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Removed content on May 5, 2007[edit]

Note: latest substantial edit was made in 2005.

votes/discussion in progress:

  1. Wikiquote talk:Voting : draft
  2. Blocking policy proposal
  3. WQ:VP#Images : On uploading feature - if we need it or not.
  4. WQ:VP#Lists : On merger of lists and categories.
  5. Talk:Abortion : Reformatting. Some proposals have been submitted.
  1. Request for adminship: MosheZadka

Votes/discussion have been decided:

  1. Discussion on the proposed new main page, alternative 1 and alternative 2: new condensed two column format was adopted.
  2. Quotation marks: decided in favor of adding quotation marks at the beginning and ending of each quote.

See also Votes for deletion, Requests for adminship.

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