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I don't care how many demons he's fought in how many hells. He's never fought us. Not us united.
Bruce Wayne
"I have come to enlighten you to the great darkness! I will bathe in your fear!"
"Daughters of Themyscira, show him your fear!"
Steppenwolf to the Amazons

Zack Snyder's Justice League often referred to as the "Snyder Cut", is the 2021 director's cut of the 2017 American superhero film Justice League. It presents Justice League — the fifth film of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) and based on the DC Comics superhero team of the same name — as director Zack Snyder had intended it before he left the production.

Directed by Zack Snyder. Written by Chris Terrio. Story by Zack Snyder, Chris Terrio and Will Beall.


  • I'm not broken... and I'm not alone.

The Flash (Barry Allen)[edit]

Make your own future. Make your own past. It's all... right... now.
The Flash
  • Ok. Just gotta go faster than the speed of light - far beyond the speed of light. You gotta break the rule, Barry and you gotta do it now.
  • [turning back time] Dad... Whatever happens, I want you to know, your kid was one of them, dad. One of the best of the best.
  • Make your own future. Make your own past. It's


  • They wanted me back for a reason. I need to find out why.
  • [To Steppenwolf] Not impressed.


  • I have turned 100,000 worlds to dust looking for Anti-Life, looking for those who robbed me of my glory. I will stride across their bones and bask in the glow of Anti-Life, and all of existence shall be 'MINE'.
  • Anti-Life is found, DeSaad, and we will stop at nothing to possess it. Ready the armada. We will use the old ways.


  • [to DeSaad] DeSaad.... I fall before you.
  • This world will join the others. He will be pleased. He will see my worth again.
  • [Repeated line] For Darkseid.
  • The Great Darkness begins.
  • So begins the end.
  • My redemption is nigh.
  • [Last words] He's here.


I'm not broken... and I'm not alone.
I belong to no one.
Wonder Woman
"All the hopes and dreams of Krypton live in you now."
"I'm so proud of you, son."
"Your mother and I loved you."
"Your mother and I knew you would change the world."
"Your heart was tested."
"I know it's been hard, Clark."
"But you gave hope to their world."
"You need to show them who you are."
"Love them, Kal. The way we loved you."
"Fly, son. It's time."
Steppenwolf: Defenders. They have failed one hundred thousand worlds. They always fail. I have come to enlighten you to the Great Darkness! I will bathe in your fear!
Hippolyta: Daughters of Themyscira.... show him your fear!
Amazons: WE HAVE NO FEAR!!

[Steppenwolf is trying to contact DeSaad in the power plant he's turning into a makeshift fortress.]
Steppenwolf: DeSaad. DeSaad! I call to thee.
[DeSaad appears in a lava-like hologram.]
DeSaad: Steppenwolf.... have you begun the conquest?
Steppenwolf: [evasively] This world is divided. They're a primitive species, unevolved and at war with one another. Too separate to be one. [clenches his fist] Their free will must be ripped from them, like the other worlds. Given absolution in one glorious belief: To serve Him.
DeSaad: [completely unimpressed] The Mother Boxes?
Steppenwolf: I have found one of the three. The one that woke and called to me. The other two still sleep, but the Parademons.... feel their presence. They fly. They search, they take prisoners who carry the scent while I build a stronghold in the name of His glory.
DeSaad: [sarcastically] Yes. "Mighty Steppenwolf".... who might have sat here.... by the side of the Great One. [scornfully] But undone by his self-pride.
Steppenwolf: [falls to his knees; pleadingly] DeSaad.... I fall before you. Let me make a plea to him that I may come home.... after I take this world in his name.
DeSaad: [condescendingly] You betrayed him! Your own family.
Steppenwolf: [angrily; full of guilt] I saw my mistake! I slaughtered those who sought his throne!
DeSaad: [coldly] You still.... owe the Great One 50,000 more worlds. He will hear your plea.... when you pay your debt.
Steppenwolf: [rises from his knees; disappointed but resolved] The Mother Boxes will be found and united. No protectors here. No Lanterns. No Kryptonian. This world will fall, like all the others.
DeSaad: [deactivates the hologram] For Darkseid.
Steppenwolf: [determinedly] For Darkseid.

Cyborg: [to Batman] I heard about you. Didn't think you were real.
Batman: I'm real when it's useful.

[Steppenwolf has finished building his makeshift stronghold and is updating DeSaad of his progress]
DeSaad: Steppenwolf, tell me what you've learned.
Steppenwolf: Two boxes found and awake. With the combined power of the two Mother Boxes, I've been able finish the stronghold's defenses.
DeSaad: [not concerned with such a trivial matter] Where is the third Mother Box?
Steppenwolf: The Parademons sense its presence and search for the third. They have taken prisoners who carry its scent.
DeSaad: [gestures for him to leave] Go. Interrogate the prisoners. Find the third.
Steppenwolf: [coldly] They will tell me what they know.... or I will rip it from them.

DeSaad: Have you finished the conquest?
Steppenwolf: Not yet, DeSaad.
DeSaad: [growing impatient] Then why.... do you summon me?
Steppenwolf: I bring news. Before mighty Darkseid came to the throne, he searched the universe for the ultimate weapon: The Anti-Life Equation. The key to controlling all life and all will throughout the Multiverse. He found it hidden on a primitive planet, but before he--
DeSaad: [annoyed] The story of the defiance is well-known.
Steppenwolf: [angrily; tired of DeSaad's disrespect] I have found the primitive planet! [slams his axe into the floor] The world that fought back! It is Earth. The Anti-Life Equation is carved into the surface of this very world.
DeSaad: [gasps; intrigued but skeptical] Are you certain?
Steppenwolf: I have seen it. I have looked..... with my own eyes.

[Darkseid appears before Steppenwolf, causing the former general to stumble back in absolute shock as his helmet undoes itself.]
Steppenwolf: [absolutely stunned; kneels] My Lord....
[Steppenwolf's chest, torso, and upper bicep armor undo themselves.]
Darkseid: [disparagingly] Oh, Steppenwolf.
Steppenwolf: [imploringly] My Lord, I am but your humble servant.
Darkseid: Can it be true that you have found it?
Steppenwolf: I have, Great One. The lost world.... is Earth. Anti-Life.... is here.
Darkseid: If it is redemption you seek, find the third box, synchronize the Unity, and when this world is scorched, I will come for my great prize.
Steppenwolf: [surprised; almost overjoyed] You will come to Earth?
Darkseid: I have turned 100,000 worlds to dust looking for Anti-Life, looking for those who robbed me of my glory. I will stride across their bones and bask in the glow of Anti-Life, and all of existence shall be mine.
Steppenwolf: [resolutely; determined to prove himself again] It shall be so.... my master.

Bruce Wayne: [on Superman] He'll be here, Alfred. I know it.
Alfred Pennyworth: What makes you so sure?
Bruce Wayne: Faith, Alfred. Faith.

[Superman arrives, wearing a black suit with a silver S symbol, at Bruce's Glasshouse, where Alfred is fixing Bruce's Aston Martin DB Mk III]
Superman: I'm assuming you're Alfred.
Alfred Pennyworth: Master Kent. He said you'd come. Now let's hope you're not too late.

[Darkseid has crushed the defeated and decapitated Steppenwolf's head. Before he can attack the Justice League, the Boom Tube closes, making the Dread Lord of Apokolips grunt and grumble in frustration.]
DeSaad: [smugly but carefully] I told you.... Steppenwolf would fail.
Darkseid: [bitterly] Yes. Yes, you did.
DeSaad: My master, now that the Mother Boxes have been destroyed, how will you retrieve your great prize?
Darkseid: Anti-Life is found, DeSaad, and we will stop at nothing to possess it. [DeSaad looks concerned] Ready the armada. We will use the old ways.
[He then retreats back to his throne while DeSaad and Granny Goodness exchange concerned glances before following their master with the Parademons basking in Darkseid's glory.]

[Bruce is having another Knightmare premonition]
Cyborg: We can't be out in the open much longer. He'll come for us.
Mera: Let him come. Let the bastard come. [strikes the ground with the butt of her trident] I'll stab this through his heart for what he did to Arthur. I want to make him pay.
Batman: I understand how you feel, Mera....
Mera: You have no idea how I feel.
Batman: ...But we have to stick to the plan to have any chance to make this right.
Mera: Who have you ever loved?
[Joker's soft, maniacal laughter interrupts them.]
The Joker: Au contraire, my little fish stick. He knows exactly what it's like to lose someone he loves. You know like uh, a father? Like a mother?
Batman: Be very careful with the next thing you say.
The Joker: Like an adopted son. Isn't that right, Batman? Maybe, in a way, that smelly old flounder is right. Because how many can die in your arms before you grow numb to death?
Batman: That's not very careful.
The Joker: And how many dead eyes can you look into before you die inside yourself?
Batman: I've been dead inside a long time. But even I have a limit. [angrily] And if you cross that line, I swear to God, I will...
The Joker: Before what, Bruce? Kill me? You won't kill me. I'm your best friend. Besides, who's gonna give you a reach-around? Anyway, you need me. You need me to help you undo this world you created by letting her die. Poor Lois, how she suffered so! I often wonder how many alternate timelines do you destroy the world because frankly, you don't have the cojones to die yourself. Hmm? So as usual, I'll be the bigger man. [holds out a Joker card] A truce, Bruce. As long as you have this card, a truce. But all you have to do is to tear it in half and I'm happy to discuss with you in any way you like, why you sent a Boy Wonder to do a man's job?
Batman: You know, it's funny that you would talk about people who died in my arms. Because when I held Harley Quinn, and she was bleeding and dying, she begged me with her last breath that when I killed you - and make no mistake, I will fucking kill you - that I'd do it slow. I'm gonna honor that promise.
[after a long, tense pause, Batman takes the card]
The Joker: Oh, you're good. You almost had me. [pause, laughs]

[deleted dialogue, after Batman takes the Joker card]
Batman: And maybe this will come in handy?
The Joker: Honor? Really, Bruce? Honor? We live in a society.... Where honor is a distant memory. By the way.... Who do you think screamed the loudest? The girl? Or the boy? [pause, laughs]
Deathstroke: Where are we holding up?
Batman: Somewhere he'll never suspect.
[Joker continues laughing in the background]
Deathstroke: Still think it was a good idea bringing him along?
[Joker blows raspberry]
Batman: What do you think?

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