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Deadpool (series) is the name of the comic book series made by marvel starring Deadpool

Favorite lines[edit]

Deadpool: Shhh...My common sense is tingling.
Deadpool: Then I have say hell yeah!
Deadpool: And now, I'M better at whatever Wolverine does!

Issue 2[edit]

Deadpool: [Deadpool is watching his crush from her window] [Monolouging] y'know, camping outside someone's window just to watch them sleep used to be considered romantic --but today it's called "stalking" and generally considered trespasse --[whispering] though the term "stalking" has a certain Byronic flavour to it--

Blind Al: Really Wade, mercenary to peeping tom in one night.

Blind Al: [After Deadpool had tried to swap the sugar and salt in her tea, which she just drank] Oh! Did I mess up the salt and sugar again. Oopsie! How careless of me! Better luck next time, you jerk!

Deadpool: [thinking] should've known better than to discuss romance with Al. you wanna talk babes, you have to find a bud that's lamer than yourself. speaking of which... [Shouts] Weasel!

Deadpool: [discovering Weasels empty room] What in God's name? [Shouts] WEASEL CLEANED HIS ROOM!

Deadpool: [just found Weasels being kept in a place in Nevada] Good thing he's such a paranoid puppy or I never would have tracked him down. [whispers] I wonder if this has anything to do with the way I treat him... Nah. Probably something his momma did.

Taskmaster: Ah! Leaping Dragon Kick... Executed in the style of Master Shingen Dakota-- Deadly, but easily defensible.
Deadpool: Yeah! So's mad cow disease...

Deadpool: Are you ready for a dissertion on pain, chump! Open your text-books to chapter one-- "BOWL EVISCERATION AND YOU!"
Taskmaster: I don't believe you're qualified to teach that course.
Deadpool: Fine! Let's skip you up to "Lead Swallowing" one-oh... Uh Oh! Where's my gun --? [Taskmaster pointing gun at] Bad Gun! No pointing at your master! Bad Bad gun! [cocks gun] give it back or I'll tell.

Taskmaster: [After beating up Deadpool for "lesson"] onto our next ordinance--swordplay.
Deadpool: Oh, Goody. Now I can be humiliated with props

Deadpool (2012) #1: In Wade We Trust[edit]

Emily Preston: No, Wade — you're not the hero we want, you're the scumbag we need!

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