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Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian television show which follows students in middle and high school. It is a continuation of Degrassi Junior High and Degrassi High which originally showed in the '80s.

Season 10[edit]

What a Girl Wants: Part 2 [10.02][edit]

Anya: What other way out do I have? I either fake a miscarriage, or I fake a baby to term, and... who would adopt a fake baby?

Breakaway: Part 1 [10.03][edit]

Anya: Best news ever!
Sav: You told everyone that you're not pregnant?
Anya: Better! You are up in the polls!
Alli: You guys are so weird.
Sav: So I was crapping my pants for nothing?
[Holly J grabs Connor]
Holly J: What's going on here?
Connor: Assualt?
[Holly J lets go]
Holly J: Over there!
Connor: Oh, Sav got Anya pregnant and now he's some type of hero or something.
Holly J: That doesn't make any sense.
[Connor leaves]
[To Anya]
Holly J: Benedict Arnold, you switched sides!
Anya: I need to protect my family.
Holly J: You don't have a family!

Breakaway: Part 2 [10.04][edit]

[After Clare's laser eye surgery]
Wesley: So, are they like, sore?
Clare: You noticed! Well, at first, a little bit, but now they're good as new.
Wesley: Wow. Can I touch them?
Clare: Wesley, that's... weird.
Wesley: For proof. Just to see how they feel.
Clare: Well, I'm sure they feel the same, but... okay.
Wesley: Really?
Clare: Yeah, just be gentle.
[Wesley touches Clare's breasts]
Clare: What are you doing?!
Wesley: I'm sorry, are they tender?
Clare: Wait... you think... I got a boob job?!
Wesley: Everyone does.
Clare: I got my eyes fixed, dummy!
Clare:who started this rumor?
Anya :super bummer

99 Problems: Part 1 [10.05][edit]

Owen: Is... uh... princess here bothering you?
Zane: Namecalling, really?
Owen: Nice pants.
Zane: Like them?
Owen: Oh, they're fabulous! You borrow them from your sister?
Zane: What, you don't do yoga?
Owen: As if.
Zane: It helps build upper-arm strength. Maybe you should give it a try Oh, we could go shopping first.
Clare: Try again, this time with more words.
Clare: What do you do when life gives you lemons?
Alli: You throw them at Chantay?

99 Problems: Part 2 [10.06][edit]

[Drew gets taped to a pole]

Coach Armstrong: Don't go anywhere.
Drew: Very funny.

Zane: Doesn't Drew know who did it?

Jenna: If you forgot where the new caf is again, I'll draw you a map.

Jenna: Who is this?
Lisa: You called me.

Drew: I didin't do it for you, dumbass.

K.C: Don't worry, I didn't leave it at Marisol's house or anything.
Jenna: It's ok, I'm done being jealous.

K.C: My family's off limits Jenna. So is my stuff. No wonder I can't trust anyone.

Bianca: Jess fell twice.

Alli: And getting Drew or someone like Drew as my boyfriend.

Zane: All this drama because you think gay guys can't play football.

Clare: Aw, should we go rescue her?
Dave: I think she's beyond that point.
Wesley: What kind of friends would we be if we didn't try?
Clare: Ugh- I can't believe I'm doing this.

Zane: Should be you out there. Or at least football you.
Riley: Hope someday it can be all of me.

Better Off Alone Part 1[10.07][edit]

Ms. Dawes: We may have a very special patnership on our hand people. (gasp) Like Sylivia Plath and Ted Hughes.
Clare: Sylvia Plath killed herself.
Clare: Well, better come up with one fast.
Alli: Has anyone ever died of humiliation?
Clare: Mm, no. Just permanently scarred.
Alli: See this? (holds up her phone) This is a phone, best friends answer it.
Alli: So who's gonna give me guy advice?
Clare: I don't know, try a guy.
Dave: Soon as the queen bee runs out of honey, she'll go flying back to the hive.
Alli: Hey Dave, can I talk to you? Privately.
Wesley: He should write a book.
Clare: So? What do you think?
Eli: It's uh...
Clare: Awkwardly constructed, filled with hyperbole, and generally sloppy.
Eli: The title's centered.
Eli: So don't hand it in.
Clare: And tell her what? The dog ate my homework?
Clare: Well are you coming?
Eli: Wow, this is a first. Skipping school to do work.
Clare: I don't understand how you got an A and I got a C.
Eli: Simple, I'm dating Ms. Dawes.
Eli: Wow contraversial.
Eli: You care too much what people think.
Clare: That is not true.
Eli: Then prove it. Scream at the top of your lungs.
Sav: Yeah if mom and dad find out about it, I'm dead.
Drew: Never have I ever...sexted.
Alli: [after taking her braclets off] Long story.
Drew: It always is. It's your turn, Long story.
Drew: I seem to be missing a watch.
Alli: Oops.

Better Off Alone: Part 2[10.08][edit]

Fitz: Did your basketball coach really hire a hooker? Cause I want on that team.
Eli: Missed you last night, was Twilight on TV?
Clare: She thinks she protecting me by lying but she's just making it worse-
Eli: Wait, stop, rewind,
Eli: Wow, how did it feel to write this?
Clare: Good, really good.
Eli: I think it deserves a larger audience, like at the student showcase tomorrow.
Clare: You can interfere every once in a while, but I'm still gonna do what I want.
Eli: Whouldn't expect anything less.

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself Part 1 [10.09][edit]

Bianca: Have you ever heard of deodorant Dr. Doom?
Eli: Yeah, but instead of Ocean surf I used Day Old Trout.
Eli: How exactly do you propose we split four passes three ways?
Adam and Eli: [at the same time] Yeah alright. I got places to be anyway.
Sav: I can't believe you got in there.
Adam: That's what my ex-girlfriend said.

Awkward silence

Adam: What?
Eli: Gross.
Adam: Booyah!
Sav: Dude, booyah?
Eli: Who are you?
Adam: Sorry.
Sav: Your screwed without me right? [Adam and Eli nod their heads]
Jenna: Nah, internet people are weirdoes.
KC: Not a skelator girl who runs around like I'm so full of that mineral water and breathmint.
KC: I just really like Christmas.
Eli: Oh no you told him the truth didn't you?
Sav: How was I supposed to know that honesty stopped being the best policy?

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself 2 [10.10][edit]

Alli: People at school, people at the Dot,. I even heard some lady mention it in line at the grocery store.
Alli: The lady at the grocery store almost dropped her cantalopes.
Mr. Perino: Fine then stay. But I'm warning you I have a hankering for bacon.
Jenna: Hey Anya, guess what.
Anya: Um... you got a pony? [Jenna looks at her funny] Sorry, I'm more of a multiple choice kind of girl.
Sav: Well I know it's solitarie, but what kind of solitarie?
Sav: I was just thinking about my mom.
Adam: Aw sweet.
Sav: She's all like, honey we trust you.
Eli: Well they should trust you.
Sav: And I'm totally taking advantage of that.
Eli: You're not chickening out are you?
Sav: Just get in the truck.
Adam: Really?
Sav: Before I cange my mind. Get in the truck.
Eli: Think I would touch my dad's MGB? That's why I have my own car."
Sav: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait! So you mean I risked my ass doing something you guys wouldn't even think of doing?
Sav: Ok, um, can you shut your drunk ass up for one second ok?

Try Honesty: Part 1 [10.11][edit]

Clare: I just don't see the point of getting caught up in a cycle of violence.
Eli: Turn the other cheek, right?
Clare: Worked for Jesus.
Eli: Really? That's a matter of opinion.
Adam: I thought taking Fitz down would be more... you know, awesome.
Eli: Trust me. I've got a plan.

Try Honesty: Part 2 [10.12][edit]

Declan: If you're hooking up with some high class skank?
Eli: When check Fitz's ID and mistake him for an escaped arsonist, hilarity ensues.
Eli: Ah grasshopper. There are ways to expidite the process.
Fitz: What's up my brotha [hits Eli's arm and looks at Clare] and sista?
Eli: That neandrathal started something, and I'm gonna end it.
Dave: What's wrong with my singing?
Connor: It's terrible.
Eli: Eh moron, the ID worked eh? [looks at cigarettes] Those things'll kill ya.
Chantay: Holly J gets diamonds, you get tuna salad? You're getting ripped off dude.
Holly J: I also have to help my parents move.
Declan: That's boring!
Chantay: Just drop it Preppy.
Fitz: You had enough?
Eli: You punch like my grandma.
Fitz: Oh really?
Fitz: Let go it's the cops man!
Eli: And somebody put the name of a convicted arsonist on Fitz's fake ID-OOPS!
Clare: I was just on my way to Simpson's office to express concern over your mental stability.
Fitz: Good one Eli, you got me.
Eli: You realize that ID was for novelty purposes only?
Eli: Hope you learned your lesson.
Fitz: Too bad for you I'm a slow learner.
Clare: So what now? You two at war?
Eli: I'm in his head. Right where I want to be.

All Falls Down: Part 1 [10.23][edit]

Eli: Now, let's talk about something important, like how you're gonna thank me for throwing Simpson off your scent.
Clare: Well, what did you have in mind?
Eli: Well...I don't know...
[ Eli kisses Clare.]
Eli: I have a French Exam
Clare: I think you just passed it

All Falls Down: Part 2 [10.24][edit]

Snake: When you get back from break, you won't recognize this school at all.

Fitz (to Clare): Shut up, bitch.

Audra Torres (to Alli): What's the matter with you, young lady? Trading favors like some common whore?

Eli (to Clare): You're gunna sleep with him?!?

Eli: Having fun on your date, Judas? I bet Fitzy's a real dreamy kisser.

Bianca (to Alli): Your boyfriend and I got intimate in the boiler room, but all my clothes stayed on. Deal's off.

Drew (about Bianca): It's all that slut's fault!

Don't Let Me Get Me Part 1 [1025][edit]

Clare: (about the new uniforms) I look like Barney the Dinosaur!

Alli: (sees Drew) Oh no.
Clare: You didn't think he'd disappear?
Alli: Spent all break hoping he would. How can you miss someone and want to tear their organs out?

Chantay: Apparently, I have Boiler Room Bandhari to thank for my hideous, not-my-color shirt!

Jenna: Well, my whole high school's voting for me, so I'm pretty lucky.
Haley: Hmmm, good for you. You know my Twitter feed has like 32,000 followers?
Jenna: 32,000?

Bianca: If I could smack you in the mouth right now, I would, Bandhari!
Alli: If I didn't think you would risk your income, I'd smack you in yours!
Bianca: I have never accepted money for my services.

Season 11[edit]

Season 12[edit]


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