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Cult of Chucky (also known as Child's Play 7: Cult of Chucky) is a 2017 horror film in which Chucky returns to terrorize his human victim, Nica. Meanwhile, the killer doll has some scores to settle with his old enemies, with the help of his former wife. The film is both the seventh entry and fourth spin-off in the popular Child's Play series.

Written and directed by Don Mancini.
Friends till the end, remember?


  • [From the trailer; to the audience; cackles] Yes! (Cackles again) A true classic.... NEVER goes outta style!
  • Holy shit! (Laughs) And they call me sick? I mean, this guy is diabolical. I mean, what a piece of work. I'm actually a little envious.
  • I don't know whether to kill him or just take notes!
  • If I wanted you dead you'd be tits up by now.
  • Time to join the club.
  • You know what, Andy. What if you really are crazy? Have you ever thought of that? Maybe you belong in the booby-hatch with Nica. Maybe this is just all happening in your head.
  • Sometimes I scare myself.
  • I just can't with this guy!
  • Aren't you that crazy bitch I talked to on the phone?!
  • You know what lady, you're next.


  • I guess it's just me and you again tonight, pal.
  • Do me a favor, Chucky. Keep your fuckin' mouth shut.
  • You wanna play? Let's play.
  • (To Tiffany) I know who you are... and I'm coming for you... and for him.


[While Andy is on a date with Rachel. He tells her about his babysitter being murdered along with thirty-six other people.]
Rachel: And they never caught him?
Andy: Justice was done...
[Flashback to the end of Curse of Chucky. Andy is pointing a gun at Chucky.]
Chucky: Wait!
Andy: Play with this! [proceeds to blow Chucky's head off]

Chucky: Face it, Andy. I'm all you've got.
Andy: (Preparing a blow torch.) Sometimes it's nice just hanging out on a Friday night... with your best friend.

[When Nica is talking about her niece.]
Nica: I hope she's doing ok.
Angela: She's not ok.
[Everyone looks at her.]
Nica: Excuse me?
Angela: Chucky told me... he called me on the phone... he said to tell you he's coming for you. Now you can have visitors.

Malcom: Why didn't he kill you when he had the chance?
Nica: Because he's fucking with me. That's what he does. First he'll kill each and every one of you in the most horrible ways you can imagine, and he'll make me watch. Then he'll kill me too. Unless, of course, I'm a complete psychopath.
Malcom: Well, let's stay positive.

Nica: You look exactly like Jennifer Tilly.
Tiffany: Yeah, I get that a lot.

Nica: Oh, my god... Tiffany Valentine. That was Charles Lee Ray's girlfriend.
Malcom: Charles Lee Ray?
Madeleine: Who is that?
Nica: He was a serial killer in the eighties. He murdered twenty-two people before they shot him in a toy store. He died right next to a Good Guy doll. Charles Lee Ray's nickname was Chucky.

Chucky: Where's Nica?
Angela: Last door on the right. You can see me.
Chucky: Yeah. I can see you.
Angela: Don't be afraid.
Chucky: ... What?
Angela: I'm not going to hurt you.
Chucky: (Laughs) You fucking with me?
Angela: No, I'm not. To tell you the truth I'm happy to have the company. Even if you aren't real.
Chucky: Ok... let me explain something to ya. I am a vintage, mass marketed children's toys from the eighties... standing right in front of you... holding a very sharp scalpel.
Angela: No, you're not.
Chucky: Yes, I am.

Carlos: You're not buyin' it, are you?
Nica: Nope. He'll be back. He always comes back.

Madeleine: A mother's love never dies.
Chucky: Not even when she kills it.
Madeleine: Now please... one last time... come to Mommy.
[She holds out her arms, and Chucky gives her a look before slowly walking up to her and allowing her to hug him. She then releases him.]
Madeleine: Will it hurt?
Chucky: I'll do my best.

Nica: I'm not a killer.
Chucky: Not yet...

Chucky 2: He's here.
Chucky 1: Took him long enough. Stupid kid.
Chucky 2: Andy's not a kid anymore.
Chucky 1: So what's ya point?
Chucky 2: I'm just saying it behooves us to watch our step.
Chucky 1: "Behooves"! Listen to you. You sound like Hannibal Lecter. Can't believe they cancelled that show.

Chucky 3: You know, I love being me.
Chucky 2: And I love my job!
Chucky 1: Especially the look on my victim's face when they realize in that final moment that it's all really happening. A children's toy is actually beating them to death with a yard stick.
Chucky 3: Or setting them on fire.
Chucky 2: Eviscerating them.
Chucky 1: All actual examples.

Chucky 3: I've never felt so alive!
Chucky 2: Yeah, well you've been alive for like two minutes.
[All three Chuckies laugh.]
Chucky 1: Welcome to the cult, pal.
Chucky 3: Thanks. You guys are the best.
Chucky 1: Right, now I'm gonna go kill Andy.
Chucky 2: No, I wanna kill Andy. I earned it! I've been through a lot today.
Chucky 1: You got to suck tittie today. Look what happened to me. [Shows his melted fingers.]
Chucky 3: Hello! Look at my hair!
Chucky 2: Oh, shit. You win.
Chucky 1: Absolutely. Sorry, pal. You go fuck him up real good. Have fun.

Chucky: Kyle?
Kyle: Andy sent me. We're gonna have some fun.


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