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Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins is a 2000 Disney animated direct-to-video film that acts as a pilot to the television series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Canonically this movie inspired the existence of the Buzz Lightyear toyline that exists in the Pixar film series Toy Story.

Buzz Lightyear[edit]

  • To infinity and beyond!


  • You know, the guy's supposed to be some kind of evil genius, and best he can come up with is a ventriloquist act. What's next, evil juggling?

Evil Emperor Zurg[edit]

  • If you want something turned evil, turn it evil yourself. That's what Nana Zurg always used to say to me, and she was plenty evil.
  • [To Brain Pod #13] You're telling me my plan? I already know my plan, I made up the plan, its MY plan. [enraged] What I don't know is how close you are to accomplishing my plan!
  • NO! MY PLAN! MY GALAXY! [Zurg's Lackey: Uni-mind wave impact in three seconds!] CURSE YOU, BUSS LIGHTYEAR!!!

Warp Darkmatter/Agent Z[edit]

  • [After revealing his identity as Agent Z to Buzz] My name's DARKmatter; who's surprised here?


[first lines, on static]
Sarge: VHS, this is Beta! We've got the package. We're coming home!
Rex: Hey, everybody, it's here! It's here!
Woody: It's here? Well, it's about time.
[the green army men bring the VHS movie]
Aliens: Ohh!
Rex: [knocking the aliens] It's a new action-packed Buzz Lightyear movie!
Sarge: Two, three, four! All right, move it out!
Rex: Somebody put in the tape! Put it in! My tiny arms can't reach!
Woody: Okay, okay, hold your horses, Rex.
Rex: Put it in!
Woody: [tries to open a VHS clamshell case] Gosh, it's stuck.
[Rex yells]
Woody: [opens a VHS clamshell case] Just kidding.
Buzz: Let me take a look at that. [looking at the VHS movie, whistling] A Buzz Lightyear movie.
Woody: What do you know? You don't look so fat when they draw you that way.
Buzz: Uh-huh. Let's watch it.
Rex: Yes! Play it! Quick, quick!
Woody: Buzz, we're not gonna watch the whole thing. We just want to see all the commercials at the beginning.
Rex: What?
Buzz: He's kidding, Rex.
[Woody grabs the VHS tape to the VCR]
Wheezy: Excuse me, Mr. Lightyear, you oughta sign that tape there. It might be worth something someday.
Rex: He can sign it later! Put it in, put it in!
Woody: [tries to put the VHS tape in] Darn thing's jammed.
Rex: Jammed? Oh, I can't stand the suspense! I can't! I just... I... Oh! [lays down]
Hamm: Oh, boy.
Buzz: Rex!
Woody: Gee, maybe we went too far.
Rex: [getting up] Just kidding!
Hamm: Good one, Rex. [turns the VCR on and the TV] Very good.

Buzz Lightyear: This diabolical plot can only be the work of the sworm enemy of the Galatic Alliance - Evil Emperor Zurg!
Warp Darkmatter: What plot? You think Zurg is behind every kitten stuck up a tree?
Buzz Lightyear: The fiend! Why can't he leave kitty-cats out of his nefarious schemes?
Warp Darkmatter: All I know is, we searched half the Zeta Quadrant to find the missing LGMs, and what did we find? A lot of nothing!

Evil Emperor Zurg: Prepare to die, Buzz Lightyear!
Buzz Lightyear: Not today, Zurg!

Evil Emperor Zurg: A delightful blend of man and machine... with just a naughty touch of lingonberry! I shall call you... Agent Z!
Agent Z: That's stupid.
Evil Emperor Zurg: [Enraged] My mother used to call me that!
Brain Pod #29: You know, he really, really likes that name!
Grub: Yes, he's been saving it for a very evil henchmen.
Agent Z: [Trying to placate Zurg] Agent Z, love it! Especially the whole "Z" thing!
Evil Emperor Zurg: And - and - and you know what? We'll save a fortune on monograming!

Buzz Lightyear: I have a feeling that Zurg is planning his most diabolical scheme yet.
[cuts to Planet Z and Zurg]
Evil Emperor Zurg: This is my most diabolical scheme yet! Assuming that the freakshow known as "my staff" can do one! Thing! Right?

[XR interrupts a meeting to explains a plan about how Star Command should enter a time-share scheme with Zurg for control of the Universe]
Commander Nebula: Sweet mother of Venus, what did you do to him?!
LGM #1: We...err...fixed him.
LGM #2: Yeah.. I think.
Commander Nebula: Get that thing out of here!

[the Evil Emperor Zurg's new mind control ray is a sucess]
Evil Emperor Zurg: Another planet and it's mine! I'm not the man who knows the man! I AM the man!
Brain Pod #29: Uh, about that raise...?
Evil Emperor Zurg: Please. Once I enslave the universe, I won't need the likes of you. It'll be all Zurg, all the time! 24-7! Zurgie heaven!

XR: You know, as a robot, I'm not susceptible to mind control so this really isn't an issue for me!
Mira Nova: It'll be your issue when they tear you apart and sell you for scrap!

XR: You know, the guy's supposed to be some kind of evil genius, and the best he can come up with is a ventriloquist act. What's next? Evil juggling?
Zurg: Farewell, Lightyear.
XR:They're retreating.
Buzz Lightyear: But why?
XR: Obviously, my caustic tongue cut 'em to the quick.
Booster: I'm getting a funny energy reading.
Buzz Lightyear Mira, check the hull.
[Mira checks the hull, and gasps in shock as she sees bomb on Buzz's spaceship]
Mira: We've got a bomb!
XR and Booster: [alarmed] A BOMB?!!!!
Buzz Lightyear: [smirks] Perfect.
Zurg: At last. For too long, Lightyear has hounded me. [Buzz Lightyear's spaceship blows up] But no more. [laughs evilly and he and the other possessed space rangers flying off, thinking Buzz is dead.]
Buzz Lightyear: Buzz Lightyear mission log. By launching the Alpha One at the precise moment of detonation, Zurg believes us to be destroyed. I feel I must pause for a moment in honor of my ship.
XR: Oh, please, Buzz. It was just a hunk of metal!
Mira Nova: Ok, and you are?
XR: In serious need of some personal space.
Booster: So, Buzz, did Zurg win?
Buzz Lightyear: Not a chance, Booster. I've got Zurg right where I want him.
XR: Yeah? Well, wherever he is, I'll bet he's got legroom.
Buzz Lightyear: As long as Zurg thinks I'm dead, he won't be looking for me, and that gives me the advantage.

Booster: The Space Ranger Manual says "No Ranger is allowed to go on a mission without backup." I think it's Section 6, Sub-section Delta.
Buzz Lightyear: Actually, it's Section 6, Sub-section Gamma.
XR: He's right, big guy, Sub-section Delta's the dress code. Incidentally, why can't we have nose rings?
Buzz Lightyear: Because nose rings are for punks, little mister!
Mira Nova: Well, if you can take on Zurg alone, I don't see why XR can't get a nose ring.
XR: I was just asking a question, I'm not the one getting a nose ring.
Booster: Then, who's getting a nose ring? [Gasps] That's why Buzz wants to ditch us!
Buzz Lightyear: I'm not getting a nose ring! Nobody's getting a nose ring! It's against the rules!

[Booster lands on Warp Darkmatter after being ejected from the Alpha 1]
Warp Darkmatter: Aren't you the janitor?
Booster: Yep
Warp Darkmatter: Oh, this is gonna be great for my rep!

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