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I'm still the same person I've always been.

Britney Jean Spears (born 2 December 1981) is an American pop singer, dancer, and occasional actress.


  • I just want to say that um, I'm just really, really shocked at like how nice our world is because it's just so nice. Like oh my God! Like, the other day, like I was sitting there and I saw these magazines and they said I was pregnant, and like, it's so true. Like America, believe everything you read. Because, like, you're smart and I'm stupid. Like for real. Come on y'all.
Video source.
  • Carlson:  Give me the chronology of the kiss.  How did you decide to kiss Madonna?
    Spears:  Well, actually, in rehearsals, it wasn't something that was like, "Y'know, This is what we're gonna do.  Y'know."  It was just kinda like we play around a little bit and, um, she said during—before the performance, "Let's just feel it out and see what happens."  So I didn't know it was gonna be that long and everything, but it was cool.
  • I think I'm still clean living, you know?  That's something, when I—I don't go home and have orgies or anything like that.  I'm still the same person that I've always been.  So….
  • About shocking. You know I feel comfortable in my skin. I think it's an okay thing to express yourself.
  • Everyone now, they look back and they're like, "What happened to your sweet image that you used to be?" And I'm like, then when you came out you thought I was too provocative. It's like you can never win. No matter what you do, at the end of the day you can't please everybody, you know. I'm not here to please...
  • I think honestly if you can wait until you're married I think you should definitely do that, because it's so much more sacred. That you don't go around sleeping with people. But I mean, I really thought I was going to be with him for the rest of my life, I did.
  • The only person I do worry about, that I want to be a good person for, I think is my responsibility, is my sister. I'm going to be cool for you, okay. I like, I need to, I like being by myself right now. I think it's good for me.

Matt Lauer interview, MSNBC (14 June 2006)

  • I'm very, very blessed.  But my safety, my privacy, and my respect are three things that I feel like are trying to be taken away from me right now.  As a mother I have to speak up and say something. I have to speak up.
  • I think with anybody who's doing well in the public eye or whatever, there's always gonna be a shift because people don't wanna see somebody happy all the time.  And they're gonna try to take shots at people.
  • That driving incident, I did it with my dad.  I'd sit on his lap and I drive.  We're country.
  • Oh, I've wept.  Yeah, I've definitely wept just with the world, you know, how judgmental they are.  You know what, I know I'm a good mom.
  • There will be a "Oops 100."  They'll be plenty more oopses.  I'm not perfect.  I'm human.
  • You have babies at home.  And you have a life.  And if you don't, you have to realize that we're people and that we just need privacy and we need our respect.  And those are things that you have to have as a human being.
  • There's always a way.  Where there's a will there is a way.  You have to believe.
  • I'm so blessed with my baby.  And I want the most normal life possible for him.  And I'll manage, I will create that.

The X Factor, season 2 (2012)

  • Saying 'no' is so heartbreaking.



"...Baby One More Time"(1999)

  • My loneliness is killing me (and I)
    I must confess, I still Believe (still believe)
    When I'm not with you I lose my mind
    Give me a sign!
    Hit me Baby One More Time!
  • Sometimes I run
    Sometimes I hide
    Sometimes I'm Scared Of You

"Oops!...I did it again" (2000)

  • Oops!...I did it again
    I played with your heart
    got lost in the game
    Oh baby baby I did this to you please forgive baby

"In The Zone" (2003)

  • With a taste of your lips
    I'm on a ride
    You're toxic, I'm slipping under
    With a taste of a poison paradise
    I'm addicted to you
    Don't you know that you're toxic
  • Every time I try
    To fly, I fall.
    Without my wings,
    I feel so small.
  • Someday
    I will understand
    In God's whole plan
    And what He's done to me
    Oh, but maybe
    Someday I will breathe
    And I'll finally see
    I'll see it all in my baby
  • Every day
    The sun comes up again
    A little hope begins
    • "Every Day" (leaked 6 October 2011)

About Britney Spears

  • Yes, I've done Britney Spears, but don't blame me, okay?  I make her up and she just takes everything off and does her own thing.
    • Britt Bardo, Britney Spears' stylist [1] (January 2007).
  • Her song is called "Gimme More" for a reason: because all you people want is more, more, more, more, more!  Leave her alone!  You're lucky she even performed for you bastards!  Leave Britney alone!  Please![1]
    • Chris Crocker in a YouTube video blog entry responding to criticism of Spears's performance at the 2007 Video Music Awards [2] (September 2007).
  • Every time I look at that girl on television, I admire her, not because she's a celebrity—I don't admire her celebreality—I admire her because she's a child of God and doesn't know it.  I'm talkin' 'bout Britney Spears.  It breaks my heart.  Anna Nicole, it broke my heart.  You know, I knew what she was doing, I didn't like what she was doing, but I know she's a child of God, and I see people all the time, who have so much that don't know they have, so much beauty, inner beauty, and so much going for them that they don't know they're goin', but the Devil will take everything from you if you don't know who you are in Christ.
  • Watching Britney Spears the other night [on the MTV Video Music Awards] was like watching a public execution.  How could the people at MTV, the people around her, not know this girl was fucked up?  People came in expecting a train wreck, and they got more than they bargained for.
  • Britney’s been doing it since she was like 13.  It's kind of fair that she had a little bit of a meltdown.  I mean, she's been through a lot.  I think she's gonna be alright now.  She's an intelligent girl.
  • In the summer of 2021, the world was shocked to learn that Britney Spears had been forcibly inserted with a contraceptive IUD as part of her legal conservatorship, and that her father had control not only of her finances, but her performance schedule, access to her children, and ability to visit with her boyfriend. These are just some of the rights that are routinely stripped from people with mental illnesses and disabilities, and for those who lack the public visibility and privilege of someone like Spears, there is almost no recourse.
    • Devon Price ‘’Unmasking Autism: Discovering the New Faces of Neurodiversity’’
  • I don't think you can ever count somebody like her out.  Because she may appear one way, but she's very clever.
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