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Daniel John William Wootton (born 1983) is a New Zealand and British broadcaster and journalist.

In 2007, he joined the News of the World. In 2013, he joined The Sun on Sunday and became editor of the Bizarre column the following year. In February 2016, he joined The Sun under the editorship of Victoria Newton, as associate editor and, in March 2018, was appointed executive editor. In 2021, Wootton left News UK to join MailOnline as a columnist and to present a show on GB News. His MailOnline column was suspended in early August 2023, after serious allegations were made against him (which he denies), and sacked in September after his GB News interview of Laurence Fox, who made offensive comments about a female journalist. GB News suspended both men. In February 2024, it was announced the Metropolitan police and Police Scotland were to take no action against him after a six-month investigation and, the following month, Wootton left GB News.

Wootton has appeared as a show business presenter on the ITV Breakfast shows Lorraine and Daybreak.


  • The globalist remoaner coup continues. The excellent and brave Home Secretary Suella Braverman is being replaced by Grant Shapps. This is an anti-democratic disgrace. Shame on Liz Truss. We backed you to keep them out. They're now in control.
  • These past few days I have been the target of a smear campaign by nefarious players with an axe to grind.
  • I, like all fallible human beings, have made errors of judgement in the past. But the criminal allegations being made against me are simply untrue.
    I would like nothing more than to address those spurious claims – I could actually spend the next two hours doing so – but on the advice of my lawyers, I cannot comment further.
    But I have been thinking much over the past few days about the current state of social media, where any allegation can be made in an attempt to get someone cancelled, but it is impossible to defend yourself against thousands of trolls.
  • Being in the middle of this witch hunt has made me think a lot about the sort of journalist and broadcaster I aspire to be – one focused on the massive political threats facing this country, not on personal attacks.
  • I want to reiterate my regret over last night’s exchange with Laurence [Fox] on GB News.
    Having looked at the footage, I can see how inappropriate my reaction to his totally unacceptable remarks appears to be and want to be clear that I was in no way amused by the comments.
    I reacted as I did out of shock and surprise in an off guard moment while working out how to respond as he continued to speak by searching for tweets Ava had sent earlier in the day while having them read out in my ear at the same time.
    However, I should have intervened immediately to challenge offensive and misogynistic remarks.
    I apologise unreservedly for what was a very unfortunate lapse in judgement on my part under the intense pressure of a bizarre exchange.
    I know I should have done better. I'm devastated that I let down the team and our supportive GBN family. We seek to tackle the issue and not the person, which I intend to stress again on air tonight.

About Wootton

  • All in all, the spectacle of Dan Wootton begging for nuance and empathy is the heat death of irony. The two crucial things about people like Dan is that they are, without exception, monstrous hypocrites – and they also reduce the world. Their entire business is making human experience smaller. There are about six or seven basic story templates into which they believe all other people's lives must be squeezed, whether or not they want them to be. So to find the high priest of the reductive suddenly asking for an acknowledgment of complexity feels a little much.
  • To make it super simple for Dan: GB News is not "anti-establishment". It is a London telly channel owned by a hedge funder and an investment firm. The deputy chairman of the governing Conservative party is one of its presenters, as is a recently knighted former cabinet minister whose father was a long-serving editor of the Times.
  • I will not be appearing on Dan Wootton Tonight without Dan Wootton. Dan Wootton had a significant part to play in building GB News.
  • He invited me along pre-launch, he also brought so many people onboard. Behind the cameras as well as on-screen talent.
  • Including the careerist ambitious ones who are currently gunning for his job. These people are worse than the woke mob, because these vultures are giving the mob ammunition and essentially escalating the channel's demise.
  • Standing up for Dan is standing up for the very idea of GB News. If he falls, we all fall.
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