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Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000-2001) is an American animated science fiction/adventure/comedy series produced by Walt Disney Television, which follows the adventures of space ranger Buzz Lightyear, who first appeared in Toy Story.


Sarge: V.H.S, this is Beta! We've got the package. We're comin' home!
Rex: Hey, everybody! It's here! It's here!
Woody: It's here? Well, it's about time!
Rex: Aah! It's the new action-packed Buzz Lightyear movie!


The Torque Armada [1.1][edit]

Narrator: Calling Buzz Lightyear! The galaxy's greatest hero! Skilled, courageous, and ever-vigilant. Leaping into action, Buzz Lightyear hurdles to the rescue! His ongoing mission: To protect the universe from the dark forces of evil. These are the adventures of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command!
[The rest of the intro sequence plays with clips from various episodes of the show.]
Buzz: To infinity and beyond!
[The episode begins with a far shot of the criminal capital of the Gamma Quadrant, Tradeworld in a backdrop of space. We then shift over to Tradeworld itself where we find XR and Booster descending into the city using their jetpacks slowly. Brent Starkisser is seen on a screen.]
XR: Tradeworld. The criminal capital of the Gamma Quadrant. This place is dangerous, Booster, so here's the plan: you watch my back, I'll watch yours. [realizes something] Come to think of it, your back's pretty big. It's a lot to watch. New plan! We both watch my back! [They land in front of a bar called "The Black Hole".] This is it, Booster, the Black Hole. And the patrons here, by the way, are truly, the "creme de la scum".
Booster: [anxiously] Okay. Okay. Identify and apprehend. Identify and apprehend.
[He opens his wrist communicator to reveal a hologram of a villainous multi-limbed alien criminal named Torque in his Mission Log.]
Mission Log: Suspect: Torque. Wanted in all 50 Sectors. For terrorism, smuggling, arson, unpaid parking tickets.
[After receiving the news on Torque and his crimes, Booster closes his communicator and braces himself for the mission to capture the multi-eyed alien.]
Booster: Okay. I'm ready.
XR: Now, listen to me. Let's scope out the clientele. Listen to me carefully. Watch what I do, watch what I say. [puts his hand on his chest] Take the time to soak up the atmosphere, as it were. Now, that's an interesting concept, if you- Booster? [He then looks around, discovering that Booster has already went to confront Torque.] Booster! I said "soak"! Didn't I say "soak"?
[Making his way towards Torque, Booster jostles and bumps into various complaining patrons.]
Patron 1: Hey! Urgh! Ugh! What's the big idea?!
Patron 2: You big oaf!
Patron 3: Play with the-!
Patron 4: Hey, watch it!
Patron 5: Watch out!
Patron 6: Ow!
XR: [enters the Black Hole bar] Booster!
Patron 7: Alright!
XR: [makes his way through the grumbling patrons, who although annoyed again, don't say a word.] Boost- oh, pardon me. Was that a foot? Booster!
Booster: [arrives to the lone table] Mr. Torque! [Torque looks up at him with an unimpressed look.] Pursuant to the authority of Star Command, I hereby place you under arrest! Get up!
Torque: [does so, then pulls out his blaster and points it at the Jo-Adian.] What's the matter, Tiny? You can't say "please"?
Booster: [sweatdrops, angrily] Drop it! [nervously] Please?
Torque: Too late! Ha-ha! I'm miffed. [smirks]
XR: [catches up to Booster, but doesn't notice Torque yet] Well, here you are. It's about time. See? Now you didn't soak. I said "soak", and you didn't soak. No! You marched right up to- [sees Torque and yelps] gyah! [lowers voice] Did you tell him to drop the weapon? [Booster sighs and nods "yes", causing the robot Ranger to lower his voice further.] Well, a "please" ought to do it. [to Torque, normal voice] Well! I think you'd better do what my rather immense colleague says.
Torque: No go, Chips-for-Brains. I'm not afraid of Space Rangers.
Male Voice (Buzz): Maybe you should be.
[Taken by surprise, Torque looks around for the source of the voice he just heard. The patrons clear the area, leaving one mysterious figure in a cloak holding a drink in hand, shaking the purple liquid almost nonchalantly. Torque prepares himself, but then, the figure jumps back suddenly and then takes his battered coat off to reveal himself as none other than the legendary Space Ranger and captain of Star Command, Buzz Lightyear as he fires his laser at Torque, forcing the blaster off his hand before he could react and fire, as he yelps in shock and surprise.]
Buzz: You lose, lawbreaker. [makes his way towards Torque]
Smeego: [sticks his head out from the crowd briefly] Buzz Lightyear?! [quickly darts down and hides behind the other patrons]
Buzz: [stops before Torque, who has his hands up in the air as the former places his own hands on his hips.] Yes, the long arm of the law reaches even into a cesspool like this. [grins] Let's go, Torque.
Torque: [grins evilly and then reveals his other two arms from beneath his jacket, both containing another set of blasters.] 'Fraid not, Buzz-Boy!
[Buzz, Booster and XR immediately jump back as Torque begins to open rapid fire, laughing evilly.]
Buzz: [takes cover behind a round table] Multi-limbed aliens. Hate 'em!
[Booster yells as he runs from Torque's blasts. Frightened patrons also try to take cover wherever they can, using tables and chairs to shield themselves from the blasts from Torque's blasters. XR narrowly escapes from one close blast. Buzz tries to get a clear shot at Torque with his laser, but the latter avoids the Ranger's fire and ducks behind the counter, continuing his rapid fire while peering up. One patron tries to hide behind a chair, but three shots from Torque's guns break it and he escapes from the Black Hole, screaming. XR fires at torque with a Star Command shotgun, but misses his target as his fire hits another table where another patron is hiding. Another patron ducks from XR's blasts while his eye stalks part from his eyeballs before reconnecting. Booster joins XR in firing at Torque together, only to miss completely as their fire bounce of the counter and right back at them, forcing them to retreat while dropping their weapons, which disintegrate upon being hit by a blast. XR then sees a skylight in the ceiling, and extends his hand to grip the railing to hoist himself up. As Buzz had just exposed himself earlier, a purple thug criminal takes aim at him from behind as he focuses on Torque, unaware of the fact that someone else is targeting him.]
Purple Thug: Say "bye", Buzz! [Mira suddenly appears behind him and takes the gun away from him.] Huh?!
Mira: [aims the gun at him while smiling] Say "hi, Mira". [The thug and nearby patrons flee as she enters the battlefield by passing wholly through the wall using her Tangean ghosting powers.] Anybody here need any backup?
Buzz: [waves gratefully to her] Well done, Ranger. [leaps out of the way as one of Torque's blasts hits the table, destroying it.]
Torque: [continues to fire non-stop, gloating while unaware of XR being above him.] I heard Space Rangers are tough! Hahaha! Guess I heard wrong! [yells as an electrified net comes down on him by XR, who pressed a button on his chassis to drop the net, trapping him.]
Booster: [grunts as he grabs the counter and tears it off, lifting it up his head to expose Torque completely.] This time, I mean it, Torque! You are under arrest.
Buzz: What do you think of Space Rangers now, smart guy?
Torque: [grumbling in defeat] Ugh, yeah, right... [The scene changes to find Star Cruiser 42 flying back to Star Command with him imprisoned behind the ship's holding cell. He then starts to mock Buzz as he is peacefully making a sandwich.] Hey, Lightyear! How many Space Rangers does it take to change a lighting filament? A hundred. One to hold the filament and 99 to turn the Star Cruiser! [His mocking annoys Buzz, who crushes the sandwich with his hand and then walks over to his cell to shut him up.] Oh, here's a good one! Three Space Rangers walk into a-
Buzz: Not that I care one iota what you say, but you're really pushing me.
Torque: Let's go, right here, right now!
Buzz: I have nothin' to prove to you! [walks off, then darts back] But I could take you down with one hand tied behind my suit.
Torque: You wanna step outside and say that?
Buzz: Anytime, punk.
Mira: [through speaker, interrupting the two] Buzz, we're entering Star Command.
[Star Command is seen up ahead, then the scene changes to inside the space station itself, where we find Booster and XR walking down the dock after having disembarked. They then encounter two Star Command Guard-Bots.]
XR: [darts between Booster and a Guard-Bot] Whoahohohohoho, 'scuse me, pal. But, uh, be a little careful here. You see, when-when these Guard-Bots are on duty they permit no interference. Am I right? [pats the Guard-Bot's arm, which automatically smacks him and sends him bouncing around the docking bay's railing, yelling, before he eventually rolls to a stop before Booster's feet. He grumbles at the Guard-Bot for this.] Don't look so smug, Muscles. [The Guard-Bot frowns at him in annoyance as he rights himself.] I've seen your specs. You've got a brain chip the size of a dust-mite.
[Three more Guard-Bots emerge from the ship, escorting a chained Torque to a prison ship while he struggles against his bonds.]
Torque: [grunting] Easy on the creases, Robo.
Buzz: [waving mockingly at Torque] Don't forget to write!
Torque: [looking back at Buzz in anger] You haven't seen the last of me, Buzz-cut!
Buzz: No? Well, the first of you is bad enough! Heh, that got him.
XR: [rolls up to Buzz eagerly] So, what's next on the agenda, Skipper? Patrolling for interstellar pirates? Restoring peace to a war-torn planet?! [Next scene, we find him and the rest of Team Lightyear drifting in space, with the rookies scowling because they are assigned by Buzz himself to check safety buoys on another part of the galaxy called "Tanker Alley".] Checking safety buoys on Tanker Alley? Come on!
Mira: Uh, not that I feel like I'm above a routine assignment, it's just that, hello? Boring!
Buzz: [places his hands on his hips, unamused of his teammates' complaints] Boring, is it? Who here knows what happens to crystallic fusion fuel upon impact?
XR: It explodes! Big, huge, mega blow-ups! Scour the ceramic polymers right off a poor robot!
Buzz: Exactly. And what do the tankers travelling Tanker Alley carry?
Booster: [excitedly hops up and down, waving his arm] Oh, me, me, me! I know this one! Oh, oh, oh!
Mira: [dejectedly] Crystallic fusion fuel.
Booster: [lowers hand with his ears drooping] Oh.
Buzz: That's why safety is job one here on Tanker Alley. Sure, this may not be a glamorous assignment, but "safe space ways save lives".
[Suddenly, a tanker speeds by blaring its horn.]
XR: Whoa! [loses balance and spins around]
Buzz: [rights himself] Good example. Watch this. [He points to the tanker, which drifts towards a set of buoys, which spark with red electricity and bounce against its hull, changing it's course to drift elsewhere.] The buoys set up an electrified barrier which stops the pilotless tankers from escaping Tanker Alley and posing a threat to other traffic. So, ready to commence safety inspections, Rangers?
XR: [in bored tone] You're the boss.
Mira: [likewise] Whatever.
Buzz: That's the spirit.
Booster: [pumps fist into the air excitedly] Let's go! Show me the buoys!
[Mira and XR stare at him while Buzz offers a crooked, but pleased smile at his enthusiasm. Meanwhile, a prisoner transport ship is flying through space towards the prison planet. Various prisoners are seen shackled inside with five Star Command Guard-Bots patrolling the vessel, three at the helm, two patrolling the aisle. All sorts of non-humans are shackled at the ankles, as well as some familiar faces. Torque and Smeego to be exact.]
Smeego: [turns to Torque] Torque! H-h-hey, what a coincidence! [Torque glares at him in annoyance.] They picked me up on a bogus charge. It'll never stick. But, I like-
Torque: [interrupting] Keep your little yapper clipped, Flea Boy.
Smeego: Sure. Yeah. You got it. No problem. I hear ya. [Suddenly, they hear a crash, which shakes the ship.] Hey! W-W-What was that?!
Torque: Ambush.
[The Guard-Bots ready their weapons to deal with the intruders. The prison door is shot down by green laser blasts, revealing that the intruders breaking into the prisoner ship are none other than Zurg's Hornets! The Hornets continue shooting as they enter.]
Smeego: Zurg's Hornets!
[The Guard-Bots shoot at the Hornets to counterattack the invading forces. Torque and the other prisoners witness the Guard-Bots successfully destroy the first wave, but then a second wave emerges. The Guard-Bots continue their counterattack, but the Hornets bring them all down. Torque struggles against his bonds to break free. The Guard-Bot piloting the prisoner ship readies its weapons, but the Hornets shoot it down before it can open fire. As they make their way towards Torque and Smeego, one Hornet changes its cannon for another piece of equipment.]
Smeego: [cowers and tries to look inconspicuous] Don't hurt me! I-I-I'm nobody! I'm nothin'!
[The Hornet approaches Torque and fires at his bonds, freeing the multi-limbed alien criminal, who is stunned at first, but is then excited as he gets up and grabs the Hornet's shoulders.]
Torque: Way to pop the targets, sweetheart!
[The Hornets lead him away to Planet Z, where Evil Emperor Zurg is waiting.]
Smeego: [sticks his head up again] Hey! Don't leave me! I-I've got connections! I'm somebody!
[The scene changes to Planet Z itself, showing one of the structures to be none other than Zurg's Fortress. Inside, Brain Pods and Grubs are hard at work as usual while Torque, accompanied by the Hornets that broke him out of prison, begins to protest as they come to a stop before Emperor Zurg himself, who is in front of his throne.]
Torque: Hey! Back off! Scaboo, baby! Scram!
[A claw suddenly grabs him in the head and places him on a slab that rises from the center of the floor and straps him there, tightly. He struggles to break himself free as a diabolical looking evil machine with a pointed tip on it descends upon him, stopping just short of being inches away from his chest. Zurg approaches him, pleased with this turn of events.]
Zurg: Welcome to my little Funhouse! I'd give you the full tour, but we're a bit pressed for time.
Torque: [unamused, but puts on a face of interest for the Evil Emperor] Hey, what a pad, baby! To what do I owe the honor, Emperor Z?
Zurg: As a matter of fact, I have plans for you, Big plans!
Torque: [sweatdrops nervously in fear as he tries to decline with his usual sass] Sorry, gotta pass. Dad's card's full.
Zurg: [grabs Torque by the collar, dragging both him and the slab close to him as his voice and temper rise] I refuse to accept no for an answer! [releases Torque and pushes the slab back into place and waves a hand at him nonchalantly] It's one of the perks of being an Evil Emperor. That and all the popcorn shrimp you can eat.
[He clasps his hands in delight of the prospect of popcorn shrimp. Torque struggles against his bonds again, getting angrier by the second.]
Torque: [grunting angrily] Let me go!
Zurg: [sticks his hand out at Torque] Don't bother! [points at the bonds] Those bonds are an unbreakable alloy! My Grubs' latest invention. [to his Grubs on the lower floor] Good work, Grubs!
Grubs: Ooh, thank you, Evil Emperor Zurg!
Zurg: [lowering his voice as he leans closer to Torque] I'm trying to praise them more. My... management consultant says it'll boost productivity. [He then stands back and raises his voice as the Grubs below begin to fiddle with some control settings.] You are about to receive some amazing powers: powers that will enable you to defeat... Buzz Lightyear!
[Torque finally warms up to this and grins.]
Torque: Well, why didn't you say so? Drop the hammer, sweethearts!
[The machine above his head begins to spark with a dangerous-looking neon electricity as Zurg begins to exit the room. It also emits a loud hissing sound that makes it hard to speak over.]
Zurg: By the way, did I mention that this will be incredibly painful?
Torque: Say what?
Zurg: [chuckles as he leaves through the sliding doors] Never mind! Not important.
[The sliding doors close. Suddenly, Torque is then heard screaming in pain as a green light gleams through the cracks. The screen then cuts to black. The scene changes to Tanker Alley, where Team Lightyear is hard at work repairing the buoys. Buzz is repairing one of the buoys as a Tanker drifts by him as he removes useless parts with a tired expression on his face. We then find Mira doing her repairs on another buoy by ghosting her hands through it and going by feel. The buoy then activates, making her smile in delight. Booster and XR are then seen working on a third buoy together as the Jo-Adian dusts off the buoy and XR presses the button to turn it on, which, strangely, doesn't activate, causing the robot Ranger to keep pressing the button until Booster stops him by shaking his hand at him and attempts to fix it with a few shakes, only to break the top part off, causing the two to panic as they try to repair it, but XR then exclaims as he sees Buzz approaching, forcing him to act as the top part of the buoy so Buzz doesn't see it broken while Booster hides the part behind his back as he waves back at Buzz. Buzz, meanwhile, begins to work on another buoy, but he is then interrupted by a boisterous and mocking voice of another Space Ranger from behind him. His name is Rocket Crockett.]
Rocket Crockett: Lightyear! Buddy! I see you've finally got an assignment worthy of your skills.
Buzz: [annoyed] Eh, what brings you out here, Crockett? Need me to save your hide again?
[He removes a useless part from the buoy as Rocket laughs and slaps his knee, then smirks smugly as he draws close to Buzz.]
Rocket: Actually, I thought it might interest you to know that Torque's transport was ambushed by Hornets. He escaped.
[This news shocks Buzz.]
Buzz: What?! How could they-?! [groans] Argh! [to his team] Let's go, team! We've got a mission.
[Mira, Booster and XR turn and straighten, but Rocket arrogantly interrupts Buzz.]
Rocket: Not so fast, Ace. I've got a mission. You get to stay out here and direct traffic. [He activates his jetpack and flies back up to his Star Cruiser.] Keep up the good work, kids! Maybe you'll be promoted to crossing guards.
[Team Lightyear look on in annoyance as Rocket flies off, laughing. Buzz is more angry than the others, however.]
Booster: Huh! Shows you how much he knows, right, Buzz? This may not be a glamorous assignment, but "Safe space w-"!
[As he speaks, Buzz angrily grinds his teeth together and growls with his voice rising steadily in frustration. Mira and XR take notice of this and XR hastens to get Booster out of there before Buzz gets any angrier.]
XR: [pushing Booster away] We'll just be over here.
[He activates his jetpack to fly them a little further away to avoid provoking Buzz any further.]
Booster: What?
[Worried for Buzz, Mira files over to him to talk with him as he rests against a buoy, still fuming.]
Mira: [concerned] You okay?
Buzz: Oh, fine. Perfect. Never better. Why you ask?
Mira: You know, Buzz, it wouldn't hurt you to open up. Admit it. You'd rather be tracking down Torque than doing road-side service.
[Hearing that, Buzz knows that Mira's right, but turns back to her with a determined look on his face.]
Buzz: Listen up and listen good. When duty calls, a Ranger answers. No questions, no complaints.
[He turns back and floats away, but Mira smirks knowingly and smugly crosses her arms.]
Mira: [smugly] And Torque's escape?
[This makes Buzz's frustration boil over as he cracks and shouts while gesticulating wildly as he paces around the buoy.]
Buzz: [yelling] It's got Zurg's fingerprints all over it! Ugh! I can't believe that Rocket Crockett is out there chasing space scum while I'm stuck in a lower-ended any-flunky-space-rookie-one-day-out-of-the-Academy-can-do-in-his-sleep assignment!
[Booster and XR exchange looks at Buzz's frustration tirade, but Mira is still smirking smugly at the captain of Star Command.]
Mira: [still smug] That's pretty open.
Buzz: [sighs with his shoulders sagging as he deflates] Thank you.
[Meanwhile, back on Planet Z, Zurg is using a joystick to control a machine above him that fires green rays at a prisoner, who scampers everywhere to dodge the blasts. The doors slide open to let Torque and two Hornets enter the room. Zurg sees them and tosses the joystick aside.]
Zurg: Exercise time for the prisoner is now over. [The tired prisoner sits on the floor and pants in exhaustion, but unfortunately for him, a secret compartment on the floor opens up to reveal a hole, sending him plummeting helplessly, possibly back to his prison. The Evil Emperor then turns his attention to Torque, who doesn't look too pleased.] Ahhh, how's the patient? Feeling better, I trust?
Torque: Can the bedside manner, Doctor Z! You said awesome power, but I got zilch, except for this.
[He parts his jacket to show a metal plaque affixed to his chest after his procedure, which shines. Zurg climbs down from his throne to take a look as he peers down at it and touches it to make sure everything went smoothly.]
Zurg: Placement appears to be proper.
[Grubs have gathered upon the edge of the floor to hear what Zurg has to say about their work to power Torque up.]
Grubs: Yes. And?
Zurg: Uh... edges are... even.
Grubs: And?
[Zurg sighs and grimaces while covering his face with a hand, feeling pressured. He then turns back to the Grubs and forces himself to sound nice.]
Zurg: Another nice job, Grubs.
Grubs: [bashfully] Oh, you're just saying that.
[They suddenly get spooked when Zurg angrily turns on them.]
Zurg: Of course I am, you-!
[The Grubs quickly dart back down below and a fed up Torque grabs Zurg by the mantle and drags him close threateningly.]
Torque: So, what is it?
[He then stops when he hears a whine from behind him, causing him to turn around to see the two Hornets aiming their cannons at him. Zurg waves them down, causing them to retract their cannons back into hands per the Evil Emperor's orders. Zurg pries Torque's fingers off of him and gives him a harsh-voiced warning, revealing his hatred of being touched.]
Zurg: Don't! Ever! Touch! Me! [He then assumes a less hostile, almost apologetic posture as he explains himself why he doesn't like being touched.] I've got a... thing about personal space. [He rubs his hands as he slides away, then turns back to Torque.] Now, simply apply your hands to your chest. [He demonstrates by placing his hands to his own chest.] Like so. [Torque just looks at his chest, causing the Evil Emperor to get impatient again and yells as he rattles his fists.] Do it!
[Torque eventually does so and presses the plaque, causing him to shake and quiver as he exclaims. His body splits in two and suddenly, there are two identical Torques staring at each other with one still having the plaque while the other one doesn't. This reveals that Zurg and the Grubs gave Torque the ability to create clones of himself.]
Torque and Clone #1: Whoa!
Torque: Double trouble! [He strokes his chin as he eyes his clone in approval.] Not bad.
Torque Clone: [winks and gestures at Torque] Right back atcha, Beauty!
[They shake hands while grinning.]
Zurg: Impressive, no? It's the latest in cell-separation technology.
[Torque presses the plaque again and creates a second clone of himself.]
Torque: I dig with a capital D.
Torque Clones: [in unison] Ditto, Sweetheart!
Zurg: Yes, yes, I'm sure you'll all be very happy together. But, first! There's a little matter of obliterating my enemies!
[The scene changes back to Tanker Alley, where Buzz is still busy repairing buoys. He is still grumbling about Rocket Crockett.]
Buzz: Not fair. I'm stuck out here while Crockett gets all the action.
[He leans against the buoy, bored and disinterested, when suddenly, he hears Torque's voice.]
Torque: [off-screen] Oh, Buzzy, baby! [laughs]
[Buzz looks around, then sees Torque.]
Buzz: You.
Torque: Like I promised, Buzzy. Just you and me. One on one. Mano y mano, sweetheart! [Buzz narrows his eyes.] So, what's it gonna be? [He revs his bike and zooms around Buzz.] You gonna call your little pallies, or what?
[He takes off. Buzz ponders at this, then decides to go after Torque himself, tossing his tool aside.]
Buzz: Let's go with what! [He chases after Torque in hot pursuit. Torque leers at him and activates guns on the pack of his bike, firing at the Star Command captain, but the Space Ranger swerves out of the way of each shot.] It'll take more than pop guns to stop Buzz Lightyear!
[Torque leads Buzz to an asteroid, zipping through rock outcroppings.]
Torque: [laughing] Catch me if you can, pally!
[Buzz continues to pursue Torque, but stops when he sees several clones of Torque aiming blasters at him from in front of the Ranger.]
Buzz: What?! [More clones appear behind him.] Huh?! [He activates his wingspan and tries to fly out of harm's way, but more Torque clones await, and they fire bolas at him that pin his arms to his sides, deactivating his jetpack in the process, sending him plummeting to the ground and grunts as he lands in front of Torque.] So, your taunts were just a ruse deviously calculated to lure me into this trap.
Torque: Gee, Buzzy, you figured that out all by your lonesome?
[The Torque clones laugh while Buzz narrows his eyes again in annoyance.]
Buzz: [annoyed] Now you're mockin' me.
Torque: Two for two, baby!
Buzz: And now...
Torque: Enough, sweetheart! We could do this all day. Who's got the time? [snaps his fingers] Come on.
[He and his clones approach Buzz and prepare to knock him out cold. The scene cuts off from that and goes back to the Rookies, with Booster trying to remove something stuck in his head.]
XR: I don't get it. It's not like Buzz to just leave without checking in.
Booster: Holy Pulsars, Buzz might be in trouble!
[He finally removes the object from his head and tosses it aside, but then, he and the others hear Torque's voice.]
Torque: I've got news for you, Jumbo: he's not the only one.
[The Rookies are stunned to see Torque and several clones surrounding them, and they are thus captured as well, per Zurg's orders to Torque and his clones. Next scene, Team Lightyear is bounded to the nose of a Tanker, with the Torque clones around them with smug smirks. The Rangers grunt as they try hard to break free.]
Torque: Forget it, babies. It's some kind of unbreakable whoozis that Zurg came up with.
XR: When Buzz finds us, you're gonna be sorry!
Torque: Consider yourselves found, Metal Mouth.
[He points to another set of his clones binding Buzz down a bit higher above the Rookies.]
Torque Clone: Knock 'em dead, Buzzmundo!
Torque: The boys are gonna do a little roadwork for ya. Gratis! Turn Tanker Alley into Deadman's Curve! [to his clones, giving them a thumbs up] Anytime, sweethearts!
[The clones give a thumbs up back at Torque and then destroy the buoys surrounding Capital Planet, with intentions of destroying it along with Team Lightyear and the entirety of Star Command, which would fulfill Zurg's ambitions of conquering the entire galaxy.]
Torque: Nice shootin'! Let's ride!
[He and his clones ride off, while the Tankers, as well as the one Team Lightyear is on, all begin to move forwards towards Capital Planet, going faster in the process.]
Booster: Where are we heading?
XR: Directly into the center of Capital Planet.
Mira: And this Tanker is loaded with crystallic fusion fuel!
Booster: We're gonna blow up the headquarters of the Galactic Alliance! Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man, oh, man, oh, man!
[We cut to a view of the knocked out Buzz.]
Mira, Booster and XR: BUZZ!!!
[The screen cuts to black, ominously, then cuts back from black as the Tankers get closer and closer towards Capital Planet.]
Booster: NOOO!!!
[Mira, with some effort, manages to break herself free by using her Tangean ghosting powers to ghost through the metal bonds pinning her down.]
Mira: Made it!
[She then tries to free Booster, who uses his brute strength to break himself free, and manages to shatter the bonds broken, revealing that the bonds are not unbreakable after all.]
Booster: Unbreakable! [snaps his fingers] Hah!
[XR uses his saw blade to slice through his bonds easily.]
XR: And that leaves one!
Mira: Okay, you guys get Buzz out, I'll check the controls.
[Booster glances at Capital Planet as it becomes larger from their point of view. Mira ghosts into the Tanker while Booster and XR break Buzz's bonds. Booster then grabs Buzz and shakes him violently to wake him up.]
Booster: [shaking Buzz] Buzz, Buzz, come on, come on, come on, Buzz, Buzz! [Buzz's eyes open from the shaking, waking up.] Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!
[Eventually, Buzz finally exclaims and pushes Booster's hands away.]
Buzz: Booster! I'm awake. Okay, team, status report.
XR: We're leading a convoy of Tankers loaded with enough crystallic fusion fuel to blow up Capital Planet, which is, by the way, incidentally, where we're headed!
Booster: It's coming up fast! [He grabs Buzz to show him Capital Planet, looming even closer than ever.] Look!
Buzz: Have you tried turning the-?
Mira: [ghosting halfway through the Tanker] Turning and reverse thrusters are all non-operational!
Buzz: So, it's like that. We've gotta order in a strike! Blow these Tankers out of the sky.
XR: Uh, if I may, Buzz! At this distance, the concussion waves of an explosion would flatten anything this side of the planet.
Mira: Including us! [Buzz, Booster and XR turn to look at her. She blinks and grins sheepishly.] Erm, not that I'm concerned about my own welfare, of course, it's just that Booster and- [Before she can finish, Buzz activates his wingspan and takes off.] Well, I didn't mean to just turn tail and run.
Booster: Come on! Buzz knows what he's doing! [He activates his jetpack rockets and flies off after Buzz, while Mira and XR activate their jetpacks and follow suit.] I mean, he'd have to, I mean--pfft, he's Buzz!
[Buzz grabs two buoys and flies off to stop the Tankers. Mira slaps her helmet as she and the others realize what Buzz is doing.]
Mira: Dah, of course! The buoys!
[With that, they fly off and grab buoys as well. XR extends his arms to grab two buoys while Booster flies and grabs one for himself and Mira grabs another. Buzz, Booster and XR each have two buoys as they fly past the Tankers and places the buoys in their direct path, spacing them out evenly. Mira has four buoys as she flies past the Tankers and leaves them in their path, also. The Tanker in front stops as the buoys activate with sirens blaring and the red energy pulse emitting from the buoys looking dangerous. Team Lightyear waits nervously beyond the buoys, with Booster gritting his teeth and sweatdropping and XR incomprehensively praying in the background. But then, the sirens stop blaring and the all of the Tankers turn to the right, drifting away from Capital Planet, saving it along with Star Command, and everyone in them. Booster and XR cheer while Mira hugs Buzz.]
Mira: Alright! Way to go, Buzz!
Booster: Hot rockets! Buzz Lightyear to the rescue again!
[He rubs Buzz's helmet affectionately as Buzz stands proudly, with his chest thrust out.]
Buzz: Who thinks Tanker Alley is boring now?
[We go back to Planet Z and Zurg's palace, where Zurg is heard humming.]
Zurg: Ladadee, ladado. Monitors on. [His screens turn on to show Capital Planet still intact. He taps his fingers together as he sits on his throne, then realizes what he's seeing and his eyes grow wide.] Wait... I don't understand! Grubs! Why hasn't Capital Planet exploded?
[Down below, the Grubs scamper in fear. One of them trembles as it speaks.]
Grub: Can we, uh, focus on our earlier accomplishments, please?
Zurg: [not having it] Spill it!
Grub: [gulps then lifts up a remote while shivering] Let's go to the replay.
[The screens rewind to the Tankers colliding with the energy pulse made by the buoys. Zurg watches them impatiently. A fast-forward shows Team Lightyear cheering and laughing in triumph.]
Mira: [on the screen] All right!
[Another fast-forward zooms in on Buzz's smug smirk. This leaves Zurg very angry that another one of his evil schemes has been foiled by his arch nemesis.]
Zurg: NO! Curse you, Buzz Lightyear! Nnnghaugh! Wait a minute. How did the Rangers escape from the unbreakable bonds?
[The Grubs are seen hiding in a small opening with only their eyes visible, which are still quivering in fear.]
Grub: Well, uh, perhaps it would be more appropriate to think of them as "not-that-easily-broken" bonds.
Zurg: Maybe we'll just see how easily you break! [The Grubs run away in fright, leaving the Evil Emperor shouting from above on his throne.] Come back here! Don't you scurry from me, you little-!
[The scene changes to Tradeworld and The Black Hole. Inside, the doors suddenly open wide as Torque and his clones enter.]
Torque Clone #1: Hey, Torque! Lookin' good, sweetheart! Who did the hair?
Torque Clone #2: That goes double for me, Torquey.
Torque: Nice job, today. This round's on Torque! Deep-dish olive pies for everyone!
Torque Clone #3: Your money's no good here, Torque! Come on.
[They sit at the bar, but then, Buzz's voice is heard, causing the rest of the patrons to scatter, like they did at the beginning of the episode.]
Buzz: You boys seem awfully happy. Under the circumstances.
[Torque glares at Buzz, angry that he and the rest of his team escaped and foiled his, his clones' and Zurg's evil plan.]
Torque: Hey-hey! You've got moxie, Lightyear! That I'll give ya! But, you're still goin' down.
[Mira's voice is then heard as she comes into view, her wrist laser warmed up.]
Mira: Correction, Torque. Ooh, you see, this time, we've got the numbers.
Torque: [sarcastically] Oh-ho, yeah. I'm real scared!
Booster: [off-screen] You oughta be!
[Torque and his clones turn around to see the Jo-Adian behind them. XR is then shown above the multi-limbed aliens.]
XR: Are you startin' to get the picture, pal? [chuckles]
Buzz: Get it through your thick heads, Torque. [The other Space Rangers appear from their hiding places behind the bar and show up by his sides, surrounding Torque and his entire army of clones.] We fight bad guys like you together. Take 'em, Rangers! [The entire forces of Star Command fire their weapons and attack, while Torque and his clone army battle back with their own weapons. Yells and shouts are heard as the Black Hole is shown outside rumbling and shaking as the Rangers and clones fight, with weapons firing and fists and kicks thrown. After the battle, the scene changes to the prison transport ship, seen earlier in the episode. This time, however, the ship is filled with defeated, injured, bandaged and groaning Torques. The real Torque hears the captain of Star Command on a speaker and glares.] Hey, Torque! Looks like today's your lucky day. I hear the prison planet is offering a group discount.
[As he speaks, the scene changes back to Tanker Alley with Team Lightyear shown in the area.]
Torque: [on Buzz's wrist communicator] Ah, yeah, yeah, very funny! Keep your little-!
Buzz: [hanging up on Torque] Lightyear, out.
Booster: [laughing] Group discount! You slay me, Buzz.
[Buzz then flies over to Mira, who is busy repairing a buoy from the inside. He knocks politely on it and peers inside.]
Buzz: Ranger Nova, there's somethin' I want to say to you.
[He steps back and joins his hands as Mira pops out, leaning on the edge of the buoy.]
Mira: I know, I know, you let your pride get the best of you, you took off without your team and walked right into a trap.
[She smugly clasps her hands together at the last part. Buzz is taken aback at this as he blinks, then gestures upwards.]
Buzz: Uh, actually, I was gonna warn you about that runaway Tanker.
[Mira ghosts through the buoy to take a look behind and confirm Buzz's words, which hold true and she exclaims in surprise. Buzz quickly grabs her by the waist and pulls her back to safety before the Tanker can do any damage. Mira shakes her head and blushes in embarrassment while she smiles nervously but cutely.]
Mira: [embarrassed but cutely] Thanks, Buzz.
Buzz: Like I always say: "Safety is job one on Tanker Alley".
[Just then, Rocket Crockett appears, angry that Buzz and his team beat him to it about defeating Torque.]
Rocket: How'd you do it, Buzz? [slaps his hand across Buzz's chest] How did you get me assigned out here?!
Buzz: [feigning ignorance] Ohhh...
[Mira snickers quietly at this, finding this scene very funny.]
Rocket: Don't go actin' all innocent!
Buzz: Oh, why, Crockett, I can't imagine what you're talking about. I think Tanker Alley is just a reward for your fine work cuttin' down Torque. [Rocket grinds his teeth together angrily, growling in frustration.] Oops! [He pats his shoulder briefly.] You never found him, didja? [to his team] Let's go, Rangers!
Booster: Where to next, Buzz?
Buzz: [activating his jetpack] Do you have to ask? [He and the rest of Team Lightyear take off.] To infinity and beyond!
[The episode ends and the credits roll, followed by the Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Television logos. For international prints, the Distributed by Buena Vista International Inc. logo also follows.]

Gravitina [1.2][edit]

Gravitina: Why must the cute ones be such bimbos?

XL [1.3][edit]

[Cut to the research room - a digital bust of a robot]
Nebula: The latest in research robotics, stolen! Our newest warbot, pilfered! This high-tech crime wave poses a threat to machines, humans, and every other life-form in the galaxy.
XR: [drives up to Nebula] We're on the case, Pop!
Nebula: Didn't I tell you to stop calling me that?!
XR: Understood completely, "Dad".
Nebula: I'm not your dad. You were built by the LGMs. For Pete's sake, I only signed the work order!
XR: [sets his hand on Nebula's shoulder] Mind for right exactly, Papoo.
Nebula: Get your greasy arm off me, you stinkin'-
Buzz: We'll get right on it, Commander.

Little Secrets [1.4][edit]

Grub: Um, let's see, uh... I blew up your orbitron regulator so you'll crash into capital planet and I destroyed your power supply so you can't correct your orbit and... oh yeah! And I shrunk your commander's space suit.

Inside Job [1.5][edit]

NOS-4-A2 [1.6][edit]

[The episode begins with a cargo ship flying through deep space. We then cut to the front of the ship, piloted by an autopilot named Niner-Niner.]
Voice on Radio: This is Flight Control. Cargo ship Niner-Niner, you are cleared for passage through the Gamma Quadrant. Please log in with flight status.
Niner-Niner: This is Niner-Niner logging in. On time.
Voice on Radio: 10-4, Niner-Niner. Flight Control, out.
[Warp is seen behind Niner-Niner and flexes his robotic claws, preparing for an assault with some of Zurg's Hornets behind him. Niner-Niner gasps as he hears Warp's voice and turns around to see him holding a large bazooka and his army of Hornets.]
Warp: Hi there! I'm Warp Darkmatter. I'll be your hijacker tonight.
[He aims his bazooka at Niner-Niner.]
Niner-Niner: If you have any comments or criticisms... [Warp fires a blast at him, which he ducks his head down to dodge it.] ...please contact our "How's my driving?" department.
[Warp prepares to take another shot at the autopilot, but then, coming to Niner-Niner's defense, Buzz flies up from a hatch in the floor and fires his laser at Warp, vaporizing his bazooka out of his former partner-turned-arch rival.]
Warp: [grunts and clenches his fists and grits his teeth together in anger as he glares at Buzz] Lightyear!
Niner-Niner: [gasps in awe] Buzz Lightyear? The pride of Star Command?
Buzz: [landing in front of Niner-Niner and deactivating his jetpack] That's right, my robotic friend.
Warp: Hornets! Blast him!
[The Hornets morph their hands into laser cannons. Niner-Niner ducks his head down again to brace for any laser fire from the Hornets, but before they can begin to open fire, Booster suddenly appears by dropping through the ceiling and crushes the Hornets, reducing them into a pile of scrap.]
Buzz: [gives a thumbs up to Booster] Good work, Booster.
[Niner-Niner pops his head up and smiles widely.]
Booster: [saluting Buzz] Sorry I'm late, sir. I had a heck of a time fitting through that airlock. [Warp glares angrily at the Jo-Adian, who stands up and confronts the former Space Ranger turned evil enemy.] Well, Mr. Darkmatter! [Warp jumps up, activates his wingspan and propels himself off the Jo-Adian's head.] Aw, man!
[He looks up to see Warp floating above him.]
Warp: Better luck next time, Rookie. [He flies down the hall and turns on his communicator to send in more Hornets.] Hornets! Rendezvous in the cargo hold. Move it! Lightyear's here.
[XR is then seen chasing after him with his eyes flashing red and blue, producing a siren sound like a police car.]
XR: All right! Pull it over, pal!
Warp: [smirks] Oh, great! The tin toy.
XR: Not tin. A terillium-carbonic alloy. [He rolls up a wall and pulls up alongside Warp on his left.] Let me tell you, by the way- [Warp smacks him off the wall with his left wing, sending him plummeting down to the ground.] YEOW! Hey! [He crash lands on the floor and skids violently.] Ugh! Aah! Agh! Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, that hurts!
[Warp escapes from XR and flies past the robot Ranger.]
Warp: [tauntingly] See ya, tin toy!
XR: Okay, you weren't listening because I said not tin, it's terillium! [He gets up.] Which is very tough, by the way! Don't kid yourself for its- [His arm suddenly pops off, interrupting him.] Augh! Okay, it's no problem. Nobody saw that.
[He puts his arm back on. Mira appears by ghosting through the door.]
Mira: Warp Darkmatter, you are under arrest! [She fires her laser at Warp, taking out his right wing and sending him crashing into the ground in front of her with a grunt. He gets up and smirks at the Tangean princess.] I recommend surrender. Not-Not because I can't take you on, because-because I can.
Warp: [deactivates his jetpack] Of course you can. [bows] You can do anything, Princess.
[He fires two spiked bombs at Mira from his shoulder, which miss as she makes them ghost through her.]
Mira: [sarcastically] Aww, care to take another shot?
Warp: No need. [Mira suddenly hears the bombs beep from behind her and when she turns around, they detonate, sending her flying behind Zurg's top agent.] I love fighting Rookies.
[XR's voice is heard behind him and he turns around to see Mira, Booster and XR confronting him with their hands on their hips.]
XR: Good. Good. We've got a lot of fight left in us! [His right arm pops out again.] My fault. I'll get that.
[Buzz swoops down from above and taps Warp from behind, then activates his former partner's jetpack, which launches him into the ceiling and he gets stuck. He is then seen struggling to pull himself out of the ceiling.]
Warp: Arrgh! Hornets, attack!
[More Hornets come from above and attack Buzz.]
Mira: Buzz needs backup! [to Booster and XR] Can you guys handle this?
[Even more Hornets appear in the hall as Warp frees himself from the ceiling wall. Mira then looks behind her as large black and red robots, called Beetles, also appear.]
XR: Can we handle it? [He arms himself with multiple weapons.] Can we handle it?! [to Booster, unsure] Can we handle it?
Booster: Affirmative, Your Highness!
Mira: Guys, please just call me Mira.
[She ghosts through the floor after apparently wanting to be referred to by just her first name. Booster and XR prepare to take on the large swarm of Hornets and Beetles. Meanwhile, the other set of Hornets force Buzz through a pile of cargo and into a pile of cartons as Mira enters the scene and aims at the Hornets swarming Buzz.]
Mira: [to Buzz] Need a hand?
Buzz: No, thank you. [He flies up and spins the Hornets off of him and salutes Mira.] Everything's under control, Princess.
Mira: [annoyed] Okay, my name's Mira. Could somebody please call me Mira?!
[Buzz looks up as more danger looms.]
Buzz: Mira!
Mira: Thank- [Buzz tackles her out of the way of a laser blast.] OW!
[Buzz flies Mira to safety in front of a box as Warp flies down with a plasma cannon, the latter weapon being outlawed by the Galactic Alliance. He then deactivates his jetpack again.]
Warp: Hey, here's a weapon they don't issue you at Star Command. [He fires at a large box, destroying it.] Take a look, guys. What do you think?
Mira: [to Buzz] I thought the Galactic Alliance outlawed plasma cannons.
Buzz: [to Mira] They did. [points at Warp] Warp, I'm adding possession of illegal firearms to the charges against you!
[More Hornets and Beetles appear behind Warp.]
Warp: Don't leave out obliterating two Space Rangers now!
[He fires at Buzz and Mira, who jump backwards over the box as it catches Warp's fire at mid-air in front of them from right above, surprising both parties as Warp gasps in surprise.]
Buzz: Mira, your Tangean mental powers amaze me.
Mira: Uh, Buzz, that's not me. I think it's the box.
[The box shoots out an energy beam to absorb the laser blast shot by Warp, allowing Buzz and Mira to stand up.]
Buzz: [impressed] That's some box.
[He and Mira aim their lasers at Warp and his army of robots.]
Warp: Hornets, hit 'em with everything you've got!
[The Hornets and Beetles ready their weapons and both parties prepare to open fire, but then, the box lets out a vampire-type roar a floats up into the air before unleashing a wave of red energy beams at the Hornets and Beetles, shutting them down immediately as Warp looks on in disbelief as they all fall down to the floor while Buzz and Mira look on in amazement. The tentacles take out the rest of the robots and vaporized Warp's plasma cannon, before it quiets down and lands back on the floor. Warp is angered at this while Buzz and Mira are amazed by what they just saw as some of the Hornets land in front of them.]
Buzz: [amazed] No, really, that is some box.
Mira: [amazed] No wonder Zurg wants it.
Warp: And if the dark team can't have it, there's no way we're gonna let it fall in the hands of Star Command. [He speaks to his communicator.] Initiate freighter destruct, now!
[He takes off and escapes before Buzz and Mira can arrest him. Meanwhile, back with Booster and XR, the latter destroys three Beetles while the former grabs one Hornet and uses it to take out four other Hornets and spins it to the ground before they hear Buzz's voice and salute.]
Buzz: [off-screen] Booster, XR, do you read me?
Booster: Yes, sir!
XR: Yes!
Buzz: Good. Turn around. [They do so and turn to him and Mira.] This baby's gonna blow in nanoseconds. Booster, we need you to help us with this cargo.
Booster: [presses his emblem and activates his jetpack as well as closing his helmet] Can do!
[He takes off to collect the cargo.]
Buzz: XR, the safety of the autopilot is in your hands!
Niner-Niner: [freaking out and panicking] I'M GOING TO BE BLOWN TO ATOMS!!!
[XR tries to pull him out of his stand to help him escape.]
XR: [grunts] You are really bolted in there.
[Niner-Niner's stand pulls him and XR back and flips both of them over and smacks them against the control panel and floor repeatedly. Buzz, Mira and Booster are flying away from the ship with the cargo just as the freight explodes, sending Mira and Booster flying forwards and dropping the cargo, but Buzz catches it. Meanwhile, there's no sign of XR or Niner-Niner yet, leaving the three Rangers worried for the two.]
Mira and Booster: [worried] XR!
Buzz: [worried] Come on, Ranger.
[XR is then seen flying out of the smoke with Niner-Niner in tow, albeit with both covered in explosion soot.]
XR: Hoo! I'll tell you what, if we had thought of that big bang beforehand, we could have saved ourselves a lot of energy, am I right?
Buzz: Well done, XR! [XR salutes and chuckles while Niner-Niner coughs.] More or less.
[The scene changes to Star Cruiser 42, heading back to Star Command with the cargo and with Niner-Niner safe, but now without a job. He is also scowling at XR. Commander Nebula then contacts Buzz and his team.]
Commander Nebula: Calling Buzz Lightyear. Commander Nebula to Buzz Lightyear.
[Booster flinches and XR lights up as they both salute the commander.]
Buzz: Lightyear, sir.
Commander Nebula: What's your team's status?
XR: [interrupts] We're doin' great, Pop!
Commander Nebula: [off-screen, angrily, to XR] Don't call me that!
[This startles XR as he jumps and sheepishly places his hand on his forehead. He flinches some more as Niner-Niner stretches his neck and speaks up.]
Niner-Niner: [to Commander Nebula] On behalf of the Robo-Freighter Company, I would like to file a formal complaint against your son, here.
[He uses his hands to walk in front of XR and motions to him to the commander.]
Commander Nebula: [annoyed] He's not my son.
[XR opens his drawer and pulls out a work order plaque.]
XR: I have the work order right here. Look! He signed and initialed. [He shows Niner-Niner the work order as he crosses his arms in annoyance.] Commander Neubla authorized my construction. He gave me life.
[An embarrassed Mira rolls her eyes and places her hand on her forehead. Buzz looks unsure about this, then gets serious as he turns to Nebula again.]
Buzz: Commander, the freighter was destroyed, but we salvaged the cargo.
Commander Nebula: What is it?
Buzz: Sir, it's a mystery.
Mira: All we know was that Zurg was after it.
Commander Nebula: Check out the autopilot's black box. That's gonna tell you what you need to know: cargo, destination, who hired the freighter.
Niner-Niner: [opens his chest hatch] Oh, are you referring to this black box?
[He pulls out the black box, which was melted in the explosion. He then drops it to the floor.]
XR: Probably not. That one got all melted in the explosion. [He tosses the box aside before rummaging through Niner-Niner's chest to search for another box that wasn't melted in the freighter self-destruct explosion.] Got any more in there?
Commander Nebula: XR, were you assigned to rescue that autopilot?
[XR takes his hand out of Niner-Niner's chest as he closes his hatch and shoots another glare at the robot Ranger as the latter salutes Nebula.]
XR: You bet, Pater.
Commander Nebula: [off-screen, sarcastically] Uh, son, why don't you check on the status of that mystery cargo?
[XR's eyes widen at this and grins as he closes them.]
XR: Absolutely! That's a job for someone like me. [Nebula rolls his eyes and his mustache droops in embarrassment.] Later, Pop!
[A hatch underneath him opens up and he gets sucked through the travel tube to the room where the mysterious cargo is located on the Star Cruiser. Niner-Niner watches him leave.]
Niner-Niner: [sarcastically] Oh, I see how it works. Everybody makes allowances just because he's the commander's son.
[Nebula loses his patience and starts shouting.]
Commander Nebula: [yelling] HE'S NOT MY SON! He's not even a real Ranger! He's just a robot!
[Niner-Niner appears to be hurt at Nebula's hatred of robots, which began with the failed XL Project.]
Niner-Niner: [hurt and upset] Oh. You're one of those.
[He crosses his arms again. Buzz turns to the commander once again.]
Commander Nebula: Alright. Here's how it's gonna be. Buzz, you're gonna do a performance evaluation on XR. And I want the truth! If he can't cut it as a Ranger, we're shuttin' him down.
[Buzz, Mira and Booster look at each other in worry for XR, not wanting to lose a member of their team.]
Booster: [worried, whispering] You'll give him a good report, won't you, Buzz?
Commander Nebula: I repeat: I want the truth! Nebula, out.
[The communicator screens deactivate.]
Mira: The truth, huh?
Buzz: That's right, Mira. Space Rangers don't fib. XR will just have to prove he has the right stuff.
Niner-Niner: Okay! So, how soon will you be interviewing for his position?
[We then cut to a view of Planet Z from space. The scene changes to inside the planet itself and the Zurg Tower.]
Zurg: Ah, Darkmatter. You have returned. I crave good news! Did you attack the freighter?
Warp: [bows proudly] Yes, Evil Emperor Zurg.
Zurg: [waves arms] And did Buzz Lightyear rush to the rescue?
Warp: Uh, yes.
Zurg: [stands up] And was Lightyear victorious?
Warp: [disappointedly] Yes.
[Zurg holds his head as he bends over before standing upright and clutching his fists triumphantly.]
Zurg: Outstanding!
Warp: [confused] Don't you have a strict "failure means death" policy?
Zurg: Normally, yes. Today, no.
Warp: But, Lightyear got the box.
Zurg: Well, of course he did, dipstick. That was my plan. [Warp looks on nervously.] I hired the freighter to carry the box. I ordered you to attack. I wanted Lightyear to win, because yes, I wanted him to have the box!
Warp: In case you hadn't noticed, that box does some amazing stuff. Maybe I could use a box like that.
Zurg: [dismissively] Darkmatter, it's a box of doom. It's not for you. [He waves his hand at Warp dismissively, making his number one agent look at him in annoyance. He then starts gloating.] For you see, it contains my latest instrument of evil, intended to destroy Star Command! And who better to deliver it for me than Buzz Lightyear? [He laughs evilly, but then starts coughing from laughing too hard.] Could I have a little water? Little water? [He reaches out for a glass of water given to him from somebody off-screen.] Thank you.
[The scene changes to 42's cargo hold, where the mystery box is located. The front of the box says "NOS-4-A2" on it. XR appears from the travel tube and speaks into his communicator.]
XR: Ranger log. Operation: Check on the mystery cargo. [He circles around the box.] Mystery cargo status: still here. Still mysterious. Still, well, that-that about does it.
XR: None dare defy my dark master!
Buzz: Ranger, you are not helping your service record.
[He accidentally misfires, almost hitting Mira as she ducks down to avoid the laser fire as NOS-4-A2 flies out of the way.]
Mira: Hey! What, you wanna watch it?!

The Planet Destroyer [1.7][edit]

The Beasts of Karn [1.8][edit]

[The episode begins with Team Lightyear in Star Cruiser 42 approaching a planet called "Karn", a jungle world filled with dangerous predators. Buzz tries to contact the Karn Bio-station and it's researcher, Doctor Ozma Furbanna.]
Buzz: Buzz Lightyear to Karn Bio-station. Buzz Lightyear to Karn Bio-station. [He gets no reply. He then turns to his team.] Here's what we know, team. It's been three months since the Karn Bio-station's last report. Star Command wants answers and we're gonna find 'em.
[Suddenly, he sees a mysterious pterodactyl-like creature coming, causing him to steer clear from it's path, but it crashes into 42's positioning antenna and breaks it off, preventing Booster from navigating.]
Booster: We just lost our positioning antenna!
Buzz: [nonchalantly] No biggie.
XR: Wait. If I may, sir, no antenna means no navigation!
Buzz: [still unfazed] I repeat, no biggie.
Booster: How are we gonna land?
Buzz: [sarcastically] By the seat of our pants.
Booster: Heh, good thing I've got big pants.
Buzz: Buzz Lightyear to Karn Bio-station. Buzz Lightyear to Karn Bio-station, do you read? [He still gets no answer. sighs] Still no contact. I hope Doctor What's-her-name's alright down there.
Mira: You mean, Dr. Ozma Furbanna? She's one of the most honored animal research scientists in the galaxy.
XR: Yeah, that's great, Mira.

Tag Team [1.9][edit]

Commander Nebula: Buzz, we found you on Tradeworld, out cold. We lost all contact with you for eight hours.
Buzz: [surprised] Eight hours?! [He tries to swat the Med Probe away.] Pesky little...
LGMs: [off-screen] Good!
Buzz: I don't remember anything. One minute I'm slapping the bracelets on Warp Darkmatter...
Commander Nebula: Ah, yes. Your old Academy pal-gone-bad.
Buzz: [nods] Yeah, him. Next thing I know I'm lying here having a personal laser check with the Med Probe!
[He tries to Kung-Fu chop the Probe, but misses. The Med Probe then plugs into the status plug, where it reveals the very source of what caused Buzz to black out: an implant.]
LGMs: [off-screen] Uh-oh.
Buzz: Uh-oh? What uh-oh? Clarify that uh-oh.
Commander Nebula: We've got an implant of unknown origin.
Buzz: What's unknown about it? It has to be Darkmatter's doing! Take it out!
Commander Nebula: [To the Little Green Men] ASAP!
[Next scene, the Little Green Men are preparing to remove Buzz's implant. Buzz is laying on his stomach.]
LGM: Preparing to remove implant.
[He prepares to screw the implant out, but gets electrocuted along with the other LGMs because the implant has a security defense system.]
Commander Nebula: [off-screen] It has a defense system!
Buzz: You said you couldn't leave without me!
Warp: That's right, I couldn't. Because I can't drive a stick.
Buzz: Oh...

The Main Event [1.10][edit]

[The episode begins with a close-up of Buzz's eyes.]
Buzz: Evil. [whispers] It's everywhere. The galaxy reeks of it. I can fight it. But, I can't fight it alone. I need your help. [The screen zooms out to reveal his full body and XR beside him.] If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. Now, you gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I care enough to act"? Well, do ya?
[The anteater citizens look at Buzz while they eat some meat loaf called "mulnar loaf". One female anteater, named Flon, offers some mulnar loaf to Buzz, who reacts with repulse at the smell of the loaf.]
Flon: More mulnar loaf, Ranger Lightyear?
Buzz: No thank you, ma'am.
Zurg: If anyone is to be harmed, IT'S YOU! [presses his "Z" emblem and activates his rocket boots, flying away. Buzz tries to shoot him, but misses as the Evil Emperor laughs evilly. Buzz grunts in frustration and activates his jetpack, taking off in hot pursuit of his archenemy.] Didn't know about the rocket boots, did you, Buzz? And I got them on sale!
Buzz: It's gonna take more than fancy footwear to save ya!
[Zurg takes out his Ion Blaster and fires at Buzz, who dodges the blasts and fires his laser back at the Evil Emperor, who dodges his counterattack. Klerm watches with interest.]
Klerm: Cool.
[He chuckles. Back to Zurg, he looks for Buzz before hearing the Space Ranger from above and looks up.]
Buzz: [off-screen] Lookin' for somethin'?

The Return of XL [1.11][edit]

XL: Do you know what consumed my thoughts while I was locked up?!
XL: Wrong! [slams XR to the ground] I thought and I thought and I thought about why they deactivated me, but made you a Ranger! [points at XR]
XR: Me? That's a puzzlement. You know, that one keeps me up nights.
XL: I studied your schematics. There is one part that makes you different, makes you better: your omega-class AFD!
XR: AFD? I don't even know what that is.
XL: I don't know what it is, either. But, it is the only thing they gave you that they didn't give me!
[He morphs his right arm into a drilling machine to extract XR's Air-Freshening Device from him to steal it.]

Lost in Time [1.12][edit]

Robot Buzz: To infin-Bzzzzzzz...! To infinity and be-FEEEEEEEE...!
Buzz: [fixes it] Well, let's see, this should do it...
Robot Buzz: To infinity, and more infinity!
Buzz: A thousand years, and this is the best they could do?

Strange Invasion [1.13][edit]

The Taking of PC-7 [1.14][edit]

Mindwarp [1.15][edit]

Mira's Wedding [1.16][edit]

Panic on Bathyos [1.17][edit]

Bathyosian: Intruders!
Gularis: I really don't like that guy. [presses a switch to set off an alarm, alerting Blackfin] Blackfin! Intruders in the missile chamber! Stop them!
Buzz: [hears the alarm] Oh, craters! This thing's complicated!
Panchax: [notices Blackfin coming towards them] I'll hold him off!
Gularis: [takes a look at Capital Planet from his radar] I can't afford to wait any longer. [swims up to the controls] Missile launch!

Shiv Katall [1.18][edit]

Rookie of the Year [1.19][edit]

Booster: Come on, guys, let's put our heads together!
Mira: Yeah, it was only a matter of time before someone said that.

Stress Test [1.20][edit]

Zurg: Grubs! Begin construction of the HYPER DEATH RAY!
Dr. Animus: [giving Buzz a Rorschach test] Now, tell me, what do you see?
Buzz: Zurg.
Dr. Animus: How about this one?
Buzz: Zurg.
Dr. Animus: And this one?
Buzz: Zurg.
Dr. Animus: [holds up a picture of Mira] How about this, Buzz?
Buzz: That's Ranger Nova. She's happy, cause we got Zurg's pen!

Zurg: Hold your fire! Don't damage the HYPER DEATH RAY!

Buzz: [jumping up and down] Hey, Zurg! You really tick me off, you know that? You make me angry! VERY ANGRY! VERY, VERY ANGRY!
Zurg: You DO need a vacation.

A Zoo Out There [1.21][edit]

Buzz: You've pulled some evil deeds in the past-
Mira: But kidnapping innocent politicians?
Zurg: Innocent politicians? Don't be oxymoronic. I'd never do something so... so obvious.

Root of Evil [1.22][edit]

Super Nova [1.23][edit]

Downloaded [1.24][edit]

The Plasma Monster [1.25][edit]

Wirewolf [1.26][edit]

XR: So I hear you have an energy vampire. [whispers] Hey, just between us robots, where are the good hiding places on this berg?
Sentry: Eh, air ducts four through seven, but you didn't hear it from me.

The Crawling Flesh [1.27][edit]

Dirty Work [1.28][edit]

The Slayer [1.29][edit]

The Lightyear Factor [1.30][edit]

Clone Rangers [1.31][edit]

Bunzel Fever [1.32][edit]

Rescue Mission [1.33][edit]

Devolutionaries [1.34][edit]

Head Case [1.35][edit]

The Yukari Imprint [1.36][edit]

The Shape Stealer [1.37][edit]

Star Crossed [1.38][edit]

Haunted Moon [1.39][edit]

Star Smasher [1.40][edit]

Stranger Invasion [1.41][edit]

Zurg: Lower it!
Grub: Lower what, Sir?
Zurg: IT! IT! D'oh, you know! The crystallic self-perpetuating breeder construction core! And can't you come up with a shorter word for it? Like "Evil Takeover Thingy"?
Grub: In test markets, four out of five victims surveyed were more frightened by big words.
Zurg: Fine, fine, fine. Let the suits have their way... for now.

Zurg: No, no, no! How many times have we been through this?! We've got to learn from our mistakes! There will be no air ducts big enough for hero-sized people to crawl through! It's just asking for trouble.

Zurg: Buzz, I am your father.
Buzz: [shocked] What?
Zurg: [strikes him] Psych! Made you look, you dimwit!

Eye of the Tempest [1.42][edit]

Revenge of the Monsters [1.43][edit]

Lone Wolf [1.44][edit]

Planet of the Lost [1.45][edit]

Revenge of the Raenoks [1.46][edit]

Enemy Without a Face [1.47][edit]

The Starthought [1.48][edit]

Millennial Bugs [1.49][edit]

Conspiracy [1.50][edit]

At Large on a Small Planet [1.51][edit]

Sunquake [1.52][edit]

Good Ol' Buzz [1.53][edit]

First Missions [1.54][edit]

Large Target [1.55][edit]

War, and Peace and War [1.56][edit]

Return to Karn [1.57][edit]

Buzz: To infinity and beyond!
Zurg: Curse you, Buzz Lightyear!

Speed Trap [1.58][edit]

Buzz: Rangers XR and Mira, meet the Porcelons.
[The Porcelons resemble walking toilets]
Porcelon: Well, greetings to you both. It is a pleasure.
Buzz: Rangers? Cat got your tongue?
Mira: Uh... uh... no, no, n-not at all. Just, I'm feeling a little flushed- uh, I mean, uh, oh craters!
XR: Mira! Please, sir, you'll have to excuse her potty mouth.
Porcelon: Sir, are you insulting us?!
Buzz: Mira, XR! Put a lid on it!
Porcelon: Why, you are insulting us!
Buzz: No, please, Mr. ambassador, we meant no disrespect.
Booster: [comes in] Sorry I'm late. The restroom on this floor was broken. [sees Porcelon ambassador] Oh, thank goodness!
Buzz, Mira and XR: BOOSTER, NO!
[sound of toilet flushing as the flashback ends]

Holiday Time [1.59][edit]

Opposites Attract [1.60][edit]

Ancient Evil [1.61][edit]

(cut to Star Command, sees The Cyber Gang waving Goodbye, Flarn cares Mercury to do the honors and presses the red button)
Cadet Flarn: (to the viewers) Hey. Thanks for watching. (Waves goodbye and Pats Mercury and he starts waving goodbye to the viewers)
Mercury Skyrim: (waves goodbye to the viewers) Goodbye, everybody.

42 [1.62][edit]


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