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Luca is a 2021 American computer-animated coming-of-age fantasy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios for distribution by Walt Disney Pictures. The film stars the voices of Jacob Tremblay, Jack Dylan Grazer, Emma Berman, and Saverio Raimondo. It was released on Disney+ and in certain theaters on June 18, 2021 and then DVD on August 3, 2021.

Directed by Enrico Casarosa. Written by Casarosa, Jesse Andrews, and Simon Stephenson.

Luca Paguro[edit]

  • Mother of pearl.
  • Silenzo, Bruno!
  • I never go anywhere, I just dream about it.
  • Vespa is freedom.

Alberto Scorfano[edit]

  • Everything good is above the surface.
  • Rules are for rule people.
  • You just sit on it and it takes you wherever you want to go… in the whole stinkin' world.
  • You and me? We can do anything.

Giulia Marcovaldo[edit]

  • We underdogs have to look out for each other, right?
  • Underdogs, you know, kids who are different, dress weird or are a little sweatier than average.


  • They're not sea monsters, they're Luca... and Alberto.
  • Where did you boys say you were from?


Ercole: You should've left when I told you. Now, I GOTTA KILL SOME SEA MONSTERS! [laughs evilly]

Daniela: I know you and I know what's best for you!

Alberto: [to Giulia, over his growing jealousy of Luca spending more time with Giulia and Luca possibly going to school with her] Uh, Giulia, your school. Does it take all kinds of people? I mean, what if some of them were not human?
Luca: Alberto…
Alberto: What if some were—oh, I don’t know…sea monsters?
Giulia: Sea monsters?
Alberto: I doubt your school would even accept sea monsters, right?
Luca: [laughs nervously] [angrily] Ah, that’s a weird joke, Alberto.
Alberto: Yeah, I know. It’s kinda hard to imagine. So, let me just show you! [he jumps in the water]
Luca: No!
Giulia: [to Alberto] Come on.
Luca: Giulia, wait!
Giulia: We don’t have time to goof around. [Alberto, now in sea monster form, rises out of the water, looking silhouetted with the sunset in a crouched, intimidating position. Giulia whimpers in fear] Help! Don’t hurt us!
Alberto: [to Luca] See? I knew this would happen…
Luca: [pointing at Alberto] SEA MONSTER! [Alberto gasps with a heartbroken and betrayed expression]

Luca: [At Alberto’s tower, he asks what the markings on the wall mean] Alberto? What are those marks on the wall? Tell me what they mean.
Alberto: [sighs] I started when my dad left.
Luca: You were living here alone for that many days?
Alberto: [sniffles] I just stopped counting after a while. He said I was old enough to be on my own. I just thought that… [sighs] …maybe he’d change his mind. Honestly, though, I get it. He’s better off without me. You are, too.
Luca: That’s not true.
Alberto: Yes, it is. You’re not like me. You’re the good kid. [voice breaking] And I’m just the kid that ruins everything.
Luca: Silenzio, Bruno. That’s just the dumb voice in your head. You taught me that. And getting a Vespa? Seeing the world…
Alberto: Just let it go, okay? Look, you and I should have never been friends in the first place.
Luca: Don’t say that. Alberto—
Alberto: Get out of here! I’m not going to tell you again.
Luca: Okay, I’ll go. I’ll go win the race.
Alberto: What?
Luca: Yeah. Yeah! And then the Vespa will be ours! And we’ll ride away together!
Alberto: Luca, that’s crazy.
Luca: Well, maybe I’m crazy. Take me, gravity! [jumps off the tower]
Alberto: Luca, what are you doing?!
Luca: I’m okay. I’ll be back tomorrow. I’m gonna fix this!

Luca: I can't do it without you.
Alberto: But you're never without me. The next time that you jump off the cliff, or tell bruno to quit bothering you, that's me.
Luca: But how am I going to know you're okay?
Alberto: [Alberto hug him] You got me off the island, Luca. I'm okay.


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