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Cat's Don't Dance is a 1997 American animated musical comedy film, distributed by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment and notable as the only fully animated feature produced by Turner Feature Animation. This studio was merged during the post-production of Cats Don't Dance into Warner Bros. Animation after the merger of Time Warner with Turner Broadcasting System in 1996. Turner Feature Animation had also produced the animated portions of Turner's The Pagemaster (1994).

Set in a world where human beings and anthropomorphic animals live side-by-side, it focuses on a cat named Danny who wants to break into show business in Hollywood.


  • Once upon a time, there was a princess and a peasant. She lived atop a hill in a glittering castle. There she had a servant who kept her castle in order, selected and pressed her robes for the day, prepared her royal breakfast, and served it to her in her chambers. She had fame, she had fortune. She had product endorsements. But she was not what she seemed. On the other hand, in a humble village far away, the peasant had none of her luxuries. But he had a dream. So with a fond farewell from his closest friends, and gifts of good luck, best wishes and useless junk—although it's the thought that counts—his world was about to clash with hers, in a place called: Hollywood.


  • I...HATE...ANIMALS! Especially [points at Danny] that one!
  • [to Danny] You just get all your little friends at Friday at 3 and I'll take care of L.B. And let's leave this between us, shall we? I don't like to advertise my charitable work.
  • I'm the star! Stupid, stupid cats! I should have drowned you all when I FLOODED THE STAGE! ['Flooded the stage' echoes through the speakers]


Sawyer: Listen, tiger, this town has rules. Around here, cats say "meow."
Danny: But that's so old hat. I'm sure no one would mind if I jazz this up a bit.
Sawyer: All right, learn it the hard way.

Darla: [in rage after Danny upstages her] CUT! Cut, cut, cut!
Flanigan: Cut? Oh, yes. Cut. cut.
Darla: [shouting into the macrophone] LET ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!
Flanigan: Lower Miss Dimple! Lower her! Hurry hurry! Lower Miss Dimple!
[The crew drop Darla, send her crashing to the ground]
Flanigan: Darla, darling. Honey...
Cranston: [chuckles]
Darla: [groan] Flanigan, the title of this movie is Little Ark Angel... [grabs Flanagan] Isn't it?!
Flanigan: Yes oh yes!
Darla: And who here's an angel? [breaks Flanigan's glasses, then shakes him as she screams] CAN YOU TELL ME WHO HERE IS AN ANGEL?!
Flanigan: Why you are Darla. Sweetheart, celebrity, darling, cute little [Darla rolls her eyes and chokes Flanigan] ACK! Angel.
Darla: That's right! I AM an angel! I... am... an... adorable... little... ANGEL!!!

Sawyer: It's time somebody set that cat straight. Since he tap-danced into town, he's been nothing but trouble.
Danny: Well, I guess this is gonna set me back a whole day. Maybe only half a day.
Sawyer: Listen, I'm sorry your feelings got hurt, but the fact is, since you–
Danny: I don't get it. What happened in there, anyway? Did I hit a sour note? Because if I did, I could go back in there. I could fix it.
Sawyer: You don't... Danny, they don't care.
Danny: But I...
Sawyer: Don't you get it? What is it with you? Why are you so determined to make a fool of yourself?
Danny: What do you mean? All I wanna do is the thing I love. Doesn't everyone?
Sawyer: It's not that simple.
Danny: It is in Kokomo.
Sawyer: Then maybe that's where you should have stayed.

Danny: Is that Sawyer?
Woolie: Poor Sawyer. I thought she'd be the one to make it. Such a dancer, with the voice of an angel.
Danny: I never would have guessed.
Woolie: That's what this town does to you, my boy. It wears you down.
Danny: But I thought Hollywood was always looking for new talent.
Woolie: Talented people, not animals. You see, the spotlight will never be on fellows like you and me. And it's foolish to think otherwise, Danny.
Danny: Yeah. Foolish. Unless... we can remind them.
Woolie: Of what?
Danny: Why they came here in the first place.

Francis: I need a drink! [splashes water on herself]

Danny: Sawyer?
Sawyer: We're all behind you, Danny. 100%. Don't let them go, Tillie!
Tillie: [Tillie is holding T.W., Cranston, and Frances in her arms] I got them!
Cranston: Let go! Have you lost your mind?
Frances: Release me you mad hippo!
Danny: Wait.
Tillie: One big happy family!
Danny: Just a minute. Please.
T.W.: You and me with disaster!
Danny: Would you just listen to me?
Cranston: I'm through with eardrops!
Danny: Cranston!
T.W.: You have to understand! The fat lady sung!
Danny: Look, if you're willing to accept what they think of you, then you can go! [everyone gasps] I almost did.
Cranston: Well, you should've! Life here for animals is a pitch! We're always playing the scape note!
Woolie: Quickly forgotten!
Frances: Working for scale.
Danny: Then why are you still here?
Crantson: Well, uh... [everyone pauses]
Danny: Because you can't forget the feeling, can you? The feeling you have when... when you two dance together. When you play. When you sing. They cursed you, humiliated you, even slam the door in your face. But they still haven't made you forget. Have they?
T.W.: [searches through his fortune cookie papers] They can smash your cookie, but... but you'll always have your fortune. [everyone grins] Huh.
Danny: Come on. Let's go show 'em what we can do.
Tillie: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

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