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Vikram Seth

Vikram Seth (born 20 June 1952) is an Indian poet and author.

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A Suitable Boy (1993)


  • Some men like Jack and some like Jill
    I'm glad I like them both but still
    I wonder if this freewheeling
    Really is an enlightened thing,
    Or is its greater scope a sign
    Of deviance from some party line?
    In the strict ranks of Gay and Straight
    What is my status: Stray? Or Great?
    • Dubious from 'Mappings' (Writers Workshop, Calcutta, 1980).
    • Repeated by Seth in online interview.

  • Imagining the flower-pot attacked it
    The kitten flung the violets near and far
    And yet, who knows? This morning, as I backed it,
    My car was set upon by a parked car.
    • Malefic Things from All You Who Sleep Tonight (Viking/Penguin India, 1990).

A Suitable Boy (1993)[edit]

These are just a few sample quotes; for more quotes from this work see A Suitable Boy
  • 'You too will marry a boy I choose,' said Mrs Rupa Mehra firmly to her younger daughter. Lata avoided the maternal imperative by looking around the great lamp-lit garden of Prem Nivas. The wedding-guests were gathered on the lawn. 'Hmm,' she said. This annoyed her mother further.

Quotes about Vikram Seth[edit]

  • In A Suitable Boy, Seth's traditionalism allows him to rediscover character. Mrs Rupa Mehra becomes too substantial, too vivid a presence to be confined within a novel: she is at once infuriating and endearing, a benevolent Indian version of Mrs Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, a comparison that Seth is typically careful to suggest by equipping her daughter with a Jane Austen novel to read on a train.
  • Like Midnight's Children, however, A Suitable Boy too is steeped in an awareness of and affection for indigenous literary and cultural traditions, most notably Urdu poetry, Hindustani classical music, the performed Ramayana, the Ramlila, Shia marsiyas or lamentations, Tagore's songs ('Rabindra Sangeet'), and, of course, Hindi cinema.

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