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Cars 3 is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated sports comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the eighteenth Pixar feature film and the third installment in the Cars film franchise, following Cars 2 (2011). It is directed by Brian Fee, a storyboard artist on Cars (2006) and Cars 2. The film was released on June 16, 2017.

Doc Hudson[edit]

  • [as McQueen suffers a flashback and he prepares for a race] That ain't racing. That wasn't even a Sunday drive. That was one lap racing is 500 of those; everybody fightin' to move up, lap after lap, inside, outside, inches apart, never touchin'. Now that's racing.
  • [in a flashback from Cars] (They quit on me.) When I finally got put together, I went back expecting a big welcome. Know what they said? "You're history." Moved right on to the next rookie standing in line. [defeated] There was a lot left in me. I never got a chance to show 'em. (I keep that to remind me never to go back. I just never expected that that world would... would find me here.)
  • [from trailer] Get ready for what's comin': more speed, more horsepower... more of everything.

Lightning McQueen[edit]

  • This is my last, Cruz. Last! Final! Finito! If I lose, I never get to do this again.
  • Quicker than quick, faster than fast, I am speed.
  • I'm coming for you, Storm.
  • The racing is the reward, not the stuff.
  • [about Doc] I would give anything to talk to him right now.

Tow Mater[edit]

  • [getting a sneeze] Hold on. Got a sneeze... [suddenly, the sneeze goes away] Dadgum, I lost it! Hey! I'll see you at Flo's. [leaves; off-screen] AH-CHOO! [his hook goes flinging back to McQueen and Sally] I found it! Watch your step...
  • [pushes his way forward wearing a lightning bolt hat] Pardon me, best friend comin' through. Go, McQueen! Woohoo!
  • [talking to Lightning on a Apple computer] You know, I was just thinking of you, and here you are, looking right at me! You see me okay? [Lightning chuckles] Just a second there. Hold on, lemme see here. [changes his camera's position] That better? [looks in, only to show one eye]
  • [singing, tune of "The Humphrey Hop"] First you find a can, from a rusty van, bom-bom! Quicker in the dark, make it in the park, bom-bom! That's the way it's done, it's a lot of fun, bom-bom! Liftin' my funk, making sculptures out of junk! [giggles. Suddenly, his phone rings] Huh? What's that? [accidently breaks his own trophy] Oh, there we go! Somebody's interrupting genius.
  • [blocking Sterling] Hey! Did I tell you how much I loooove your mudflaps? Got my fishin' flaps., even got me some weddin' know, just in case.
  • [to Sterling] You are not a nice guy! Well, seriously, I gotta say, you do make a quality mudflap on an affordable price.

Cruz Ramirez[edit]

  • The beach ate me.
  • Show me what you got!
  • [talking in her sleep] How was your nap, Mr. McQueen?
  • [disguised as Jackson Storm] Oh, you're going down, McQueen! Get that arthritis redialed keister onto the track so I can put you into the old folks home against your will!
  • [repeated line] Use that!


  • [first lines] I've started to think I might never meet you. I know why you're're thirsty.
  • You'll never be as fast, but you can be smarter.
  • You will never be the racer you once were! You can't turn back the clock, kid... but you can wind it up again.
  • Alright, Guido, turn up the heat!
  • [offscreen] You didn't come all this way for a quart of oil, did you?
  • Racing wasn't the best part of Hud's were.
  • Looks like we got some work to do.


  • You are about to become the best brand in racing. We are talking saturation on all continents for every demographic. Movie deals, infomercials, product endorsements!
  • [from trailer] Every time you lose, you damage yourself.

Miss Fritter[edit]

  • I'm about to commit a movin' violation!
  • Look-a-here, boys! We got us a couple of rookies. I'm gonna call you "Muddy Bridges". And you "Lemonade".
  • Oh, I'm gonna fix that!
  • [seeing Cruz, who wins the Florida 500] Whoo! Yes!


  • I could do in the timeframe, boss. [Cruz is now sporting a rather gaudy #95 on her sides.]
  • [to Lightning] Hey, McQueen! You can't race in primer, man. Come on, let's go!
  • It's like... the Sistine Chapel... on wheels.

Natalie Certain[edit]

  • [informing viewers about Jackson and the next-gens] One reason Storm and the next-gens are more efficient: their ability to hold the optimum racing line every single lap. Storm's in a class of his own, and a big reason for that: training on the newest cutting-edge simulators. These machines create a virtual reality experience so real, racers never even have to go outside. 2% lower drag coefficient...5% increase downforce...1.2% higher top speed.
  • More changes ahead, Chick -- Every week, we've seen veteran racers either retire like Cal Weathers tonight, or fired to make room for these younger, faster racers,'s not over yet.
  • Even if he does race, McQueen's probability of winning is...1.2%. Numbers...never...lie. I'm willing to predict tonight, that Lightning McQueen's racing career will be over within the week. It might even be over, now.
  • [getting the idea of Cruz and Lightning sharing their win] Yeah...heck of a win...


  • Danny: [revving his engine; to Lightning] Name's Danny, bro.
  • Roscoe: Rule number 1: Gate closes, you race. Rule number 2: Last car standin' wins! And rule number 3: No cursing. It's Family Night. [leaves]
  • Ryan: McQueen's still not here? Didn't he pull this when he was a rookie? At least, that's what my grandfather told me.
  • Bubba: Maybe it's best if he doesn't show up. You know, after how last season ended?
  • Chase: Let me put it this way: I'm not losing any sleep wondering where Lightning McQueen is.


[First lines]
Lightning: [takes a deep breath] Okay, here we go. Focus, speed. I am speed. One winner, forty-two losers. I eat losers for breakfast. Did I used to say that?
Mater: Yes, sir, you did.
McQueen: [yells in fright; he eyes suddenly open to show Mater watching him]
Mater: Shoot. You say that all the time!
McQueen: Mater, what are you doing in here?
Mater: Well, I didn't want you to be lonely.
Lightning: Well... thank you. But, I'm kind of preparing for a race! I need a little quiet.
Mater: [suddenly gets it] Oh, right! [pushes the button to make the trailer door open] You got it, buddy. [comes out of Mack's trailer; pauses before he suddenly yells at a group of pit crew forklifts and a truck] Hey, everybody, listen up! My best friend, Lightning McQueen, needs [putting the wheel down] quiet. [suddenly loud] Perfect quiet! [honks his horn as McQueen laughs silently to himself]
Lightning: Okay, where was I? [takes a deep breath, then closes back his eyes] Racing. Real racing. [suffers a flashback with Doc Hudson from Cars at Willy's Butte]
Doc: Hah...that ain't racing, that wasn't even a Sunday drive. That was one lap racing is 500 of those; everybody fightin' to move up, lap after lap, inside, outside, inches apart, never touchin'. Now that's racing.
Lightning: Well, I can't argue with the Doc Hudson.
Doc: [laughs] How true, how true? [continues laughing before it goes back to the present]
Mack: [banging on McQueen's trailer hatch, yelling] HEY, LIGHTNING! YOU READY?!
Lightning: Oh, yeah, Lightning's ready.
[As he revs his engine and pushes a button to open the trailer, he looks at his picture of Doc as his crew chief]
Lightning: [while driving out] This one's for you, Doc.

[Lightning meets Jackson Storm for the first time]
Lightning: Hey! Jackson Storm, right? Great race today.
Jackson Storm: Wow, thank you, Mr. McQueen. You have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you.
Lightning: Uh, thanks. [pauses] Wait... [chuckles] Hang on, did you say "meet" or "beat"?
Jackson: [pauses, levelly] I think you heard me.

Chick Hicks: [hosting as an RSN announcer] Welcome back to Chick's Picks, with Chick Hicks! I'm your host, former and forever Piston Cup champion, Chick Hicks. Whoo-hoo-hoo! This just in: rookie Jackson Storm slams the proverbial door on Lightning McQueen! Ooh-hoo-hoo, I couldn't have enjoyed it more if I'd beaten McQueen myself. Oh, wait, I have! [chuckles softly] Well, enough about me. Here to tell you how it happened is professional number cruncher, Ms. Natalie Certain!
Natalie Certain: [drives up next to Chick] It's a pleasure to be here, Chick... and actually, I prefer the term "statistical analyst".
Chick: Right. So who is this mysterious new comer, Jackson Storm? And why is he so darn fast?
Natalie: It's no mystery if you study the data, Mr. Hicks. Jackson Storm is part of the next generation of high-tech racers, unlike the veterans of yesterday.
Chick: But--wha-wha-what... old timers like this guy (Lightning)? [laughs]
Natalie: [pauses, confusingly] Right. ...Storm achieves his top speeds by exploiting the numbers. I refer of course to racing data, tire pressure, downforce, weight distribution, aerodynamics, and the next gens like Storm are taking advantage. The racing world is changing.
Chick: And for the better, that means my old pal, Lightning, is down for the count, am I right, Certain?
Natalie: Well, if I'm certain of anything, Chick, it's that this season is about to get even more interesting.

[Lightning catches up to Cal, who has announced his retirement]
Lightning: Hey, Cal! [drives up to him] Hey! Retirement?! What's going on?!
Cal: [sighs] You know, I asked my uncle once how I'd know when it was time to stop. You know what he said? “The youngsters will tell ya.” [reverses into his trailer, saddened] We had some good times together. I'm gonna miss that the most, I think.
Lightning: Yeah... (I think I'll miss that too.)
[Cal pushes the button and closes his trailer, as he leaves the Piston Cup forever while Lightning looks on]

Sterling: Hey, Cruz!
Cruz: Oh, hey, Mr. Sterling!
Sterling: I'd like to introduce you to Lightning McQueen.
Lightning: I hear you're the maestro. [chuckles]
Cruz: Mr. Sterling, did you say Lightning McQueen was here? Because... [chuckles] I don't see him anywhere.
Luigi: Uh...but he's right here. Do you not see him?
Cruz: Nope. Still don't see him.
Luigi: He's-a right in front of you! It's Lightning McQueen!
Cruz: He's obviously an imposter. [circles] He looks old, and broken down.
Lightning: Hey!
Cruz: With flabby tires! [hits his front right tire]
Lightning: I do not!
Cruz: Use that!
Lightning: Whoa! Oh, yeah. I see. I can use that energy for motivation, right? [playfully growls]
Cruz: It's all about motivation, Mr. McQueen. You can use anything negative as fuel to push through to the positive!
Lightning: Ah, been...pretty positive since I was a rookie.
Cruz: I am so excited that I get to train you. I grew up watching you on TV!
Lightning: Huh. Is that right?
Cruz: These young guys are great and all, but I like a challenge.
Lightning: Haha. Not that much older but--
Cruz: In fact, I call you my "senior project". [Lightning looks confused]

Cruz: Good morning, Mr. McQueen. Looking good.
Lightning: [being lifted on a hydraulic two post lift and tipped forward facing the floor] AHH!!! [panting] Why...? [we hear oil gush inside him]
Cruz: This'll get oil to places it hasn't been in a long time! [slides something under him]
Lightning: Is that a...drip pan?
Cruz: Just in case.
Lightning: How old do you think I am?!
Cruz: Visualize yourself driving fast on a steep hill. I'll be back in a few.
Lightning: [as Cruz drives away] Visuali-- wait, wait, Cruz! A few what?! [to himself] I just wanna go on the simulator!
Student: How's it hangin'...drip pan?

Cruz: [as Lightning, Ronald, Kurt, and Gabríel are on treadmills] Okay. Day 3: treadmill. I've set a maximum speed to conserve your energy. What I want you to do is visualize beating... [projecting a picture of Jackson onto Lightning's monitor] this guy!
Lightning: [grunting furiously as his speedometer at 5 mph] Storm...
Cruz: Uh-huh! That's right! Get him...get him, Mr. McQueen!
Lightning: Get him? This thing's only going like, five miles an hour.
Cruz: We'll work up to the higher speeds right after you take your nap!
Lightning: Nap? [Ronald, Kurt, and Gabríel start laughing] I don't need a nap. [Sterling watches, clearly not amused.]
Kurt: Hit it with the bugs!
Lightning: I am not taking a nap!

Lightning: It was... kinda... refreshing, actually. [he is lifted by hydraulics...] Oh! Okay, what are you-- [...and his tires are removed.] HEY!
Cruz: You've been driving on tires a long time. Did you ever stop to get to know them?
Lightning: I'm sorry, what?
Cruz: Tires are individuals. You should give each a name.
Lightning: Name them? Ha. I won't be doing that.
Cruz: Mine are named María, Juaníta, Ronaldo, and Debbie Richardson.
Lightning: What?
Cruz: Long story.
Lightning: May I have my tires back so I can go on the simulator, please?
Cruz: Name them!
Lightning: Uhh. Lefty, Righty, Backy, Backy Jr, okay?
Cruz: Does this make you mad?
Lightning: YES IT DOES!
Cruz: [in a singsong tone] Use that!

[Lightning McQueen is getting on the simulator.]
Lightning: Okay, here we go. Here we go! How do I do this? Come on, baby!
Cruz: Mr. McQueen.
Lightning: Cruz, thank you for the old-man training, as crazy as it was, but I'm warmed up enough and now I need you to launch this thing.
Cruz: Mr. McQueen. Wait until you can handle it, please. There are no shortcuts.
Lightning: Okay. We'll just see about that.
Sterling: All right! My star racer is on the simulator!
Lightning: Why, yes I am!
Sterling: Well, let's see you take it out for a spin.
Lightning: Right away, Mr. Sterling. [To Cruz] Owner of the Company.
Cruz: [paused] Okay. Have fun.

[After Lightning launches off the platform and crashes into the screen.]
Simulator: You have crashed. You have crashed.
Cruz: Are you alright?
Simulator: You have crashed.
Lightning: [weirly] I've crashed...
[The power in the whole racing center goes out as a result.]

Lightning: Thought you'd be mad about the simulator, I mean th-this is all great, Mr. Sterling, I guess, but...I don't know. I never really thought of myself as a brand.
Sterling: Oh, nor do I. I'm a fan, maybe your most avid. I think of this as your legacy.
Lightning: [pause, chuckles weirly] That...that sounds like something that happens after you're... [with sudden realization] ...done racing.

Lightning: I-I don't wanna cash in, I-I wanna feel the rush of moving 200 miles an hour! Inches from the other guys, pushing myself faster than I thought I'd go! That's the reward, Mr. Sterling!
Sterling: Oh, Lightning, come on.
Lightning: Look, I can do this. I-I-I can, I promise! I-I-I'll train like I did with Doc! I-I'll get my tires dirty on every dirt track from here to Florida! I-I can start right there on Fireball Beach, where all the old greats used to race!
Sterling: Get your tires dirty? That's how you're gonna get faster than Storm?
Lightning: Yes! Exactly! I mean... sacred dirt, right? Mr. Sterling, if you care about my legacy, the one that Doc started, you'll let me do this! I promise you! I will win!
Sterling: [sighs] I don't know. What you're asking is too risky.
Lightning: Come on, you'll like it! I can tell. It's got that little comeback story of the year feel, doesn't it?
Sterling: [sighs and rolls his eyes; pauses] One race? [Lightning nods] If you don't win at Florida, you retire?
Lightning: Look, if I don't win, I'll sell all the mudflaps you got. But if I do win, I decide when I'm done. Deal?
Sterling: [pauses] Deal.
Lightning: Thank you, Mr. Sterling. You won't be sorry.
Sterling: Just one thing, and this is only because I don't like taking chances: you're taking someone with you.
[Lightning starts to leave but stops, speechless.]

Lightning: [driving back to Cruz] Hey, what was my speed?
Cruz: I don't know. I can only track you on the treadmill.
Lightning: No treadmills!
Cruz: Oh. What about Hamilton?
Hamilton: Hamilton here.
Lightning: Who's "Hamilton"?
Cruz: My electronic personal assistant. Y'know? Like on your phone. [chuckles; pause] You do have a phone, don't you?
Lightning: Race cars don't have phones, Cruz.

Hamilton: 122 miles per hour. 134 miles -- Out of range. Out of range. Out of range.
Lightning: [stops once again] NOW WHAT?!
[Cruz suddenly came to a stop]
Cruz: I didn't wanna hit a crab!
Lightning: You gotta be kidding me...
Cruz: What? It was cute! [Lightning groans]

[Cruz is watching the news with a trophy while Lightning is completely miffed]

Cruz: So... trophy's kinda nice. Don't you think? [no response] I-I mean, I know like, you've got a billion of them, so y-you would know. [still no response] I still can't believe I won. Heheh. It's pretty shiny. I have never seen one up close. Looks like they spent a lot of money on it, I-I mean, I think it's real metal--
Lightning: Stop! Just stop, okay, Cruz? You don't even know. You don't even have one clue!
Cruz: Hey! I was trying to--
Lightning: Do you know what happens if I lose this race?! [Cruz doesn't answer] Every mile of this trip was to get me faster than Jackson Storm! FASTER! I start off getting nowhere for a week ON A SIMULATOR! I lose a whole day with you ON FIREBALL BEACH!! AND THEN, I WASTE ANOTHER NIGHT IN THE CROSSHAIRS OF MISS FRITTER!!! I'm stuck in the same speed I was a month ago! I CAN'T GET ANY FASTER BECAUSE I'M TOO BUSY TAKING CARE OF MY TRAINER!!! This is my last chance, Cruz! Last! FINAL! FINITO! If I lose, I never get to do this again! If you were a racer, you'd know what I'm talking about! BUT YOU'RE NOT!! SO YOU DON'T!!! [he slams his tire on the wall, causing Cruz's trophy to fall off the shelf and break upon hitting the floor; Cruz is crushed]

Cruz: Ask me if I dreamed of being a trainer, Mr. McQueen, go ahead! Ask me if I got up in the dark to run laps before school every day! Ask me if I saved every penny to buy a ticket to the races when they came to town. Ask me if I did that so that I could be a trainer someday, ask me!
Lightning: Did y--?
Cruz: No! I've wanted to become a racer forever! Because of you. [Lightning is shocked; heartbroken] I used to watch you on TV, flying through the air. You seemed so...fearless. “Dream small, Cruz.” That's what my family used to say. “Dream small, or not at all.” They were just trying to protect me, but I was the fastest kid in town, and I was going to prove them wrong...
Lightning: What happened?
Cruz: When I got to my first race, I figured it out.
Lightning: What?
Cruz: That I didn't belong. The other racers looked nothing like me. You know, they-they were bigger, and stronger, and so...confident. And when they started their engines...that was it. I knew I'd never be a racer. I just left. It was my one shot, and I didn't take it. [Lightning feels bad. Cruz decides to leave] Yeah, so, uh...I-I'm gonna head back to the training center. I think we both know it's for the best. [starts to drive away, but turns around again] But, can I ask you something? What was it like for you, when you showed up to your first race? How did you know you could do it?
Lightning: I don't know, I...I just never thought I couldn't.
Cruz: I wish I knew what that felt like. Good luck, Mr. McQueen. [starts driving away]
Lightning: Cruz...Cruz, wait...! [Cruz ignores him and he sighs]

Lightning: That's just it, Mater, I don't know...and I feel like I'm all out of ideas...
Mater: Hmm. Alright, let me think. Oh! You know what I do?
Lightning: What?
Mater: [pause] ...I dunno. I got nothin'. I guess I ain't Doc when it comes to that.
Lightning: I'd give anything to talk to him right now.

[Cruz is driving when Mack drives up alongside; his door opens, and Lightning steps out.]
Lightning: Hey, Cruz.
Cruz: You won't talk me out of this, Mr. McQueen! I'm going back! I resign as your trainer!
Lightning: A'right. I accept your resignation. [backs in] Bye! [door closes]
Cruz: [confused] Uhhh...okay...
Lightning: [door reopens] But, since you cleared your calendar, why don't you come with us? I'm looking for someone named Smokey. Hopin' he can help me. Maybe he can help you, too.
Cruz: Nah.
Lightning: [singsong] Come on...I fixed it! [shows her fixed Crazy 8 trophy]
Cruz: No. T-thanks anyway, b-but I'm done.
Lightning: Okay. But maybe...this will change your mind? [to Luigi and Guido] Hit it! [the two start playing the crazy Latin music from his and Cruz's workout routine.] First, I'm gonna loosen up these ancient joints...
Cruz: No, please don't...
Lightning: I'm sorry,
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry that I yelled.
It wasn't your fault that I almost got killed.
Cruz: Stop!
Lightning: But now,
you're leaving,
and you won't get on the ramp!
Cruz: Alright, I'll go...
Lightning: You won't get on the ramp!
Cruz: Alright, I'll go. Just stop!

Lou: The second time I saw my first race, I just knew I had to get in there. Of course the fellas in charge didn't like the idea of a lady racer showing them up, so they wouldn't let me have a number.
Cruz: What did you do?
Lou: I stole one!
Lightning and Cruz: What?!
Lou: I still short to take "no" for an answer!

River: You should have seen him when he first came to town! Shiny blue paint, not just a Hudson Hornet. He was already calling himself...
All: The Fabulous Hudson Hornet! Whoo-hoo!
Smokey: Until he wasn't.
Lightning: What?
Smokey: Everything changed when the rookie showed up. [it changes to a flashback at Thomasville Speedway where Doc drifts passing by racers] Took Hud all out of no time to make his way through the best racers in both Carolinas. [Doc passes by River, Louise and Junior] He passed River... passed Lou... even Junior... [Doc reaches up to a rookie in the front] ...but there's still the rookie to deal with. [Docs starts to pass the car's side, but only he starts to push Doc against a wall] He tried slamming him into the wall! But Hud never touched a wall...unless he wanted to. [Doc flips over the car to overtake him and to win the race, across the finish line as Smokey watches from his view; it fades back to the present] That rookie hasn't saw anything like that before.
Cruz: Doc did that?!
Lightning: Whoa!

Smokey: Lesson 1: you're old. Accept it.
Cruz: I told him that.
Smokey: He's probably losin' his hearing.
Cruz: [shouting] He said you're old and losing!
Lightning: [annoyed] I heard them!
Smokey: You'll never be as fast as Storm. But you can be smarter than him.
Lightning: Okay...what do I do?
Smokey: They said you were in a...demolition derby.
Lightning: Yeah! It was terrible! And I was --
Smokey: Sure? 'Cause there's not a scratch on ya.
[Lightning looks around to see absolutely no damage]
Smokey: Funny what a racer can do when he's not overthinking things...

[As Lightning enters the Florida International Speedway]
Reporter: Jeff Gorvette, how does today's talents stack up?
Jeff: Oh, I think we're in for a treat today. These racers ha -- [notices Lightning] Hey, McQueen! Win one for us old guys!
Lightning: Ha, will do, Jeff.

Jackson: [to Cruz wearing her Storm getup] Oh ho ho ho, wow! Nice costume. C'mere, let's get a picture. It's so great to meet my number one fan!
Sally: [scoffs] What a jerk.
Lightning: [drives up to him] She's not a fan, Storm. (Besides me...)
Jackson: Oh, hey there, champ. I heard you're selling mudflaps after today. Is that true? You put me down for the first case, okay?

[Lightning passes by several next-gen racers]
Bob: Lightning McQueen is making steady progress in the early parts of this race.
Natalie: Well, it won't be enough to catch Storm.
Darrell: Considering he started dead last, I don't think he's doing half bad out there.

Lightning: Today's the day, Cruz. You're gettin' your shot.
Cruz: WHAT?!
Lightning: I started this're gonna finish it.
Sterling: What?! She'll damage the brand! SHE'S JUST A TRAINER!
Lightning: No, she's a racer. It just took me a while to see it.
Sterling: That can't be legal!
Smokey: The rules only say the number has to be out there. Doesn't say who has to wear it.
Sterling: No. You can't do that!

Ray Reverham: [on headset] I just gotta let you know, Ramirez is moving up towards you.
Jackson: [stammering] Why should I care?
Ray: Because she's now in the top ten!

Jackson: Hey! Costume girl! You know at first, I thought you were out here, because your GPS's broken...
Lightning: [on headset] Don't listen to him, Cruz!
Jackson: You look good! It's important to look the part, you can't have everyone thinking you don't belong here.
Lightning: He's trying to get in your head...
Jackson: They don't need to know what you and I already do! You can play dress up all you want... but you'll never be one of us. [drives up to be back in 1st place as Cruz slowly fades]
Lightning: Cruz, did you see what happened there?
Cruz: [as Flip Dover, the Intersection next-gen racer passes by her] Yeah... he's- he's-- he's in my head...
Lightning: No, no! Listen to me. You got into his head! Don't you understand? He would never have done that, if you didn't scare him.
Cruz: [confused] What?
Lightning: He sees something in you that you don't even see yourself. Made me believe it, now you've gotta believe it too! [Chase passes by Cruz] You are a racer. ... Use that. ... [Cruz slowly smiles]

[Some of the next-gens congratulate Cruz for the win]
Danny: Hey, Cruz! You were flyin'!
Cruz: Thanks!
Chase: You had it rollin' today.
Ryan: That was cool.
Cruz: Thank you!
Bubba: Heyhey, Cruz, your blinker's on!
Cruz: It is? [groans] You got me! Very funny!

[Last lines]
Sterling: Cruz! I knew you had something, and now look at you. A winner. I could use you as a racer on our team. We could--
Cruz: Sorry, Mr. Sterling. I would never race for you. I quit.
Tex: [honks as he and Strip Weathers drive up] Well then, race for me!
Lightning: Tex!
Tex: Miss Cruz, I would be tickled pink to have you race for Team Dinoco. As you know, we have a long history of great racers...'cept for Cal.
Cal: [peeking out] Uh...guys? I'm still right here!
Lightning: Team Dinoco, Cruz!
Sterling: [mumbles sarcastically] Hire her. I don't care. Lightning, now that you're retired, I need you first thing Monday morning for a photo shoot.
Lightning: [sadly] Yeah, alright, Mr. Sterling.
Smokey: Whoa! Hang on, now! [the winner board is updated to show both Cruz and Lightning won as #1; the crowds cheer]
Lightning: What? Wait, why is my name up there?
Smokey: You started the race, that's how it works.
Sterling: Wait, wait, now wait a minute... no!
Sally: Uh, Lightning wins, he decides when he's done racing. That was the deal. Hi, I'm his lawyer.
Mater: [singsong] THAT WAS THE DE-EAL! [talking] You are not a nice guy! Well, seriously, I gotta say, you do make a quality mudflap on an affordable price.
Tex: Ahem! Hey Sterling, why don't you and I take a drive and talk? [escorting Sterling] Billionaire or billionaire... [the press starts surrounding Cruz as Lightning looks on happily]
Lightning: Kid's got a lot of, Doc?
Sally: Well, she had a great teacher. [pause] And now, you get to decide when you're done racing. So what's it gonna be, Stinky...uh, Stickers?
Lightning: [smiling; chuckles confidently] Oh, I'm gonna keep racing. But before that...I had something I wanna do.
[Cut back to Willy's-a Butte]
Luigi: Welcome all, to historical Willy's-a Butte! For today's great exhibition of speed!
Cruz: [drives up, now wearing Dinoco decals and has the number 51; giggles] Thanks, guys!
Louise: Nice paint, kiddo!
Mater: [pushing his way forward wearing a Dinoco hat] Pardon me, big hat, comin' through. Git-r-done, 51! Woooohoo!
Ramone: [cheering] Yeah!
Smokey: Great number! Was McQueen's idea; he felt Hud wanted you to have it.
Cruz: I love it.
Sally: Oh, it's perfect, it's very old school.
Lightning: Did someone just say "old school"? [he comes forward, now in a dark blue paint job reminiscent of Doc's, with similar decals and a logo reading "FABULOUS LIGHTNING MCQUEEN"; ZZ Ward's "Ride" plays in the background; his bottom back reads "For Doc Hudson"]
Smokey: Whoa-ho!
Sally: Trying something new. I like it!
Cruz: Wow, subtle...
Lightning: Figured if I'm gonna be your crew chief, I'd better do it in style.
Cruz: What's Mr. Sterling gonna say?
Lightning: I'm actually more worried about what Tex is gonna say, considering he uh...bought Rust-Eze. Thanks, Tex!
Tex: [honks] I made that Sterling fella a Texas-sized offer!
Lightning: So, ready to start training?
Cruz: I don't know! You ready to lose again?
Lightning: Ohh! Hope you got your fluffy cloud...!
Cruz: I hope you got your drip pan!
Lightning: Got my drip pan, and I've...takin' my nap?!
Cruz: Bring it on, old man!
Lightning: Luigi?
Luigi: [waves flag] Go!
Both: Wahoo! [together, they race around Willy's Butte; Cruz passes him just as they get their photo taken, which hangs on the wall of Doc's garage next to the photo of Lightning and Doc racing the same way.]


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