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Monsters University is a 2013 American 3D computer animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Dan Scanlon is the director and Kori Rae is the producer. It is the fourteenth film produced by Pixar and the prequel to 2001's Monsters, Inc.

Michael "Mike" Wazowski[edit]

  • I've been waiting for this my whole life! I'm gonna be a scarer!
  • [to Sulley] Just wait, hotshot. I'm gonna scare circles around you this year.
  • [looking at his ID card] I can't believe it. I'm officially a college student!
  • [to Sulley] You don't know what it's like to fail, because you were born a Sullivan!
  • This is going to be harder than I thought.

James P. "Sulley" Sullivan[edit]

  • You don't need to study scaring. You just do it.
  • [referring to Mike] I'm gonna wipe the floor with that little know-it-all.
  • [to Mike] You're not scary – not even a little bit – but you are fearless!
  • Just reach deep down and let the scary out!

Randall "Randy" Boggs[edit]

  • That's the last time I lose to you, Sullivan.


  • [panicked; once detected] I can’t go back to jail!
  • I have an extra toe. Not with me, of course.

Dean Hardscrabble[edit]

  • Scariness is the true measure of a monster. If you are not scary, what kind of a monster are you? It's my job to make great students greater, not making mediocre students less mediocre. That is why, at the end of the semester, there will be a final exam. Fail that exam, and you're out of the scaring program. I should hope you're all properly inspired.


[Mike approaches the Greek Council stand]
Claire: MU Greek Council! We sponsor the annual Scare Games.
Mike: [snatches a paper from the booth] The scare what now?
Brock: [pounds his fist against the table] The Scare Games! A super intense scaring competition!
Claire: They're crazy dangerous, so anything could happen.
Brock: A bunch of guys went to the hospital last year!
Claire: You could totally die.
Brock: [pounds his fist again] And it’s worth it! You get a chance to prove that you are the best!
Mike: [staring at the flier; whispering] Cool.

Randall: Hey there, I'm your roommate! Name's Randy Boggs, Scaring major!
Mike: [laughs] Mike Wazowski, Scaring major.
Randy: I can tell we're gonna be best chums, Mike. Take whatever bed you want, I wanted you to have first dibs. [a monster student bumps into him, making him yelp and turn completely invisible except for the glasses]
Mike: [gasps] You just disappeared.
Randy: [turns visible again] Sorry. If I do that in scaring class, I'll be a joke.
Mike: No, it's totally great, you gotta use it.
Randy: Really?
Mike: Yeah, but lose the glasses, they give it away. [heads into his room]
[Randy removes his glasses, and his eyes squint to the shape we all know and grunts approvingly]

Sulley: Fear Tech dummies. Sorry about that, buddy.
Mike: What are you doing in my room?!
Sulley: Your room? This is my... [realizes he's in Mike and Randall's room] This is not my room. Archie! Come here, boy! [imitates a pig]
Mike: Archie?
Sulley: Archie the Scare Pig. He's Fear Tech's mascot.
Mike: What's it doing here?
Sulley: [chuckles] I stole it. Gonna give it to the RORs.
Mike: The what?
Sulley: "Roar Omega Roar", the top fraternity on campus, the only accept the highly elite? Alright, I'll lift the bed, you grab the pig.
Mike: What? No!
Sulley: 1, 2, 3! [shoves Mike under his bed]

Sulley: That was awesome. What am I doing? James P. Sullivan.
Mike: Mike Wazowski.

Mike: That took guts.
Chet: Slow down, Squirt. This party is scare students only.
Johnny: Oh, I'm sorry, killer, but you might wanna hang out with someone little more of your speed. They look fun!
[Cut on Oozma Kappa members holding a stand]
Don: Oh, hey there! Wanna join Oozma Kappa?
Squishy: We have cake!
[A huge monster passes by and swallows the cake whole. Not a second later, a balloon deflates and falls on Squishy's head]
Johnny: Go crazy. [leaves with ROR and Sulley]
Mike: [stunned] Is that a joke?
Johnny: [sighs, annoyed] Sulley, talk to your friend.
Sulley: [to Johnny] Well, he’s not really my friend, but sure. [to Mike] You heard him, this is a party for scare students.
Mike: I am a scare student.
Sulley: I mean, for scare students who actually, you know, have a chance.
Chet: Ah, snap!
[The ROR brothers start laughing]
Mike: [narrowing his eye] My chances are just as good as yours.
Sulley: You're not even in the same league with me.
Mike: Just wait, hotshot. I’m gonna scare circles around you this year.

[Due to an argument between Mike and Sulley, the latter accidentally knocks down the Dean's scream canister and breaks it]
Mike: I'm so sorry (about your canister).
Sulley: (I didn't mean to knock it over.)It was an accident.
Dean: What, this? My one souvenir from a lifetime of scaring? Accidents happen, don't they? The important thing is: no one got hurt.
Mike: You’re taking this remarkably well.
Dean: Now, let's continue the exams. [to Mike] Mr. Wazowski, I’m a 5-year-old girl on a farm in Kansas afraid of lightning. Which scare do you use?
Mike: [confused] Shouldn't I go up on the...?
Dean: Which scare do you use?
Mike: That is a shadow approach with a crackle holler.
Dean: Demonstrate. [Mike inhales deeply] Stop. Thank you.
Mike: I didn't get to sh-
Dean: I've seen enough. [to Sulley] I am a 7-year-old boy- [Sulley roars loudly] I wasn't finished.
Sulley: I don't need to know any of that stuff to scare.
Dean: That "stuff" would've informed you that this particular child is afraid of snakes, so a roar wouldn't make him scream, it would make him cry, alerting his parents, exposing the monster world, destroying life as we know it, and of course, we can't have that, so I'm afraid I can not recommend that you continue in the scaring program. Good day.
Sulley: Wait, what? But I'm a Sullivan.
Dean: Well, I'm sure your family will be very disappointed. [ROR leaves the class; Sulley looks at Mike angrily and storms out of the class] And Mr. Wazowski, what you lack is something that cannot be taught. You're not scary. You will not be continuing in the scaring program.
Mike: Please, let me try out the simulator. I'll surprise you!
Dean: Surprise me? I doubt that very much.

Sulley: guys are scaring majors?
Don Carlton: [chuckling] We were, none of us lasted very long. I guess we just weren't what old Hardscrabble was looking for. Don Carlton, mature student. 30 years in a textile industry, and then ol' dandy Don got downsized. Figured I could throw myself a pity party or go back to school and learn the computers.
Terry: Hello! I'm Terry with a 'Y'.
Terri: And I'm Terri with an 'I'. I'm a dance major!
Terry: And I'm not.
Terri: 5, 6, 7, 8... [starts to dance while his brother rolls his eyes 7, 8, turn! And tu...Why didn't you turn?
Terry: Because we never agreed to do this.
Terri: You said this was gonna be cool.
Terry: No one said this was gonna be cool.
Terri: Now I'm embarrassed.
Terry: Now you're embarrassed?
Terri: Yes, because it's in front of people!
Terry: You should wake up embarrassed.
Art: [rolls down the stairs] Hey, hey! I'm Art! New Age Philosophy Major. Excited to live with you, and laugh with you... [changes his mood] And cry with you. I thought you'd like to keep a dream journal!
Squishy: Guess that leaves me. [Sulley suddenly screams once seeing him] My name's Scott Squibbles. My friends call me Squishy. I'm undeclared, unattached and...unwelcomed pretty much everywhere but here.
Mike: Well now that we've all been introduced. As captain of our team...
Sulley: [cuts him off again] So basically you guys have no scaring experience?
Squishy: [laughing] Not a lot, but now we've got you!
Don: You're about the scariest fellow I've ever seen. Even with them pink polka dots.
Sulley: Aww, thanks.
Mike: Well, actually, I think I bring the whole package.
Squishy: [grabs one of Sulley's hands] Your hands are as big as my face!
Terri: [referring to Sulley] He's like a mountain...with fur!
Sulley: Oh, come on. I don't even work out.
Art: Yeah, me neither. I don't wanna get too big. [sniffs]

Don: And here's what you've been waiting for, fellas. You very own Oozma Kappa bedroom.
Sulley: Ah, great! We're sharing this room?
Don: We'll let you guys get settled. Anything you need, you just give a big holler-rooney.
Sulley: Okay, thanks, buddy. [quickly shuts the door in Don's face and glares at Mike] Are you kidding me?
Mike: Look, they don't need to be good. I'm gonna carry the whole team.
Sulley: Really? And who's gonna carry you?
Mike: Hey, you wanna go back to can design? You know where the door is.
[The lights suddenly go out]
Sulley: [flips the switch several times] Great.
Mike: Guys. Anybody home. Um, h...hello? Fellas?
[As he and Sulley walk down the basement into a candlelit are, where O.K fraternity surround it, wearing black cloaks]
Don: Do you pledge your souls to the Oozma Kappa brotherhood?
Mike: [Terri and Terry hit him with a cricket bat] OW!
Terry: Do you swear to keep secret.
Terri: All that you learn here?
Art: No matter how horrifying?
Sulley: [Squishy hits Sulley with cricket bat] Hey!

Mike: [mumbling while asleep] I know. You're a princess, and I'm just a stable boy.
[When the alarm clock suddenly goes off, realizing it is Sulley's hand, Mike responds with disgust, causing Sulley to fall out of his bed]
Sulley: [to himself; shocked] MOM?! [to Mike] What are you doing?
Mike: Your grubby paw was in my bed!
Sulley: [stammering] Were you kissing my hand?
Mike: [laughs] No, and what about you with all your shedding?
Sulley: I don't shed.
Mike: Really? [punches the mattress of Sulley’s bed lightly, causing his fur to drop all over him]
Sulley: Uh...
Mike: Excuse me.

Squishy: [takes a picture of Mike and Sulley] First morning in the house!
Art: That's going in the album!
Don: Guys! We've got a letter!
Squishy: A letter.

[As Oozma Kappa are going to their first Scare Game challenge]
Art: Of all the sewers in this school, this one has always been my favorite.
Terry: Art, you've been here before?
Art: I have a life outside the house, you know!

Brock: Let's begin the first competition! The Toxicity Challenge!
Claire: Human children are toxic! [pointing to some human toys] ...And everything they touch is toxic.
Brock: [as Claire uses a metal claw, reaching into a crate and pulling out a urchin] We don't have any human toys, but thanks to MU biology department, we found a close second - the Stinging Glow Urchin! Trust me when I say you are not gonna want to touch this bad boy.
Art: I wanna touch it.
Claire: And you certainly don't want to touch any of its friends.
[The members look behind them and see several Stinging Glow Urchins scattered on the ground]
Art: Yeah, I wanna touch 'em.
Brock: This here is the starting line. The light at the end of the tunnel is the finish line.
Claire: And whoever comes in last is eliminated from the games.
Squishy: Mike?
Mike: [startled] Ah! What is it?
Squishy: Does that mean if we lose we’re out?
Mike: Don’t worry, Smoothie...(Uh, isn't it your name?)
Squishy: (No!) Squishy.
Mike: (Right. I forgot.) Squishy, we're not gonna lose, because we have everything we need to win [points to his chest]
Squishy: [smiling] Heart.
Mike: No, me! I'm gonna win the race for us.
Sulley: [pushes him out of the way] Alright, alright, that's very cute but move, move, move. I'm gonna win this.
Mike: It's an obstacle course, what are you gonna do? Roar at it?
Sulley: I can get through faster than you, little guy.

Terry: We're experts in the ancient craft of close-up magic.
Terri: It's all about... [the cards vanish] ...Misdirection.

Mike: Guys, what are you doing?
Terry: They said don't let her catch you!
Terri: They didn’t say how!

Mike: Don't worry. Nobody reads the school paper.
Art: Yeah, but I'm pretty sure they read the quad.

[As ROR is selling t-shirts with pictures of Oozma Kappa being humiliated at the party]
Mike: Hey, what do you think you're doing?!
Johnny: Raising a little money for charity.
Mike: Yeah, well stop it!
Johnny: You want us to stop raising money for charity? That's not cool.
Chet: [shouting to the public] This guy hates charity!
Mike: (No, I mean...) I want you to stop making us look like fools!
Johnny: Hey, you're making yourself look like fools. Let's be honest, boys. You're never gonna be real scarers, 'cause real scarers look like us. But hey, if you really want to work for a scaring company, they're always...hiring in the mail room. [points to a Monsters Inc. mail room ad in a newspaper]
Mike: [his friends were leaving] Guys! Hold on! Hey, hey, hey, wait a second. Don't listen to him! We just, need to keep trying!
Sulley: [angrily] No! You need to stop trying! You can train monsters like this all you want, but you can't change who they are. [walks off in angrily]
Don: Mike...We appreciate everything you done, but he's right. No matter how much we train, we'll never look like them. We're built for other things. [walks off]
Chet: Sorry, squirt! Some monsters just aren't cut out for the big leagues. [laughs as he walks off]
Mike: The big leagues.

Squishy: Mom, go!
Sherri: Seatbelts!
[Everyone buckles their seatbelts]
Squishy: Okay, go!
Sherri: Does anyone want gum?
Squishy: [yelling] JUST DRIVE!

[Referring to Mike]
Dean Hardscrabble: Tomorrow, each of you must prove that you are undeniably scary, and I know, for a fact...that one of you is not.
Sulley: No. He works harder than anyone.
Dean: Do you think he's scary?
Sulley: He's the heart and soul of the team!
Hardscrabble: Do you think he's scary?

Robot Child 2: [screams]

Johnny: [after Randy loses to Sulley] Hearts?!
Chet: [sarcastically] Way to go, Boggs!
Randy: [looks at Sulley menacingly] That's the last time I lose to you, Sullivan!

Sulley: Hey, don't worry about Hardscrabble. Don't worry about anyone else. Just go out there, and show 'em what Mike Wazowski can do.
Mike: [smiles] Thanks.

[Mike checks on the box in the Scare bed, and notices a broken panel on the side]
Mike: [opens the door] It's been tampered with.
Sulley: [sounding nervous] Uh...I don't think you should be messing with that.
Mike: [notices that his settings are at 0 instead of 10] Why are my settings...different?
Sulley: [desperate] Mike, we should leave.
Mike: [stands up; softly] Did you do this?
Sulley: Mike...
Mike: [louder and sounding more serious] Did. You. Do this?
Sulley: [nervously] I-Uh- [sighs, giving in] Yes, I did, but you don't understand!
Mike: [hurts] Why? Why did you do this?
Sulley: [sighs again] You know, just in case...
Mike: [skeptically] In case of what? [pauses out; unhappiness] You don't think I'm scary. (Do you?)
Sulley: [pleading] Mike-
Mike: You said you believed in me. But you're just like Hardscrabble. You're just like everyone else!
Sulley: Look, you'll get better and better...
Mike: I'm as scary as you! I'm as scary as anyone!
Sulley: I just wanted to help.
Mike: No! You just wanted to help yourself!
Sulley: [angrily] Well, what was I supposed to do?! Let the whole team fail because you don't have it?!
[Mike becomes shocked and hurt by the remark and Sulley becomes guilty, realizing what he just said. Mike's expression changes to anger as he pushes past Sulley and storms off leaving Sulley with the rest of Oozma Kappa who have witnessed the whole argument and silently leave except for Squishy who places the trophy on the ground before leaving with the others leaving Sulley guilty]

Dean: You did what?!
Sulley: My team had nothing to do with it, it was all me. I cheated. (You were right. Mike's not scary.)
Dean: I expect you off campus by tomorrow.
Sulley: [looking down in shame] Yes, ma'am.
Dean: You're a disgrace to this University...and your family name. [suddenly, an alarm suddenly goes off] What's going on?!
MU Security: Someone broke into the door lab!
Dean: What? [unfurls her wings and takes off]
Sulley: [realizing that Mike's in there] Oh, no.

[At the lake, Sulley finds a saddened Mike and children are arrested and going to be locked the jail cells by police officers, after he had failed to scare children.]
Sulley: [Mike notices him from behind] Mike. C'mon, buddy. Let's get you out of here. [Mike ignores him, still sullen] This is all my fault. I'm sorry.
Mike: [softly, sadly] You were right. They weren't scared of me. [Sulley looks guilty] I did everything right. I wanted it more than anyone, and I thought...I thought if I wanted it enough, I could show everybody that...that Mike Wazowski is something special...and I'm just...not. [angrily splashes his reflection on the lake]
Sulley: [sympathetically] Look, Mike, I know how you feel.
Mike: [angrily] Don't do that, please, don't do that, you do NOT know how I feel!
Sulley: Mike, calm down...
Mike: Monsters like you have everything! You don't have to be good! You can mess up all over and over again, and the whole world loves you!
Sulley: Mike...
Mike: You'll never know what it's like to fail, (all I need is 1 thing; myself), BECAUSE YOU WERE BORN A SULLIVAN!!
Sulley: [angrily bursts out] Yeah, I'm a Sullivan! I'm the Sullivan who flunked out of every test! The one who got kicked out of the program, the one who was so afraid of letting everyone down that I cheated...and I lied! [sighs] Mike, I'll never know how you feel...but you're not the only failure here. I act scary, Mike...but most of the time...I'm terrified.
[He and Mike sit together in silence]
Mike: How come you never told me that before?
Sulley: Because...we weren't friends before.

Don: Expelled?!
Mike: Yeah, we really messed up.

[After Mike gets on the bus to leave the university]
Sulley: [suddenly throws himself at the window] WAZOWSKI! [falls off the bus]
Mike: AAAH!! (What the...? Sulley?) Stop the bus! [the bus stops, and he rushes off] Are you crazy?!
Sulley: Mike, I don't know a single scarer who can do what you do. I know everyone sees us together, they think I'm the one running the show, but the truth is I've been riding your coattails since day 1! You made the deal with Hardscrabble! You took a hopeless team, and made them champions! All I did was catch a pig!
Mike: Technically, I caught the pig.
Sulley: Exactly, and you think you're just okay?! You pulled off the biggest scare this school's ever seen!
Mike: That wasn't me.
Sully: That was you! You think I could have done that without you? I didn't even bring a pencil on the first day of school! Mike, you're not scary, not even a little, but you are fearless! And if Hardscrabble can't see that, then she can just–
Hardscrabble: [perched on a stone pedestal] I can just what? Careful, Mr. Sullivan. I was just warming up to you.
Sulley: Sorry.
Dean: Well, gentlemen. It seems you made the front page again. [hands Mike a newspaper, which tells how they were both expelled] The two of you did something together that no one has ever done before, you surprised me. Perhaps I should keep an eye for more...surprises like you in my program, but as far as the 2 of you are concerned, there is nothing I can do for you now... [smiling slightly] Except perhaps...wish you luck. And Mr. Wazowski, keep surprising people.

Sulley: This is better than I ever imagined!
Mike: I bet we break the all-time record in our first year.
Sulley: Mike, we're mail guys.
Mike: I know. I'm talking about the record for letters delivered!
[the letters fall in the mail bag]
Yeti: All right, newbies, quit goofing around. I'll have you know tampering with the mail is a crime punishable by banishment!
Sulley: Yes, sir.
Mikey: We're right on it, Mr. Snowman. The team of Wazowski and Sullivan are going to change the world starting today! Say scream!
Both: Scream!
[they take a picture]

Merv: Wazowski, good luck on your first day!
Mike: Thanks, Merv!
Monster: Good luck, Mike!
Mike: Thanks, fellas! [pauses at the line on the floor which is same line he crossed when he was 6]
Sulley: You coming, coach?
Mike: You better believe it.

[Last lines after the credits]
Student Slug Monster: [panting; then sighs] I made it! My first day of class!
[The camera zooms in where the monster janitor cleans the floor]
Janitor: Uh, the school year's over, son. You missed it. [cleans the floor with the mop]
Student Slug Monster: [deadpan] Great. [slowly crawls away from the classroom]

About Monsters University[edit]

  • We had a meeting to see if there was even an idea for a Monsters thing and we threw out a lot of ideas, but the prequel as the thing we really got excited about because we wanted to do something about their relationship and we felt like the best way to learn more about these guys was to go back rather than go forward. Then obviously on top of that just the entertainment value of college came up. We felt like, “Oh, come on, Monster College.” Then out of that we really got excited about the idea of Mike’s story. That was the thing that made us realize “Oh, here’s the heart of the movie.” So often movies tell the story of “you can be anything you want as long as you never give up”, which is a great theme and a great lesson, however sometimes that does not work out. It’s just a fact of life, we’ve all been through it, and we felt like no one ever tells the story for those people.
No one ever tells a story to help you figure out where to go when a door closes on you. We knew that that could be kind of an awkward subject, but we just felt like all the more reason to do it and all the more reason to tell a prequel, because prequels are tough because people already know how the movie ends.


  • Before they were incorporated, they had to be... educated.
  • This summer, when it comes to college, there is a little monster in all of us.
  • School never looked this scary.
  • The first time they met, it was the brains versus the brawn.

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