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Cat's Don't Dance is a 1997 American animated musical comedy film distributed by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment, which follows a cat named Danny who dreams of becoming an actor, though Hollywood only allows human actors.

Directed by Mark Dindal. Written by Roberts Gannaway, Cliff Ruby, Elana Lesser, and Theresa Pettengill.
Music by Steve Goldstein and includes "I Do Believe". Written and performed by Will Downing.
For a Bunch of Funny Friends Trying to Break Into Show Business...


  • Once upon a time, there was a princess and a peasant. She lived atop a hill in a glittering castle. There she had a servant who kept her castle in order, selected and pressed her robes for the day, prepared her royal breakfast, and served it to her in her chambers. She had fame, she had fortune. She had product endorsements. But she was not what she seemed. On the other hand, in a humble village far away, the peasant had none of her luxuries. But he had a dream. So with a fond farewell from his closest friends, and gifts of good luck, best wishes and useless junk. Although it's the thought that counts. His world was about to clash with hers, in a place called: Hollywood.


  • How does the kitty cat go?
  • VERY GOOD! [he smashes Danny into the ground] Will that be all, Miss Dimple?
  • Get hot, Miss Dimple.
  • [last words as he flies into the distance onto the giant Darla Dimple balloon through Paris, France] OUI, MISS DIMPLE!

Darleen "Darla" Dimple[edit]

  • I...HATE...ANIMALS! Especially [points at Danny] that one!
  • Shut up, Max.
  • [to Danny] You just get all your little friends at Friday at 3 and I'll take care of L.B. And let's leave this between us, shall we? I don't like to advertise my charitable work.
  • I'm the star! [crawls over to Danny] You stupid, stupid cat! [furiously grabs Danny by the collar] I should have drowned you all when I FLOODED THE STAGE!!! ['Flooded the stage!' echoes through the speakers and the audiece overhears the confession in shock as Darla, realizing she had been exposed, mischievously smiles, hugs Danny and kisses him. Pudge pushes the lever down, which causes the trap door to open and the sound equipment fall through the trap door, carrying her with them] WHOA! MAX!

Danny Cat[edit]

  • [singing] Hollywood! Where the streets are paved with gold, where the kiddies never grow old! Right here in Hollywood!
  • If you have any openings for a talented cat, I'm your man! Er...I mean, your cat!
  • Come on, Sawyer. Your life isn't back in that office. It's here. Dance with me?
  • Sawyer could do a romantic ballet and Woolie can even play a piano solo.

Sawyer Cat[edit]

  • I'm a secretary; not an actress.
  • No chow; no meow.
  • Hey Kong, how's the picture coming?
  • [phone rings] Farley Wink's Animal Actors Agency. How can I help you? [listens] You need a lamb for the Moses picture? [listens as a lamb gets excited] Oh. A sacrificial lamb? [listens as the same lamb cringes in fear] Sorry! Fresh out! [hangs up] Every day, I ask myself; why do I put up with this?
  • What? This pigsty?!
  • Unless you're talking about the glamour of filing, the romance of typing.
  • Like I said, dancing is a waste of time.

Peabo "Pudge" Pudgemeyer[edit]

  • That ice thing is just my side job. The name's Peabo Pudgemeyer, but you can call me "Pudge". [bell rings] Oh. Time to start. Better get your costume!
  • I was going to slug that big, dumb Max for you, but I didn't want to hurt the guy. And what's that Dimple kid's problem? I thought you were great today!
  • Danny! The movie's over! Everybody's leaving! [looks at Danny] Whoa; you're a mess!

Frances Albacore[edit]

  • Oh, for the love of Moby Dick!
  • I need a drink!

T.W. Turtle[edit]

  • There's no use trying; Miss Tillie. My fortune cookie last night said, "Give it up, you loser!"
  • Fortune says, "Raging waters ahead!"
  • They can smash your cookie, but you'll always have...your fortune!

Woolie the Mammoth[edit]

  • The spotlight will never be on fellows like you and me, and it's foolish to think otherwise, Danny.
  • Poor Sawyer. I thought she'd be the one to make it. Such a dancer, with the voice of an angel.


Narrator: [first lines] Once upon a time, there was a princess and a peasant. She lived a top of hill in a glittering castle. There, she had a servant who kept her castle in order, prepared her breakfast, and chose her daily robes for the day. She had fame. She had fortune.
Crowd: Bravo. Delightful.
Narrator: She had product endorsements. But, she was not what she was seemed. [Darla Dimple giggles] On the other hand, in a humble village far away, the peasant had none of her luxuries, but he had a dream. So, with a fond farewell from his closest friends and gifts of good luck, best wishes... and useless junk, although it's the thought that counts, his world was about to clash with hers in a place called: Hollywood!
Crowd: Goodbye!
Chorus: Our time has come / Walk in the sun / Oh I've packed my hopes, we're ready to roll / We're on our way / With a little faith we can / Step from the shadows and tell everyone| Turn the spotlight on / Now our time has come / Our time has come / We're straight through the sun / Oh with our heart and soul / Watch us go| We're on our way / With a little love we know / Nothing can stop us / So tell everyone / Turn the spotlight on / Now our time has come / Our time has come / Our time has come
Peabo Pudgemeyer: [humming] Whee!
Danny Cat: [singing] Since I was a little kitten, I had a dream / My name in lights: Danny the Song and Dance Cat!| I got on a bus and came to the town / Where dreams can come true. / It's gonna happen for me. / It could happen for you.
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Who me?
Danny Cat: [singing] You can do anything if you try / The most impossible dreams can come true / If you believe it!| This is my kind of town / It's clear as the nose on your face!| Wow. This is the time / This is the place. / This is the time...
Peabo Pudgemeyer: So long!
Sawyer Cat: Taxi!
Danny Cat: [singing] This must be the place! Hollywood! / Where the streets are paid with gold.| Where the kitties never grow old / In Hollywood! / Hollywood! / Where the stars don't shine at night / They walk around in the broad daylight / In Hollywood! / Dig that face / You ain't seen nothin' like it anyplace.| It's right up on the movie screen / If you know what I mean / Look at me / I'm gonna be the cat to see / I'm going down in history / Just watch me! / Hollywood! / Where the streets are paid with gold! / Where dreams can never grow old / Right here in Hollywood!

[Danny enters the room]
Danny Cat: Well, hi there, ma'am, how you doing?
Frances Albacore: Poor.
Danny Cat: What's your name there? Okay. I'm Danny, do you mind if I sit down? Oh, excuse me.
Tillie Hippo: Cranston! Oh, don't mind him Danny. He was just leaving! [knocks Cranston aside] Hi, I'm Tillie, this is Cranston. [echoes] Cranston! Cranston! Danny! Danny! T.W.! T.W.! Danny! Danny! Frances! Frances! Danny! T.W.! Frances! Frances! [Danny becomes dizzy] So, new in town?
Danny Cat: I just arrived. I hear Farley Wink gives good parts for animals.
Frances Albacore: If you call hanging from a hook a good part.
Tillie Hippo: Well, at least it's part, huh?
T.W. Turtle: There's no use trying, Miss Tillie. My fortune cookie last night said, "Give it up, you loser."
Frances Albacore: I need a drink.
Danny Cat: All right, now, let's see. Go to Hollywood, check.
Tillie Hippo: What are you got there?
Danny Cat: Well, this is a plan I worked out. You see, I figure if I work really hard by Friday, I'll land my first big part. Well, that's how it worked for you, right?
Frances Albacore and Cranston Goat: Oh, sure! Right! Oh, right!
Cranston Goat: Why, not Thursday?
Tillie Hippo: Now, Danny, you just go in and let Mr. Wink know you're here. They're casting a big Noah's Ark movie. Lots of work for animals. Oh, your tie is a little crooked. Wait a minute. Straighten you up, dust you off and perfect. Good luck. [snort laughs]
Danny Cat: Thanks a lot!
Farley Wink: [first words] Look, you big ape! I need those two monkeys for another picture! Hello, what is it? You caught me at a bad time; I'm casting the Ark picture! Get off the line! Yes, hello! Wink here. [Mumbles in agree as he talks through telephone]
Danny Cat: Mr. Wink?
Farley Wink: Yes?!
Danny Cat: If you have any openings for a talented cat, I'm your man.
Farley Wink: Uh-huh?
Danny Cat: I mean, your cat.
Farley Wink: All right! Send over two chickens and two lions, but don't send them over in the same car this time! Sheesh! Okay, let's see now. [starts yammering] Burros, camels, caribou, cats. Say you! Can you play a cat?
Danny Cat: I am a cat!
Farley Wink: How would you like to be in the next Darla Dimple picture?
Danny Cat: [gasps] The Darla Dimple? America's Sweetheart, Lover of Children and Animals?
Farley Wink: One and the same, kid. One and the same. Just sign here, here, here, here, and here, and here, and here, and here... [yammers] ...and over there and down the middle.
[Sawyer opens the door, looking wet and annoyed from the fountain]
Tillie Hippo: Sawyer? What happened to you? [giggles]
T.W. Turtle: Did you walk under a ladder? Smash a mirror?
Cranston Goat: Have you looked in one lately? [she is not amused]
Sawyer Cat: No, a cat crossed my path.
Tillie Hippo: Really? Orange Tabby?
Sawyer Cat: Yeah.
Tillie Hippo: Green vest?
Sawyer Cat: Yes.
Tillie Hippo: Straw hat?
Sawyer Cat: How did you know?
Tillie Hippo: Ooh, hippo intuition. [snort laughs]
Farley Wink: ...and initial this.
Danny Cat: Wow; this is a dream come true!
Farley Wink: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But don't forget: percent of that dream is mine! Welcome to Hollywood!
Sawyer Cat: Farley Wink's Animal Agency, can I help you? You need a lamb for the Moses picture?
Lamb: Yeah!
Sawyer Cat: Oh, a sacrificial lamb?
Lamb: No, no...
Sawyer Cat: Sorry fresh out. Everyday I ask myself, "Why I put up with this?"
Frances Albacore: For the glamour.
Sawyer Cat: What, this pigsty? No offense, Herb.
Herb Pig: None taken.
Sawyer Cat: Unless of course, you're referring to the glamour of filing. The romance of typing. Tillie, what are you doing?
Tillie Hippo: Oh, I'm just fixing you up. You'll wanna look pretty in case you meet someone nice.
Sawyer Cat: Yeah, right. As if he'll come waltzing right through that... [slammed in her face]
Farley Wink: You're gonna be fine, kid. You're the cat's meow. You can meow, can't you? [snickers] WHERE'S SAWYER?! Oh, Sawyer, sweetie, baby!
Sawyer Cat: Whatever it is, the answer is no.
Farley Wink: I'm in a jam.
Sawyer Cat: [collects her papers she dropped] Too bad.
Farley Wink: Can't find a female cat for the picture.
Sawyer Cat: [removes cigar from Farley's mouth] Tough tabby.
Farley Wink: So guess who gets to fill in?
Sawyer Cat: Hmm, you?
Farley Wink: Nah, I only fill in for those dashing Clark Gable types.
Sawyer Cat: Frankly, Clark, I don't give a...
Farley Wink: Sawyer!
Sawyer Cat: I'm a secretary, not an actress.
Farley Wink: Give you Sundays off.
Sawyer Cat: Never work Sunday.
Farley Wink: Double time.
Sawyer Cat: Triple.
Farley Wink: Triple.
Sawyer Cat: There an echo?
Farley Wink: You're pushing me!
Sawyer Cat: No chow, no meow.
Farley Wink: Okay, okay, triple time! Here's your partner, he's new in town, be nice!
Sawyer Cat: Oh, forget it!
Farley Wink: [last words] Uh-huh, a deal's a deal. Now, get on over to Mammoth Pictures! [snickers]
Danny Cat: Wow, you're... you're soaking wet! Is it raining outside? Because it was sunny when I came in, and back where I come from... Oh, here, let me get the door for you. Where I come from, you see clouds first.
Sawyer Cat: Stay.
Danny Cat: After you. And then the rain comes after it. Ha ha ha!
Sawyer Cat: [suddenly, the door closes and tail's hurt] YEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!! [glares at Danny]
Danny Cat: Heh, heh, I'm sorry. Miss?

[Mammoth Pictures, with rolling clouds. The gates open to the studio in all its glory, as actors, actresses, stagehands carrying props, and secretaries shuffle around on the studio lot. Danny takes a fascinated gaze at Mammoth Tower as he catches up with Sawyer]
Turkey: Oh, I'm telling you. One more plucking scene and... Pow! Right in the gizzard!
Bull: So aggravating and humiliating. I'm outta this picture business.
Toto: There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like... home.
Danny Cat: So I guess we're gonna be the only two cats on the ark, huh? Pretty great, huh?
Sawyer Cat: So much for preserving the species! [to King Kong as he walks by] Hey, Kong, how's the picture coming?
King Kong: Oooh! Don't get me started! Ngggh!
Danny Cat: You know the King? Wow!
Announcer: On my side of the tram, home of Darla Dimple... America's sweetheart. Look for Darla in Lil' Ark Angel... coming soon to a theater near you!
[Danny and Sawyer arrive at Stage 13, where the stagehands are busy preparing to film the movie]
Worker: All right, everybody! We're ready for Darla's big ark!
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Hey! Hey, mister! I could help you push that cart, you know!
Tough Guy: Hey, what are you doing? Get out of here, kid.
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Let me help, will you? I'm little, but I'm strong! [bending a straw]
Tough Guy: [dropping Pudge] These sweets are for Miss Dimple. [walks away]
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Okay, alright, you don't have to get mad. [bumps into Danny] Uh-oh! I'm busted.
Danny Cat: Hey.
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Hey, you're the cat from this morning aren't you?
Danny Cat: What are you doing here?
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Oh, that ice thing is just my side job. Name's Peabo Pudgemeyer. But you can call me Pudge. Ooh, time to start. Better go get your costume.
[All the animals pass through the wardrobe room and come out, dressed in their sailor outfits]
Script Guy: Script! Script! Script!
Danny Cat: Meow? [He can't believe that's his one line.] Is that all? Where's the rest?
Sawyer Cat: You're looking at it!
Danny Cat: But, I thought this was a musical! We're supposed to sing and dance, aren't we?
Frances Albacore: Oh, for the love of Moby Dick!
Sawyer Cat: Listen, tiger, this town has rules and around here, cats say "meow."
Danny Cat: Oh, that's so old hat. I'm sure nobody would mind if I jazz it up a bit.
Sawyer Cat: Okay, learn it the hard way.
Danny Cat: [purrs] Ahem. [in a British accent] Meow. [switches to a southern accent] Meow! Dagnabbit, meow! [switches to Edward G. Robinson] Meow, see? Yeah, that’s it: Meow, meow. [Sawyer looks at him with embarrassment, as a bell rings]
Flanigan: Quiet on the set, please. [sniffs] QUIET! Miss Dimple is ready to begin. Lights! [the lights turn on] Camera! [the worker runs the camera; sophisticatedly] Accctionnn. Cue the elephant.
[Woolie pokes his head through the Mammoth Pictures canvas]
Worker #1: Tusk!
Worker #2: Tusk!
Worker #3: Hair.
Worker #1: [whispered tone] The hair, the hair! Fix the hair!
Worker #3: Oops, sorry.
[Woolie trumpets twice and song to Little Boat on the Sea plays]
Darla Dimple: [first words; singing] Now the people were oh so bad / That the lord made the rain come down. / And he washed away their bad cities / And he washed away their bad towns / That all of the people drowned!| But for the animals it was different / Though some of them drowned too / The others were just poor animals / And they didn’t know what to do, soooo... / I built a little boat. / As cute as it could be / Put all the animals two by two / In my little boat on the sea.| The big cows went...
Female Cow: Moo
Male Cow: Moo!
Darla Dimple: [singing] The piggies went...| And all the little birdies went tweet-tweet-tweet in my little boat on the sea! / The doggies went...| The kitty-cat went...
Sawyer Cat: Meow
Danny Cat: Meee-ow!
Darla Dimple: [singing] The lion went...
Danny Cat: [singing] Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow meow!
Darla Dimple: [singing] In my little boat on the sea...
Danny Cat: [singing] Talking 'bout the boat on the sea. Meow meow, meow, meow, meow, meow on the sea...
[The animal cast, Darla, the stagehands, and Flanigan look at him, surprised]
Danny Cat: Meow?
Darla Dimple: [in rage after Danny upstages her] CUT! CUT, CUT, CUT!
Flanigan: Cut? Oh, yes. Cut. cut.
Darla Dimple: [shouting into the microphone] LET ME DOWN THIS INSTANT!
Flanigan: Lower Miss Dimple! Lower her! Hurry hurry! Lower Miss Dimple!
[The crew drop Darla, send her crashing to the ground]
Flanigan: Darla. Darla, darling. Here...
[Cranston chuckles]
Darla Dimple: [groans] Flanigan, the title of this movie is Lil Ark Angel... [grabs Flanagan] ISN'T IT?!
Flanigan: Yes; oh yes!
Darla Dimple: And who here's an angel? [breaks Flanigan's glasses, then shakes him as she screams] CAN YOU TELL ME WHO HERE IS AN ANGEL?!
Flanigan: Why you are Darla. Sweetheart, celebrity, darling. [Darla rolls her eyes and chokes Flanigan] ACK! Angel.
Darla Dimple: That's right! I AM an angel! I... am... an adorable... little... ANGEL!
Worker #1: Bonbons will make it better, Miss Dimple.
Worker #2: Hot fudge sundae, Miss Dimple?
Worker #3: Your choo-choo?
Worker #4: Your Darla doll?
Worker #5: Your ducky?
Darla Dimple: I...HATE...ANIMALS! Especially [pointing to Danny] THAT ONE!! AAH!! GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!! FLANIGAN!!
Flanigan: Oh, dear! What a calamity!
Darla Dimple: [screams] MAX!!!!!!!
[Suddenly, the giant footsteps are heard outside]
T.W. Turtle: Oh, no! We're doomed! [hiding in an alligator's mouth]
Tillie Hippo: Ooh, hide me! [grabs the wings of a stork]
[Danny looks around to see where the noise is coming from, until Max makes his entrance through the sound-stage wall, scaring everyone. He even steps on a rubber duck and is able to catch Darla with his right hand]
Max: [first words as prying off Miss Dimple with his left hand] Yes, Miss Dimple?
[Darla breathes heavily and points at Danny madly. Max growls and cracks his knuckles]
Cranston Goat: Been nice knowing you, pal.
[Danny is helpless as he sees the giant shape of the butler coming towards him. Danny falls backwards as Max picks him up. Poor Danny chokes along the way]
Max: How does the kitty cat go?
Danny Cat: [gulp] Meow?
Max: VERY GOOD! [He smashes Danny into the ground.] Will that be all, Miss Dimple?
Darla Dimple: For the moment. Thank you, Max!
Woman #1: Your curls are fine.
Woman #2: Your nails are precious.
Women: Goodbye, Miss Dimple!
[Darla is hoisted away, as the two women look at each other with worry, groaning]
Flanigan: Okay, everybody, from the top! And I hope there will be no more interruptions! Humph! [fades out]

Cranston Goat: [laughs] Cue me, Frances!
Frances Albacore: So the kitty-cat went...
Cranston Goat: Meow, meow, meowy, meow!
Tillie Hippo: Now just cut that out! Besides it was much more like... Meow, meow, meowy, meow, meow, bada, dump! Danny, wait. [hits Cranston] Oh, maybe one of us should talk to him.
Sawyer Cat: Oh, I'll do it. It's about time someone talked to him. Since he's tip-tapped into town he's been nothing but trouble.
Danny Cat: Well, I guess this is gonna set me back a whole day. Nah, maybe only half a day.
Sawyer Cat: Look, Danny, I'm sorry your feelings got hurt, but the fact is, since you...
Danny Cat: I don't get it. What happened in there, anyway?
Sawyer Cat: [annoyed] Oh!
Danny Cat: Did I hit a sour note?
Sawyer Cat: Wait!
Danny Cat: Because if I did, I could go back in there. I could fix it.
Sawyer Cat: Danny! Danny, they don't care.
Danny Cat: But I...
Sawyer Cat: Don't you get it? What is it with you? Why are you so determined to make a fool of yourself?
Danny Cat: What do you mean? All I wanna do is the thing I love. Doesn't everyone?
Sawyer Cat: It's not that simple.
Danny Cat: It is in Kokomo.
Sawyer Cat: Then maybe that's where you should of stayed.
Peabo Pudgemeyer: [singing] You can do anything / If you...
Danny Cat: I better not sing right now.
Peabo Pudgemeyer: You want some?
Danny Cat: No, thanks, Pudge.
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Oh, I was gonna slug that big dumb Max for you, but I don't wanna hurt the guy. So, what's that Dimple kid's problem? I thought you were great today!
Danny Cat: I'm glad you liked it.
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Oh, you know all, that a bob-doo-doo-dee-ya-aaaah! [falling down]
Danny Cat: No, it's a little more like, here, I'll show you.
[The piano music plays]
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Whoa, whoa!
[Pudge and Danny dancing]
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Hey, hey, hey!
Danny Cat: Wait a minute. Where-where's that music coming from?

[Danny and Pudge sees the piano music plays]
Danny Cat and Peabo Pudgemeyer: It's him, it's Woolie the Mammoth! AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!
Woolie Mammoth: Uh-huh! That's it! B-Flat. Why, you have a natural rear for music, little fellow. Little fellow. [chortles] If my old eyes aren't failing me, I'd say... you're the fellow who caused all that commotion today!
Danny Cat: Yeah, I guess I really upset Miss Dimple. [chuckles nervously]
Woolie Mammoth: [threatening] Yes, you did. Jolly-good show! [laughs] Ah, tea time! Would you chaps like a cup?
Danny Cat: Sure.
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Okay!
Woolie Mammoth: Splendid! It's a special peanut brew from India, the upper regions. [he footsteps cause his trailer to lean to the side sending Danny and Pudge rolling to one side of the trailer, with Woolie's piano crashing into them] Did you know the peanut is not a nut at all? And, it's not a pea for that matter either. [the piano moves away as Danny mutters and sees birds flying around his head. He grabs onto Woolie's gramophone for dear life] It's rather odd that they call it a nut, because it isn't a nut, you see, it's-it's... It's a member of the legume family. Sugar?
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Yeah.
Woolie Mammoth: [continue] Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. How about pea legume? Nope, nope, nope, nope. That wouldn't make sense either. But, whatever it is it makes a splendid tea. My great grandmother developed this recipe, with certain additions from yours truly. Oh, I forgot the cream! Would you like some cream?
Danny Cat: No, no, no!
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Don't go to any trouble!
Woolie Mammoth: All right, all right. Suit yourself. Suit yourself.
Danny Cat: That music was great, Woolie. Did you write it for some movie?
Woolie Mammoth: No, no, it's not for any movie. I used to hope that one day, I'd write music for the motion pictures. But, all they wanted me for was to put on those beastly tusks and... [trumpets loudly] at the beginning of every film.
Danny Cat: What a waste of your talent.
Woolie Mammoth: Oh, it's the same for everyone. Look behind you. So many, many broken dreams.
Danny Cat: Is that Sawyer?
Woolie Mammoth: Poor Sawyer. I thought she'd be the one to make it. Such a dancer, with the voice of an angel.
Danny Cat: I never would have guessed.
Woolie Mammoth: That's what this town does to you, my boy. It wears you down.
Danny Cat: But I thought Hollywood was always looking for new talent.
Woolie Mammoth: Ah, ah, ah! Talented people, not animals. [sighs] You see, the spotlight will never be on fellows like you and me. And it's foolish to think otherwise, Danny. Danny?
Danny Cat: Mmm. Yeah. [chuckles] Foolish. Unless... [plunks a few piano keys] ...we can remind them.
Woolie Mammoth: Hmm. Uh, of what?
Danny Cat: Why they came here in the first place.
Woolie Mammoth: Hmm.

Security Guard: [to the animals] All right, all of you! Listen up! I only need you, water buffalo, for the Tarzan jungle stampede! The rest of you, go home!
T.W. Turtle: Well, today's shot! Might as well go home and clean!
[He retreats back into his shell and turns on a vacuum, Sawyer types in the office.]
Danny Cat: Here's our chance, Pudge. Come on! Hey, everybody!
T.W. Turtle: Huh?
Cranston Goat: Oh, look who's back! I wish he'd get himself stuffed.
Frances Albacore: I know a divine taxidermist darling. Did my first husband.
Danny Cat: [song to Animal Jam plays] Come on, everybody, gather around! Don't let this old town get you down. Look at you standing there with the long, long face.
Horse: [to another horse] Hey, he must be talking to you.
Danny Cat: You take this and you take that! Come over here, T.W., and put on this hat! If we all work together we can make our dreams come true! Let's show the world what we can do. Pudge?
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Yeah! [plays drums]
Animal: Boogie with me!
Danny Cat: [singing] I got rhythm in my feet / I got rhythm in my heart and soul / I got rhythm, hot and sweet / Sometimes rhythm makes me loss control!| Ha cha chattity cha! / I... want everyone to have all the fun / That I have / I've got rhythm / So do you!| Let's turn it on / And show what we can do
Tillie Hippo: Bye!
[The animals dancing while Tillie snaps Danny. Meanwhile, Max brushes Darla on his face]
Darla Dimple: Perfect! How could you possibly improve a face like this? What is that hideous racket?
[The animals dancing while then the animals singing and dancing]
Cranston Goat: Look at them. I'm ashamed to be an animal.
Frances Albacore: Oh, shut up, you old nanny, and show old Franny what you got.
[Cranston and Frances dancing]
Cranston Goat: Whoo-pee!
[Danny climbs the ladder and the light dust. Sawyer types the paper on the desk]
Sawyer Cat: Huh? [music plays and she sees the animals; screams]
Cranston Goat: Come on, Sawyer. Grab a partner and do-si-do.
Danny Cat: Hey, Sawyer, dance with me? I hear you're a natural.
Sawyer Cat: Who told you that?
[Woolie trumpets]
Sawyer Cat: Listen, Danny, it's a waste of time! You'll never get to dance in the movies.
Danny Cat: Movies? Did I say movies? No, we're just having fun.
Sawyer Cat: Yeah, sure, forget it.
Darla Dimple: Look at those fools. Laughable isn't it Max? Max? [Max dancing and gasps] Max! [growls]
Sawyer Cat: Hmm. [dancing]
Danny Cat: Not bad, a little rusty, but hey, who's perfect?
Sawyer Cat: Rusty? [they all dancing] I'll give you rusty!
[Danny and Sawyer while dancing]

Sawyer Cat: Like I said, dancing is a waste of time.
Danny Cat: What if I could get you an audition with L.B. Mammoth?
Sawyer Cat: L.B. Mammoth? Head of Mammoth Studios?
Darla Dimple: WHAT?!
Danny Cat: I know he'd appreciate real talent.
Cranston Goat: After nothing but Darla, he's gotta be STARVING for it!
[Darla growls and groans, which melts her mudpack facial off her face.]
Sawyer Cat: You're dreaming, Danny!
Danny Cat: Maybe I am. But so were you, just a few minutes ago.
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Can you really get us an audition with the boss, Danny?
[He sees Darla and Max was the poster like a parody of Darladdin and the Magic Lamp]
Danny Cat: It's worth a try. Once he sees us, there'll be a whole new set of stars in town.
Darla Dimple: An audition? Max! [snap fingers] Invite that cat. To tea...

Darla Dimple: Thanks for coming over, Donald.
Danny Cat: Uh, Danny.
Darla Dimple: Oh, yeah. Danny. Animal cracker?
Danny Cat: Uh...
Darla Dimple: No? More for me! I wanted to apologize for what Max did the other day. He's so bad sometimes.
Max: Ow...
Danny Cat: No, it's alright, Miss Dimple. Really.
Darla Dimple: No, no, no, it was terrible, awful, cruel! Inapprotilaly violent. And I want to make it all up to you.
Danny Cat: No, no, you don't have to.
Darla Dimple: Oh, I insist! Is there anything you need?
Danny Cat: No...
Darla Dimple: Isn't there something I could do for you?
Danny Cat: I don't think so.
Darla Dimple: Isn't there a certain someone who runs a certain studio that I could introduce you to?
Danny Cat: Well, is there anyway that you can arrange for me and the other animals to perform for L.B. Mammoth?
Darla Dimple: Why, Denis! I'd be delighted. [gasps] Idea.
Max: Ping.
Darla Dimple: Maybe you can all do a number in my movie?
Danny Cat: You? You mean it?
Darla Dimple: Why, it's just what the picture needs.
Danny Cat: Oh, I couldn't impose.
Darla Dimple: I'll give you use of my sound-stage, my ark and anything else you might need.
Danny Cat: Really?
Darla Dimple: You get all your little friends ready, and I'll make sure L.B. sees your splashy debut.
Danny Cat: Oh, thank you, Miss Dimple...
Darla Dimple: Ah, ah, ah, call me Darla!
Danny Cat: Thank you, Darla!
Darla Dimple: Don't mention it. [giggles]
Danny Cat: Sawyer could do a romantic balled and Woolie can even play a piano solo.
Darla Dimple: Did you hear that, Max? Woolie, the elephant, can even play a solo!
Max: Grah...
Danny Cat: Don't you think that would be a good idea?
Darla Dimple: Well, I think... you really want my advice?
Danny Cat: Oh yes, oh yes, please!
Darla Dimple: Well...

[Max begins music number on piano]
Darla Dimple: [singing] I've seen them come, and I've seen them go / There's one thing that I know. You gotta give the people what they want, or you'll wind up back in Kokomo, Nebraska.
Danny Cat: It's in Indiana, Miss Dimple.
Darla Dimple: Whatever. [singing] They like it big / They like it loud / Maybe a little bit jazzy sometimes / Mr. Pussycat listen to me / You don't have to be good / But you had better be
Max: Get hot, Miss Dimple.
Darla Dimple: [singing] BIG AND LOUD!! / Big and loud / Gonna make your momma proud!| Make it big... and... loud! [speaking] Leaves you kinda speechless, don't it?
Danny Cat: Thank you, Darla!
Darla Dimple: Oh, no, no, no, I just made a few professional suggestments. You just get all your little friends ready by Friday at 3... and I'll take care of L.B., and let's leave this between us shall we? I don't like to advertise my charitable work.
Danny Cat: Oh, right. Thanks, Miss Dimple! Thanks a lot!
Darla Dimple: Your welcome, Dino.
Danny Cat: Goodbye!
Darla Dimple: Ta-ta! See you in the movies.
Danny Cat: [over phone] Publicity Department?
Darla Dimple: Is L.B.'s big press conference still Friday at 3?
Danny Cat: [over phone] Yes it is, Miss Dimple.
Darla Dimple: Oh, thank you so much. [phone hangs up]

Darla Dimple: [laughs evilly; singing] I didn't get where I am today / By getting myself get pushed around / No man nor beast / Nor kitty cat nor doggie / Is going to bring me down.
[Max laughs evilly]
Darla Dimple: Shut up, Max. [singing] The lightning will be blasting! / The thunder it will roar!| They'll never know what hit 'em! / Wait'll they see what I have in store...| BIG AND LOUD! / It's gonna be big and loud! / When they fall they'll be blindfold! / And they're gonna fall big...
Chorus: Big...
Darla Dimple: [singing] ...and they're gonna fall / Loud!
Chorus: Loud!
Darla Dimple: [singing] They're gonna fall big! And... [laughs evilly]
[Max laughs evilly]
Darla Dimple: Shut up, Max. [singing] Loooooouuuuuud!! [fades to black]

[Thunder booms]
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Thunder and lightning. Check. Special effects all ready, Danny!
Danny Cat: All right, everybody. Mr. Mammoth will be here any minute. Get into position. Remember, do it like you did in the alley. Only make it big and loud this time. And don't be nervous.
T.W. Turtle: Nervous? Why would I be nervous?
Rabbit: Give me that!
Sawyer Cat: Well, well. Run of the sound-stage, use of Darla's ark, costumes... I don't know. Something seems fishy.
Frances Albacore: I beg your pardon?
Sawyer Cat: Sorry. It's just that I smell a rat.
Mouse: Excuse me?
Sawyer Cat: Oh, never mind.
Danny Cat: So, you decided to join us, huh?
Sawyer Cat: Me? Oh, no, no, no. This is never gonna work. Besides, how did you arrange all of this?
Danny Cat: Let's just say a little angel's looking out for us.
Sawyer Cat: Oh, boy.
Danny Cat: Come on, Sawyer. Your life isn't back there in that office. It's here.
Peabo Pudgemeyer: [Off-screen] It's 3:00, Danny!
Danny Cat: Dance with me. See you on board.
Tillie Hippo: Well?
Sawyer Cat: I can't do this.
Tillie Hippo: And?
Sawyer Cat: I can't do this.
Tillie Hippo: So?
Sawyer Cat: I can't believe I'm doing this.
T.W. Turtle: Fortune says "Rough waters ahead". [shivers]
Danny Cat: Start the rain, Pudge. When L.B. shows up we'll come out singing and dancing!

Flanigan: Ladies and gentlemen of the press, I bring you the founder of Mammoth Pictures, Mr. L.B. Mammoth! Boom chachalaca boom chachalaca boom!
Reporter: Gee whiz, Mr. Mammoth, what's the secret of your success?
L.B. Mammoth: Simple! It's Dimple!
Flanigan: Dainty Delightful Darla Dimple!
L.B. Mammoth: Ah, the recipe for a Darla Dimple movie. Begin with one part adorable character in jeopardy.
[Inside the sound-stage, Darla has tied up Pudge]
Darla Dimple: Sorry, penguin, but in everyone's life, a little rain must fall. Max, man the valves!
Max: Yes, Miss Dimple.
[Max opens the water valve]
L.B. Mammoth: Add two parts perky determination...
Darla Dimple: More water, Max. More water!
[Max opens the water valve even more, causing the shower heads to burst open]
L.B. Mammoth: Sprinkle in an air of innocence...
Darla Dimple: Wind, Max! We must have WIND!
[Max rips off the fan guard, grips one of the blades, and pushes it down, creating wind]
L.B. Mammoth: Stir in...
Darla Dimple: More water!
[Max rips off the water valve, sending gallons of water gushing out into the flood]
L.B. Mammoth: Add a pinch of...
Darla Dimple: Thunder!
[Max grips a steam pipe, which starts bulging at the bottom. Two gauges and a bulb burn out, harming Pudge. The steam pipe eventually bursts, letting off steam]
L.B. Mammoth: And an itsy-bitsy dash of...
Darla Dimple: LIGHTNING!!
[Darla cackling evilly, Max slams the two lightning generators to create lightning]
L.B. Mammoth: Mix them all together, and what do you get?
[He presses the open door button and the stage doors open, revealing a flooded stage which then spills out into the lot with they screaming in terror. Flanigan leaps into his boss' arms]
Flanigan: [panicking] Mommy!
[The two friends scream their heads off, followed by the reporters, who scream and run for their lives. Then, the massive flood spills into the open lot, engulfing L.B. Mammoth and Flanigan. Back on the ark, Danny is at the steering wheel as he tries to steer the ark, while Woolie clings onto the crow's nest for dear life. The animal actors scream in terror as the ark does a corkscrew]
Danny Cat: [panicking] Throw the anchor! Somebody, throw the anchor!
[Tillie tosses the anchor that catches Flanigan and L.B. Mammoth]
Tillie Hippo: It's L.B.! [singing] We're on! Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag / And smile, smile, smile [bashing T.W. and Frances together]
Sawyer Cat: [imitating Danny] "Your life isn't back there at the office". He says! "Dance with me". He says. [nags at him] You know what your problem is?! You're pushy, self centered, pig-headed... No offense, Herb.
Herb Pig: None taken.
[The flood approaches a Samson and Delilah movie set]
Crewman: Action. We're pushing, we're pushing... We're running, we're running!
[Danny and Sawyer are covered in Egyptian garb]
Sawyer Cat: And, your driving stinks!
Danny Cat: Well, maybe you could do better. Go ahead, you take it.
Sawyer Cat: You take it.
Danny Cat: You take it.
Sawyer Cat: No, no, no.
Danny Cat: If you think you know so much... Sawyer!
Sawyer Cat: I don't want it.
Cranston Goat: Well it doesn't get any worse than this. I was wrong. It's worse.
Tillie Hippo: [gasps] Oh my. This is an awkward moment. I don't think we met. I'm Tillie. Mr. Mammoth, Cranston, Cranston, Mr. Mammoth, Flanigan, Cranston... AAAAAAH!!
Announcer: What appears to be a tidal wave, folks, is actually just a special effect.
Sawyer Cat: This has gone far enough! Give me that!
Danny Cat: You didn't want it before! Give it!
Woolie Mammoth: Excuse me I don't mean to interrupt or anything, but we're about to...
Danny Cat and Sawyer Cat: Will you just stay out of this?!
Woolie Mammoth: Ooh, sorry.
Danny Cat: Let go. Let go.
Sawyer Cat: I'm telling you...
Receptionists: Good day, Mr. Mammoth.
L.B. Mammoth: You animals will never...
Flanigan: Nibble kibble in this town again!
Tillie Hippo: I think they liked it.

Danny Cat: [out of outfit] But it wasn't... [door gates closed] it wasn't their fault. [rumbling sounds]
Darla Dimple: Nice working with you, Danny. [laughs evilly]
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Let go! Let me go! [spits a water]
Darla Dimple: Singing and dancing animals!
Sawyer Cat: She was your little angel?
Danny Cat: She said she wanted to help us.
Tillie Hippo: And you believed her?
Danny Cat: But I... But I... Woolie, I would... I'd...
Woolie Mammoth: The spotlight will never be on fellows like you and me. Go home, son. Go home.

[Thunder, in a bar at the midnight]
Cranston Goat: Goodbye, show biz; hello, farm work.
Tillie Hippo: [in a bar] Well, there's always Broadway. Yeah! Broadway! I hear hippos are very big on Broadway!
Frances Albacore: They're big everywhere, darling!
T.W. Turtle: You know... this is all Danny's fault.
Cranston Goat: You got it brother. That toe-tapping tom!
Frances Albacore: I never trusted him. Too happy.
Tillie Hippo: Well, I have to admit, we were better off before.
Cranston Goat: Well, let's face it. That cat ruined our already miserable lives.
Tillie Hippo: Well, he's just a... He's a crackerjack is what he is.
Cranston Goat: She's right. You're doggone right.
T.W. Turtle: Nothing but trouble, that guy.
Frances Albacore: Horrid little being.
Cranston Goat: Bad luck! Old happy feet better not show his face around here again.

[the song to Tell Me Lies plays]
Sawyer Cat: [singing] I never believe that there was a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end / I'm much too smart!| For fairy tales like that. / Yet here I am again / I thought this time / This time / We're gonna make it / Why I thought so I really don't know / Maybe something in his eyes just told me so / Something in his eyes / Tell me lies / And I'll come running / I must have lost my mind!| I could close my eyes / And tell you just exactly what's coming / Life's gonna turn just a little unkind / Seems like everyone's sailing / Way out on the sea / And I'm stuck here on shore / Sun's always shining / But it's never on me / Why should I try anymore?| Tell me lies / Tell me lies / I'll just keep right on coming / This time I've got to believe in his dream / This time I've got to believe in his dream...
[Tillie leans back on diner]
Sawyer Cat: Tillie!
Tillie Hippo: You know you can still catch him at the bus stop.

Sawyer Cat: Danny, wait! Danny!
Bus Driver: So, I guess it's just you and me tonight, buddy. Hey, did you hear about that disaster at Mammoth Pictures? Animals, What a bunch of noodleheads. I mean, look at them. They have no future. What am I telling you, son? You'll be heading back home real soon.
Danny Cat: Stop the bus!
Bus Driver: Jeez! What do you wanna stop for? We just barely got started.
Danny Cat: Exactly. See you in the movies.

[Musical montage, Danny typing in the office]
Cranston Goat: [to a mailman] Will you get off my property?!
[Montage to musical, workers building the destruction, Darla cleaning his face, Darla Dimple his balloon and stage for the decorations in a movie theater]
Announcer: All of Hollywood is represented here tonight for the premiere of Lil Ark Angel. How about a big handfor Joan Crawford, Cary Grant, W. C. Fields, Clark Gable, and L.B. Mammoth!
L.B. Mammoth: Carry on!
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, how about a big hand for Darla Dimple! America's Sweetheart Lover of Children and Animals, and the star of tonight's gala Hollywood premiere, Lil Ark Angel. Darla Dimple's handprints are enshrined. In the forecourt of the Chinese Theater. Ladies and gentlemen, we're all gonna Gather inside the theater to see the world premiere of Lil Ark Angel starring Darla Dimple!

[Woolie trumpets in movie]
Frances Albacore: Oh excuse me.
Cranston Goat: Move!
Tillie Hippo: Excuse me...
Woolie Mammoth: Can I just squeeze past, son? Thank you, very much. [throws the people away] Ooh, so sorry.
Danny Cat: They're in! The minute the movie ends, we go on.
Darla Dimple: [in movie] Yeah, as you walk through your valley of despair, fear not. For I am your little Ark Angel, and I will look after each and every little, teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy one of you!
[Crowd "awww"s]
Cranston Goat: Shoot me.
Darla Dimple: [in movie] My radiant glow shall be a shining beacon to light the path for you poor... helpless animals. I shall lift you out of the depths of despair. My sweet cherubic voice will sing you a lullaby to soothe your fears. [Max's ear rings and angry face] Think of me as your guardian. Fear not, for I, the Lil' Ark Angel...
Danny Cat: It's almost time! I'll go set the lights.
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Check!
Darla Dimple: [in movie] The weatherman says it's going to rain for days and nights! Hark, here comes a big fat rain cloud!
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Danny... Look behind you, Danny. Danny...!
[Max has Danny cornered, but falls on top of the Darla balloon.]
Max: Here, kitty kitty kitty! Nice kitty! Kitty! [laughs evilly] Huh?
Danny Cat: [holding the rope] How does the kitty cat go?
Max: [smiles nervously] Meow?
Danny Cat: Very good. [let goes of the rope, popping the Darla balloon out, sending Max flying like Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story]
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Danny! The movie's over! Everybody's leaving! We gotta... [looks at Danny] Whoa; you're a mess!

[People cheering]
Darla Dimple: Do you really love me?
Danny Cat: Ladies and gentlemen. Wait! Please, take your seats! [coughs] Today we've come to honor Miss Darla Dimple. And because Darla Dimple cares she's arranged a special treat for you.
Darla Dimple: [gasps] Have I?
Danny Cat: A special live show with an all animal cast!
Frances Albacore: Not this guppy.
T.W. Turtle: Yeah. No, I'm with her.
Cranston Goat: Come on, Sawyer.
Danny Cat: Unheard of, yes, of course, but not enough for America's Sweetheart Lover of Children and Animals!
Darla Dimple: [growls] Max?
Danny Cat: No, no, no. Now, don't try to share the credit. You're the one who wanted us to perform for L.B., and I wouldn't dream of performing without my friend... [notices they aren't there] I-I...
Darla Dimple: Silly cat. Run along now. Skit scat, Mr. Kitty Cat. Isn't he cute? Run along and play, Mr. Kitty!
Danny Cat: Sawyer?
Sawyer Cat: We're all behind you, Danny. 100%. Don't let them go, Tillie!
Tillie Hippo: [Tillie is holding T.W., Cranston, and Frances in her arms] I got them!
Cranston Goat: Let go! Have you lost your mind?
Frances Albacore: Release me you mad hippo!
Danny Cat: Wait.
Tillie Hippo: One big happy family!
Danny Cat: Just a minute. Please.
T.W. Turtle: [Looking at his fortunes] You will meet with disaster!
Danny Cat: Would you just listen to me?
Cranston Goat: I'll chew your ears off!
Danny Cat: Cranston!
T.W. Turtle: The end is near! The fat lady sung!
Danny Cat: Look, if you're willing to accept what they can think of you, then you can go! [everyone gasps] I almost did.
Cranston Goat: Well, you should have! Life here for animals is the pits, always playing the scapegoat!
Woolie Mammoth: Quickly forgotten!
Frances Albacore: Working for scale!
Danny Cat: Then why are you still here?
Cranston Goat: Why?! [everyone pauses]
Danny Cat: Because you can't forget the feeling, can you? The feeling you have when... [Refers to Cranston and Frances] when you two dance together. [Camera switches to Woolie] When you play. [Danny motions to Sawyer] When you sing. They cursed you, humiliated you, and even slam the door in your face. But they still haven't made you forget. Have they?
T.W. Turtle: [searches through his fortune cookie papers] They can smash your cookie, but... but you'll always have your fortune. [everyone grins] Huh.
Danny Cat: Come on. Let's go show 'em what we can do.
Tillie Hippo: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Darla Dimple: Well... [yawns] It's kind of getting kind of more or less rather late!
Danny Cat: You couldn't be more right! Hit it Pudge!
[Pudge plays saxophone]
Danny Cat: [song to Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now plays; singing] Excuse me ladies and gentlemen / If you would be so kind
Darla Dimple: Humph!
Danny Cat: [singing] I've got someone very special here / She's about to speak her mind
Sawyer Cat: [singing] I've got a song to sing / If you don't like my song / I'm gonna sing it anyhow / And I got a dream in my heart / Yeah / Nothing's gonna stop us now
Danny Cat and Sawyer Cat: [singing] Nothing's gonna stop us now / You take 4 and blackbirds / And bake 'em in a pie / Before you put 'em in the oven / Babe, you know they're gonna fly / And they'll get you
Danny Cat: [singing] They say curiosity killed the cat / I'm livin' proof that that's a lie...
Danny Cat and Sawyer Cat: [singing] Now I'm gonna tell you why / Yeah / Nothing’s gonna stop us| Nothing's gonna stop us now / Nothing's gonna stop us / Nothing's gonna stop us / Nothing's gonna stop us now
Sawyer Cat: [singing] If I wanna dance I'll dance...
Danny Cat: [singing] She'll dance!
Sawyer Cat: [singing] Just as long as the law will allow / Dance and sing all night long| Nothing's gonna stop us now / Yeah / Nothing's gonna stop us now / Nothing's gonna stop us / Nothing's gonna stop us / Nothing's gonna stop us| No, no, no, no, no / Yeah, yeah, yeah
T.W. Turtle: [singing] Look for me / Where there's the smell of danger| The smell of danger is my middle name / I've been very quiet / But I've got a lot to say| Believe me...
Frances Albacore and Cranston Goat: [singing] If you ain't going with us / Then stay out of our way
Tillie Hippo: [singing] Oh! Been knocked down, cut down / Locked down, shut down| Held down, fell down / Every time!| Push back, push back / Denied a contract / When you got yours / You must have got mine!
All: [singing] Nothing's gonna stop us / Nothing's gonna stop us / Nothing's gonna stop us / Nothing's gonna stop us now!
Sawyer Cat: [singing] I gotta feeling inside! / Oooooooh, and it's love! Without a doubt!
Danny Cat: [singing] Oh, I got someone I'm crazy about!
T.W. Turtle: [singing] He's simply mad about her
Danny Cat and Sawyer Cat: [singing] Nothing's gonna stop us / No, no, no, one can stop us / Nothing's gonna stop us now!
All: [singing] Nothing's gonna stop us / Nothing's gonna stop us / Nothing's gonna stop us now!| Nothing's gonna stop us! / Nothing's gonna stop us! / Nothing's gonna stop us now... / Come on
Sawyer Cat: [singing] Yeah, yeah... / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
[The crowd cheering]

Darla Dimple: I'M THE STAR!! [crawls over to Danny] You stupid, stupid CAT! [furiously grabs Danny by the collar] I should have drowned you all when I FLOODED THE STAGE!
['Flooded the stage!' echoes through the speakers and the audiece overhears the confession in shock as Darla]
Woman: Darla Dimple!
Man: I can't believe it.
[Darla realizing she had been exposed, mischievously smiles, hugs Danny and kisses him. Pudge giggles and pushes the trap door lever.]
Darla Dimple: [last words as she falls through a trapdoor] WHOA! MAX!
Max: [last words as he flies into the distance onto the giant Darla Dimple balloon through Paris, France] OUI, MISS DIMPLE?!

[Last lines]
Peabo Pudgemeyer: Put her there! [electrocutes T.W.]
Sawyer Cat: Well, now, let's see. [She takes Danny's list] Go to Premiere. Check. Land a big part, check. Get the girl? Check.
[The two hold hands and attempt to kiss, but Flanigan arrives, and gets in between them; both grimace]
Flanigan: Sweethearts! Celebrities! Darlings!
[L.B. pushes Flanigan aside]
L.B. Mammoth: Get a picture, boys! These kids will be making history!
Chorus: [the movie posters are shown] Can you feel the power, now / The day is ours / For you and I / There comes a time / To hold our heads high / Make a little history / Each time we dare to dream / Tell everyone / Turn the spotlight on / Now our time has come / Our time has come we're gonna / Walk in the sun, oh / I've packed my hopes,| We're ready to roll, / We're on our way / Make a little history / Each time we dare to dream / Tell everyone / Turn the spotlight on / Now our time has come / Can you feel the power, now / The day is ours / For you and I / There comes a time
[Darla is seen working as a janitor putting up a "The End" poster on a wall]
Darla Dimple: Humph!
[The poster falls down and wraps around her]

WILL DOWNING lyrics (I Do Believe)[edit]

Will Downing: I still believe in miracles / And lord I hope you do / I've been there when nothing else / But a miracle would see me through / Taking a chance, with all the faith in my heart / Back to the wall| I give it all cause I know you're gonna give it all back to me / Chorus / I do believe / Heaven and earth / Start here with you and me / Here in our arms / A new world begins / And I'll let it shine on me / This has to be / I do believe| People die out of loneliness / It happens every day / All it takes is just a little tenderness / To ease the hurt away / Having you here, healing my life in your arms / Loving you so / All that I know| Is I'm never never gonna let you go. / Chorus / Bridge / Everywhere I go / Everything I see| With a little hope, with a little love, how beautiful this world could be / How beautiful... I do believe...


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