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Finding Dory is a 2016 American 3D computer-animated comedy adventure film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film is a sequel to the 2003 film Finding Nemo. Andrew Stanton, who directed the first film, returned as writer and director, alongside Angus MacLane as the co-director, and Victoria Strouse and Finding Nemo co-writer Bob Peterson as writers.

Finding Dory focuses on the amnesiac fish Dory, and explores her journey to be reunited with her parents.

The film premiered at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles on June 8, 2016, and was released in the United States on June 17, 2016.

She just kept swimming...(taglines)


  • For a guy with three hearts, you are not very nice.
  • Just keep swimming!
  • [to a bunch of dead fish] I'm sorry. I gotta blink. How do you hold your eyes open that long?
  • MY FAMILY!! I remember my family! [swims really fast] They're out there somewhere; I have to find them!
  • [As a baby] Hi. I'm Dory. I suffer from short-term re-mem-bory loss.
  • [Sleeping] Don't cry, mommy. Don't cry...
  • I like sand. Sand is squishy.
  • What if I forget you? Would you ever forget me?
  • I-I suffer from short-term memory loss.
  • Somewhere out there is my family. I can't find them on my own.
  • Sigourney Weaver is going to help us!
  • [Last word, about the drop off's view] Unforgettable.


  • Dory, you are about to find your parents. And when you do that... you'll be home.
  • [to Crush] I'm gonna be totally sick!
  • Our friend got taken into whatever this place is.
  • Sea lions: they're natural predators.
  • [about WALL-E] Every fish instinct I have says don't follow a robot on wheels.
  • [protesting at Mr. Incredible] BOB! NO!
  • She should just pick two and let's go.
  • What? I'm kidding. It's a reunion.
  • [about Dory] Ever since I met you, you showed me how to do stuff I never dreamed of doing. Crazy things. Outsmarting sharks, jumping jellyfish, and finding my son. You made all that happen.
  • Because I said so, your not doing this is lotovers you are to guilty to have a good.


  • Does this mean we have to say goodbye... to Dory?
  • [about Dory] Dad, Dory's sleep swimming. She's talking in her sleep.
  • I trust Becky.
  • The Jewel of Morro Bay, California.
  • Why are you Darla is go to jail.


  • [introducing to Dory] Name's Hank.
  • That’s a hard one, kid.
  • So, give me your tag!!
  • [as a kid touches Hank] I don’t want to be touched...!
  • I just want to live in a glass box alone. That's all I want.
  • Hey, you.
  • No!! Your memory is not working! You can’t remember anything! It’s probably how ya lost your family in the first place!!
  • [about the Incredimobile, Mr. Incredible’s car] Oh, boy. Looks like the car’s gone cuckoo, like Dory’s memories.


  • Holy Neptune!
  • I know you're talking about me.
  • This is amazing!
  • Still not Clear, Still not Clear..
  • It’s your destiny,Destiny


  • Bailey, you've gotta use your echolocation!


  • Okay, okay. We'll pretend to be the other kids now. Hi Dory!
  • You found us. Oh, honey, you found us and you know why you found us? Because you remembered. You remembered in your own, amazing Dory-way.


  • Ahoy there! Do you want to play Hide-and-Seek?
  • No, no. Not Daddy. I'm the nice fish who wants to be your friend, okay?


  • Bloat: [last lines of the film] Now what?
  • Group of Cheering Fish: ...RELEASE!!
  • Gurgle: I am truly going to vomit!
  • Deb (& Flo): Oh, look Flo. We made it!
  • Marine Life Institute Female Rescuer: [as she places The Tank Gang in the cooler] No respect for ocean life.
  • Peach: Hey guys, wait up! I'm right behind ya!
  • Gill: Alright, gang. Good work.
  • Gill: We won't have anymore problems from here on out!
  • Sigourney Weaver: I'm Sigourney Weaver. Thank you for joining me.


[first lines]
Baby Dory: Hi, I'm Dory. I suffer from short-term remembory loss.

[flashback of the first film, when the boat moves away and Dory meets Marlin]
Marlin: [first words of the first film] Has anybody seen a boat!? Please! A white boat! They took my son! [Dory swims towards him] My son! Help me, please!
Dory: [she and Marlin running towards each other] Look out! [they bumps in to each other; Marlin gets bumped by a rock and lands on the ground]
Dory: Oh, oh, sorry! I-I-I didn't see you! Are you… are you okay? There, there, it's all right. It'll be okay.
Marlin: He's gone. No, he's gone. He's gone. No, no, they took him away! I have to find the boat!
Dory: A boat? Hey, I've seen a boat!
Marlin: You have?
Dory: Uh-huh. (Hi, I'm Dory.) This way! It went this way! Follow me!
Marlin: [Last words of the first film] Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much!
[The film goes back to the future] [One year later]

[Marlin is riding on Crush]
Marlin: Totally sick! TOTALLY SICK!!
Crush: I know! Isn't it great?
Marlin: NO! I'm gonna be totally sick!

Marlin: Dory, these crabs are locals! And I get the feeling they're shushing us for a reason. You might wake up something dangerous!
Dory: Are you talking about like something with one big eye, tentacles and a snappy thing?
Marlin: Well that's very specific, but something like that, yes. You just, in general, don't want to--
[The crabs hide back.]

[from trailer]
Dory: I remember something important!
Marlin: Something important?! What?!
Dory: Something about a clam or...?
Marlin: No.
Dory: No, an oyster.
Marlin: No.
Dory: Mollusk?
Marlin: No.
Dory: Something?
Marlin: No.
Dory: I don't... know...
Marlin: No clam.

Dory: Excuse me. Hi.
Destiny: Who is that, is that blue blob talking?
Dory: Can you help me? I lost my family.
Destiny: You lost your family?
Dory: Well, it's a long story and truth be told, I don't remember most of it.
Destiny: Oh, that is so sad. You poor thing. [crashes headfirst into a wall] Ow! Sorry, not a great swimmer. Can't see very well.
Dory: Oh, I think you swim beautifully. In fact, I've never seen another fish swim like that before.
Destiny: [in whale] THANK YOU...
Dory: [in whale] YOU'RE WELCOME...
Destiny: Wait. Say that again.
Dory: Um... [in whale] YOU'RE WELCOME...
Destiny: Dory?
Dory: Yes.
Destiny: Dory.
Dory: Yes.
Destiny: Dory?
Dory: Yes.
Destiny: [Gasps with excitement] Dory!
Dory: Yes.
Destiny: You and I were friends!
Dory: [Quietly] No...
Destiny: Dory, it's me, Destiny!
Dory: You know me?
Destiny: Of course! We talked through the pipes when we were little. We were pipe pals!
Dory: We were?
Destiny: Oh, you're so pretty.
Dory: So you know where I'm from?
Destiny: Yep. You are from the Open Ocean exhibit.
Dory: I'm from the Open Ocean exhibit? Then that's where my parents are! We gotta go. Can you take me there?
Destiny: Uh, kinda tough for a whale to travel around here. [Bailey appears at the wall behind Destiny]
Bailey: Can you please keep it down over there? My head hurts. [Destiny groans with annoyance]
Dory: Who's that?
Destiny: That's my neighbor, Bailey. He was brought in with a head injury.
Bailey: I know you're talking about me, Destiny.
Destiny: [blocks Bailey with her fin, but Bailey swims up to get a better view] He thinks he can't use his echolocation, but I've overheard the doctors talking.
Bailey: I'm right here.
Destiny: There's not a thing wrong with him.
Bailey: I can hear every word you're saying about me.
Dory: What's echolocation?
Destiny: [Turns around to face Bailey] Well, Bailey's head is supposed to put out a call, and the echo helps him find objects far away. Oh, but apparently, he's still "healing".
Bailey: Now I know you're talking about me. I really can't echolocate.
Destiny: Oh, I cannot have this conversation again, I just can't.
Bailey: I hit my head very hard out there. See how swollen it is?!
Destiny: Your head is supposed to be big! You're a beluga!
Dory: Echolocation. Oh, like the world's most powerful pair of glasses?
Destiny: What?
Bailey: What are glasses?
Dory: Sort of like, you go "ooooh". And then you see things. Why do I know that?
Bailey: Oh. That's interesting.
Hank: [suddenly appears in Destiny's pool] There you are! Listen up, you and I are square. I took you to the map, now give me that tag!
Dory: Wait, wait, wait, no. I know where my parents are. They're in the place... What's it called?
Destiny and Bailey: Open Ocean.
Dory: Open Ocean.
Hank: Open Ocean. I know where that is! That's the exhibit located right next to "I Don't Care"!
Bailey: Easy.

Destiny: Hang on, Dory! Bailey, you've got to use your echolocation.
Bailey: You know it's broken.
Destiny: Just stop it and try the oooh thing Dory talked about, will you?!
Bailey: I don't think I can!
Destiny: [firmly] DON'T BAIL ON ME, BAILEY!

Passenger Carl: Hey! Hey! come on, out of the truck! Those aren't your fish. Shoo!
Dory: Oh no! There goes our ride.
Passenger Carl: Back in the water. Come on.
Destiny: (vocalizing) Dory, the traffic is start to moving.
Marlin: Leave it to me, I got this. [clears throat] Ooo-roo! Ooo-roo! Becky, Becky! Come back! We need your help! Becky! [Becky squawking] Dory, follow me. No, no, wait! We don't have Dory! No, no, Becky, wait! Stop it! We need to go back! Becky, back! Back! Becky! Ooo-roo! Ooo-roo! [screams] Please don't eat us!
Destiny: Where's Dory?
Jenny: Who are you?
Marlin: Jenny?
Jenny: Marlin?
Nemo: Charlie?
Charlie: Nemo?
Jenny and Charlie: Thank you so much. Thank you for taking care of Dory.
Marlin: Dory! She's still in the truck. Becky! [She looks at Marlin and Nemo and she looks at the truck with her Red Eyes] Fetch Dory! Ooo-roo! Ooo-roo!
Becky: (Squawking)

Marlin: Ooo-roo! Ooo-roo! Ooo-roo! Ooo-roo! Ooo-roo! Ooo-roo! Ooo-roo! Ooo-roo! Ooo-roo!
Nemo: Dad, stop! She's not coming back.
Marlin: She might. Ooo-roo! Ooo-roo!
Nemo: Dad, you made her feel like she couldn't do it!
Marlin: You're not talking about Becky, are you?
Nemo: (sighs) I miss Dory.
Marlin: Me too. [fish toy comes to him and he pushes back] (sighs) The truth is I'm just worried about her.
Nemo: She's the one who should be worried about us.
Marlin: Well, she would definitely have an idea of what to do if she were here. I don't know how she does that.
Nemo: I don't think she knows, Dad. She just does.
Marlin: Well, then we'll just have to think.
Nemo: What would Dory do?
Marlin: What would Dory do?
Nemo: Yeah! What would Dory do?
Marlin: She would assess her situation, and then she'd evaluate, then she would analyze her options--
Nemo: Dad! That's "What would Marlin do?".
Marlin: Right, that's what would I do. She wouldn't even think twice. She would just look at the first thing she sees and--
[fish toy tapping on a glass, then Nemo and Marlin sees that children plays water sprayground]
Nemo: Dory would do it.
Marlin: Nemo, hold on to me!

Dory: AHHH!!!
Destiny: AHHH!!!
Bailey: AHHH!!!
Dory: AHHH!!!
Marlin and Nemo: Dory!

Nemo: I trust Becky.
Marlin: [flatly] You trust Becky? Becky's eating a cup!

Nemo: Dad, does this mean we have to say goodbye to Dory?
Marlin: Yes, Nemo. We do.
[Dory humming]

Hank: I don't want to be touched...! [a finger presses him and suddenly releases ink out]
Dory: It's okay. Nothing to be ashamed of. [embraces him]

Marlin: She should just pick two and let's go.
Nemo: Dad.
Marlin: What? I'm kidding. It's a reunion.
Dory: Mom! Dad! Where are my parents.

Dory: [to a bunch of dead fish] I'm sorry. I gotta blink. How do you hold your eyes open that long?

Bailey: Oooh! There's no way out. It's over! They're going to fish jail! Ooooh! Wait. Oooh, Oh no. Oooh. Get back! Incoming!
Seal: Fish!
Sigourney Weaver: What lies before you represents the third and final of part of the Marine Life mission. Rescue, rehabilitation, and release.
Charlie: Come to Papa!
Sigourney Weaver: I'm Sigourney Weaver. Thank you for joining us.

Bailey: Still not clear. Still not clear...
Destiny: You don't have to say when it's not time...
Bailey: Not...
Destiny: Just tell me when it is time!
Bailey: Okay, here we go. And, wait!
Destiny: [flounders in the water] "Here we go, wait." Are you serious?
Bailey: Okay, on the count of 3...
Destiny: Don't count. Just say, "Go."
Bailey: [shouting] Go! Now, now! Do it! Do it!

Marlin: Nemo, I think we should devise an alternate plan something that involves staying in the water and someone sane cause this bird, this ain't a bird!
Nemo: That's fine, Dad, and in the meantime, Dory will just forget us. Like you said, it's what she does best.
Marlin: Fine. [he looks at Becky] Uh, okay. Look her in the eye. Which eye?
Fluke: Just pick one, mate.
Marlin: Becky. [Becky shakes her head, She looks at Marlin with her Red Eyes] Ooh, ooo-roo, ooo-roo, Becky. [Becky Squawks, She flies and landed on Marlin on the Water] Okay. This is all great.

Dory: Hey, Marlin.
Marlin: Oh, hey. Hello, Dory.
Dory: You alright? You look worried.
Marlin: No, no, no. I'm... I'm fine. It's... It's how I always look.
Dory: What?
Marlin: Well, I just... (chuckles) You did it.
Dory: (gasps)
Jenny: Yay!
Charlie: You did it, kelpcake!
Jenny: Yes!
Baby Dory: (laughs) Did what?
Jenny: Sweetie, you just followed the shells all the way back home!
Baby Dory: Oh my gosh! I did? all by myself?
Jenny: Yeah.
Charlie: Do you know what this means, honey?
Jenny: It means you can do whatever you put you mind to, Dory.
Baby Dory: Really? Mommy, can I go play with them?
Charlie: Absolutely! Go get 'em, kelpcake!
Baby Dory: (laughs)
Dory: Yeah. I did it. Hmm.
Marlin: Hmm. It really is quite a view.
Dory: Yep. Unforgettable.


  • She just kept swimming...
  • Have you seen her?
  • An unforgettable journey she probably won't remember.


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