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Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian television show which follows students in middle and high school. It is a continuation of Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High which originally showed in the '80s.

Season 1[edit]

Mother and Child Reunion, Part One [1.01][edit]

J.T.: Toby?
Toby: J.T.?
J.T. and Toby: "Miki-hiki-wompa, miki-hiki-yeah, miki-hiki-wigwam, Northwood Summer Camp!"
Manny: I guess they're friends.
J.T.: Manny, Emma. This is Toby. We were at camp together.
Emma: Nah, really?

Snake: Okay... this is your greatest memory of Degrassi?
Caitlin: What? So I went through a headband phase. It was the 80s. You were there.
Snake: Oh speaking of the 80s... How about this. Joey's fedora.
Caitlin: Where's the shirt?
Snake: I don't know. I think Joey's still wearing it.

Mother and Child Reunion, Part Two [1.02][edit]

Toby: He's not reading into her soul, he's reading her email.

Family Politics [1.03][edit]

[At the end of his candidate speech to the school assembly.]
J.T.: Oh, by the way, I quit the race for school prez, vote Ashley!

Eye of the Beholder [1.04][edit]

Liberty: Are you really going to let two prepubescent boys dictate your amusement?

Emma: You guys stayed home, to look at porn?
Toby: Yeah, but its a rite of passage.
J.T.: Kate and Jeff came home, and made us look at sites with them. Guys, too.
Manny: With them?
Emma: Male and female?
Toby: Could you keep it down?
Manny and Emma: LOSERS!

Parents' Day [1.05][edit]

Emma: Last week NAK told us to join the army. What’s tomorrow? A hole in the ozone is good because it makes a better tan? Imagine being a squeegee kid. Out in the cold, no school, no parents.
Toby: No parents?
Emma: Toby, this isn’t a joke!

J.T.: Hey, we could contaminate the water fountains with e. coli, that way they’d have to shut down the school, right?
Toby: There probably is e. coli in the fountains.
Snake: Actually, we test our water on a daily basis, boys. It’s fine.

The Mating Game [1.06][edit]

Liberty: I could help you with your assignment. I get straight A’s.
J.T.: And I get straight D’s. So why rock the boat?

[Ashley has offered to have sex with Jimmy for the first time.]
Spinner: To mark this heroic achievement, you better get "Little Jimmy Junior" there a present.
Jimmy: What?
Spinner: Condoms, you idiot!

Basketball Diaries [1.07][edit]

Spinner: My Ritalin, its like speed.
Jimmy: I thought it calmed you down.
Spinner: Yeah, for me. Its got something to do with the configuration of my brain, or something.
Jimmy: You have a brain?
Spinner: Ha ha.

Sean: My social worker says it's beneficial, personally I wouldn't give a rat's a-

(interrupted by Mr. Simpson)

Mr. Simpson: Class! Sorry for the delay.

Secrets And Lies [1.08][edit]

Paige: When the bomb went off, did your whole life, like, flash right before your eyes?
Mr. Kerwin: No, just the bomb

JT: I can't believe it worked!
Toby: No, I cant believe you used that excuse!
JT: Ok, there she is. Time to cement the deal. HEY LIBERTY, GIRLFRIEND!

[reciting his haiku in class]
Sean: Poetry is crime / no idea how to rhyme / stupid waste of time.

Coming of Age [1.09][edit]

J.T.: Aw, did little Emmy pee her pants?
Emma: No, I just started my period, for the first time. You know, menstruation? Something that happens with, oh, fifty percent of the population. Perfectly normal, right Ms. Kwan?.
[JT drops a pen he was holding and his eyes widen. Toby's eyes widen. too. Sean's jaw drops and is surprised.]
Ms. Kwan: Yes Emma.

Manny: We should celebrate.
Emma: Celebrate what exactly?
Manny: Becoming a woman.... Em, you can get pregnant now.
Emma: Oh great. Can we celebrate by finding me a washroom?

Rumours and Reputations [1.10][edit]

Liberty: You know what, Emma? Go back to rain forests and whales. Because when it comes to people, you suck!

J.T.: Teachers aren't people. They're...teachers.

Friday Night [1.11][edit]

[Ms. Kwan's adult ESL class takes a food break.]
Student: Ms. Kwan! I will eat the chicken wing, [bites it] I eat the chicken wing, [finishes it] I ate the chicken wing!

Ms. Kwan: This is a school, not a petting zoo!

Paige: Guy talk is short. Yes. No. Grunt.

Wannabe [1.12][edit]

Emma: [mocking] Are you like gonna like do like your colors like together like?

Paige: Oh, look. It's little miss save the world.
Emma: Oh, look. It's little miss plastic. Shouldn't you be testing your make-up on your stuffed-animals?
Paige: Shouldn't you be hugging a tree?

Cabaret [1.13][edit]

Ashley: You want us to look like prostitutes?
Paige: Fine! I'll get us some nun costumes!

Under Pressure [1.14][edit]

Spinner: Aw, poor Terri. (coughs)
Terri: Um, that's how my flu started.
Spinner: No, I...
Terri: Poor Spinner.
Paige: Maybe we'll see you later. Like next week, when you're not contagious.

Jagged Little Pill [1.15][edit]

Ashley: Liberty! I didn't invite you! How did you know? Was I sending a psychic vibration?
Emma: Uh...No. J.T. and Toby called.

Season 2[edit]

When Doves Cry (01) [2.01][edit]

J.T.: I have no problem with an expanded Degrassi. Way more fish in the sea!
Toby: What, you're fishing for a new babysitter?
J.T.: Dude. Older women, hot sexy older women just waiting to make me into a man, okay?

[Craig bumps into Sean]
Sean: Is Degrassi a high school and a blind school this year?
Craig: Sorry man, I'm lost.
Sean: Buy a map.
Craig: [holds up crumpled map] Already got one. I'm not blind. Just uh--
Girl 1: [walking by] Hey boys.
Girl 2: Who's the new guy?
Craig: --directionally... challenged.
Girl 3: Hey cutie.

When Doves Cry (02) [2.02][edit]

Craig: Where am I supposed to go? Back-back home so Dad can...
Joey: So he can what? What does he do to you?

(Craig starts to walk away)

Joey: He hits you doesn't he?

(Craig stops)

Joey: Doesn't he?

(Craig turns around)

Craig: Yeah... yeah he does.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun [2.03][edit]

Spinner: So I get it. I can't dance 'cause I'm white.
Jimmy: No, you can't dance cause you suck!

Craig: How was the rest of the party?
Emma: Fine, until all the supposed adults started singing 80's hits.

Snake: Hey, girls! Wanna come in and get down?
Emma: We're gonna more like get lost! (walks away)

J.T.: I can't believe this is considered cool.
Toby: I dunno, I think I look cool.
J.T.: I think you look look like a retro loser.

Spinner:I get it! Polar bears are white,I'm white and you're racist.

Karma Chameleon [2.04][edit]

Hazel: It's all about the tight satin shorts if you ask me.
Jimmy: Ooo... tight satin shorts, we're there.
Paige: Then pencil it in boys, retro roller skating party.
Ashley: [joining in] Retro roller skating party? That sounds cool.
Paige: Ugh. Funny how something is cool one year and so totally uncool the next. Kinda like people.
Ashley: I get it Paige, you don't have to invite me to your dumb party.
Paige: Oh, but I was kinda hoping you could take drugs and act like a total freak and destroy everything. Oh... wait, you did that last year.

J.T.: I can't believe this is considered cool.
Toby: I dunno, I think I look cool.
J.T.: I think you look look like a retro loser.

Weird Science [2.05][edit]

Manny: You are so jealous.
Liberty: I'm not jealous, I'm appalled. Teacher's pet wins again.

Raditch: Do I want to know what these are?
J.T.: Those are the silicon molecules of the female breast. I made it out of flour, water, and lard!

Emma: (putting her arm on JT's chest) Well, there's no other explanation.

Drive [2.06][edit]

Spinner: What about your mom, Marco, she works in the music biz.
Marco: Spin, she's a piano teacher

Spinner: We are going to party!
Craig: No party Spin.
Spinner: Girls?
Craig: No girls.
Spinner: Booze?
Craig: No Booze.
Spinner: Donuts?
Craig: That we can do!
Spinner: Then I'm there.

Emma: So, this is what you do for fun Sean. Prank you ex-girlfriend.

[Craig, Spinner, Sean and Marco arrive st the car dealership, laughing, where Joey meets them.]

Joey: What were you guys doing?

[They stare at him silently]

Joey: Do the words "silent alarm" mean anything to you?!?! You, you and you, go. Now!

[Sean, Spinner and Marco run away]

Shout (1) [2.07][edit]

Toby: Its your lunch, from last week.
J.T.: Solid to liquid in seven days, fascinating.

Paige: I didn't want to do it. I said no over and over!
Hazel: Paige, if you said no, that's rape.

Shout (2) [2.08][edit]

J.T.: You wanna know something Liberty? You're boring. B-O-R-I-N-G!
Liberty: I'm stunned. J.T. spelled a word.
J.T.: You want another one? Fun. F-U-N. Something you wouldn't know if it came up and bit you in the butt!

J.T.: [mocking Liberty] You take that back. I do so have friends! Ten textbooks, a hundred stuffed animals, oh and sometimes, even my parents like me!

Mirror in the Bathroom [2.09][edit]

Mohammed: Hey, it's the More of Everything Grrl. I think you should join the sumo team. Seriously.
Terri: Hey! Most girls on the planet look like this, so get used to it!
Paige: No kidding
Terri: I made $500 today as plus-sized model! Yeah. Plus-sized. What do you make, ice cream boy?

Toby: (talking to Ashley) I'm fine, "Mom"! So go back to sipping your blood and leave me alone!

J.T.: Laxatives... Tasty going in, nasty going out!

Ashley: JT, I need to talk to you.
J.T.: Ah, so you finally have reached my love vibe!
Ashley: No, I'm not in your little fantasy!
J.T.: Oh, so, am I in yours?

Take My Breath Away [2.10][edit]

Craig: Do you want to know the real reason I couldn't kiss her?
Jimmy: Why?
Craig: She reminds me of my five year old half sister!

Mr. Simpson: JT, did you email me naked baboon picture again?

Don't Believe the Hype [2.11][edit]

Spinner: So I went home last night and asked my mom what my culture was and she pointed to the globe and said, "You're from Earth."
Paige: Good. Because I had my doubts.

Liberty: JT, you never stop surprising me. I mean normally, you're such a... slob.
J.T.: Great. First you blackmail me into making you a dress and then you insult me.

White Wedding (1) [2.12][edit]

J.T.: The way I see it, there are some upsides to love - Emma gets the day off, Simpson canceled homework today, and... STRIPPERS!
Toby: Yeah, because I always think of strippers when I think of love.

Craig: I'm faced with a choice between plain old boring potato chips and hot and spicy nachos so you know what I get?
Joey: Ice cream?

White Wedding (2) [2.13][edit]

Spike: Who's going to be the lucky girl?
[Spike throws bouquet and Joey catches it]
Joey: [in a girly voice] Looks like I'm the lucky girl!!!

Careless Whisper [2.14][edit]

Marco: Come on Spin, ladies first...
Spinner: Well, in that case, go right ahead Marco.

Terri: Some people say it's a sin.
Dr. Sally: Which is the greater sin: being yourself, or pretending to be somebody you're not?

Kendra: Toby, maybe JT has a point.
Toby: JT? A point? That's a new one!

Teacher: [to the class] Write about your fears and hopes.
Toby: My fear is that Kendra hates me. My hope is that I die.

Hot for Teacher [2.15][edit]

Armstrong: So, Fred has five fish tanks. Two are 24 liters. How many cups will he need to fill all five fish tanks? Mr. Yorke?
J.T.: Yeah, I think Fred needs to get a life!

Ellie: First rule of puberty, Spinner: shower everyday.

Spinner: Well you're a bum and you hang out at my house too much.
Jimmy: That's because you pee on the toilet seat and my mom doesn't want you over! [to passers by] WHAT?!?

[Ms. Kwan has blue ink all over her mouth from chewing on a leaking pen.]
Ms. Kwan: Boys, is there something you want to tell me?
Spinner: No! No, um, we're just talking about how... stunning you look today!

Message in a Bottle [2.16][edit]

Jimmy: (after Sean drops bottle of booze) You come to my house, and you steal my parents' booze.
Sean: (drunk) Come on Jimmy, your parents are so rich, they won't even know.

Emma: Sean, I like you.
Sean: I like you, too

Dressed in Black [2.17][edit]

[shopping for condoms]
Toby: Did you see the Pina Colada flavored?
J.T.: Yeah! Too bad they don't have...bacon!

Kendra: How old am I?
Toby: 12.
Kendra: And what grade am I in?
Toby: 7th.
Kendra: And you thought I'd have sex with you?! Pervert!

Relax [2.18][edit]

Paige: (after Terri reads her palm) What do you see Terri?
Mr. Armstrong: I see Paige Michalchuk in detention after school.

Manny: Awesome! I made it.
Emma: Now for the initiation.
Manny: Initiation?

(Emma and Kendra spray silly string on Manny while Liberty joins the scene)

Liberty: Congratulations, one and all.
Emma: Sorry you didn't make it, but you are team manager. That's good.
Liberty: That's GREAT. And believe me, I'm going to keep you girls in line.

Fight for Your Right [2.19][edit]

(after Jimmy accidentally throws food at Paige)

Paige: Someone isn't getting out of here alive.

Emma: You know what I just said about giving up? I lied.

Emma: So I guess I'm going home now.
Raditch: Yes, you are.

Emma: (to Toby) You're still eating that garbage?!
Sheila: Hey, watch it! That's slander!
Emma: So was your commercial!

How Soon is Now? [2.20][edit]

Paige: What you did to me changed my life. I still can't sleep without my light on. Sometimes I even look under the bed to make sure you're not there. I made a mistake going upstairs with you, but you made more than a mistake, you made a choice.

J.T.: Paige! Help! I'm trapped in a box!
Paige: Does it say "Caution: Freak Inside"?

Paige: I have one thing to say to you, Dean! Get ready, 'cause I'm coming after you this time! Not like Spinner or the mascot! For real.

J.T.: Enough for you, Mr. Rapist?

Tears Are Not Enough (1) [2.21][edit]

Mr. Manning: Craig, I'm so sorry. It'll never --
Craig: It'll never happen again? Huh?! Is that what you were gonna say? 'Cause that's what you always say!
Mr. Manning: Because you always screw up.
Craig: No, Dad, you're the one who screws up! It won't change! Ever!!

Mr. Manning: Hi, again...uh, Allison.
Ashley: Hi, it's Ashley.

Tears Are Not Enough (2) [2.22][edit]

Paige: At least you don't have radioactive skin! And your date isn't a pumpkin!

Kendra: ... I mean who would want to be some stupid Luau thing?
Toby: That's why I love you...

(Kendra gives him a questioning/shocked look)

Toby: Wait, I don't mean LOVE you, I just like you a lot...yeah that's it, I like you a lot...a whole lot...

Terri: When I was little, I went to a birthday party. Then my dad showed up and told me the news - my mom didn't make it. I was really sad...
Craig: Because she died?
Terri: No. Because I couldn't play pin the tail on the donkey...
Craig: That's okay. Pin the tail on the donkey is a fun game when you are a kid.

Season 3[edit]

Father Figure (1) [3.01][edit]

Caitlin: Having a good time?
Emma: Yeah. Great. Amazing.
Caitlin Uh, this is Caitlin you're talking to, so for real.

Paige: This is it; start of grade 10, a whole new year. I'm just so happy I have you to share it with.
Spinner: Me too, honeybee.
Ellie: Honeybee? Did he just say honeybee?
Craig: Yeah, I bet you guys have pet names too. (referring to Ellie and Marco)

Emma: It's an old yearbook. From the 80s
Craig: (looking at a yearbook) Oh my God, it's Joey! With hair!

Paige: Fail English, no biggie. Fail gym, then we need to talk.

Ms. Kwan: I'll see you in class, Gavin. Grade 9 English, that is.
Spinner: Go ahead and laugh. Laugh at the big dummy.
Paige: No one was laughing, hon.
Jimmy: Uh, I was!

Shane: (shows Emma a picture of her younger self) This is my daughter, Emma. But, she doesn't love me.
Emma: Why do you say that?
Shane: She never visits me.
Emma: Maybe because she couldn't find you, until now...

Father Figure (2) [3.02][edit]

Spike: Shane? You found Shane?
Emma: Right where you left him. In that prison in Stouffville. How could you?!
Spike: I did not put him there. His parents did.
Emma: And you didn't stop them?
Spike: I was 16!

Spinner: I have no backbone.
Mr. Armstrong: Excuse me?
Spinner: I have no backbone. I'm whipped, I'm totally spineless. My girlfriend completely controls my life.

U Got the Look [3.03][edit]

Emma: Wanna hear my mission for the year? Students Improving The Enviornment. I call it "SITE"
Manny: Wanna hear my mission for the year?? To be hot.
[Manny takes off her jacket, revealing a blue tube top and capris]
Emma: Whoa.
Manny: There is no way I'm getting dumped this year for being too young.

Emma: A thong.
Manny: Its perfect! What do you think?
Emma: I think that they shouldn't sell these at the mall.

Emma: Manny, I'm not sure you should...
Manny: What? Raditch said no visible underwear. And do you see any underwear?
Emma: No, but...
Manny: That's right, because I'm not wearing any.

Pride (1) [3.04][edit]

Spinner: (sees Paige and Dylan checking out hot men) That's just wrong!
Jimmy: What? He's gay. That's what they do!
Spinner: Yeah but, it's gross! I mean touching another guy and kissing!
Jimmy: You were all over Marco just a second ago!
Spinner: Ha ha, very funny. (squirts Jimmy with his water gun)

Spinner: They should just put them all on an island somewhere... or something.
Jimmy: Yeah, because that's the answer.

Spinner: I didn't mean 'homo' as in 'gay', I mean 'homo' as in...
Dylan: ...Milk?

Paige: I thought vampires couldn't go out in the sun!

Pride (2) [3.05][edit]

Craig: (after getting tickets from Dylan for his hockey game) Hockey, the Gardens, boys night out!
Jimmy: Boys night out! (high fives Craig)
Spinner: (mocking) Oooh, hockey! Oooh, boys night out! Could you be any bigger fags?!
Jimmy: Gee, I don't know who's a bigger weirdo today. Spinner or Marco?
Spinner: Marco! And he's not coming. What? Since when does Marco like hockey? He's probably doing some gay arts activity with Ellie anyway.
Jimmy: Well uh, they broke up.
Spinner: (sarcastically) Right, broke up! Fine then.

Marco: (sees Spinner sitting on the steps of the school, and walks to him) So...
Spinner: So what?
Marco: Look Spin um, you didn't tell anybody, did you?
Spinner: Tell anybody what?
Marco: What I said yesterday. At the cafe?
Spinner: (shrugs his shoulders)
Marco: I mean after the date with Hazel! You know what I'm talking about!
Spinner: Dude, I can't read your mind so say it!
Marco: (sits next to Spinner) That I'm gay.
Spinner: Oh that! Well, you know, maybe I did, maybe I didn't. (walks away)

Marco: (after Spinner spikes the ball and hits him) Yeah, good thing Spin spikes like a girl!

Jimmy: What is your problem with Marco?
Spinner: What's my problem? That's my problem. (points to the wall where he has written, in indelible ink, "MARCO IS A FAG".)
Jimmy: Marco's gay?
Spinner: Yeah, and if you don't back off, I might start to think that you are, too.
Jimmy: What are you going to write next? ...Something about me being black?

Gangsta Gangsta [3.06][edit]

Sean: I've got a record ok?
Jay: You’re that guy aren’t you? Nearly killed a kid in Wasaga!
Sean: It was a fight, and I deafened him in one ear.
Jay: Sorry? What, I can't hear you.
Sean: You know, you’re a real comedian for someone sitting in the principal's office.

Toby: You had a wet dream?
JT: Shut up!
Toby: Who was it about?
JT: Your mom!

Alex: (referring to Emma) She really is as flat as a board, huh?

Emma: Snake, what's wrong?
Snake: My laptop. I-I left it right here, locked up last night. I-I knew that the chemo was making me stupid, but-
Emma: (look at Sean in the hallway) Maybe it's not the chemo...
Toby:You had a wet dream about Liberty 3 feet above my head?!

Should I Stay or Should I Go? [3.07][edit]

Manny: It was the best night of my life
Emma: Just tell me what happened already!
Manny: No, I can't, but I will soon.

Spike: Put on the shirt, Archie! You are not dead yet! Put on the damn shirt and go!

Against all Odds [3.09][edit]

Manny: I didn't know he had a girlfriend.
Emma: Me neither. So can we please go?
Manny: It doesn't look like they're gonna last long, so here's your chance. You wait for the fight to end. Chris is hurt, he needs a shoulder to cry on, there you are.
Emma: Okay, that's totally evil!
Manny: It may be evil, but it's effective.
Emma: I can't do that! It's not right!
Manny: Yes, it is. And yes, you can.
Emma: Whatever it takes, right?
Manny: I'll go get us some water.

Jimmy: Not everyone here wants to, uh, watch that. Know what I'm saying?
Marco: No, seeing naked ladies doesn't burn my eyes out, no. Besides...I wasn't looking at them.
Spinner: Then what were you looking at?
Marco: The drapes, Spin. The drapes.
Jimmy: He was looking at the dudes, you idiot.

Emma: So you don't want to be friends?
Manny: Not with a stuck-up prude princess.
Emma: Well good, because I don't want to be friends with the school slut.

Spinner: Admit it. You have a man-crush!
Marco: Oh please. I mean, Spin - your hair? So last year. Your shoes - they never match anything you wear, and to tell you the truth, you're not even that cute!

Spinner: James, I'm trying to study.

Never Gonna Give You Up [3.10][edit]

Terri: Are we gonna talk about it?
Rick: About what?
Terri: Today in theatre class I looked like an idiot, because of you.
Rick: Excuse me?
Terri: Everyone was laughing. I should've listened to Jimmy.
Rick: (grabs Terri's wrist) Let me make one thing clear. I don't like the tone of voice, it makes me feel stupid, okay?

Mr. Raditch: (reads the prank note to him from Spinner) Roses are red, Violets are blue. My name is JT Yorke, And I love you!

Terri: I have to go, I need to think.
Rick: About what? Leaving me?
Terri: I don't want to, Rick. It's that you're suffocating me!
Rick: (pushes Terri hard and she hits her head against a brick wall) Oh my God, Terri, that was...
Terri: That was the last time you ever touch me.

Mrs. Kwan: (reads the prank note JT wrote from Spinner to her) Oh Ms. Kwan, your hair kissed by the wind, your lips kissed by me. Spinner Mason.

Holiday (1) [3.11][edit]

Manny: All I want for Christmas is one thing.
Craig: What? Diamonds? A new car? A chihuahua?
Manny: No, no. I want you to dump Ashley. I've been patient, and I...
Craig: (interrupts Manny) I can't make that choice.
Manny: I think you just did...

Joey: Where's our roaring fire?
Caitlin: I'm a city girl, alright?
Joey: So you can't light a match?

Holiday (2) [3.12][edit]

Ashley: Where'd you get that?
Manny: Just a guy.
Ashley: Who?
Manny: Just a guy I've been seeing a while, you know.
Ashley: Was it Craig?
Manny: Ashley, I'm sorry. Craig didn't want me to say anything. He knew you'd be upset about him moving on so quickly.
Ashley: Moving on? We're still together.

Manny: Because you were stupid Craig. You didn't think she'd find out about me and you didn't think I'd find out about your lies. (throws the bracelet he gave her on the floor and walks away)

(Ashley slaps Craig on stage, both walk off)

JT: Okay, looks like they won't be spending Christmas together..!

Joey: Caitlin. All those years ago, when I broke your heart. I thought I'd lost you forever.
Caitlin: And yet, here you are, standing in an airport with me on Christmas...

This Charming Man [3.13][edit]

JT: Did you see Sean and Amy in math class? That was so classic... [Emma walks up] ...and awful and mean and horrible and I hate Sean.

Ashley: All right, I'll just start the DVD player. Where is the DVD player?
Emma: What?

Sean: Nancy Drew, why are you following me?
Emma: I wasn't.
Sean: What, did you think there was going to be a DVD player in here? Look, I know our breakup sucked and I'm sorry you got hurt. But that was months ago, and what I do with Jay and with Amy is none of your business.

Mr. Raditch: Is there something you'd like to say, Mr. Cameron?
Sean: Yeah! Go to hell!

Accidents Will Happen (2) [3.15][edit]

Paige: Could be worse.
Ashley: As if it could be!
Paige: (smugly) What would you do if I told you I think Craig got Manny pregnant.

Ashley: Hey! Everybody! These two have an announcement to make! Guys? (Craig and Manny keep quiet) Oh, they're way too modest. So I'll help spread the joy. These two idiots are pregnant! That's right because it's way to difficult to use a condom!

Manny:Hey, Emma. Your mom home?
Emma:She's upstairs in the bathroom. What's going on?
Manny:My mom was so much better than I thought she'd be.
Emma:What a huge relief.
Manny:You're not kidding. I thought was gonna wet my pants before I told her, but then I just came out and you know what? She's even driving me.
Manny:She's drving me to the clinic. I'm getting an abortion.
Emma:You can't.
Manny:Look I know you think it's wrong.
Emma:And your child would too.
Manny:I'm just trying to do the right thing here. For me. For everyone, I guess. I wouldn't wanna give a baby some crappy life with a mom who wasn't ready.
Emma: Yeah, well, at least it would have a life. What about adoption? There are agencies with great counselors.
Manny: I know, but I can't go throught giving birth. It's so terrifying and going to school huge and everybody knows about it.
Emma: You can get through all that.
Manny:I can't. I swear, I'm 14. Emma, please. Please, you have to understand.
Emma:My mom will be down in a minute.

Manny: (to Craig) Someday, you'll make a great dad and hopefully someday, I'll be a mom, but now... now isn't someday yet.

Craig: (As Manny is walking away) No. No, you're not. Manny, stop. No, I won't let you! (he turns Manny around)
Manny: Please!
Emma: Craig!
Craig: Emma, you butt out! What she's doing is wrong.
Emma: I agree with you, okay? If she was just some stranger, I would be furious with her, but she's my friend and it's her choice.
Craig: But it's my baby!
Emma: And Manny's body. What about her?
Manny: I just, I can't.
(Craig walks away)
Manny: (to Emma) Thank you.
Emma: (without saying a word, walks away as well)
(Manny is standing there alone with her hand on her stomach)

Liberty: Oh, I'm edgy, I'm on fire!
Sean: Liberty, you're about as edgy as a butter knife.

Ashley: (to Craig) I can't believe you slept with her (Manny)!

Take On Me [3.16][edit]

Hazel: Why do you think I'm here?
Toby: Your shoes didn't match your purse?

Hazel: Because I got caught surfing porn, okay?

(Sean, Ellie, Toby and Jimmy laugh)

Hazel: Got some spam in my email and I was curious.

Sean: You don't seem scared of me
Ellie: No. You don't seem freaked by me.

(Ellie pulls down the sleeve of her shirt and shows Sean the scars that are still left over from cutting)

Ellie: Are you freaked now?

Sean: So why do you cut?
Ellie: I think it's... because it was the only pain that I could control.
Sean: That makes sense.
Ellie: That's the first time anyone's ever said that to me.

JT: What happened here on Saturday?

Don't Dream It's Over [3.17][edit]

Paige: What, so you've just forgiven creep-boy for beating you up?
Terri: He apologized.
Paige: Of course! His type always does so they can get another shot in at you!

Rick: Everything you say is a judgement. You think you're so perfect.
Paige: What! Well I'd rather be that than a psycho!

Rock and Roll High School [3.18][edit]

Ashley: Excuse us, posers.
Ellie: Real musicians coming through.
Craig: You're signing up? Cool, a little, uh...competition never hurt.
Ashley: 'Cause nothing gets in the way of what Craig wants...not emotions...honesty...other people's feelings...
Craig: You hear that? She still hates me.
Ashley: And that's why the girls and I are gonna blow you right off the stage.

Craig: I don't know if you'll forgive me/ For being so blind/ To how you felt/ Don't ask me why I couldn't see it/ That'd take me years/ To figure out/ And that's not something I know much about/ But there's only one way to find out, yeah/ What I know is that I hurt you/ What I know is that I suck/ What I know is that I'm sorry/ What I know is I'm a loser/ And what I know is I screwed up/ And then I never earned your trust/ And what I know is that everything I touch just turns to dust

Craig: Ash, I swear, if you play that song in the competition I'll-
Ashley: Have sex with more grade nines?
Snake: Guys, settle down please
Craig: You know, if you weren't such a prude, I'd never been with Manny
Ashley: Oh, but I thought you loved her.
Craig: Oh, you know what, go-
Snake: Hey! One more word, double homework!

Jimmy: A homie is a playa and that is all/ So why'd you have to go and kick his-
Spinner: -ball and chain/ Ain't that your name/ Cause you a playa-hater and that's a shame-
Jimmy: And chicks like you ain't worth too much/ So shut up girl-
Both: And make my lunch!

Spinner: And here's a song called...uh, we're still thinking of a name!

Ashley: This song is your prize for breaking my heart/ Should have written these words to you right from the start/ You say it doesn't matter, how it's all in the past/ My pain doesn't show, it's disguised by this mask/ I can;t pretend to forgive and forget/ Gonna make the day you met me a day you'll regret/ 'Cause you're the dust in my eye/ You're the rock in my shoe/ Yeah, you lie, lie, lie/ Better watch what you say, 'cause I'm on to you/ Mr. Nice Guy/ Oh, Mr. Nice Guy/ Mr. Nice Guy/ You're so nice

It's Raining Men [3.19][edit]

Spinner: You like him, don't you?
Dylan: Uh...
Spinner: So ask Marco out on a date!

Spinner: Dude, it's not grade nine public speaking. Just go up to him and go, "Dude, you like me, I like you, let's hook up". Okay, maybe not those exact words.

Spinner: It looks like it's straight eye for the gay guy.

Marco: Well, after the pimp hat, and the bee incident, and what my dad said, I thought you were never gonna talk to me again.
Dylan: Well, it crossed my mind, but...I do think you're pretty cute.
Marco: So, does this mean that I can have another shot? A chance to redeem myself?
Dylan: Well, that depends...what are you doing this Friday?

Dylan: What is this, hug the homo day?

Marco: I hate bees! The're like flying death monkeys!

Spinner: Ok, this? Enrique called. Wants his shirt back. (tosses shirt)
Spinner: This, whole Oliver Twist thing? (in English accent) Please sir, don't wear this. You'll look like an idiot. (tosses shirt)
Spinner: Planning on wrestling cattle, dude?
Marco: Yeah, don't throw that.
Spinner: Now this, classy, sporty...very David Beckham...and very Del Rossi.

I Want Candy [3.20][edit]

Ashley: These are supposed to be the best years of our lives and it's just been one disaster after another after another. This school is cursed.
Spinner: So transfer next year.
Paige: Spin!
Ashley: No, he's right. Next year, I'm leaving Degrassi.

Emma: Alex, what is your problem?
Alex: Let's see, your personality, you clothes, your holier-than-thou attitude. You.

Our House [3.21][edit]

Sean: It's not just my house. It's our house.

Spinner: I'd watch it with Manny, she's got a reputation.
JT: What if people talked about you and Paige like that?
Spinner: They don't, because Paige isn't a slut and doesn't get at it with other people's boyfriends.

Amy: Hey, Seany! Wanna see my world famous Avril Lavigne impression? [sticks out her toungue and squints her eyes] You don't like me anymore...
Sean: Amy, you dumped me.
Ellie: And he has a girlfriend.
Amy: What are you? Some kind of blood sucking vampire?
Ellie: Keep hanging on to my boyfriend and you'll find out.

The Power of Love [3.22][edit]

Mr. Simpson: Guys, keep moving please. Let's get all the way down the stairs. We're gonna want to let these trucks go through, all right?
Paige: Craig, what's going on?
Craig: Uh, those curtains that Marco picked out? They're, like, totally flammable.

Hazel: Brooks, what's the problem?
Jimmy: Let's see. I'm wearing a sari, our limo driver just got arrested, and the school almost burned down.


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