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Toy Story 3 is a 2010 animated film. It is about the toys making their way to a daycare center while Andy is about to go to college, and is the third film of the Toy Story series.

Directed by Lee Unkrich. Produced by Darla K. Anderson. Screenplay by Michael Arndt. Story by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich.


  • [sees Woody in pile of toys he will give away to Bonnie] Now Woody... he's been my pal as long as I can remember. He's brave, like a cowboy should be, and kind and smart. But the thing that makes Woody special is that he'll never give up on you. Ever. He'll be there for you, no matter what. You think you can take care of him for me? [Bonnie nods] Okay. [gives Woody to Bonnie, who smiles and hugs Woody]


[Woody intercepts One-Eyed Bart on the train]
Woody: [approaches One Eyed Bart and puts his boot on his face] You got a date with justice, One Eyed Bart.
Mr. Potato Head: Too bad, sheriff. I'm a married man.
Woody: [gasps and sees Mrs. Potato Head aka One Eyed Betty] One Eyed Betty?
Mrs. Potato Head: Hyah! HA! [starts swinging her purse at Woody]
Woody: [starts backing up to the end of the train then almost falls] Whoa!
Mrs. Potato Head: HYAH! [knocks Woody off]
Woody: [screams]
Mr. Potato Head: [laughs evilly then frowns]
Jessie: [riding Bullseye with Woody] I think you dropped something, mister!
Mr. Potato Head: Jessie?!
Woody: Give it up, Bart! You've reached the end of the line!
Mr. Potato Head: I've always wanted to go out with a bang! [holds a switch to arm a bomb on the tracks]

[The toys are on their way to Sunnyside Daycare; Woody tries to convince them to return with him to Andy's]
Woody: Okay, guys. We can make it back to Andy's, but we gotta move fast. We'll hide under the seats until we get back home.
Mr. Potato Head: Get it through your vinyl noggin, Woody! Andy doesn't want us anymore.
Woody: He was putting you IN THE ATTIC!
Jessie: He left us on the curb!
Buzz: All right, calm down! Both of you!
Woody: Okay. Fine. Fine. Just wait'll you see what daycare's like.
Rex: Why? What's it like?
Woody: Day care is a sad, lonely place for washed up old toys who have no owners.
[Barbie wails again]
Hamm: Quite the charmer, aren't ya?
Woody: Oh, you'll see. As soon as we get to day care, you'll be beggin' to go home!

[Lotso's gang hangs out inside a vending machine]
Ken: Hey, what do you guys think of the new recruits? Any keepers?
Stretch: Oh, please. Landfill? [laughs]
Ken: Cowgirl? Dinosaur?
Twitch: Toddler fodder.
Ken: What about that space guy? He could be useful.
Chunk: He ain't the sharpest knife in the place where they keep the knives.
Sparks: Neither are you, Chunk. [they all laugh again]
Twitch: You got a little keeper yourself, didn't ya, Ken?
Ken: Hey, lay off, Twitch. Barbie's different.
Stretch: Aww, Mr. Softy over here.
Chunk: What do you expect from a girl's toy?
Ken: I'm not a girl's toy! I'm not! Why do you guys keep saying that?
Twitch: Ah, all them toys are disposable. We'll be lucky if they last us a week.

[Chuckles explains his story about Lotso to Woody]
Chuckles: Yeah, I knew Lotso. He was a good toy, a friend. Me and him, we had the same kid: Daisy. I was there when Lotso got unwrapped. Daisy loved us all. But Lotso was special. They did everything together. You've never seen a kid and a toy more in love. One day we took a drive. Hit a rest stop. Had a little playtime. After lunch, Daisy fell asleep. She never came back. Lotso wouldn't give up. It took forever but we finally made it back to Daisy's. But by then, it was too late. Something changed that day inside Lotso. Something snapped. [remembers flashback]
Lotso: She replaced us. Come on.
Chuckles: No. She only replaced you.
Lotso: [turns to Chuckles threateningly] She replaced all of us! Didn't she?! [grabs Big Baby as he cries and tries to get to the window] She don't love you no more! [rips off Big Baby's name tag and throws it] Now, come on!
Chuckles: [narrates] We were lost. Cast off, unloved, unwanted. Then we found Sunnyside. But Lotso wasn't my friend anymore. [back to the present] He wasn't anyone's friend. He took over Sunnyside and rigged the whole system.
Woody: So how'd you get out?
Chuckles: I got broke. Bonnie found me, took me home. Other toys weren't so lucky. It ain't right what Lotso done. New toys, they don't stand a chance.

[the Chatter Telephone rings; Woody picks up his receiver]
Woody: Hello?
Chatter Telephone: You shouldn't have come back, cowboy. They've cracked down hard since you left - more guards, more patrols... You and your friends ain't ever gettin' out of here now.
Woody: I made it out once.
Telephone: You got lucky once. Want my advice? Keep your heads down. You'll survive.
Woody: Yeah, for how long?
Telephone: I've been here years; they'll never break me. There's only one way toys leave this place. [Both see the janitor dropping a broken toy train down the trash chute] Poor fella. Trash truck comes at dawn, then it's off to the dump.
Woody: Look, I appreciate your concern, old-timer, but we have a kid waiting for us. Now we're leaving. If you'd help us, one toy to another, I'd sure be grateful.
Telephone: [sighs] Well... if you're gonna get out, first things you're gonna get through is the doors. Locked every night, inside and out, keys are left on a hook in the office.
Woody: Got it. What else?
Telephone: Lotso has trucks patrolling all night long. Hallway, lobby, playground...
Woody: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but what about the wall?
Telephone: Eight feet high, cinder block - no way through it. You go over, or under.
Woody: That's it? It doesn't seem so bad.
Telephone: It's not. Your real problem's the Monkey. The Monkey's the eye in the sky. He sees everything... classrooms, hallways, even the playground. You can unlock doors, sneak past guards, climb the wall - but if you don't take out that Monkey, you ain't goin' nowhere. You wanna get outta here? GET RID OF THAT MONKEY!

[Lotso and his gang are about to push Woody and his friends into the dumpster; all the while the garbage truck is halfway there]
Lotso: I didn't throw you away. Your kid did. Ain't one kid ever loved a toy, really. Chew on that when you're at the dump. [turns away and starts to walk off]
Woody: Wait! What about Daisy?
Lotso: [stops with an angry look behind] I don't know what you're talkin' about.
Woody: Daisy? You used to do everything with her?
Lotso: Yeah. Then she threw us out.
Woody: No. She lost you!
Lotso: She replaced us!
Woody: She replaced you! And if you couldn't have her, then no one could! You lied to Big Baby, and you've been lyin' ever since! [holds up Big Baby's "Daisy" nametag]
Lotso: [sees the nametag and is stunned with anger] Where'd you get that? He's gone.
Woody: She loved you, Lotso.
Lotso: She never loved me!
Woody: As much as any kid ever loved a toy. [tosses the tag across the dumpster; Big Baby picks it up]
Big Baby: Mama...
Lotso: [snatches the tag] What?! You want your mommy back? She never loved you! Don't be such a baby! [crushes it with his cane] Push 'em in! All of 'em! [Stretch hesitantly starts to push Woody and his friends in the dumpster] This is what happens when you dummies try to think! We're all just trash, waitin' to be thrown away! That's all a toy is. [Big Baby suddenly lifts him up; his cane drops out of his paws] Hey! Stop it! Put me down you idiot! [Big Baby throws him into the dumpster] No! Wait a minute! Big Baby, wait! [Big Baby slams the lid]
Rex: He's gone!
Mr. Potato Head: Holy cow!

About Toy Story 3[edit]

  • I spent probably the first year,” he recalls, “feeling sick to my stomach every morning from the stress of the responsibility I had. Not only was I directing the next Pixar film after an unbroken series of 10 hits, but I was also directing a sequel to two of the most beloved films of all time. I didn’t want to disappoint anybody; I didn’t want to be seen as the person who made the bad sequel to the great Toy Story films.
  • But, ultimately, I think pressure is a good thing. I call it fear-based filmmaking, and it drove me and everybody working on the movie to do their absolute best work.
  • Frankly, we wanted to see how Woody and the others would deal with that inevitable day of Andy outgrowing them. That’s what started the journey that we went on in telling this story.” And that, it seems, is what makes watching the movie so affecting for so many grown-ups.
  • Disney ended up using the idea of Toy Story 3 as kind of a bargaining chip, and, unfortunately, they started making their own version against our wishes.
  • Pixar hasn’t really had many dark times in its history, but that was probably the darkest time when their version of Toy Story 3 was being made because these were our characters, these were our children and they had been kind of taken away from us. No one was happy about it.
Fortunately, that alternate version of the future never came to be because [current Disney president] Bob Iger took over, and one of his first orders of business was to negotiate and ultimately purchase Pixar, which finally freed us up to make our own version of Toy Story 3.
  • We had to be able to animate them so that they felt like flesh and blood, but most importantly you had to believe that they had souls behind their eyes.
  • Lee Unrich [1]
  • I'm flattered that people ask about it—it reminds me how much people love the characters, but it was really important to me with this film that we not just create another sequel, that it not just be another appendage coming off of the other two.
  • Lee Unrich Scott, Mike (May 18, 2010). "The Pixar way: With 'Toy Story 3' continuing the studio's success, one must ask: How do they do it?". The Times-Picayune.


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