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Cars 3 is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated sports comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is the eighteenth Pixar feature film and the third installment in the Cars film franchise, following Cars 2 (2011). It is directed by Brian Fee, a storyboard artist on Cars (2006) and Cars 2. In the film, Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of high tech race cars that he is still the best race car in the world. The film was released on June 16, 2017.

Lightning McQueen[edit]

  • You do work with race cars, don't you?
  • The racing is the reward! Not the stuff!
  • Well, life's a beach, and then you drive.

Cruz Ramirez[edit]

  • The beach ate me.
  • Dream small or not at all.
  • I didn't wanna hit a crab!

Jackson Storm[edit]

  • [as the Los Angeles International Speedway starts] Hey, Champ ... where'd all your friends go?
  • Hey, McQueen, you alright? Listen, don't you worry, pal. You've got a good run. [overtakes Lightning] Enjoy your retirement!


  • [from trailer] You'll never be the racer you once were. You can't turn back the clock, kid. But you can wind it up again.

Natalie Certain[edit]

  • [informing viewers about Jackson and the next-gens] One reason Storm and the next-gens are more efficient: their ability to hold the optimum racing line every single lap. Storm's in a class of his own, and a big reason for that: training on the newest cutting-edge simulators. These machines create a virtual reality experience so real, racers never even have to go outside. 2% lower drag efficient, 5% equals downforce, 1.2% higher top speed.


  • I'm trying to help you. As your sponsor, yes, but also as your friend. Your racing days are coming to an end. Every time you lose, you damage yourself.

Miss Fritter[edit]

  • You are about to feel the wrath of the Lower Belleville County Unified School District! [angrily drives toward McQueen]

Darrell Cartrip[edit]

  • [announcing as the Florida 500 begins] Boogity-boogity-boogity! LET'S GO RACIN'!
    • This sentence originated with motorsports announcer (and voice actor for the Darrell Cartrip character) Darrell Waltrip

Maddy McGear[edit]



  • [after giving Lightning a new paint job] It's like the Sistine Chapel on wheels.


  • [Lightning intends to keep racing, but will have to do changes] [Sarge: "Changes? What kinda changes?!"] The futile to resist change, man!


Lightning McQueen: [drive up to next generation racer Jackson Storm, who has won the Dinoco 400] Hey! Jackson Storm, right? Great race today.
Jackson Storm: Wow! Thank you, Mr. McQueen! You have no idea what a pleasure it is for me to finally beat you.
Lightning: Uh, thanks. [pauses] Wait, hang on, did you say "meet" or "beat"?
Jackson: [pauses, levelly] I think you heard me.
McQueen: Uh... what?

Lightning: [catches up to Cal, who has announced his retirement] Hey, Cal! [drives up to him] Hey! Retirement? What's going on?
Cal: [sighs] You know, I asked my uncle once how I'd know when it was time to stop. You know what he said? “The youngsters will tell ya.” [reverses into his trailer, saddened] We had some good times together. I'm gonna miss that the most, I think.
Lightning: Yeah.
[Cal pushes the button and closes his trailer, as he leaves the Piston Cup forever while Lightning looks on]

Lightning: Hey. Sal.
Sally: How you feeling.
Lightning: Great. Really, really, great.
Sally: Been think about Doc again.
Lightning: [to Sally; about Doc Hudson] Yeah. You know they told him when he was done. He didn't decide. I don't want what happened to Doc... to happen to me.
Sally: But that hasn't happened.
Lightning: No. But I can't go out on the track and do the same old thing! It won't work!
Sally: Then better chance it up, try something new.
Lightning: I don’t know, Sally, I...
Sally: Don’t fear failure. Be afraid of not having the chance, you have the chance!

Sterling: Hey, Cruz!
Cruz Ramriez: Oh, hey, Mr. Sterling!
Sterling: I'd like to introduce you to Lightning McQueen.
Lightning: [to Cruz] I hear you're the maestro. [chuckles]
Cruz: [ignoring Lightning] Mr. Sterling, did you say Lightning McQueen was here? Because... [snorts] I don't see him anywhere.
Luigi: Uh... but he's right here. [gestures to McQueen] Do you not see him?
Cruz: Nope. Still don't see him.
Luigi: But he is right in front of you! It is Lighting McQueen!
Cruz: He's obviously an imposter. [circles] He looks old, and broken down.
Lightning: Hey!
Cruz: With flabby tires! [hits his front right tire]
Lightning: I do not!
Cruz: Use that!
Lightning: Whoa! Oh, yeah. I see. I can use that energy for motivation, right? [playfully growls]
Cruz: It's all about motivation, Mr. McQueen. You can use anything negative as fuel to push through to the positive!
Lightning: I've been pretty positive since I was a rookie.
Cruz: I am so excited that I get to train you. I grew up watching you on TV!
Lightning: Huh, is that right?
Cruz: These young guys are great and all, but I like a challenge.
Lightning: Haha. [half-mutters] Not that much older but —
Cruz: In fact, I call you my..."Senior Project". [Lightning looks confused]

Sterling: Hey! Lightning! Come in, got something to show ya. You ready?
Lightning: Uh... for what? [He enters; Sterling shows him of array of Lightning McQueen-themed merchandise] Wow.
Sterling: You are about to become the best brand in racing. We are talking saturation on all continents for every demographic. Movie deals, infomercials, product endorsements!
Lightning: Mudflaps?
Sterling: Of course! We'll be rich beyond belief! You think you're famous now?
[Both laugh]
Lightning: Thought you'd be mad about the simulator, I mean th-this is all great, Mr. Sterling, I guess, but... I don't know. I never really thought of myself as a brand.
Sterling: Oh, nor do I. I'm a fan, maybe your most avid. I think of this as your legacy.
Lightning: [pause, chuckles weirly] That... that sounds like something that happens after you're... [with sudden realization] ...done racing. [Long pause] Mr. Sterling, what is this about?
Sterling: Look, Lightning. [inhales] I'm not gonna race you.
Lightning: [shocked] What? What do you mean, not race me?
Sterling: Hold on, hold on.
Lightning: I'm not going to Florida?
Sterling: Lightning! You have no idea how excited I was to get you here because I knew. I knew you'd be back! Was gonna be the comeback story of the year, but... your speed and performance just aren't where they need to be. I'm sorry.
Lightning: Wha... we're talking about speed on a simulator! Listen to how crazy that sounds!
Sterling: Look, I'm trying to help you. As your sponsor, yes, but also as your friend. Your racing days are coming to an end. Every time you lose, you damage yourself.
Lightning: Damage the brand, you mean?
Sterling: Oh, Lightning, come on! You've done the work, now move on the next phase and reap the reward!
Lightning: The racing is the reward, not the stuff! I - I don't wanna cash in, I - I wanna feel the rush of moving 200 miles an hour! Inches from the other guys, pushing myself faster than I thought I'd go! That's the reward, Mr. Sterling!
Sterling: Oh, Lightning, come on.
Lightning: Look, I can do this! I - I - I can, I promise! I - I - I'll train like I did with Doc! I-I'll get my tires dirty on every dirt track from here to Florida! I - I can start right there on Fireball Beach, where all the old greats used to race!
Sterling: Get your tires dirty? That's how you're gonna get faster than Storm?
Lightning: Yes! Exactly! I mean — sacred dirt, right? Mr. Sterling, if you care about my legacy, the one that Doc started, you'll let me do this! I promise you! I will win!
Sterling: [sighs] I don't know. What you're asking is too risky.
Lightning: Come on, you'll like it, I can tell! It's got that little comeback story of the year feel, doesn't it?!
Sterling: [sighs and rolls his eyes; pauses] One race? [Lightning nods] If you don't win at Florida, you retire?
Lightning: Look, if I don't win, I'll sell all the mudflaps you got. But if I do win, I decide when I'm done. Deal?
Sterling: [pauses] Deal.
Lightning: Thank you, Mr. Sterling. You won't be sorry.
Sterling: Just one thing, and this is only because I don't like taking chances: you're taking someone with you.
[Lightning starts to leave but stops, speechless.]

Luigi: Welcome racers, to Fireball Beach! Historical for today's great test of speed! Our finish line will be the abandoned pier in the distance!
Lightning: [under his breath] All right...quicker than quick... [closes eyes] ...faster than fast. I... am... speed...
Cruz: That is great self-motivation! Did you come up with that?
Lightning: Yeah, I did!
Luigi: On your mark, get set... GO!
[Lightning zooms forward and finishes at the pier]
Lightning: Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! There you go! Felt good! [drives back to Cruz] Hey, what was my speed?
Cruz: I don't know. I can only track you on the treadmill.
Lightning: No treadmills!
Cruz: Oh. What about Hamilton?
Hamilton: Hamilton here.
Lightning: Who's "Hamilton"?
Cruz: My electronic personal assistant. Y'know, like on your phone. [chuckles; pause] You do have a phone, don't you?
Lightning: Race cars don't have phones, Cruz.
Cruz: Hamilton, track Mr. McQueen’s speed and report it.
Hamilton: Tracking.
Cruz: I’ll stay as close as I can. Your suit will transmit your speeds to Hamilton.

[Lightning discovers he and Cruz have snuck into a demolition derby]
Lightning: Cruz, this isn't what I thought it was. C'mon! Follow me and we'll slip out!
[The gate closes right before they can escape.]
Roscoe: Rule number 1: Gate closes, you race.
Cruz: [gasps as someone spraypaints #20 on her side] Wait, nonono! I'm not a racer!!
Roscoe: Rule number 2: Last car standin' wins! And rule number 3: No cursing. It's Family Night. [leaves]
Lightning: Excuse me? Sir...?!
Cruz: Wait! No! I'm just a TRAINER!
[They are dragged back to the track.]

Miss Fritter: [approaches menacingly to McQueen and Cruz] Boo! [two more competitors named Dr. Damage and Arvy drive up beside her] Looky here, boys. We got us a couple-a-rookies! I'm gonna call you (Lightning) "Muddy Bridges". And you (Cruz) "Lemonade".
Arvy: Hey! Neither one of 'em has a single dent!
Miss Fritter: Oh, I'm gonna fix that!

[After the Crazy 8, Cruz watches the news with a trophy while Lightning is completely miffed. It seems all hope is lost]
Cruz: So... trophy's kinda nice. Don't you think? [all she gets is Lightning's glare] I - I mean, I know like, you've got a billion of them, so y - you would know. [Lightning still doesn't respond] I still can't believe I won. Heheh. It's pretty shiny. I have never seen one up close. Looks like they spent a lot of money on it, I - I mean, I think it's real metal —
'’'Lightning: ‘’[Lightning McQueen begins to lose hope]’’ Stop. Just stop, okay, Cruz? You don't even know. You don't even have one clue!
Cruz: Hey! I was just trying to —
Lightning: Do you know what happens if I lose this race? [Cruz doesn't answer] Every mile of this trip was to get me faster than Jackson Storm. Faster! I start off getting nowhere for a week, on a simulator! I lose a whole day with you on Fireball Beach! AND THEN, I WASTE TONIGHT IN THE CROSSHAIRS OF MISS FRITTER!!!! I'M STUCK IN THE SAME SPEED I WAS A MONTH AGO! I CAN'T GET ANY FASTER, BECAUSE I'M TOO BUSY TAKING CARE OF MY TRAINER!!! [Cruz is feeling silent and hurt] This is my last chance, Cruz. Last! Final! Finito! If I lose, I never get to do this again! If you were a racer, you'd know what I'm talking about! But you're not! So you don't! [he slams his tire at the wall, causing Cruz's trophy to break onto the floor; Cruz is shocked, and then turns to anger of her own]
Cruz: Mack! Pull over!
Mack: What? Now?
Cruz: NOW! [she pushes the button to open Mack's trailer]
Mack: Ah! OK, OK! [starts pulling over from the road] Pulling over! Pulling over!
[Mack stops as Cruz drives out of his trailer while Lightning watches]
Cruz: Ask me if I dreamed of being a trainer, Mr. McQueen, go ahead! Ask me if I got up, in the dark, to run laps before school every day! Ask me if I saved every penny to buy a ticket to the races when they came to town. Ask me if I did that so that I could be a trainer someday. Ask me.
Lightning: [brief pause] Did you--?
Cruz: NO! I've wanted to become a racer forever! Because of you! [Lightning is shocked; Cruz is now heartbroken] I used to watch you on TV — flying through the air. You seemed so ... fearless. "Dream small, Cruz." That's what my family used to say. "Dream small, or not at all." They were just trying to protect me. But I was the fastest kid in town, and I was going to prove them wrong.
Lightning: What happened?
Cruz: When I got to my first race, I figured it out.
Lightning: What?
Cruz: That I didn't belong. The other racers looked nothing like me. You know... they... they were bigger, and stronger, and so... confident. And when they started their engines, that was it. I knew I'd never be a racer. I just left. It was my one shot, and I didn't take it. [Lightning becomes remorseful; as she decides to leave] Yeah, so, uh... I - I'm gonna head back to the training center. I think we both know it's for the best. [starts to drive away, but turns around again] But, can I ask you something? What was it like for you, when you showed up to your first race? How did you know you could do it?
Lightning: I don't know, I... I just never thought I couldn't.
Cruz: I wish I knew what that felt like. Good luck, Mr. McQueen. [turns to leave]
Lightning: (NO!) Cruz... Cruz, wait!
[Cruz ignores Lightning and he sighs]

Mater: [talking to Lightning on his smartphone] You know what I'd do?
Lightning: What?
Mater: ... I dunno. I got nothin'.

Smokey: Lesson 1: you're old. Accept it.
Cruz: I told him that.
Smokey: He's probably losin' his hearing.
Cruz: [shouting] He said you're old and losing!
Lightning: [annoyed] I heard him!
Smokey: You'll never be as fast as Storm. But you can be smarter than him.
Lightning: Okay, what do I do?
Smokey: They said you were in a...demolition derby.
Lightning: Yeah! It was terrible! And I was —
Smokey: Sure? 'Cause there's not a scratch on ya. [Lightning looks around to see absolutely no damage] Funny what a racer can do when he's not overthinking things.

Sally: Listen, you’re gonna do great today. And no matter what happens... I’m going to move onto the next rookie and forget I ever knew you.
Lightning: I’m glad you’re here.
Jackson: [to Cruz wearing her Storm getup] Oh ho ho ho, wow! Nice costume! C'mere, let's get a picture. It's so great to meet my number one fan.
Sally Carrera: [scoffs] What a jerk.
Lightning: [drives up to Jackson] She's not a fan, Storm.
Jackson: Oh, hey there, champ. I heard you're selling mudflaps after today. Is that true? You put me down for the first case, okay?

Jackson: Would you stop that? You’re taking me off my line!
Lightning: This is it! Final Lap!
Smokey: Come on, Cruz!
Cruz: Uh-oh, my GPS is saying i have slow traffic in my way!
Jackson: No, no, no, you are not winning this!
Cruz: Uh, you're angry!
Jackson: I am not angry!!
Cruz: You know, you can use that anger to push through.
Jackson: I SAID I'M NOT ANGRY!!! [Cruz droves across Jackson Storm] I don't think so! NO!!
[Jackson rams Cruz and getting closer to the finish line]
Lightning: Cruz! Get outta there!
Cruz: YES I DO!!!
[Cruz bounces off a wall and flips over Jackson exactly how Doc did. She overtakes him and wins the Florida 500]

Sterling: Cruz! I knew you had something, and now look at you. A winner. I could use you as a racer on our team. We could —
Cruz: Sorry, Mr. Sterling. I would never race for you. I quit.
Tex: [honks as he and Strip Weathers drive up] Well then, race for me!
Lightning: Tex!
Tex: Miss Cruz, I would be tickled pink to have you race for Team Dinoco. As you know, we have a long history of great racers... 'cept for Cal.
Cal: [peeking out] Uh, guys? I'm still right here!
Lightning: Team Dinoco, Cruz!
Sterling: [sarcastically] Hire her. I don't care. Lightning, now that you're retired, I need you first thing Monday morning for a photo shoot.
Lightning: [sadly] Yeah, alright, Mr. Sterling.
Smokey: Whoa! Hang on, now!
[The winner board is updated to show both Cruz and Lightning won as #1; the crowds cheer]
Lightning: What? Why is my name up there?
Smokey: You started the race, that's how it works.
Sterling: Wait, wait, now, wait a minute... no!
Sally: Uh... Lightning wins, he decides when he's done racing. That was the deal. Hi, I'm his lawyer.
Mater: [singsonging] That was the de-eal! You are not a nice guy! But seriously, I gotta say you do make a quality mudflap on an affordable price.
Tex: Ahem! Hey, Sterling, why don't you and I take a drive and talk? [escorts Sterling away as they drive] Billionaire to billionaire...
[The press starts surrounding Cruz as Lightning looks on happily]
Lightning: Kid's got a lot of, Doc?
Sally: [driving up to Lighting] Well, she had a great teacher. [pause] And now, you get to decide when you're done racing. So what's it gonna be, Stinky...uh, Stickers?
[Pause, Lightning smiles]
Lightning: [chuckling confidently] Oh, I'm gonna keep racing. But before that, I had something I wanna do...

[Last lines]
Luigi: Welcome all, to historical Willy's-a Butte! For today's great exhibition of speed!
[Cruz drives up, now wearing Dinoco decals and has the number 51]
Cruz: [giggles] Thanks, guys!
Louise Nash: Nice paint, kiddo!
Mater: [pushes his way forward wearing a Dinoco hat] Pardon me! Big hat, comin' through! Git-r-done, 51! Woooohoo!!
Smokey: Great number! Was McQueen's idea; he felt Hud wanted you to have it.
Cruz: I love it.
Sally: Oh, it's perfect, it's very old school.
Lightning: Did someone just say "old school"?
[Lightning comes forward, now in a dark blue paint job reminiscent of Doc's, with similar decals and a logo reading "FABULOUS LIGHTNING MCQUEEN"; ZZ Ward's "Ride" plays in the background; his bottom back reads "For Doc Hudson"]
Smokey: Whoa-ho!
Sally: Trying something new! I like it!
Cruz: Wow, subtle...
Lightning: Figured if I'm gonna be your crew chief, I'd better do it in style.
Cruz: What's Mr. Sterling gonna say?
Lightning: I'm actually more worried about what Tex is gonna say, considering he uh... bought Rust-Eze. Thanks, Tex!
Tex: [honks] I made that Sterling fella a Texas-sized offer!
Lightning: So, ready to start training?
Cruz: I don't know... you ready to lose again?
Lightning: Ohh! Hope you got your fluffy cloud!
Cruz: I hope you got your drip pan!
Lightning: Got my drip pan, and I've... takin' my nap?!
Cruz: Bring it on, old man!
Lightning: Luigi?
Luigi: [waves his flag] GO!
Lightning and Cruz: Wahoo!! [together, they race around Willy's Butte; Cruz passes him just as they get their photo taken, which hangs on the wall of Doc's garage next to the photo of Lightning and Doc racing the same way.]

[post-credits scene for last lines]
Mater: [singing] ♪ My cup holder's happy, my tank is full.
My engine's running like a Brahma bull.
My bumpers are polished and talk about luck.
I just got a date with an ice cream truck. ♪
[laughs as his smartphone rings] Huh? [knocks over a pile of tires] Aah! Shoot. Hey, McQueen, you still there? McQueen? Ugh. Technology!


  • From this moment, everything will change.
  • It's on.
  • A storm is coming.

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