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Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is an American animated science fiction/adventure/comedy series produced by Walt Disney Television. The character is from planet Zurtron(morph not zurtron). The series originally aired on UPN and ABC from August 8, 2000 to January 13, 2001 as part of Disney's One Saturday Morning programming block. It follows the adventures of space ranger Buzz Lightyear, who first appeared in Toy Story as an action figure and one of the film's protagonists.

Buzz Lightyear[edit]

  • To infinity and beyond!
  • Not today, Zurg!

Evil Emperor Zurg[edit]

  • If you want something turned evil, turn it evil yourself. That's what Nana Zurg always used to say to me, and she was plenty evil.
  • Curse you, Buzz Lightyear!


  • (plugs into the ship after the bounce landing on Planet Z) uh huh... yes... ok. The Alpha 1 is A.O.K. But it asks that we not DO that again!
  • (sarcastically, about Zurg's plan) You know, the guy's supposed to be some kind of evil genius, and best he can come up with is a ventriloquist act. What's next, evil juggling?

Warp Darkmatter/Agent Z[edit]

  • (after revealing his identity as Agent Z to Buzz) My name's DARKmatter; who's surprised here?
  • (to the LGM he just saved) Any reason you were looking to shake hands with a beast from 20,000 craters?


Mira Nova: (in the shipping dock) Buzz, I have just one thing to say to you.
Buzz Lightyear: And what might that be?
Mira Nova (ghosts her hand into his head) Goodnight.
Buzz Lightyear: (very woosey, before passing out) Tangian... brain... squeeze.

Commander Nebula: Delta Squadron will occupy Zurg's fleet while Gamma Squadron attacks Planet Z itself. This is no cakewalk. It's a high-risk operation.
Mira Nova: Excuse me, commander. Sorry to interrupt, but I've been studying Zurg's planetary defense matrix. And I think a small one-man ship--
Buzz Lightyear: Could slip past the defenses unnoticed.
Mira Nova: Exactly. A single ranger could undermine Zurg's evil operation from within.
Buzz Lightyear: And with the new Alpha One prototype, I could slip right--
Mira Nova: Wait a minute. It was my idea. I should go.
Buzz Lightyear: Sorry, but you don't have the field experience to take on such a dicey assignment, princess.
Mira Nova: "Princess"? I'm a space ranger, now.
Commander Nebula: You know what? You two really should be partners, BECAUSE YOU'RE BOTH PIG-HEADED SHOWOFFS!
Buzz Lightyear, Mira Nova: But commander--
Commander Nebula: Zip it! The alpha one experimental spacecraft, nobody's taking it! We're doing this my way. Star Command will launch a full assault on Planet Z at 0800 hours.

Commander Nebula: [under Zurg's control] Lightyear! How good of you to join us.
Buzz Lightyear: Zurg?
Commander Nebula: [under Zurg's control] In a manner of speaking. [A light switch is turned on, and it was revealed that several Space Rangers were hit by the Zurgatronic Mega-Ray. Buzz, Mira, Booster and XR were shocked.]
Booster: Ohh!
XR: That's spooky. [The LGMs, who are control Zurg's control approach Mira]
Little Green Man: [under Zurg's control] You see, I used the unimind to link your fellow rangers--
Little Green Men: [under Zurg's control] To my evil! And that's just the beginning.
Commander Nebula: [under Zurg's control] Soon the entire galactic alliance will be under my control.
[Zurg laughs evilly]

Buzz Lightyear: I must pause for a moment of silence in honor of my ship.
XR: Oh, please, Buzz! It was just a hunk of metal!
Mira Nova: OK, and you are...?
XR: (trying to move) In serious need of some personal space.

Warp Darkmatter: All I know is that we've searched half the Zeta quadrant to find the missing LGM's and what do we find? A lot of nothing! (a gigantic alien monster rises up from a crater directly behind him)
Buzz Lightyear: (just stands there, horrified)
Warp Darkmatter: (worriedly thumbing over his shoulder) There's something really bad behind me, isn't there?

Evil Emperor Zurg: A delightful blend of man and machine... with just a naughty touch of lingonberry! I shall call you... Agent Z!
Agent Z: That's stupid.
Evil Emperor Zurg: My mother used to call me that!
Brain Pod #29: You know, he really, really likes that name.
Grubs, Self Destruct, Ranger #1, Rhizomian Man, and Cadet Flarn: Yes, he's been saving it for one of his most evil henchmen.
Agent Z: Agent Z, love it. Especially the whole "Z" thing.


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