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Everybody's Hero is a 2006 computer animated sports comedy-drama family film, directed by Colin Brady, Christopher Reeve (who was working on this film at the time of his death), and Daniel St. Pierre, with music by John Debney. The majority of this film was produced by IDT Entertainment in Toronto with portions outsourced to Reel FX Creative Studios. It was distributed by 20th Century Fox, and released theatrically on September 15, 2006. Everyone's Hero had a moderate performance at the box office, earning only $16 million worldwide during its theatrical run, but the film was not released in several major countries. The film is also dedicated to the memory of director Christopher Reeve and his wife, Dana Morosini.


Darlin': [to Screwie] Face it, Leatherface. You're beat.

Yankee Irving: [he and Darlin' have just had a bonding moment] Thanks, Darlin'.
Darlin': No, no. Thank you, Yankee.
Screwie: Oh, brother! You could pour this stuff on pancakes!

Yankee Irving: That guard had to have stolen Babe Ruth's bat!
Screwie: Why would a guard working at a Yankee Stadium steal Babe Ruth's bat? Now, if it were somebody workin' at the stadium in Chicago, I could see that...

Bully Kid Tubby: Hey, look. A baseball.
Screwie: Hey, look. The missing link.

Announcer: And it just goes to show you... You can be the smallest, you can be the weakest, you can be the worst player on the field, but when people tell you you're no good, and say you should give it up, you know what you do? You just keep on swinging.

[Screwie has fallen off Yankee's backpack and is bouncing down the fire escape]

Screwie: My head! My butt! My head! My butt!


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