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Zathura is a 2005 American science fiction fantasy adventure film about two squabbling brothers who start a simple game that becomes a space adventure.

A New Adventure From the World of Jumanji (taglines)


  • [to Walter] You're such a dick!
  • [card reads 'Flunk Space Academy, Go Back 2 Spaces'] I'm not even going to comment on that.

(Little) Walter[edit]

  • Times change.
  • [to a robot] Get me a juice box, bee-yotch!
  • How could you move a piece my accident? It's stuck to the game. That's impossible, you cheated!
  • [to Danny] Everything's your fault, it's your fault Mom and Dad got divorced!
  • [to Danny] I'm your brother. And that's what being a brother means. Means I'll never let anything happen to you.
  • [to Lisa] Still think I have gorgeous eyes?

Astronaut (Big Walter)[edit]

  • [pointing at Danny] Danny spun me.


Dad: By the way, it makes me uncomfortable when you say "hooking up".
Lisa: Why? It's not like it means anything.
Dad: Hope it doesn't.
Lisa: It doesn't. It's just an expression.
Dad: I hope it is.
Lisa: It is! God! We never should've have rented Thirteen!

Danny: [to Walter, after he turns off Danny's game system] Hey!
Walter: [to Danny] Dad said no video games.
Danny: He did not. Fine...

Patrick Star: [on TV, laughing at the bubble elephant] It's a giraffe!
[Danny laughs until Walter changes the channel]
Danny: Hey! I was watching that! Can't we watch SpongeBob?
Walter: No.
Danny: You used to like it.
Walter: Times change.
Danny: Tarter sauce.

Danny: I'm hungry.
Walter: So? What do you want me to do about it?
Danny: Make me macaroni and cheese.
Walter: I don't know how.
Danny: I'm hungry. What do you know how to make?
Walter: Water.

[Danny accidentally hits Walter in the face with a baseball.]
Walter: YOU'RE DEAD!! [jumps off the chair and chases after Danny]
Danny: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

Walter, Danny: Lisa, no wait, Lisa!
Danny: Oh man!
Walter: Wait I didn't I count, wait lemme go. [tries to push GO button, but it jams] It's stuck!
Danny: Maybe we have to take turns. [pushes button and number on panel spins] See, it was my turn.

Walter: Go.
Danny: No.
Walter: Go.
Danny: NO!
Walter: GO!

Walter: Yes, you ARE a baby.
Danny: I'm not a baby!
Walter: You're a baby!
Astronaut: Noboby is a baby here!
Danny: I'm not a baby!
Walter: You are little baby!
Danny: [really freaking out] I'M NOT A BABY--! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!
Astronaut: JEEZ! It won't stop! Please... OK, let's play the game!
Walter: Fine! [pushes GO button and the number on the panel keeps spinning] Won't stop spinning.
Danny: What's wrong with it?
Walter: You broke it.

Walter: [card reads 'Caught Cheating, Automatic Ejection'] Does it mean me?
Danny: Well, you did move the piece.
Walter: Well, he's the one who chea... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! [flies up out through the hole in the house's roof and gets sucked into space and one of Walter's Cool Nike sneakers falls off]
Danny: Walter! [astronaut gets the turbo-jet-pack] Hang on, Walter! I'll save you!
Walter: Help!
Danny: [runs up the stairs] Hang on, Walter! I'll save you!
Walter: Help!
Danny: Wait a minute! I got an idea! [Walter hangs on by his fingertips and Danny gets the lamp]. I'm going to swing this lamp up to you and you grab it and I'll pull you down.
Walter: I can't hang on any longer! [He's gonna slip off.]
Danny: [throws the lamp and breaks it] Don't worry! I'll get another lamp!
Astronaut: [comes with a turbo-jet-pack on his back] Stand back! [blasts off to get Walter down.]
Danny: [waiting for Walter to come down] Walter! [looking at the hole] Walter! Oh no! [astronaut got Walter down] You okay? Are you okay?
Walter: Get away from me!
Danny: Sorry! [gives the other shoe to Walter]
Walter: Don't talk to me 'til we get home! [puts his other shoe on]

Robot: [breaks trough the door] EMERGENCY!
[The Zorgons all growl.]
Walter: He still wants to kill me! [robot started to grab his neck]
Danny: Use the reprogram card, quick!
Walter: [holds the card to the robot] Reprogram!
Robot: [repair bot appears to fix the robot and shuts it down. The robot then lets go of Walter's neck] ALIEN LIFE-FORM! [Zorgons growling] MUST DESTROY! [uses his jet booster to chase them, Danny and Walter follow them, the Zorgons trying to escape to their battleship and the robot used his jet booster again to attack their battleships] ALIEN LIFE-FORM MUST DESTORY! [Zorgon's second battleship explodes while the robot still attacking]
Walter: So I guess that is what the reprogram card is for!
Danny: I like that card.

[Danny and Walter are discussing things, not noticing a surviving Zorgon coming down the stairs behind them.]
Danny: Hey, where's Lisa?
[Danny's piano suddenly crashes down the stairs and flattens the Zorgon. Lisa is revealed to have been the one to push it.]
Lisa: upstairs!

[The boys have just returned from the Zathura world, Danny has his finger at the GO button on the board.]
Walter: Don't push the button!
[Danny slowly takes his finger off the GO button.]

[last lines]
Lisa: We'll never talk about this (Zathura), agreed?
Walter: Still think I have gorgeous eyes? [Lisa stares at Danny and Walter, who laugh]


  • A new adventure from the world of Jumanji.
  • Adventure is waiting.


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