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Cars 2 is a 2011 computer-animated film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, and is the sequel to the 2006 film, Cars. In the film, race car Lightning McQueen and tow truck Mater head to Japan and Europe to compete in the World Grand Prix, but Mater becomes sidetracked with international espionage.

Directed by John Lasseter, co-directed by Brad Lewis. Written by Ben Queen.
The mission begins. taglines


[Finn has infiltrated an oil platform to rescue Agent Leland Turbo and observes activity from high above]
Finn: [to himself] What are you up to now, Professor?
Professor Zündapp: [speaking to a platform worker lemon] This is valuable equipment. Make sure it is properly secured for the voyage.
Platform Worker: Got it.
Grem: Hey, Professor Z! This is one of those British spies that we told you about!
Acer: Yeah, this one we caught sticking to his bumper where it didn't belong!
Professor Z: Agent Leland Turbo. [Acer reveals Leland's crushed remains. Finn is shocked, but an oil fire puts him on a large shadow. He looks up to see who it is] It's Finn McMissile! [Finn starts shooting] He's seen the camera! KILL HIM!!!!

Grem: [laughs, thinking he killed Finn] He's dead, Professor.
Professor Z: Wunderbar! With Finn McMissile gone, who can stop us now?
[Scene switches to Mater]
Tow Mater: Mater. Tow Mater, that's who, is here to help ya! Hey, Otis!
Otis: Heh-hey, Mater. I, uh...Oh, gosh. I'm so sorry. I thought I could make it this time, but... [tries to start his engine, but can't.] Smooth like puddin', huh? [sighs] Who am I kidding? I'll always be a lemon.
Mater: Well, dad-gum, you're leaking oil again. Must be yer gaskets. Hey, but look on the bright side. This is yer 10th tow this month, so that means it's on the house.
Otis: You're the only one that's nice to lemons like me, Mater.
Mater: Hey, don't sweat it. Shoot, these things happen to everybody, Otis.
Otis: But you never leak oil!
Mater: Yeah, but I ain't perfect. Don't tell nobody, but I think my rust is trying to show through.

Mater: [whistles] I'll take 1 of them. Thank you. Never know which one McQueen will have a hankering for. Hey, whatcha got here that's free? How about that pistachio ice cream?
Sushi Chef: No, no. Wasabi.
Mater: Oh, same old, same old. What's up with you? [looks at the bucket of wasabi again] That looks delicious! [the chef takes a knife and sets a small piece of wasabi on a tray, then puts it on the counter] Uh, a little more, please? [the chef adds more wasabi] It is free, right? [the chef adds more] Keep it coming. A little more. Come on, let's go, it's free! You're getting there. Scoop, scoop! [the chef gives in and scoops out a baseball-sized serving of wasabi] There we go! Now, that's a scoop of ice cream!
Sushi Chef: [bowing and speaking in Japanese] My condolences.
Sir Miles Axlerod: And now our last competitor: Number 95, Lightning McQueen!
Lighting McQueen: Ka-chow! Thank you so much for having us, Sir Axlerod. I really look forward to racing. This is a great opportunity.
Miles Axlerod: Oh, the pleasure is all ours, Lightning. You and your team bring excellence and professionalism to this competition.
Mater: [Miles anf McQueen is shocked] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone get me water! Aah! Oh, sweet relief. Sweet relief. [Francesco laughs; speaks on the microphone] Whatever you do, do not eat the free pistachio ice cream. It has turned. [echoes]
McQueen: Sir Axlerod, I can explain. This is Mater.
Miles Axlerod: No, I know him. This is a bloke called in to the television show. You're the one I have to thank.
Mater: No, thank you. This trip has been amazing.
Miles Axlerod: [leaks oil and blames it on Mater, tells Mater off] Aah! He's a little excited, isn't he?
McQueen: Mater!
Mater: But wait, I...Oh, shoot.
McQueen: Mater.
Miles Axlerod: Has anyone got a towel?
McQueen: Mater, you have to get a hold of yourself, you're makin' a scene! (You ruined it!)
Mater: But I never leak oil. Never.
McQueen: Go take care of yourself right now!
[As Mater drives off, a forklift and Axlerod notice Lightning, who grins sheepishly]
Mater: Coming through. Excuse me. Leaking oil. Where's the bathroom. Thank you. I gotta go. Oh, er...Er... [accidentally enters the ladies room] Sorry, ladies.

McQueen: There you are. Where have you been?
Mater: What's a "rendezvous"?
Luigi: Er... It's like a date.
Mater: A date?
McQueen: Mater, what's going on?
Mater: Well, what's goin’ on is I got me a date tomorrow!
Guido: Non ci credo.
Luigi: Guido don't believe you.
Mater: Well, believe it. My new girlfriend just said so. [sees Holley and waves] Hey, there she is! Hey! Hey, lady! See you tomorrow!
Guido: Non ci credo.
Luig: Guido still don't believe you.

Grem: I got to admit: you tricked us real good.
Acer: And we don't like being tricked. [Rod chuckles] Hey! What's so funny?
Rod: Well, you know, I was just wearing a disguise. You guys are stuck looking like that. [Grem pushes a lever, turning the magnet off, and causing Rod to land on a small platform, where one of the lemons pushes a fuel tank of Allinol towards him.] Allinol? Thanks, fellas! I hear this stuff is good for you.
Zündapp: So you think. Allinol by itself is good for you. [presses a button, which causes some cylinders attached to the platform to turn Rod's rear tires and make whirring sounds as his status bar shows his speedometer going up] But after microscopic examination, I have found that it has one small weakness. When hit with an electromagnetic pulse, it becomes extremely dangerous.
Grem: [moves a camera forward] Smile for the camera.
Rod: Is that all you want? I got a whole act.
Zündapp: You were very interested in this camera on the oil platform. Now, you will witness what it really does.
Rod: Whatever you say, Professor.
Acer: [as a Pacer comes up with a TV screen showing a picture of Rod with a Japanese pink car while in disguise] You talked up a lot of cars last night. Which one's your associate?
Rod: Your mother. Oh, no, I'm sorry, it was your sister. You know, I can't tell them apart these days.
Grem: Could I start it now, Professor Z?
Zündapp: Go 50% power. [Grem then pushes a lever beneath the camera that causes the lens to light up and make whirring sounds, going to 50% power.] This camera is actually an electromagnetic pulse emitter.
Acer: [showing Rod a picture of him with Shigeko] What about her? Did you give it to her?
Zündapp: The Allinol is now heating to a boil, dramatically expanding, causing the engine block to crack under the stress, forcing oil into the combustion chamber. [While Zündapp is talking, Rod's engine is heard cracking, then the oil is heard flowing.]
Acer: [showing Rod a picture of him with a Japanese red Ferrari at a sushi stand] How about him?! Did you talk to him?
Rod: [as smoke gets emitted from his tailpipes] What do I care? I can replace an engine block?!
Zündapp: You may be able to, but after full impact of the pulse... [as Grem pushes the generator's lever to 75% power] unfortunately... there will be nothing to replace.
Acer: [showing Rod a picture of him with Mater in the bathroom] How about him? Does he have it? [Rod trembles upon seeing the image, which Zündapp then notices and looks at the picture.]
Zündapp: That's him. He's the 1.
Grem: Roger that, Professor Z.
Rod: No!
Zündapp: [through the telephone to the mastermind and their friend] Yes, sir. We believe the infiltrator has passed along sensitive information. [after the mastermind and their replied indistinctly] I will take care of it before any damage can be done. [hangs up] The project is still on schedule. You will find the second agent and kill him. [Zündapp then pushes the generator's lever to 100% power, which the screen then shows the picture of Rod and Mater, zooming in as a reflection of Rod is shown, shaking as the generator's electromagnetic pulse gets more powerful, before he finally explodes.]

[Cut in the screen shows a distant view of Mount Fuji and a Japanese tower while the World Grand Prix theme music begins playing and Brent Mustangburger starts talking, then it shows Okuni, Shigeko, and Tamiko on a small bridge near the Tokyo Imperial Palace, before showing the first World Grand Prix race, with Brent Mustangburger, Darrell Cartrip, and David Hobbscap commentating as the racers get fueled up and do a formation lap.]
Brent Mustangburger: Japan, land of the rising sun, where ancient tradition meets modern technology. Welcome to the inaugural running of the World Grand Prix. I'm Brent Mustangburger, here with racing legends Darrell Cartrip and David Hobbscap. There's never been a competition like this before. First, Allinol, making it's debut tonight as the required fuel for all these great champions. Second, the course itself, and it's like nothing we've ever seen before. David, how exactly does this competition work?
David Hobbscap: Well, Brent, all three of these street courses are classic round-the-house racetracks. [the camera shows the labeled in Japan, Italy and England] This means that the LMP and Formula cars should break out of the gate in spectacular fashion. Look for Francesco Bernoulli in particular to lead early. And with a series of technical turns throughout GT and Touring cars like Spain's Miguel Camino should make up some ground but I doubt it'll be enough to stop Francesco from absolutely running away with it.
Darrell Cartrip: Whoa, now just hold your horsepower. You're forgetting the most important factor here: that early dirt track section of the course! The dirt is supposed to be the great equalizer in this race.
Brent Mustangburger: French rally car Raoul ÇaRoule is counting on a big boost heading through there.
Darrell Cartrip: And don't forget Lightning McQueen! His mentor, the Hudson Hornet, was one of the greatest dirt track racers of all time. In my opinion, McQueen is the best all-around racer in this competition.
David Hobbscap: Really, Darrell, I think you need to clean your windshield. You're clearly not seeing this for what it is: Francesco's race to lose.
[The WGP Racers into the starting line]
Brent Mustangburger: It's time for find out. The racers are locking into the grid.
McQueen: [closes his eyes as a pre-race ritual] Speed. I am speed.
Francesco: [mocks McQueen] Really? [Lightning opens his eyes] You are speed? Then Francesco is triple speed. [closes his eyes] Francesco is triple speed. Oh-ho! Francesco likes this, McQueen. It's really getting him into the zone!
McQueen: [to himself] He is so getting beat today.

[McQueen, Francesco and Carla have finished the opening round of the WGP]
Photographer: Francesco!
Darrell Cartrip: Francesco, over here. Hey, what was your strategy today?
Francesco: Strategia?! Francesco needs-a no strategy, it’s very simple: You start the race, wait for Lightning McQueen to choke, pass him, then win. Francesco always-a wins, it’s a boring.
[McQueen rolls his eyes]
Darrell Cartrip: I gotta tell you dude, you were in trouble for awhile. That dirt track section had you crawling.
[McQueen notices Mater returning to the pits and sneaks off to go talk to him]
Francesco: To truly crush one's dream, you must first raise their hopes very high.

McQueen: [meets up with Mater in his pit garage] Mater!
Mater: Hey, McQueen! What happened, is the race over? You won, right?
McQueen: Mater, why were you yelling things at me while I was racing?
Mater: "Yelling"? Oh, you thought... [chuckles] Oh! That's funny right there. No, see, that's 'cause I've seen these two fellers doing some sort of karate street performance. It was nutso. One of 'em even had a flamethrower...
McQueen: [with worry and disbelief] "A flamethrower"? What are you talking about? I...I don't understand. Where were you?
Mater: Going to meet my date.
McQueen: [confused] Your date?
Mater: She started talkin' to me as a voice in my head, tellin' me where to go-
McQueen: WHAT?!
Mater: [noticing McQueen's angry glare] Wait a minute. I didn't screw ya up, did I?
McQueen: [angrily] I LOST THE RACE BECAUSE OF YOU!!!
Mater: [shocked] Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
McQueen: An imaginary girlfriend?! Flamethrowers?! You know, this is exactly why I don't bring you along to these things!
Mater: Maybe if I...oh, I don't know, talk to somebody, and explain what happened, I could help.
McQueen: I don't need your help! I don't want your help! [drives off, but is stopped by the paparazzi and Mater is upset]
Reporter 1: Hey, there he is!
Reporter 2: McQueen, you had it in the bag!
Reporter 3: Yeah, what happened?
McQueen: I made a mistake, but I can assure you, it won't happen again. [Mater drives over to the TV monitors] Look, guys, we know what the problem is, and we've taken care of it.
[Mater sadly drives away]
Brent Mustangburger: [on TV] Lightning McQueen loses in the last lap to Francesco Bernoulli in the first race of the World Grand Prix. And three, count em', three cars flamed out, leaving some to suggest that their fuel, Allinol, might be to blame.
Miles Axlerod: [interviewed] Allinol is safe! Alternative fuel is safe! There is no way my fuel caused these cars to flame out!
Darrell Cartrip: Well, the jury may still be out on whether Allinol caused these accidents, but one thing's for sure: Lightning McQueen blew this race!
Brent Mustangburger: Team McQueen can't be happy right now.

[Finn McMissile has found Tow Mater]
Finn: Come with me, please, sir.
Mater: But I'm gonna miss my plane.
Finn: Right this way.
Mater: Ah, doggone it. This is about my hook, ain't it? I know I should have checked it, but I can't, really. [as they go into the waiting room] Look. It's attached to me. [recognizing Finn] Hey, I know you. You’re that feller from the karate demonstration.
Finn: I never properly introduced myself. Finn McMissile, British intelligence.
Mater: Tow Mater, Average Intelligence.
Finn: Who are you with? FBI, CIA?
Mater: Let's just say I'm a triple AAA affiliated. Yeah, I know some karate. I don't want to brag or nuttin', but I got me a black fan belt. You wanna see some moves I made up?

[At Guido's home village in Italy, Uncle Topolino talks to Lightning McQueen about his recent tiff with Mater]
Uncle Topolino: There were even some non-Ferrari fights. So tell me them, va bene! It's okay to fight. Everybody fights now and then, especially best friends. But you gotta make up fast. No fight more important than friendship. Chi trova un'amico, trova un tesoro!
McQueen: What does that mean?
Mama Topolino: "Whoever finds a friend, finds treasure." Now manga, eat!

Stephenson: Finn, one hour to Porto Corsa.
Finn: [As Mater's siren light is fitted] Thank you, Stephenson.
Holley: Yeah, I think that should just about do it.
Finn: Perfect.
Holley: So, Mater, it's voice-activated. But, you know, everything's voice-activated these days.
Mater: What? I thought you was supposed to be makin' me a disguise.
Computer: Voice recognized. Disguise program initiated. [Changes Mater to look like Ivan]
Mater: [chuckles] Cool! Hey, computer, make me a German truck.
Computer: Request acknowledged. [Changes Mater to his normal self, wearing leiderhosen]
Mater: Check it out! I'm wearing Materhosen. Make me a monster truck!
Computer: Request acknowledged. [Changes Mater into a Count Dracula truck]
Mater: What the...? [snickers] I vant to siphon your gas! Ha-ha! Now make me a taco truck!
Computer: Request acknowledged. [Changes Mater into a taco truck; his horn plays "La Cucaracha"]
Mater: A funny car!
Computer: Request acknowledged. [Changes Mater into a yellow hot rod; he revs his engine]
Finn: [turns Mater back to normal] The idea is to keep a low profile, Mater.

[Lightning is missing Mater at the race in Italy as the racers gather at the finish line]
Francesco: [notices Lightning is sad] Francesco understands this, McQueen.
McQueen: Oh, great. Here it comes. What've you got, Francesco?
Francesco: For famous race cars like Francesco and,, to be far away from home, is not easy.
McQueen: [sarcastically] I think you forgot the insulting part of that insult.
Francesco: [emotionally] It's-a no insult! When Francesco is away from home, he misses his mama! Just like you miss your tow truck, amico!
McQueen: [impressed] Gee, I maybe misjudged you, because that's exactly how I-
Francesco: [smiling] Of course. I am home, and my mama is right here. [points and waves at a vintage Ferrari in the crowd who is smiling, blowing kisses and waving back] Mama! Don't worry, Mama! McQueen is very sad! I will beat his cry-baby bottom today!
McQueen: And there's the insult we were missing. Grazie!

[Axlerod, a.k.a. the Lemon Mastermind, assembles his cohorts during the penultimate WGP race]
Miles Axlerod: [in the deep voice] Welcome, everyone, I wish I could be with you on this very special day, clutch assembly broke. You know how it is.
Tubbs Pacer: Been there.
J. Curby Gremlin: Forget about it.
Vladimir Trunkov: We know how you feel.
Finn: Descramble that voice!
Holley: I'm trying. Oh, it's too sophisticated!
Miles Axlerod: We are here to celebrate. Today, all your hard work pays off. The world turned their backs on cars like us. They stopped manufacturing us, stopped making our parts. The only thing they haven't stopped doing is laughing at us. They've called us terrible names; jalopy, rust bucket, heap, clunker, junker, beater, wreck, rattletrap, lemon. But their insults just give us strength. Because today, my friends, that...all...ends!

Professor Z: Give it up, McMissile!

Holley: Mater, we've gotta get that bomb off you.
McQueen: Bomb?
Mater: Yeah, they strapped it to me to kill you as a backup plan.
McQueen: Backup plan? Mater, who put a bomb on you?
[Finn arrives with Professor Z strapped up]
Professor Z: [to Lightning] You! Why didn't my death ray kill you?
McQueen: [shocked and confused] Death ray?!
Finn: Turn off the bomb, Zündapp!
Professor Z: Are you all so dense? It's voice-activated. Everything is voice-activated these days.
Mater: Deactivate! Deactivate!
Bomb Computer: Voice denied.
Professor Z: Oops. Did I forget to mention it can only be disarmed by the one who activated it?
Holley: [pulls out her stun gun] Say it!
Prof. Z: [nonchalantly] Deactivate.
Bomb Computer: Voice denied.
Prof. Z: Oh. I'm not the one who activated it. Would anyone else like to try?
[Shiftwell zaps him]
Finn: You read my mind.
Holley: Ugh, he was getting on my nerves.

[At the WGP championships in London, Mater has delivered Lightning to Buckingham Palace and exposes the bomb attached to him with barely 2 minutes left on the clock, but showing it causes a massive scramble]
Finn: [arriving with Holley] Hold your fire! He can't disarm it! Mater, I don't know what you're doing, but stand down now!
Mater: This ain't nothin' at all like Radiator Springs.
McQueen: Mater, just cut to the chase.
Mater: Okay, it's him! [points to Axlerod]
Miles Axlerod: What? Me? You've got to be crazy.
Mater: I figured it out when I realized y'all attached this ticking-time bomb with Whitworth bolts. The same bolts that hold together that old British engine from the photograph. Holley, show that picture!
Holley: Okay. [shows the holographic photo of the mysterious hood engine]
Mater: And then I remembered what they said about old British engines! "If there ain't no oil under 'em, there ain't no oil in 'em!!"
Miles Axlerod: What is he talking about?
Mater: It was you leaking oil at the party in Japan. You just blamed it on me.
Axlerod: Electric cars don't use oil, you twit!
Mater: Then you're fakin' it. You didn't convert to no electricity. [Axlerod realizes that he knows the truth, then backs away] When we pop that hood, we're gonna see that engine from that picture right there.
Miles Axlerod: [panicking] This lorry's crazy! He's gonna kill us all! [backs up to the edge of the stage] Stay away!
Holley: But Sir Axlerod created the race, Mater. Why would he want to hurt anyone?
Mater: To make Allinol look bad so everybody would go back to using oil. I mean, he said it himself with that disguised voice.
Miles Axlerod: "Disguised voice"? What are you talking about?! You're nuts, you are!
Prince Wheeliam: This is going nowhere fast. We really should go, Grandmother.
The Queen: One moment. I'd like to see where this is going.
[The bomb's countdown is at 29 seconds]
Finn: Mater, he created Allinol.
Mater: Yeah, but what if he found that huge oil field just as the world was trying to find something else? What if he came up with Allinol just to make alternative fuel look bad?
Miles Axlerod: "What if"?! You're basing this on a "what if"?
Security Guard: Okay, that's it! Lads, clear out!
[The guard evacuates, followed by the Queen and the spectators]
Axlerod: Wait, somebody save me! The lorry's crazy! Keep away, you idiot!
Finn: Mater!
Holley: Mater!
Axlerod: Someone, do something!
Car in Crowd: [alarmed] Drive away!
[Mater stands his ground, glaring at Axlerod, while everyone braces for the explosion]
Axlerod: YOU'RE INSANE, YOU ARE! [the bomb counts down at 3 seconds, but at the last moment...] DEACTIVATE!!!!
[...The bomb's countdown stops at 00:01, then shows the words "Voice Accepted"]
Bomb Computer: Bomb deactivated. Have a nice day, Sir Axlerod.
[Mater smiles in satisfaction. The police cruisers surround a shocked Axlerod, as Mater pops open his hood, revealing the mysterious V8 engine]
Finn: The engine from the photo.
Holley: It's a perfect match. [compares the image]
Miles Axlerod: [still shocked] How did the tow truck figure it out? [getting escorted away by the police cruisers]
McQueen: [to Mater] It's official, you're coming to all my races from now on.
Mater: Now you're talkin'!
[They bump tires]

Queen: We hereby dub thee Sir Tow Mater.
[Crowd cheers]
Mater: Sir? Shoot, you can just call me Mater, Your Majesty. I don't wanna hear none of this "sir" business. By the way, have y'all met each other? Queen, McQueen. McQueen, Queen. McQueen, McMissile. McMissile, McQueen. Queen, McMissile.

Mater: So there we was, my rocket jets goin’ full blast, McQueen hangin’ on for dear life when suddenly them two nasty lemons come out of nowheres, guns drawed. We was goners. But then, out of nowhere this beautiful spy car swoops in from the sky to save us!
Minny: That's a very entertaining story, young man.
Van: Oh, Minny, please. Come on! None of this happened! Rocket jets, flying spy cars...
[Holley and Finn suddenly arrive]
Holley: No, you're quite right! It does sound a bit far-fetched.
Mater: Holley! What are you doin' here?
Holley: Hello, Mater! It's so good to see you again.
Mater: Finn!
Finn: Our satellites picked up an urgent communiqué.
Luigi: So you got-a my email.
Mater: Oh, man. Y'all is gon’ have a great time! Everybody, this here's Finn McMissile. He's a secret agent! Don't tell nobody! And this is Holley Shiftwell. She's...
Holley: I'm Mater's girlfriend. It's so nice to meet you all.
[Guido's jaw drops, his forks hit the ground]
Luigi: Guido believe you now.

McQueen: You know, there's one thing I still don't get. The bad guys hit me with the beam from the camera, right? So, why didn't I, you know...
Mater: Explode in a fiery inferno?
McQueen: Yeah.
Finn: We couldn't figure that one out, either.
Holley: Our investigation proved that Allinol was actually gasoline and Axlerod engineered it so that when it got hit by the beam, it would explode.
McQueen: Wait a second, Fillmore. You said my fuel was safe!
[Everyone turns and stares at Fillmore]
Fillmore: If you're implying that I switched out that rot-gut excuse for alternative fuel with my all-natural, sustainable, organic biofuel just because I never trusted Axlerod, you're dead wrong, man! It was him! [points to Sarge]
Sarge: Once big oil, always big oil... man.
Fillmore: Tree-hugger.


  • Fuel the love.
  • Spy it only in theaters June 24, 2011.
  • The mission begins.
  • From the creators of Toy Story 3.
  • Original score composed by Michael Giacchino.
  • They're not just racing around the world, they're racing to save the world.

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