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Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales is an American series of computer animated short films or Cars Toons by Pixar.


  • If I am lying, I am crying.
  • You was there, too.

Rescue Squad Mater[edit]

Lightning McQueen: Mater, I cannot believe you were a fire truck.
Mater: Well, don't you remember? For Pete's sake, you was there, too.

Car #1: Look out, it's gonna blow!

Mater: Get him to hospital, fast! He's overheated!
Ambeline: On my way!

El Materdor[edit]

Lightning: Hey look, bulldozers.

Heavy Metal Mater[edit]

Lightning McQueen: You were Heavy Metal Mater?
Mater: No, we was Heavy Metal Mater.

Tokyo Mater[edit]

(U.F.M.) Unidentified Flying Mater[edit]

Monster Truck Mater[edit]

I-Screamer: I'm gonna make you scream!
[Mater shrieks, bell dongs and he hides himself]
I-Screamer: Huh? Where did he go?
Mater: [in child's voice] Excuse me, mister? Can I have one double dipped dipstick sundae please?
I-Screamer: Eh? Oh, sure. That's a very popular flavor. [Mater hooks him and gets spun around, laid upside]

[after Dr. Frankenwagon's monster shows up and comes alive]
Ring Announcer: IT'S ALIVE!!
Mater: I'm dead.

Mater the Greater[edit]

Moon Mater[edit]

Lightning McQueen: Whoa, check out that moon.

Mater Private Eye[edit]

Air Mater[edit]

Time Travel Mater[edit]

Lizzie: Good morning, race car. Morning, tow truck. Good morning, Stanley.
Lightning McQueen: So, Mater, when did Lizzie and Stanley meet?


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The Radiator Springs 500 ½[edit]

Lightning McQueen: You just insulted the wrong town. Looks like this leisurely drive just turned into A RACE.

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