Augustin Louis Cauchy

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Augustin Louis Cauchy

Augustin Louis Cauchy (August 21, 1789May 23, 1857) was one of the most prominent mathematicians of the first half of the nineteenth century.


  • Residues arise ... naturally in several branches of analysis ... . Their consideration provides simple and easy-to-use methods, which are applicable to a large number of diverse questions, and some new results ... .
    • Sur un nouveau genre de calcul, 1826
  • ... très souvent les lois particulières déduites par les physiciens d'un grand nombre d'observations ne sont pas rigoureuses, mais approchées.
    • ... very often the laws derived by physicists from a large number of observations are not rigorous, but approximate.
    • Augustin Louis Cauchy (1868). Sept leçons de physique. Bureau du Journal Les Mondes. p. 15. 

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