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Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian television show which follows students in middle and high school. It is a continuation of Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High which originally showed in the '80s.

Season 4[edit]

Ghost in the Machine (1) [4.01][edit]

Dean's Lawyer: Ms. Michalchuk, how many men have you had sex with?
Paige's Lawyer: Objection!
Paige: Actually, I'd like to answer that. That was my only time. And I certainly would not have chosen to lose my virginity upstairs, at a house party, with a guy I'd known for an hour!

Ashley: Those are backwards.
Craig: Thanks.
Ashley: Listen, I didn't mean to be all weird yesterday.
Craig: You weren't weird. You just ignored me...which I guess is sort of weird. Sorry, now I'm being weird.
Ashley: Look, I was hoping we could be friends but as soon as I saw you...
Craig: You got sucked into some bizarre last year time warp?
Ashley: Yeah. So...good birthday?
Craig: Well, my freak of a dad left me this check for ten grand in his will.
Ashley: Are you serious?
Craig: Yeah, the guy is half eaten by worms and he's still trying to buy me. Pathetic.

Ghost in the Machine (2) [4.02][edit]

Ashley: You know, you guys should try going a little more post-emo. Still punk, but less mopey.
Craig: I don't think the other guys even know what regular emo is. Spinner probably thinks it's a muppet.

Craig: I'm the bank of Craig!

Paige: What? I'm easy! Everyone knows it. The judge, my mother, now you. Like Dean. Just get me alone, do whatever you want. No one will stop you. What? You don't want me?
Spinner: Not right now, no.
Paige: 'Cause Dean got there first?
Spinner: You have to let that go!
Paige: You want me to just let it go? Like someone was rude or stole my seat at lunch?
Spinner: No that's not what I...I just, I want my girlfriend back. I want Paige back!
Paige: You don't even know her.
Spinner: That's stupid.
Paige: The truth? Paige went upstairs that night. She never came back.

King of Pain [4.03][edit]

Emma: Me and then Liberty Van Zandt? What will people think?
Manny: Honestly, Em? That's the meanest thing I've ever heard you say. And that's saying something.

Marco: I am...I am gay.

Alex: We'll ask the crowd at the at the assembly tomorrow: who would they rather vote for; the freak, or the queer? By the way, I'm the freak.

Marco: Take this with you. make your dorm mates jealous.
Dylan: They're straight.
Marco: So make them uncomfortable.

Marco: I get to pick my vice president.
Alex: I get to pick my nose.

Mercy Street [4.04][edit]

Paige: Someone tell me I’m hallucinating.
Emma: Who is he?
Spinner: Remember our friend, Terri McGregor? The girl who was in a coma last year?
Paige: He’s the psycho that put her there. His name’s Rick, her ex. He used to beat her.
Spinner: Yeah, and he’s your new classmate, Emma. He starts tenth grade tomorrow.
Emma: We have to do something!
Alex: I know, let’s adopt a dolphin. Train him to defend us from Rick.
Emma: Or we can talk to Mr. Raditch.
Alex: Sure. Me and Marco can handle that without you.

Alex: [to Emma] What do you know about the cause? You ever ice your mom's lip, bandage her up? Lay awake at night listening to her cry? Didn't think so.

Rick: All those people who hate me, I want to let them see who I really am. Show them how wrong they are.
Emma: Well, they're not interested, Rick.
Rick: They will be. Someday.

Anywhere I Lay My Head [4.05][edit]

Spinner: Lets go to hodsagdshgoiufdagf.

Jay: Nice housewarming.
Sean: Yeah. But she'll go back home. Maybe next time her mom'll burn down the whole place.
Alex: Now that would be a housewarming.
Jay: So basically this is a bon voyage, good bye, thanks for all the sex party.

Sean: Let me make it simple. Move in...with some one who loves you.

Spinner: We need to play more gigs to get to smokin' hot.
Ashley: Spinner has a point.
Spinner: Who asked you? I mean - yeah. What she said.

Craig: Well, that sucked.
Ashley: Just keep smiling; no one noticed.

Islands in the Stream [4.06][edit]

Alex: Not that I'd ever admit this, but I used to be scared of you.
Paige: Please, I am so not scary.
Alex: No, you're a pushover a coward and a suck. 'Cause if my boyfriend showed up here and treated me that way, I'd be shopping for a new boyfriend.

Time Stands Still (1) [4.07][edit]

Emma: Rick, what happened... it only makes the people who did it look totally juvenile.
Rick: They ruined it, Emma. They're life ruiners. Everyone laughing.

Alex: Ooh, Ricky got a friend.
Jimmy: Give it a rest. It's boring.

Mr. Raditch: So you want me to order this student to like you? Do you really think that will resolve matters?

Spinner: Hey! Reject! Where's your friend?
Toby: As if I'm gonna tell you.

Time Stands Still (2) [4.08][edit]

Emma: They can't air the quiz show, Toby.
Toby: Yes, they can. They can just cut out when the paint pours on Rick
JT: Which is now my new favorite mental image.
Toby: You know what ? You wouldn't think it was so funny if it happened to you
Danny: I would... (sees Rick) and speaking of hysterical images.
Toby: What's Rick doing back at school ? I should go talk to him.
Emma: Go right ahead.
(Toby runs over to Rick)
Toby: Hey Rick, Raditch is going supernova he's gonna find out who did this
Rick: And what? Give them detention?
Toby: I'm just saying, I'm sure it'll be cool if you skip the rest of the day.
Rick: Toby... this is the one time I actually wanna be at school.

Spinner: And when the feathers came down (laughs)
Jimmy: Cut the guy some slack, Spin. He's not that bad.
Spinner: Okay. Chicken boy, oh, chicken boy. I love your wealth of knowledge and I... I love you
Jimmy: I'm glad you think this is funny.
Spinner: Did you see the guy's face? Definition of funny.
Jimmy: What kind of person does that?
Spinner: One a genius and two if you rat on me.
Jimmy: What? No, really, what are you going to do? (Spinner laughs it off) Yeah, that's what I thought. Look, save the bully crap for someone who won't fight back. (Jimmy punches Spinner in the stomach) And you better do something about it now before I do.
(Spinner and Jimmy start fighting)
Coach: Hey, hey, HEY! Save it for the game, guys.

Paige (to Rick): Look, I know we're not exactly best friends, (Rick slowly brandishes his gun) but I wanted to say that that the whole paint and feathers job was sickening. It was really childish. (Rick puts the gun back in his bag.)
Rick: I'm sorry...for hurting Terri.

Spinner: Jay, listen, Raditch knows, man.
Jay: (noticing paint and feathers on the sink) About Jimmy? Yeah, I'm surprised nobody has figured it out yet
Spinner: (confused) Dude!
(Jay points out that Rick is hiding in a bathroom stall)
Jay: Jimmy set the whole thing up perfectly. The way he got all those easy sports questions wrong.
Spinner: Yeah, and made sure Psycho Boy was all alone in the final round.
Jay: Never would have happened without a man on the inside.
(Jay and Spinner leave the washroom while Rick peeps out of the stall.)

Jimmy (to Rick): How are you holding up?
Rick: Good.
Jimmy: That's good. Kinda surprised to see you this afternoon.
Rick: Yeah, I bet you are.
Jimmy: Look, I'm really sorry about everything, and if those guys give you any more problems, I got your back.
Rick: You stabbed me in the back. You set the whole thing up... (pulls out a gun)
Jimmy: Rick, come on, I defended you! (sees the gun) Is that real?
Rick: All this time... you pretended to be my friend. (Jimmy backs away slowly) You made me do this.
(Jimmy runs in the other direction. Rick turns his head, closes his eyes and shoots Jimmy in the back. Jimmy screams and collapses.)

(Sean, Emma, and Toby see Rick walking with a gun. Rick sees them and starts walking towards them.)
Rick: Hi, Emma. Sorry I kissed you.
Sean: He's got a gun, okay? Let's go.
(Sean grabs Emma's arm and starts to pull her away.)
[The trio stops]
Rick: I'm glad I found you, Emma. You made my list.
Toby: Rick, what are you doing?
Rick (to Emma): You flirted with me. I thought you liked me, but... that was something else.
Sean: Just... put the gun down, okay? Anything else is just gonna make your life worse.
Rick: It can't get any worse.
Sean: Believe me... it can. I know... I... We'll figure it all out, okay? J-J-Just... [Rick lowers the gun] We'll figure this all out.
Rick: It's too late.
Sean: No...
Rick [raises gun over Sean's shoulder, pointing it at Emma's face]: I already shot someone.
(Sean looks at the gun, pulls Rick's arm down and they struggle for the gun.)
Toby: STOP!
(The gun goes off. Sean and Rick's eyes both widen. They both collapse onto the floor. Emma and Toby are in shock.)

(Everybody gets released from their classes and Jay is seen talking to Alex)
Mr. Raditch (to the students over the school intercom): Please go home. Do not stop at your lockers, do not loiter around. We recommend that you not speak to reporters.
Jay: Just relax. Everything is gonna be fine.
Alex: Why did I go along with all of this?
Jay: I said relax! You're alive, aren't you? Spinner! I thought that might have been you.
Spinner: It was Jimmy, man. JIMMY! They're going to find out. I have to go tell them.
Jay: NO!!! You need to shut up, okay?
Spinner: He's my best friend!
Jay: Either outcome, I would say he was your best friend.
Spinner: We might've killed him!
Jay: "WE" didn't do anything.
(Spinner shoves Jay into a locker.)
Spinner: "WE DID."

Spike: People don't get shot at Degrassi. They just don't!
Emma: You talk about Degrassi like it's achieved sainthood. It's a school.
Spike: That's my point.
Snake: Look, we just didn't. None of us took Rick's bullying seriously. It would be an understatement to say that he was unpopular.
Toby: (sarcastic laugh) Unpopular?
Ashley: How about full-on psycho? Certified freak? The guy made us the lead story on the 6:00 news!!
(Toby gets up)
Kate: Ashley!
Ashley: He shot Jimmy, Mom! I want an answer. Who was this guy who shot him, if not some psycho?
(Toby slams the door)
Emma: He was Toby's friend.

Joey: I got an offer! On the first day! And for ten percent above market value!
Caitlin: Ten percent...
Joey: Enough to save my car lot, and with the rest. Name a part of Toronto you've always wanted to live in. Beaches, Danforth....oh, wait. You just bought a house. In Riverdale. I hope you're happy in it. You know, it's about my house and my being able to take care of my family....
(Caitlin's cell phone goes off. She answers it. You can see the blood draining from her face as she hears the news.)
Caitlin: We need to get to Degrassi. Right now.

Detective: Toby, do you know why he did this?
Toby: How am I supposed to know? Look the guy is a psycho, a total psycho.
Detective: Was he bullied, teased?
Toby: Always, every day, constantly.
Detective: What did your friend do when...
Toby: Look, he's not my friend. He's a psycho and he's not my friend.

Reporter: Did the shooter say anything before he died?
Toby: ... He died?

Raditch (knocking on the MI Lab door; to Snake): Excuse me, they were wondering if you could go into his e-mail, look for signs, warning signs.
Snake: Of course. Now the groundbreaking 20/20 hindsight policy kicks into gear!
Raditch: Look, I have a whole school to run. Seven hundred students....
Snake: And you talked to this one three times in the past two days! Do you remember a word he said?!
Raditch: Of course I did.
Snake: This whole tragedy could've been prevented, Dan, if you would've...
Spike: HEY!! (holding a sobbing Emma) Could you guys do this some other time!?

Back in Black [4.09][edit]

Sean's Mom: Sean, I meant it all
Sean: Yeah, I know. That was quite the performance.
Sean's Mom: Oh, Sean...
Sean: What? that was the woman who kicked me out!

Ellie: Come on Sean let's go (Grabbing Sean)
Reporter: Your boyfriend's a hero, I just want to know how it feels?
Sean: Uhhh (Looking at girls around him) I guess I'm about to find out.

Ellie: I don't know what to believe.
Sean: You want me to talk? Fine! When the gun went off, My hand was covered in warm liquid. I thought I pissed myself, but then I realized I was drenched in Rick's blood.
Ellie: Sean...
Sean: No!

Sean: That kid at school. He was gonna shoot my friend, so I grabbed the gun and it went off. I think...I think I might have, I might have killed him. I might have killed him!
Sean's Mom: Oh baby!

Emma: Sean. Maybe you need to see a doctor?
Sean: I'm fine. I was just thinking in there! it's not like i was lying
Emma: its ok i understand
Sean: Emma...I'm sorry.
Emma: For what?
Sean: For talking about our break up.i kno it sucked.
Emma: Ancient history. So maybe we should get going, huh?

Manny: If you hadn't ditched him for Webster here, he would've never hooked up with Rick.

Paige: I feel totally helpless... what if Jimmy never recovers ? What if he never walks again
Mrs. Sauve: Jimmy needs hope, you can give him that.
Marco: I am shaken. I want to turn back time. I need.... I need to believe that life is better than this
Mrs. Sauve: Thank you Marco... Okay who's next ? Sean, let's hear from you, just repeat the three phrases I am, I want, I need
Sean: (Shakes his head no) I'd rather not
Mrs. Suave: Go ahead
Sean: Okay....I am Sean Cameron. I want some chocolate milk. And I need the stupidity to be over.
Mrs. Suave: Fine, no mask... but I still need to hear from you
Sean: I was faced with a situation, I dealt with it end of story
Mrs. Suave: It's perfectly normal for people who witnessed violence to have feelings of guilt Sean
Sean: Guilt? I stopped rick from killing people...slept like a baby.
Mrs. Suave: But someone did die Sean... Rick.
Sean: Luck of the draw.

Sean: I told them everything.
Ellie: Let's get you out of here.
Sean: Ellie. Look I don't know how-
Ellie: You're staying aren't you? Sean please. I love you.
Sean: I love you, too. But Ellie...
Ellie: When are you coming back?

Neutron Dance [4.10][edit]

Ashley: So one minute we're talking first recording session butterflies, and the next, full on lip lock.
Ellie: Don't do it.
Ashley: Yeah, little late for that.
Ellie: Not the kiss. The rest.
Ashley: He's different. I think.
Ellie: Guys suck, Ashley. They enjoy messing with our feelings and then sticking us with the rent.

Mr. Oleander: Paige. Hey. You know this is a bar right?

Voices Carry (1) [4.11][edit]

Craig: Will you marry me?

Voices Carry (2) [4.12][edit]

Liberty: Radishes, radishes, not so sweet, red and round and gross to eat. They have power and cruel little voices saying 'I run Degrassi, you have no choices'. Ugly and mean and slightly obscene, the stubbornest radishes I've ever seen.

Mr. Raditch: Interesting song. I'd appreciate a reprisal. Monday. Detention. Both of you.

JT: I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I chickened out. But what you did, the way you stood up to Raditch...took guts. Brilliant.
Liberty: You know what I wish I'd done? (kisses JT) I crushed on you for four years.
JT: (kisses Liberty) My stomach hurts a little.

Bark at the Moon [4.13][edit]

Paige: You either like me or you don't!

Manny: I got Danny?
Danny: Manuela!
Manny: I used to babysit you.
Danny: So let's take it to the next level!

Manny: If you can't commit to a simple dance, how can you commit to me?

Secret (1) [4.14][edit]

Emma: What's in the van?
Jay: What do you think's in the van?
Emma: Beer, more beer, smelly shag carpeting from the 70's...

Jay: You've already had the tour.
Emma: Show me again. Show me again for real.
Jay: After you.

Emma: (to Jay) Do you think I'm weird?
Jay: Now there's a loaded question.
Emma: Everyone's been acting like I belong in a straight jacket.
Jay: That's their problem. You're no weirder than the rest of us.

Amy: (about Emma) For the sake of guys everywhere, I hope she becomes a nun. One of them big ones that sing all the time.
Alex : Aw, Amy, that's mean. The poor girl suffers from penis-a-phobia. Her mom can't even buy bananas!
Amy: One time, they gave her a hot dog. She threw up for a week.
Alex: Simpson has to keep his jockey shorts locked in a shed out back or she won't go into the house.

Secret (2) [4.15][edit]

Jay: Are you hot for Dracula or are you trying to mess with me?
Emma: Are you gonna be in the ravine tonight? Are we gonna party? I think I need another bracelet
Jay: I don't like being messed with, okay?

Manny: It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out. Why would you hook up with Jay? Are you in love with him?
Emma: No! Of course not.
Manny: What do you get out of it?
Emma: That's a really stupid question.
Manny: No, what you're doing is stupid. You're letting a disgusting bottom-feeder use you to serial cheat on his girlfriend.
Emma: Should you really be preaching to anyone about that? We're not having real sex.
Manny: It's pretty close.
Emma: (viciously) But I'm not getting pregnant. (looks Manny up and down)
Manny: Why are you trying to hurt me?
Emma: Cause you won't leave me alone!
Manny: You're better than this! You're better than what you're doing!
Emma: What do you know about who I am or what I'm worth or anything?!

Jay: Lexi!
J.T.: Lexi is late for her scene.
Alex: You want a scene? Hey, best friend Amy, let's give JT a scene. Tell me about the ravine, Amy. About how you went down on my boyfriend, Amy. And the braclets you got for it.
Amy: I didn't sleep with him!
Alex: Yeah, by whose definition?
Jay: Alex, just come outside, calm down.
Alex: Don't touch me, don't talk to me, or I'll deck your smug face too.

Eye of the Tiger [4.16][edit]

Jay: This guy? He's nasty, tastes like fire, rubs people the wrong way. This guy here? Sweet, refreshing. But when these two get together, bad news. Kind of like you and me.

Jimmy: My basketball career, my entire future, gone.
Spinner: Don't say that, you're getting better.
Jimmy: Rick put me in this chair for life!

J.T.: Hmm, let's see. Rolling on the cement with you, or rolling in the water with your sister?

Danny: She's the smartest girl in school and you don't even have an IQ! You don't deserve her.

Queen of Hearts [4.17][edit]

Ellie: Wait, that's my rent money.
Alex: You're bugging me, Ellie.
Ellie: You know, we'll just forget this hand. Can I have the cards?
Alex: Sit down!
Guy: I lead with the ace of hearts.
Alex: Keep it. Don't bother. Four points, we win. You really ought to believe in people more.

Ellie: It’s open.
Mrs. Nash: It’s the middle of the night Ellie. There’s no emergency?
Ellie: I had to be sure of something.
Mrs. Nash: Sure of what?
Ellie: That you could come over. That you were sober. You weren’t drunk.
Mrs. Nash: You woke me as a test?
Ellie: I wrote a letter to Mr. Martin. It says I’m giving two months notice.
Mrs. Nash: Oh, so you’re coming home!
Ellie: I said I wrote it Mom. I haven’t given it to him. Not yet.
Mrs. Nash: But you’re going to?
Ellie: No more drinking?
Mrs. Nash: The best I can do is try. Day by day. Try.
Ellie: Then promise me you’ll try and make it easy for me to trust you.
Mrs. Nash: Come home, Ellie. I’m tired of being alone.
Ellie: Yeah. Me too.

Modern Love [4.18][edit]

Paige: I was fixated on your earlobes for most of the class.
Matt: So my nano computer lesson was dull?
Paige: That my eyes were even open in Media Immersion is a testament to you.

Manny: Em, what's wrong with your eyes?
Emma: I'm trying to kill Chris with my mind.

Moonlight Desires [4.19][edit]

Marco: First, I get rejected by the blood drive guys, then by Dylan.
Alex: Uh, my ex, Jay Hogart? Remember how I dumped him for cheating on me with half the school? It's not a gay thing, it's a guy thing.
Craig: Hey, and don't I remember you beating up Amy for being equally trampy?
Ellie: How's Ashley, Craig? Or are you back with Manny? It's so hard to remember, seeing as how you dated them both at the same time.
Craig: Okay. Let's just call it a people thing.

Craig: You know, you are a great guy. The most honest, down-to-earth, nicest person that I know. You're a little short, but that just adds to the cuteness. That I would find you to be. If you were a girl or I was not a guy. (Points to self) Is not gay. Just tell me this is helping.
Marco: You're telling me what I really want to hear. I appreciate it, thanks. If you want to help tell me I'm an idiot.
Craig: You're an idiot?
Marco: I can't go downstairs. I can't stay here. I can't talk to Dylan. What do I do?
[Dylan calls Marco's name in the distance and Marco hurriedly kisses Craig as he spots Marco.]
Craig: [Making faces as a result to Marco's kiss] When in doubt, you kiss Craig?!

West End Girls [4.20][edit]

Manny: I swear, if I peed on the floor Paige would claim she gave me the water

J.T.: Maybe you two can be the world's first matching prom queen set. Like socks, or mittens or, uh, bookends!
Manny: We're not bookends

Mrs. Hatzilakos: Well, the school appreciates it, Paige. Thank you so much!
Manny: For being a big fat useless pile of nothing.
Paige: Did you want to say something Manny?
Manny: Gosh, no, Paige, it's all you.

Liberty: What can I say? My baby and I share a love of cheese.
J.T.: Yes, we do.

Kevin Smith: You ever seen one of my flicks?
Craig: Yeah. I like the one where the guy's standing outside the 7-Eleven...
Kevin Smith: Mind narrowing that down a little?

Goin' Down the Road (1) [4.21][edit]

Jimmy: Hey, you can’t throw fries at a kid in a wheelchair.

Alanis: I'm here because I can't stand four more years of Bush in the states.
Kevin: Yeah, that's why I'm here.

Paige: Listen, girl-fiend, you and your so post-pubescent, he makes the Backstreet Boys look relevant boyfriend can kiss my yoga-toned ass.

Goin' Down the Road (2) [4.22][edit]

Ellie : Ms. Hoffman, he went into my purse, stole my tampons and did this!

Caitlin: Woah, don't make it my fault.

Season 5[edit]

Venus (1) [5.01][edit]

Emma (about Peter): Manny, he's looking at you!
Manny: Please, I'm not his type. He's looking at you. You are.
Emma: He's the first guy I've liked since hurricane Sean blew through my emotional trailer park.
Manny: I'm going to be an actress. An Academy Award-winning actress. And you can sell this for a million dollars because I'm gonna be famous! (Manny takes off her top for Peter's camera)
(Emma walks up to Peter)
Emma: Hi, welcome to Emma. I'm Degrassi.
Peter: Well, Hello, Degrassi.
Ellie: (to Marco, about Craig) Okay, we have to throw him the greatest, most rocking-est party ever.
Marco: Did you just say rocking-est?
Hazel: Oh! There he is.
(Ellie starts spraying Peter with silly string while jumping up and down)

Venus (2) [5.02][edit]

Paige: I won't even get into kindergarten with my resume.

Craig: Do you know how humiliating it was to find out, in public, that my girlfriend dumped me by e-mail?
Ellie: Oh. Oh, you’re forgetting on your birthday. It’s a pretty good detail too.

Craig: I can feel them, you know? Your eyes burning a hole in my back

Jimmy: Oh, Manny Santos, my how you've grown.

Emma: (about Peter) Did you know he was Hatzilakos' son?
Manny: No, he didn't tell me. I don't think he told anybody.
Emma: I wonder who his father is.
Manny: Satan, probably.

Mr. Santos (to Manny): Do you think I sacrificed all my life so you could be a loose girl?
Manny: I'm not a loose girl.
Mr. Santos: So why do you want bigger boobs? Huh? What kind of girl wants that? A good girl? No! Only a slut!

Peter: (to Manny) You know what I think? I think you're so desperate for male attention, you'll do anything. You're a big fat attention whore.

Death of a Disco Dancer [5.03][edit]

Alex: Why do you drone on about me going to college?
Paige: Because I don't want to come back for the reunion to find out my former friends are losers.
Peter: Hey, if she gets to go can I?
Snake: Isn't this your first of five weeks of detention? Yeah...Ms. Hatzilakos...oh, I mean your MOMMY would say no.
Alex: Paige likes to decide what's best for people, sir, and jam it down their throats.

Foolin' [5.04][edit]

Liberty: I can't trust you to deal with [my pregnancy].
J.T.: Fine. Then I can't deal with you. That's it, Liberty, I'm done.
Liberty: You're breaking up with

J.T.: Respect me, Liberty and then maybe we can make a decision together for once.
Liberty: We did, last summer. Remember? When we decided to use the king size condom, the one that slipped off? I'm pregnant.
[J.T. crashes the car.]

Spinner: You are looking at Little Mister Handsome, ages four to six.
Darcy: So what happened after six?
Spinner: I guess I just got ugly.

Weddings, Parties, Anything [5.05][edit]

Craig: Look, unless your last name is Hendrix and you've come back to rock us from the grave; no solos while I'm singing.
Jimmy: Look, the music you have us playing is lame. Wedding bands are lame, ergo YOU'RE LAME!

Liberty: You could mangle your male parts in a tragic industrial accident.

Manny: Did you just throw a drumstick at my head?
Ellie: You could feel it through all that hairspray? Amazing.

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For [5.06][edit]

Ellie: You're sounding suspiciously like an artist.
Jimmy: Does that sound like Jimmy Brooks to you?

J.T.: Danny, are you insane?
Danny: I'm not the one who missed the flying baby.

Danny: You got my sister pregnant? I'm going to kill you!

Turned Out (1) [5.07][edit]

J.T.: Spare me the lame-ass scheme

Jay: [Referring to the painkillers] People would sell their mothers to get their hands on this stuff.

Turned Out (2) [5.08][edit]

J.T.: I lost my girl. I lost my best friend, I lost my job, and my... my family. And, now I'm probably going to jail.
Jay: Bummer times, at least there's a party.

J.T.: Here. Now go ruin someone else's life.

Liberty: I'm going to go to the adoption agency.
[J.T. starts to cry]
Liberty: J.T., it'll be for the best.

Tell It To My Heart [5.09][edit]

Marco: Tim stayed over last night.
Paige: I hope you guys were safe.
Marco: What? No! Totally missing the point!

Marco's Dad: I do not want a queer under my roof!
Marco: What if you already have one?

Redemption Song [5.10][edit]

Spinner: If Jesus didn't want us to have sex, he'd make every girl look like Quasimodo's sister.

Jimmy: When I said you were dead to me, I meant forever. You don't exist.

Spinner: [at Bible camp, to Jay] One hot dog, beer stays in the car, your mouth stays shut and something else stays in your pants. Clear?
Jay: I don't know, let me pray on it.

Jay: [to Melinda, who is listening, entranced] It's like I'm addicted to doing good!
Spinner: Jay's quite the story teller.
Darcy: Yeah, and Melinda isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Darcy: Spin, I didn't tell him anything
Spinner: Then how'd he know, Darcy? Is he psychic?

Paige: Tell me, when did Jimmy and Ellie become a we?

Spinner: [about Jay] Yeah, he believes in things. Like beer.

Jay: Sweet mother Mary. Who knew Christian girls could be so hot?
Spinner: Yup, but this place is no party.
Jay: Not yet.

The Lexicon of Love (1) [5.11][edit]

Jay: I got us tickets to the party of the year. Want to be my plus-one?
Alex: Too bad going with you is a minus-twenty.

Kevin Smith: This is unbelievable! They're upstaging us at our own premiere, these chicks! Why aren't you and I out there, doing some kind of erotically charged dance routine?
Jason Mewes: We can, man. Let's do it! (starting to dance disturbingly)
Kevin: It was a rhetorical question.
Jason: Dude, don't call it rhetorical, that's mean. (turns away, muttering) You're rhetorical.

Hazel: Please as if we were going to bring her. Our limo’s a skank-free zone.
Paige: Did you just skank-ify my friend?
Hazel: Friend? More like pet project.
Paige: Jealous, much?
Hazel: No, I just don't get why you hang out with her.
Paige: Funny, I was just asking myself the same thing about you.

Jay: (talking about Alex's attraction to Paige) Lexi. Lexi, come on. Why weren’t you this adventurous while we were dating? We could have had fun.
Alex: You're disgusting.

Peter: Remind me to tell you that I love your naughty side.
Emma: Consider yourself reminded.

Jay: You're kidding me. The queen of Degrassi is taking the queen of the trailer park to the premiere?
Alex: I prefer to think of myself as queen of Don't Need Jay. And never did.

The Lexicon of Love (2) [5.12][edit]

Alex: I haven't taken him back
Jay: Well, not yet.
Alex: No! Not ever.

Paige: I seem to have interrupted fun time with Jay, which looked kinda hot.
Alex: Not. In fact, it's been cancelled. Replaced with fun time with Paige.

[Paige opens the blinds]
Alex: Who's the evil genius who made the morning so freakin' bright?
Paige: Uhmm probably the same evil genius who decides that there should be school days after crazy movie premieres.

Peter: Good morning, Emma.
Emma: Nothing about you is good and please don't talk to me.

Paige: What are you talking about?
Hazel: I'm talking about Alex. What is she doing here? Is she like your girlfriend now?
[Paige drops Darcy]

Hazel: Paige, did you become a lesbian and not tell me?

Together Forever [5.13][edit]

Craig: The day is long/ Flight and song/ But I don't even listen/ Bluebird hights/ Piece of night/ I don't even try/ Every Mama gone missing/ Every Papa gone mad/ I'll take a chance/ It's not romance/ But something more important/ So give me wings/ Let me sing/ It's all been done before/ For every girl that's unhappy/ For every boy that is bad/ For every Mama gone missing/ Ohh/ Every Papa gone mad

Liberty:I can't tell J.T. stuff 'cause (Gasps and looks down) Oh. Oh, that's disgusting.
Toby: (looking down) Why is there water in the floor?
Liberty: Toby, it's time!
Toby (confused): T-T-Time for what, time for what, Liberty? Time for-- (gasp) NO! NOT IN MY BUBE'S CAR!

Craig: Um, I'm kind of about the band.
Leo: Craig, it's different now. Now the band is about you.

Ellie: Chick on sticks is going to sell it from back here.

I Against I [5.14][edit]

Manny: Male strippers dropping it like it’s hot? Oh yeah, oh yeah.
Emma: Okay, I think removing you from public is a good idea for us all.

Danny: (at a "Guess Your Weight" stall) Say, mmmm... 140?
Manny: Maybe if I was carrying an entire 8-year-old!
Danny: Sign says guess, I guessed.
Manny: Derek, your friend's an idiot.
Derek: I'm aware.

Ellie: You think it's better if people have unwanted babies?
Linus: I think it's better if people don't have sex unless they're married.

Linus: You're promoting promiscuity.
Alex: You're promoting stupidity

Linus: Why don't you try going to church?
Marco: I do, every Sunday. (shows the cross on his necklace)
Linus: They let you in?
Marco: What's that supposed to mean?

Caitlin: Morning, fellow members of the worst cheer-up squad ever.

Jimmy: You're telling me that I get to throw things at him for charity?

Marco: really are lost, huh?
Spinner: You have no idea.

Linus: Condoms make kids have sex.

Marco: You can take your friends, and you can all go to hell.
Linus: Why? So we can visit you fag?

Our Lips Are Sealed (1) [5.15][edit]

Manny: I am so fat!
Emma: Don't even talk about fat, I'm the fat one in this house. All this fast food, no wonder I've gained all this weight.
Manny: Tell me about it. I have a meeting with Ms. Fine on Friday and I can't even fit into my lucky jeans!
Emma: 'Dump the lumps' Ms. Fine, as in the agent from hell?
Manny: If she's Satan that explains why she's the best agent in town. She called 'cause she saw me in the Kevin Smith movie, wants to audition me again. Crisis down here!
Emma: Look around you! Crisis is actually an epidemic.
Manny: My thighs are an epidemic and they're taking over the world.

Emma: Okay, we need to jog one mile at 6 miles per hour to burn off 110 calories.
Manny: Okay, I'm going to go get a diet pop and pretend it's a milkshake.
Paige: Twigs and berries. You girls practicing to be on Survivor?
Emma: It's called a diet.
Paige: Totally wishing I had your willpower. When bathing suit season comes around, prepare to be hated by a jealous me.
Manny: Suddenly, I'm stuffed. When are we running that mile? Or five?

Manny: I am going to explode from eating all that ooey gooey moussaka!
Emma: I wish I would explode. We could try and run off, it will only take, oh, six hours.
Manny: If I move I'll barf. It can't be healthy to be this full.
Emma: We could get rid of it.
Manny: How? Puking? Isn't that kind of extreme?
Emma: Desperate times call for desperate purging.
Manny: It's not called purging, it's called bulimia.
Emma: Don't be so dramatic. These are special circumstances. We'll feel better, Manny, come on, come on.

Our Lips Are Sealed (2) [5.16][edit]

(Emma rushes downstairs and starts throwing Manny’s clothes on the floor)
Manny: What are you doing? That’s my stuff!
Emma: Kicking your sorry butt out, Manny, once and for all!

Manny: Let me guess: you went to visit Shaquille O'Neal and all you got was his running suit.
Emma: Shaq is ginormous.

Toby: I could get us some fake IDs. Take you ladies on a pub crawl!

Emma: Oh, and you're all so perfect! (to Peter) You take advantage of drunk girls, (to Manny) you are the drunk girl, (to Snake) and the last time I checked, you were making out with his mother!

Darcy: Hey, Emma, I think you got an extra ounce on your right cheek.
Chantay: Yeah, call Weight Watchers! And 911!
Emma: Do you think it's funny to laugh at a tub of lard? It's not! I know what's wrong so you can stop pointing it out!
Darcy: Emma, we were just joking. You're so not fat.
Chantay: Are you okay?
Emma: I'm fine. I just don't want to be here.

Hazel: I told you! Paige doesn't eat sweets.
Alex: That's a lie! You ate three pieces of chocolate cheesecake this weekend!
Paige: It was our two-month anniversary!

Total Eclipse of the Heart [5.17][edit]

Marco: If you ever hurt me again, I...
Dylan: I won't. Even idiots grow up at some point. I'm a slob, okay, I'm reckless and I'm your exact opposite...but you mean everything to me, Marco, and I want another chance.
Marco: You are such a jerk.
Dylan: What? But I-(Marco kisses Dylan)
Derek (to Liberty): Can I ask you a personal question?
Liberty: Sure I'm all ears.
Derek: About your baby. Did you ever consider keeping him, like when you held him?
Liberty: Get out.
Derek: I'm sorry, I'm adopted. It's just something I've always wondered.
Liberty: Get out, I mean it! I don't care if you were adopted, dropped by a stork, or abducted by aliens. GET OUT!!
Danny: I appreciate you being the demon seed, and taking the heat off me, but I have a reputation to uphold.

High Fidelity (1) [5.18][edit]

Jay: I'm sorry. That's one of the few times I said sorry and actually meant it.
Alex: That's one of the few times you said sorry and I actually believed you.

Spinner: I'm so virginal, Mary's jealous.

High Fidelity (2) [5.19][edit]

Paige: Spin, just so you know, I never blamed you for what happened with Jimmy.
Spinner: You mean that?

[Paige nods]

Spinner: I know your birthdate, your favorite colour! I know.. [falls off the stage]
Paige: Take it from someone who knows Spin, toking before school ends in tragedy.

Mr. Simpson: I just hope everybody get what's been inside of you.
Paige: I don't think that's advisable, sir.

Season 6[edit]

Here Comes Your Man (01) [6.01][edit]

Paige: Sweetie, I would love to indulge your need to ruin my party with a full on catfight, but I'll pass. Save the drama for high school, hun, I'm moving on.
Sean: I'm with Jay now.
Jay: Easy, Brokeback Mountain. He means he's sleeping on my couch.
Spinner: (to Peter) Yo, Eminem, Where's D12?
Sean: Let's teach this punk a lesson.
Jay: Pain 101, my favorite subject.
Jay: Is he still breathing?
Sean: Yeah, where's that ambulance?
Jay: Sean, listen to me. You have to go.
Sean: What?
Jay: Peter is a minor, you're eighteen. You're gonna do hard time for this.
Peter: Dude, don't listen to him.
Jay: Am I talking to you? Sean, get in your car and drive. Go!
Emma: Sean?
Sean: Shh!
Emma: What are you doing here?
Sean: I screwed up Em, I screwed up real bad.
Emma: Understatement of the century. The police are looking for you.
Sean: I know, I know. That's why I need your help. You're the only one who cares. You're the only one who....
Emma: You're wrong. I don't care, Sean. I can't. Not anymore. You need to turn yourself in.

Here Comes Your Man (2) [6.02][edit]

Sean: We settle this now!
Peter: Bring it on, bitch.
Manny: We've been calling, we were worried.
Peter: She was, I wasn't.

Can't Hardly Wait [6.03][edit]

Manny: Thank you, Sister Cuckoo-Bananas.

Mia: Mistakes?
Darcy: Unless you got knocked up on purpose in which case you got even bigger issues. (Mia pushes Darcy)

Nic: Mia Jones, so Degrassi's picking up all the other school's trash now. Hey, did you ever find out who the father is?
(Mia slaps him across the face)

J.T. (to Nic): What's your problem?!
(Nic pushes him, and J.T. knocks him out with the mascot head)
Nic: Hey! You Degrassi dorks better sleep with one eye open. This isn't over.

True Colours [6.04][edit]

Toby: At this point, all we can afford is Jimmy and Spinner jamming in sombreros.

Emma (to Peter): When you see me in class, don't look at me. When you see me in the halls, don't talk to me.

Emma: Thanks Dr. Dorkwad. You're wanted in the O.R.

Manny: I'm just worried about my best friend who's being an emotional pingpong ball. Sean. Peter. Peter. Sean.

Manny: Look I know my advice isn't always Dr. Phil solid, and what's happening to Sean isn't fair, but babe, you got to let him go.

Eyes Without a Face (1) [6.05][edit]

Peter: Good morning, Emma.
Emma: Nothing about you is good. Don't talk to me.

Peter: I have ears ya know.
Manny: So it's just a soul you're missing?

Eyes Without a Face (2) [6.06][edit]

Ellie: Can you please not say 'doing it'? And I find it a little embarrassing. And by a little I mean hugely. I've only had two boyfriends. Marco, gay; and Sean - and we never, you know...

Working for the Weekend [6.07][edit]

Jimmy: Are you serious?
Spinner: I've never been seriouser!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love [6.08][edit]

Jay: While you were gone, Emma and I kinda fooled around.
Sean: You had sex?
Jay: No, no no... I mean, not really. Depends on how you look at it, I had more than she did.

Emma: It was two years ago, right after I had a gun pointed at my face. To say i was super-duper messed up would be an understatement.

Manny: Hope you had a soft landing when you fell off that pedestal.

Emma: Where is my lucky bra? The one that gives me Manny boobs?

What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (1) [6.09][edit]

Ellie: [speaking sarcastically to Manny] I don't know how I made it through high school without having my breasts shown online.

Craig: Wow this guy sounds like a real jackass. You sure you want to keep him?
Manny: Like I said, he's pretty cute.

What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost? (2) [6.10][edit]

Toby: Oh, I'm sorry. I just have this neurotic aversion to being murdered!
J.T.: Lakehurst is not gonna hurt anybody. I'm gonna handle it.
Toby: Oh yeah? And what are you gonna do? Tickle him to death?

Ellie: I found the loot bag and I know the coke is yours. Craig told me.
Manny: He lied, that's what drug addicts do, Ellie. Good luck with him.

JT: You want a war. You've got it.

Rock This Town [6.11][edit]

Sean: Margarita meet wastebasket. Wastebasket meet Margarita.

Manny: (to Emma) Does Mexico know you've stolen all of their tequila?!

Sean: Emma, are you wasted?
Emma: No. The question is, am I wasted enough? (Throws Up)

Emma: Are you up for some of my trademark sweet berry slushie?
Sean: I'm up for some trademark sweet berry you.

(J.T. finds two Lakehurst rivals by his car, one peeing on it)
J.T.: Couldn't find a toilet?
Drake Lempke: (Laughing) He did.
J.T.: Oh I get it. My car sucks, ha-ha. You guys slay me with your humor.
Drake Lempke: Yeah, mascot boy? Laugh at this. (pulls out knife)

Johnny DiMarco: (To Drake after he stabs J.T.) Man what the hell did you do?

J.T.: I'm gonna get me a big bowl of Liberty!...oatmeal.

Doctor: Is there anyone in the family I can speak with?
Emma: His (JT) grandma's coming, but she'll be a few hours.
Toby: You can talk to me. I'm his brother.
Doctor: His aorta was punctured. It's a main artery and... we couldn't repair the damage. He didn't make it.
Toby: Wha-what? You're joking.
Doctor: I'm sorry. Your brother's gone.
[Emma starts to hyperventilate, Manny sobs]
Sean: I'm gonna kill 'em. (Drake and Johnny) I'm gonna KILL 'EM! [punches wall].
Liberty: [runs over] What happened? Is he okay? What's the doctor say? TOBY!
[Toby, Emma, Manny and Sean all embrace Liberty, crying]

The Bitterest Pill [6.12][edit]

Danny: Does Danny have to choke a dude Toby?

Mia: You suck, Isaacs. You suck so bad.

Jimmy: The thing is, life is random. Sometimes it's tragic and totally messed up, but there's one thing that makes all the drama and tears worth while. If you're lucky enough to find someone you love, who loves you back, it's a gift.

If You Leave [6.13][edit]

Sean: Who are you loyal to, Manny? Your dead friend or your new Lakehurst crush?

Emma: You're sleeping with the enemy.

Manny: I'm so glad I moved out, because now I don't have to look at your mean stuck up judgmental face.


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