blame? Well, if somebody runs somebody with a car are they all to blame? Or somebody with a baseball bat? This is common sense and you've got a young high school senior teenager cussing to get attention to pull a stunt but none of use are supposed to talk about it because if you respond to him calling you a piece of this or a piece of that or his cohorts calling Dana Loesch a murderer and people are chanting 'burn her', well then you're a bully. That's why CNN wants to use this to kill the First Amendment, not just the Second Amendment! You have YouTube banning videos with guns, with citizens having guns or showing guns, but Hollywood and the video game makers can show all the guns they want. This is an incredibly discriminatory system!
  • I will not be stopped. Because I get on my knees and beg for something particularly, I don’t get it. But I’m not in a coma, got that? I’m not in one. I’m going to stop that Nazi piece of crap, and you’re going to stop him, and he hates our guts. Well, we’re coming for you—you got it?
  • Donald Trump shit his fucking pants at the fucking moment of truth and shit all over everybody. That’s my first approximation. I’m not in a fucking cult for Donald Trump. Fuck him. Fuck his family. Fuck all these people.
  • God fucking damn it, man. What the fuck? Is there nobody fucking pure in this goddamn fucking world? See, I’m fucking pissed right now. Syria fought Al Qaeda, they fought ISIS, they fought it all, and now you’ve got [James] Mattis and fucking all these people shitting all over us.
  • They said if you just turn against Trump it would be better, but he was doing good, and that's what makes it so bad... If he had been a piece a crap from the beginning, it wouldn't be so bad. But we made so many sacrifices. And now he's crapping all over us.
  • "There's no video of president Trump sucking a ding dong. And so what if there was, that's a lot better than World War III Owen. I never sucked any ding dongs, but I'll tell ya if they were going to black mail me to start World War III about one, I'd say hey, I sucked a ball golf ball through a frickin garden hose!
  • I like women, not men! And if I liked men, I’d be proud of it and have a lot of em. But I ain’t never been in bed with no man. I’ve been in bed with probably 300 women.
  • Yes, our kids belong to you, boys are out of Boy Scouts, no more father and mother, yes, yes, yes. Whatever you say, Hillary. Whatever you say Pelosi. Whatever you say Shapiro. Yes, Mr. Shapiro. Oh god you're so manly! That face you make, you scare me! God Almighty, you might tear my arm out of my socket! You might skull annihilate me, you're powerful! You've got the manhood I want, Shapiro! Sorry, go ahead, Rodger. Roger! Shapiro's too powerful!
  • (in Bernie Sanders's voice) I bankrupt stuff, I live in three millon dollar houses drive hundred thousand dollar cars And www-white people ddon't know what is like to be poor! Look at me, I have Einstein looking hair! Its called a gimmick!
  • I'm ready to kill people, I'm sick of this. Not literally. The point is I'm getting sick of this crap. Let's just give all our kids to the child molesters, goddammit! Excuse me. You know, I'm not saying Lord's name in vain, I want these people damned to hell! I'm literally praying, God, damn them to Hell! That's not the Lord's name in vain! I mean that! I don't take God in vain [sic] but we ought to have a prayer called the Goddamnit Prayer! God damn them to hell, please! You think Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes, when he realizes this is Earth and all his family died 10,000 years before and he's come back through a wormhole, and everybody he knows is dead and he's saying, God damn them to Hell! You bastards! You blew it all up! God damn you! He's not taking lords name in vein! He's saying God damn them! God damn them! God damn them! God fucking damn them to Hell!


  • He says, 'Alex Jones and the white supremests are saying go to the people's houses and kill the parents, and we have to take him off the air because he says kill the parents, there's no free speech for killing parents' and I'm like 'dude, do not say that, I'm gonna get killed.' I mean, I've never said nobody died at Parkland, and I sure as hell didn't say, 'Kill their parents.'
  • And you've got a lot of people saying let's not topple the dictatorship in Venezuela even though it threatened the US and other countries and is collapsing and the people are begging don't do it and I tend not to want regime change where we overthrow some ally like Egypt and put someone like ISIS or Al Qaeda in, or do we stand by and let an thousand plus people starve and cause a collapse into the US border which the UN is helping to foment? That's a real territorial threat. That's a real national emergency. That's first year geopolitics for you here is where I may be right. I may not want intervention in Venezuela.
  • I mean, how do I get a fair trial with stuff like this? I’ve never said this guy's name. Never said his name, until now. And obviously first it’s "we don’t know, he’s got gunshot wounds or whatever." Now it’s, well, apparent suicide. I mean, is there going to be a police investigation? Are they going to look at the surveillance cameras? I mean, what happened to this guy? This whole Sandy Hook thing is, like, really getting even crazier. We have no idea whether he was even murdered at this point. Why would some anti-gun guy do this? This is really sad. My prayers go out to him and his family and we wish for the truth of whatever really happened here to come out. We don't know yet. And we'll see the corporate media say outrageous lies, but it's what they do. And look, the good news of no collusion, the good news that I'm not a Russian agent comes out, and now this happens right on time. Just amazing.
  • You think when you call up, “Oh we’ll protect you. We found the child porn.” I like women with big giant tits and big asses. I don’t like kids like you goddamn rapists. Eff-heads. In fact, delete this: you fucks are going to get it. You fucking child molesters. I’ll fucking get you in the end. You fucks. Now, we’re done right there. I know I, I know, I should have deleted it on radio. Probably still went out. I don’t care. You’re trying to set me up with child porn, i'm gonna get your ass. One million dollars, one million dollars, you little gang members. One million dollars to put your head on a pike. One million dollars, bitch. I’m gonna get your ass, you understand me now? You’re not going to ever defeat Texas, you sacks of shit, so you get ready for that…….And then now magically they want metadata out of hundreds of thousands of emails they got, and they know right where to go. What a nice group of Democrats. How surprising. What nice people. Chris Mattei. Chris Mattei. Let’s zoom in on Chris Mattei. Oh, nice little Chris—[pounds picture of Attorney Mattei’s face with fist]—Mattei. What a good American. What a good boy. You think you’ll put on me, what—[under his breath] I’m gonna kill.... [growls]. Anyway, I’m done! Total war! You want it, you got it! I’m not into kids like your Democratic party, you cocksuckers! So get ready!
  • Do you think I’d roll over and spray crap out my ass and show my belly and piss on myself and bow down to you? You just summoned war. So get ready. And I’m just asking the Pentagon and the patriots that are left and 4Chan and 8Chan and Anonymous and anybody that’s a patriot. I am under attack. And if they bring me down, they’ll bring you down. I just have faith in you. I’m under attack. And I summon the meme war, I summon it all against the enemy. I will never sell out to these people.


  • I'll admit it. I will eat my neighbors, I'm not letting my kids die. I'm just going to be honest. My superpower is being honest. I've extrapolated this out and I won't have to for a few years 'cause I got food and stuff, but I'm literally looking at my neighbors now and going: I'm ready to hang them up and gut them and skin them and chop them up, you know what? I'm ready. My daughters aren't starving to death, I'll eat the neighbors. See, my super power is being honest, I'll eat your ass. I will! I'm combat model, optimal self-sufficiency, probably the leader. The point is have you thought about that yet because I'm somebody that thought he could fix this and I'm starting to think about having to eat my neighbors. You think I like seizing up my neighbor, how I gonna haul him up by a chain and chop his ass up? I'll do it! My children aren't going hungry! I will eat your ass! And that's why I want the globalists to know, I will eat your ass first. You're not we're gonna dig you out of those bunkers, we're gonna dig you out of those holes, you make us eat up let me tell you something right now: I swear to God if it's the last thing I do I'm gonna get my hands around your throat and you know that's why you're begging for peace right now. You should've thought about that when you turned down Christ a long time ago. You wanna meet with me you Satanist!? Meet with me!? How about you get on your knees to Christ, you meet with my boss right now! But you can't do it. You think you can meet with some low-level nobody? I'm nobody! You think Christ would eat somebody? He would never do that. I will. I'm not gonna watch my daughters starve to death. Now you could say this was a metaphysical hypothetical but it's it's really not. Let's just get past the the the jokes here. Every actuary and government study from South Africa to the United States to Germany to Russia to Japan to South America shows in about 7 days almost everyone commits murder for food. Within 14 days almost everyone resorts to cannibalism or commits suicide. Now I would commit suicide before I did that, but, my children are my weak place. I'll barbecue your ass flat. I will eat you! So all you spirit cookers act all tough all day, how you're doing your little satanic rituals drinking blood and stuff, I'll drink you blood! You understand that? I will, I will hang your ass up and cut you into cutlets like a filet mignon and grill your ass before I watch my daughters starve to death. See now you took society and civilization as it was some joke you could piss on all day. Didn't you understand you unleash the animal, once you unleash the beast! And you're not the beast! I don't claim I'm the most tough guy around, but compared to you I, compared to you, I'm Godzilla on steroids! But just for the courts and everything I'm joking around here, I'm not going to eat anybody. Just like I said if it'd came down to me alone I'd starve to death before I did it. When my babies come into the equation, I will cook your ass up so fast, and I tell em: Oh, I killed a cow out back baby, here it is because my babies ain't gonna die for your crap, your failure. I will eat your leftist ass like corn on the cob! I'm ready! You wanna worship Satan, well guess what!? You're about to meet something worse, you dumb sacks of crap! You been pissing on civilization your whole life not knowing it's men held it up, it was savages held it up, because we knew how bad we were and we didn't want you to let us loose. But now you demand we pull the fist out and just shove it into your teeth. So good! Before I'll sit there and live off starving Latin Americans and Africans I swear before God, I'll eat one of these globalists on a spit! Oh, I'm a performance artist like they say. Alex Jones isn't real, everybody knows I'm as fake as they come.
  • We are in charge of this planet, Not the globalists and not their machines. To the Jeff Bezos, and all the globalist technocrats, and Tim Cook, and their slave camps in China, and all their evil they try to cover up with Black Lives Matter, Marxism, and the cop-killing, I say to you, ‘Your technocracy is dead on arrival.’ You understand that? We are in charge of the planet! Not Soros and not Satan! Do you Understand that Soros! You pathetic maggot! We're in charge not you, is that clear? Is that clear? You little maggot and your little maggot son! You understand that? You think you're going to have this fight and have robots winning? No! We'll defeat you and your god damn robots. You understand that? Damn you to hell, Satanist!

Alex Jones SCREAMS About Billionaires while Hitting A Drone With A Sword (The Alex Jones Show, Sept 26 2020)


  • It is all over, we are about to be hit with nuclear weapons, the military stood down, everything is gone. So, I'm sorry, it is over. The country is gone, it is all over. I mean I'm not give up, I'm admitting the Death Star is orbiting the planet at maximum velocity. If we don't stop the globalists, if they aren't stopped, it is over. You think they just steal elections for no reason? You think they are saying veterans are terrorists for no reason? You think they are saying all white men are terrorists? Under this Chinese regime they are going to take all white men for reeducation, and then it will be every other group after that, because they know that white men, coming from a Scottish, Irish, English tradition, even the continent of Europe didn't get free until about a hundred fifty years ago. The German's were still serfs a hundred and fifty years ago, slaves, in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, they were under a king. Military service, the Prussians were owned men, Prussians were sold as mercenaries. So, we had a bunch of wars in the British Isles over tribalism and who ran things and that grew into our system of freedom, that's where it all came from folks, it all comes out of England, it all comes out of Scotland, it all comes out of Ireland, that is where all the freedom comes from. Mainly England.


  • Authoritarians always blame whole groups. That's what the Left does, they're sick and they're evil.
  • They're attempting to stop us here before this very important mission is launched. And that mission is taking place in the third heaven.


  • When I say the Chinese are a inbred super mutant class that's in the genetics, and again remember, calling someone a mutant is not a bad thing, the X-Men and all that, which are fictional, but you know like it's good to be a mutant you understand, and the point is the Chinese do have some super geniuses of people. The point is you go to China and your like, 'well damn all these people look exactly the same like clones or something' kay, so the issue is there isn't a lot of genetic diversity.
  • We gotta start building communities during the collapse and just say no satan worshipers allowed. Under the first amendment we can form churches that allow us to be only be amongst our own people of any race and creed but only Christians. We're going to have to declare it folks, and 100% just get with Christians. You're either going to be a Christian or you're going to be with the devil, that is the way it will be soon.
  • I'll show you Muslims mass murdering black people and I'm not trying to attack the Muslims here, I'm just gonna show you what everybody is doing. Israel is doing a lot of bad stuff too, but just understand bringing in the Muslims, infact that is something I didn't get to, Israel wants to bring them here, I don't hate Israel, but you just take that rattlesnake, okay. I'm really mad about this, okay, this is a line in the sand, okay. You keep your little precious Muslims, alright.

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