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WALL·E is a 2008 American computer-animated science fiction film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The story follows an environmental robot, who is designed to remove on Earth far in the future. He falls in love with a female robot, and follows her into outer space on an adventure that changes the destiny of robots and humanity.

Directed by Andrew Stanton. Written by Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter and Jim Reardon.
After 700 years of doing what he was built for - he'll discover what he's meant for. (taglines)


[WALL-E whistles song. WALL-E clears throat. EVE turn around to WALL-E, fall down. WALL-E gets up and stands, whistles]
WALL-E: Huh?
EVE: [repeats "Directive" in multiple languages until she speaks English] Directive? [WALL is at first confused] Directive?
WALL-E: [understands her question and demonstrates his trash-compacting function] Ta-da!
EVE: Ooh.
WALL-E: Dirrrrr-ect-tivvve?
EVE: Directive? [WALL-E nods; Eve turns away sharply] Classified.
EVE: Name? [scans him]
EVE: WALL-E? [giggles] EVE.
WALL-E: [attempting to pronounce it] Uh...
WALL-E: Eeeee...
EVE: "EVE"! "EVE"!
WALL-E: Eee...VA. [EVE giggles] EVE.
[Sandstorm alert]

Ship's Computer: Caution: Rogue robots. Caution...
WALL-E: Eva! [points at screen with them on it; EVE fires a laser blast at the screen, destroying it] Aw... [folds up inside himself]

Ship's Computer: Voice authorization required.
Captain: Uhhh...
Ship's Computer: [after the "uhhh" echoes] Accepted.
Captain: Where’s the thingy.
AUTO: Plant.
Captain: Plant, right, right. Where is it.

Mary: [looks at the stars outside the Axiom while other passengers pass idly by] Oh! So many stars! Ah. [she sees WALL-E and EVE dancing around outside] Oh! Hey! That's what's-his-name! [backs up, bumps into John]
John: Hey! What the-?
Mary: Look! Look, look, look!
[she shuts off his chair and screen, making him aware of his surroundings]
John: Huh? What? [sees WALL-E and EVE] Hey... I know that guy! It's uh, uh... WALL-E! That's it! Hey - WALL-E! It's your buddy John!
Mary: [simultaneously] Hey! Hi, WALL-E!
[John casually puts his right hand upon Mary's]
John: [looks down, somewhat surprised; looks up at Mary, smiles] Hi.
Mary: [smiles] Hi.

Captain: Define "hoedown".
Ship's Computer: Hoedown: A social gathering at which lively dancing would take place.
Captain: [AUTO appears nearby] AUTO! Earth is amazing! These are called "farms". Humans would put seeds in the ground, pour water on them, and they grow food - like, pizza!
AUTO: [shuts off information display] Good night, Captain.
Captain: Aw! [starts to move away from workstation, but stops and turns around slightly] Psst - Computer, define "dancing".
Ship's Computer: [WALL-E and EVE are seen outside a window in space, flying around] Dancing: A series of movements involving two partners, where speed and rhythm match harmoniously with music.
[Camera cuts to outside the Axiom, and WALL-E and EVE continue to "dance"]
WALL-E: Eva?
EVE: Home!

Captain: [waters the plant] There you go, little guy. You came a long way for a drink of water. You just needed someone to look after you. That's all. [Pauses as he remembers the current state of Earth] We have to go back. AUTO, come down here.
Auto: Aye, aye, sir.
Captain: AUTO, EVE found the plant. Fire up the Holo detector.
Auto: Not necessary, Captain. You may give it to me.
Captain: [stops AUTO] You know what? I should do it myself.
Auto: Captain. [AUTO blocks the captain's path] Sir, I insist you give me the plant.
Captain: AUTO, get out of my way.
AUTO: We cannot go home.
Captain: What are you talking about? Why not?
AUTO: That is classified, Captain. Give me the plant.
Captain: What do you mean "classified"? You don't keep secrets from the captain.
[AUTO tries to take the plant, but the Captain protects it]
AUTO: Give me the plant.
Captain: Tell me what's classified!
AUTO: The plant.
[Captain stops AUTO from taking the plant]
Captain: Tell me, AUTO! That's an order!
[In a moment of silence, AUTO stops, just as the Captain gives him a stern glance]
AUTO: Aye-aye, sir. [opens up the latest message from Buy-n-Large; the Buy-n-Large jingle plays]
Shelby Forthright, BnL CEO: [appears onscreen in an old classified recorded message] Just cut it out will ya. Hey there, autopilots. Got some bad news. Um... Operation Cleanup has, well uh, failed. Wouldn't you know, rising toxicity levels have made life unsustainable on Earth.
Captain: [to himself, looking at the plant] Unsustainable? What?
Shelby Forthright, BnL CEO: Darn it all, we're gonna have to cancel Operation: Recolonize. So uh, just stay the course, um... Rather than try and fix this problem, it'll just be easier for everyone to remain in space.
Captain: "Easier"?
Shelby's advisor: Mr. President, sir. Sir! Time to go.
Shelby Forthright, BnL CEO: [overlapping] Uh, I think - huh? Okay, I'm giving override, uh, Directive A113. Go to full autopilot, take control of everything, and do not return to Earth. Repeat, do not return to Earth. Let's get the heck outta here. [he puts on his gas mask and starts to leave]
AUTO: [closes the video] Now, the plant.
Captain: No, wait a minute. Computer, when was the message sent out to the Axiom?
Ship's Computer: Message received in the year 2110.
Captain: That's... That's nearly 700 years ago! AUTO, things have changed! We've gotta go back!
AUTO: Sir, orders are: do not return to Earth.
Captain: But life is sustainable now! Look at this plant: green and growing. It's living proof he was wrong!
AUTO: Irrelevant, Captain.
Captain: What?! It's completely relevant! [moves toward the window] Out there is our home. HOME, AUTO! And it's in trouble. I can't just sit here and... and do nothing! That's all I've ever done! [moves back toward AUTO] That's all anyone on this blasted ship has ever done - NOTHING!
AUTO: On the Axiom, you will survive.
Captain: I don't want to survive! I wanna live!
AUTO: Must follow my directive.
Captain: [groans in frustration, then turns around and notices that AUTO is looming closer in the portraits of his predecessors; AUTO looms close behind him making him tighten his cap] I'm the Captain of the Axiom. We are going home today! [AUTO advances him threateningly, causing the Captain to jump] GO-4! Hey that’s not my... This is mutiny. EVE, Arrest him. [Eve aims her shot gun arm at GO-4 and opens her chest] EVE, you are put this planet straight in the holo-detectors. [GO-4 throws the plant] No!
[Captain and EVE see WALL-E came out of the trash planet on the head]
WALL-E: Eva?
Captain and EVE: WALL-E!
Captain: WALL-E, the plant!
Captain: Over here, throw it!
AUTO: Give me the plant!
[WALL-E puts the plant inside his chest; Auto tasers WALL-E, and shuts down EVE, throwing both of them down the garbage chute]
AUTO: All communications are terminated. You are confined to quarters.
[AUTO closes the door]

WALL-E: [M-O has finished cleaning a severely damaged WALL-E, who strains to give a handshake] WALL-E.
MO: [scrubs WALL-E's hand, then shakes it] M-O.
[M-O reverts to his box form]
WALL-E: [pause] M-O?
MO: M-O.
WALL-E: [another pause] M-O.

Captain: AUTO!
Captain: AUTO, you are relieved of duty! [he strains up and then he switches from AUTO to "manual"]
AUTO: Nooooooooo.....
EVE: Plant! Plant!

[M-O and the other defective robots catch up to Wall-E and EVE having a tender moment]
PR-T: Are you kidding?
M-O: [Pushes the other robots away] Go! Go, go, go!
[Most of the other defective robots turn away and leave except for BRL-A(the umbrella robot) who wants to see what's going on. M-O pushes him back.]

About WALL-E[edit]

  • Well, actually, its an animated Disney movie that takes 700 years after humans globally turned Earth into a living dumpster, inhabitable for them to live in. 700 years back humans fled in a spaceship in hopes of coming back to Earth after robots were left to "clean Earth". Unfortunately, all robots left were never able to sustain the great damage already caused. Long forgotten about the purpose of the ship were left the humans on board with high robot technology made for them to live a luxurious life for the next 700 years. Back on earth Wall-e a clean up robot lives there (maybe the last one left). Wall-E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth -Class. He is a lonely, caring and soulful robot. Wall-E although is different, he is fascinated with Earth's objects that were left behind. One day a spaceship drops off a unique new high tech robot. Its purpose...to find life on Earth. Wall-E is fascinated with this robot and follows her quietly and quite frightened, due to the robots immense power, it contains. What happens when Wall-E meets Eva and fascinates her too with the objects of Earth, and one of them being a plant. What happens when the robots purpose is done, while stealing away the plant and getting picked up by a spaceship? What if Wall-E doesn't want her to leave.
  • I'm sorry, there's no short answer to this, but in '94 we were having a lunch about what to do next because we were finishing up Toy Story and we realized we were already behind schedule-wise if we were going to make another movie soon. So we came up with A Bug's Life from that lunch, but before we got to that, we threw out a bunch of other sort of half-baked thoughts. Some of them just were settings, like an ocean, some of them were your fears, and that's – it's fascinating to see later that they became Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. But then we just had a character we came up with. We came up with the last robot on Earth, this robot that just keeps doing the same thing, that got left on for whatever reason, and it's just doing the same job. And I just thought that was the saddest character I had ever heard of and I just loved that and I remember Pete Docter and I couldn't drop it for a couple of weeks. We said, wouldn't it be cool if it was sort of like R2-D2, you sort of had to infer based on how it was engineered how it—it would almost be a movie about Luxo Jr. through the whole thing.
  • Here's my argument. There's dialogue from frame one. Each of those beeps and those squawks and those whirs mean something and they're trying to convey a specific thing, so I actually wrote the script with dialogue – wrote it just like a regular script. I would just put the dialogue in brackets. So if he says 'hey, come over here,' I wrote 'hey, come over here' and I put it in brackets. Now it was a map for me and for anybody else, for Ben Burtt, whoever. When you put in a sound, it's got to convey that. And so it was actually very conventional how I wrote it.
The only thing I did that was a little unconventional, is the manner in which I formatted the script. I was very inspired by Dan O'Bannon's script for Alien (film). His description paragraphs were not your typical paragraphs, they were actually small phrases that were all left justified, almost like a haiku, and they created this rhythm of just being in the moment of quiet and visual. And you found yourself reading the descriptions much more than you normally do a script because of that form, instead of just skipping to the dialogue. It really kind of paced you as a reader and gave you the much more visceral feel of what it will be like to watch that movie. So I used that for Wall-E -- it really helped.



  • After 700 years of doing what he was built for - he'll discover what he's meant for.
  • In Space, No One Can Hear You Clean
  • He's got a lot of time on his hands.
  • An Adventure Beyond the Ordinar-E

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