Seed of Chucky

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Seed of Chucky is a 2004 American horror comedy film.

Written and directed by Don Mancini.
Time to Raise Some Hell (taglines)


  • chucky: chucky, wake up! Look at us! We've had makeovers! We're movie stars!
  • [On the phone] Mrs. Bailey, my name is Tiffany Ray. You don’t know me, but a few years ago I killed your husband and I am so very, very sorry.
  • [About jennifer tilly] Oh my God, she's a complete slut!


glen: Is Mummy ill?
chucky: The courts thought so.

glen: Why do you kill?
chucky: it's a hobby really. It helps us relax.

glen: But violence is bad, isn't it? They said so on TV.
chucky: Not violence. Vio-lins. Violins are bad. That screeching music's going to ruin the goddamn country!

glen: I want to be a boy.
chucky: Yes! In your face, lady!

tiffany: I’m not getting pregnant again, I’ll tell you that much. My mother always told me: "Once is a blessing, twice is a curse."
chucky: That would explain your sister.

chucky: Wait a minute! I'm not gonna let you poison our son's mind with your touchy-feely 12 steps bullshit. If you two don't wanna kill anymore, that's your loss. But don't look down your noses at me. I'm not ashamed to be a killer! I'm proud of it! It is not an addiction, it is a choice! And it is not something that you should have to hide in the closet! (smacks the closet door, making a recent victim fall out) Whoa!


  • Time to raise some hell.
  • Deliver us some evil.
  • Fear the second coming.
  • This November, get a load of Chucky.
  • Get a load of Chucky.


  • jennifer tilly as herself/tiffany
  • billy boyd as chucky
  • brad dourif as glen
  • Redman as himself
  • Hannah Spearritt as Joan
  • John Waters as Pete Peters
  • Beans Balawi as Human Glen
  • Kristina Hewitt as Human Glenda
  • Jason Flemyng as himself/Santa
  • Steve Lawton as Stan
  • tony gardner as himself
  • Martha Stewart as herself (uncredited, archive footage)
  • Rebecca Santos as Fulvia
  • Keith-Lee Castle as Psychs
  • Paul Grossman as Little Boy
  • Simon James Morgan as Richard
  • Stephanie Chambers as Claudia's mom
  • Bethanie Simons-Danville as Claudia
  • Debbie Lee Carrington as herself (DVD deleted scenes, uncredited)

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